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Five Sage Substitutes and How You Can Use Them

Five Sage Substitutes and How You Can Use Them

Sage is a star in many cuisines all over the world, and it’s quite popular around Thanksgiving because it goes perfectly with turkey.

It can also be used in other fatty foods to enhance their flavor.

If you’ve run out of sage and you’re looking for alternatives to use, read on to learn about five substitutes that will be tasty in recipes that call for sage.

But first, let’s take a closer look at what it is and learn about all its forms.

What Is Sage?

Sage is a shrub with dusty green leaves that are widely known for its unique aroma. It comes in many varieties, but the type of sage we’ll be discussing in this blog post is called ‘garden sage.’

It’s the only form of sage that’s used as a seasoning. Garden sage is used in many recipes and is recognized for its earthy taste.

Sage is used in many different recipes.

It can be used to complement the sweet and acidic flavor of pineapples or added to syrups and cocktails.

It’s also commonly used in tomato sauces, risotto, pesto, and you can even mix it into an omelet if you wish to elevate the flavor.

Different Kinds of Sage

Sage can be found in fresh, dried, or ground form.

Dried and ground sage has a stronger flavor, so if you’re using them as a substitute for fresh sage, you need to be careful with the quantity, or you’ll end up overpowering the flavor of the dish.

For any recipe that calls for a tablespoon of fresh sage, you only need to add about a teaspoon of dried sage.

Ground sage is a lot more pungent, so adding ½ a teaspoon should be more than enough.

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Sage Substitutes and How to Use Them

If you don’t have sage in your spice rack or you couldn’t find it in a nearby grocery store, here are some alternatives you can use instead.

They may not be as good as the sage you know and love, but they’re quite similar and won’t make that much of a difference in the flavor.


Marjoram is a lot like sage because it’s also a part of the mint family of herbs. Because they’re so closely related, they taste quite similar too.

It’s also available in dried form, which makes it perfect to use as a dried sage substitute.

Before you can use marjoram, you should note that it doesn’t have a robust flavor like sage.

That’s why it only works for recipes that require you to add sage at the very end or only as a garnish.

When you’re using it as a substitute, add the same amount that’s required for sage in the recipe. Check out this spice rack set!


Savory is quite similar to sage because it’s also used as a seasoning for poultry and to make a delicious stuffing.

It has a peppery flavor, much like sage, and can be added in the same amount as sage to any recipe.

Savory is available in two forms –winter savory and summer savory.

The winter savory is a little bitter than summer savory, which is why it’s not as commonly used.

Poultry Seasoning

If you’ve run out of sage and you need to season a turkey or chicken, get your hands on poultry seasoning because it will work just as well.

It’s a blend of spices, and what makes it great as a substitute is that it already has sage as one of the main ingredients.

Other ingredients include thyme and marjoram. You can also use it in the same amount that’s required for sage in the recipe. Check out this spice rack set!


This is a Mediterranean herb that’s known and used all over the world. It has a strong flavor and a distinct aroma.

Add about one-third of the amount you’d use for sage in the recipe because a little bit goes a long way with this one.


Thyme is another herb that can be used in the same amount as sage. It has an earthy flavor with citrusy and minty undertones.

It’s also a member of the mint family and used to season both meats and vegetables.

It comes in both fresh and dried form, but it’s better to use it fresh when you’re using it as a sage substitute. Check out this spice rack set!

The bottom line

Now that you’ve learned about five fantastic alternatives for sage that work almost as great, you can make your favorite stuffing or season your turkey without needing to head to the store.

It’s also essential to make sure you’re adding just the right amount to get the desired flavor.

Sage Substitute: How To Use

Sage Substitute: How To Use

Running out or low on sage? Learn how to substitute sage using marjoram and other herbs!


  • Marjoram


    1. Add the same amount that’s required for sage in the recipe.

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