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Here We Go ‘Round: 21 Mulberry Recipes For Berry Good Desserts & More!

Here We Go ‘Round: 21 Mulberry Recipes For Berry Good Desserts & More!

Do you wonder what to do with mulberries? We have 21 mulberry recipes here if you have the good fortune of a tree in your yard or you’re living somewhere they are readily available!

Depending on where in the world you live, you may have white, red, black, Texas, Chinese or African mulberries! 

Mulberries actually grow on trees and not bushes as the nursery rhyme line “here we go round the mulberry bush” purports. 

Once they start bearing fruit, trees will bear mulberries annually from July through September. 

If you are the one doing the harvesting, be sure to wear gloves as they do stain. 

They are also a rather fragile fruit in the sense that they do not continue to ripen once picked, so shipping is really not an option.

Additionally, they have such a short growing season and are often picked by hand, they are rarely found in supermarkets but rather farmer markets (if you’re lucky). 

When you find some, you will want some fresh mulberries recipes to pull out like the 21 on this list.

Dried mulberries are readily shipped out, though, so if you want to give them a try, here’s our affiliate link.

The options of what to make with mulberries is similar to what you can do with any other berry. 

Have you ever had some fresh mulberry desserts? 

Bread, muffins, cake, pie, cookies, cobbler, cheesecake, sorbet, and tea are all items you can make with mulberries or simply sprinkle them on top of a fresh salad! 

Enjoy these recipes using mulberries! #10 looks divine!

If you enjoy a good sorbet, then that is exactly what to do with mulberries in your kitchen! 

The ingredients include mulberries, sugar, water and cassis (aka black currant)

Cooking down, blending up and pushing through a sieve to remove seeds and stems are the main steps. 

Add in the liquor and chill before putting the mixture into your ice cream maker to finish off! 

Glorious color and taste!

Cookies are the very first idea I had for what to make with mulberries. 

Thumbprint style is perfect to spoon in the mulberry jam for baking. 

Both parts, the cookie and the jam, are explained well.

Actually any fruit could be used.

Pie is certainly at the top of many folks favorite fruit recipes, especially mulberry fruit recipes. 

Considering the short growing season, one has to capitalize and make the most of the moment! 

This mulberry mixture is simple to combine and you can make or purchase a prepared crust. 

The lattice top sure makes it fancy!

This coffee cake is a simple and delicious addition to our mulberry desserts list. 

Bottom layer is the cake, middle layer the mulberries with the crumb top sweetening each bite! 

If you enjoy flavored drinks, especially fresh fruit flavored drinks, this one for mulberry lemonade will leave you craving more of these types of fresh mulberries recipes

It includes mulberries, powdered sugar, lemon juice, club soda and ice cubes. 

So unique and refreshing!

Some recipes using mulberries are for making jam to be enjoyed later, as is the case with this one. 

Here a small batch of freezer jam has no pectin, no sugar and is instead sweetened with honey and orange!  

Be sure to use smaller jars because when dethawed for use, the jam will not last long since there are no preservatives.

These mulberry recipe’s instructions for making mulberry scones are solid and include great pictures as you follow along the process of making them. 

The dough can be a bit fussy, especially temperature wise, but stay the course, soon the mulberries are added, the dough rolled and cut. 

After baking and cooling, a lovely glaze is drizzled on top!

If you love mulberries picked straight off the branch, then you already know what to do with mulberries. 

Drop them into a fresh salad! 

This mulberry spinach salad has spinach, mulberries, walnuts and green onion. 

Feta or goat cheese crumbled on top would be fantastic as well. 

When considering what to make with mulberries, this beautiful tart would be a tasty option. 

It starts with a buttery, sweet, classic frangipane base, scattering mulberries on top and gently pressing in. 

After cooling, add extra berries and dust with powdered sugar for a sensational presentation! 

This freeform style pie is the perfect addition to my list of mulberry fruit recipes! 

Make the crust and while it’s chilling, make the mulberry mixture. 

Then roll out the crust, add the mulberries, fold over the edges and bake. 

Serve warm with a drizzle of vanilla sauce on top. 

Luscious and so flavorful!

A pound cake definitely needs to be included on this list of mulberry desserts

Mulberry and lemon make the perfect taste combination. 

Some of the mulberries are gently mixed into the cake and some are blended and strained to be used in the glaze on top.

No-bake fresh mulberries recipes are completely my style! 
This cheesecake may look messy but you have to place blame on the mulberries for that! 

The crust is almonds, unsweetened coconut, butter, coconut sugar and cinnamon blended and pressed together in the pan. 

The filling is whipped cream cheese, honey, vanilla, and cream. 

Perfect when you have no time to wait on baking.

Three ingredients are all that is needed to make this mulberry chia seed jam. 

It may be one of the easiest recipes using mulberries to make! 

Lots of great information on preparing the mulberries. 

In addition to the mulberries and chia seeds, the third ingredient is raw honey. 

So wonderful!

muffins, muffins, muffins coming at ya in this recipe! 

Mulberry recipes have flexibility since the amount of sugar added will depend on how sweet the berries actually are. 

These muffins are interesting as they have fresh mulberries AND mulberry jam (or any flavor you have on hand.) 

Fantastic pictures to take you step-by-step through the process. 

Cobber is another fantastic answer to what to do with mulberries. 

Where I’m from, peach cobbler reigns supreme, but this mulberry one has that same combination of sweet and tart flavors under the flaky crust! 

This can be made in ramekins or in one large dish or even a cast iron skillet.

Mulberry recipes are often served warm but this gem is not. 

In fact, it is served frozen!

The making of this mulberry mixture has multiple steps until it is in the proper puree form for completion in your ice cream maker. 

Creamy and tasty!

This breakfast danish from my mulberry fruit recipes has a cheesecake filling with fresh mulberries and a glaze colored with juice from the mulberries. 

Start with frozen pastry puffs, whip together the cream cheese filling, top with mulberries and bake. 

They are so gorgeous you may not want to eat them! 

This recipe for mulberry desserts is a cross between a pie and a cheesecake. 

A lovely buttery crust with a sour cream based filling poured over a generous layer of mulberries. 

Fantastic pictures for you to reference. 

It sets well and slices cleanly.

Fresh mulberry recipes rarely include other fruits. 

But this one does. 


This cake can be baked in a bundt pan or a nine inch round pan. 

Interestingly you grate the apples! 

 The final cake is so amazingly moist and delicious!

We have arrived at the last of the recipes using mulberries. 

This buckle recipe is like a cross between a cake and a pie. 

It gets this name because the top tends to buckle inward during baking. 

It is messy and it is delicious! 

The bottom line

If you are one of the lucky ones to have a mulberry tree, may all your friends and neighbors come your way for luscious mulberry fruit recipes or desserts

21 Marvelous Mulberry Recipe

21 Marvelous Mulberry Recipe

If you are wondering what to do with mulberries, check out our list of 21 delicious mulberry recipes.


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