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35 Decadent Desserts You Just Can’t Resist!

35 Decadent Desserts You Just Can’t Resist!

When the craving for decadent desserts hits, these 35 mesmerizing treats perfectly satisfy!

We all have those days when we come home and want something sweet and sophisticated while paying no mind to what goes into the preparation of it.

It is okay to indulge in all your sweet tooth desires on occasion but after tasting these desserts, you will look for any excuse to treat yourself.

Holidays, birthdays, and a long day after school or work are immediately made better by knowing that you have a fantastic treat just waiting for you to enjoy.

Chocolate Espresso Truffles add a little bit of elegance to your dessert lineup while Triple Chocolate Brownies are good for your soul.

As you can see already, there is a nice range of decadent desserts listed that include luxury, ease, and of course, delicious flavors all in one.

Chances are you have not tried anything as good as Baklava Ice Cream yet.

The Fantasy Fudge recipe here is something of dreams!

Cheesecake Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies will be on your mind all day.

Consider this your sign that you deserve something especially delicious, sweet, and slightly extravagant to enjoy after your dinner tonight!

And while it’s not ALL chocolate, get ready to be carried away!

Ferrero Rocher is known for being a chocolate best for special occasions but when you prepare this six-layer trifle full of chocolate candies, you get something mouthwatering and delectable.

There are quite a few steps involved in preparing this but one taste of the end result makes it all worth it.

Keep in mind, there is a bit of time needed for this recipe so this will not be a trifle that can be made with short notice but the wait leads to such a rewarding experience.

There are three parts to this amazing tart with all parts being equally delicious.

While the chocolate crust only requires three ingredients, it is perfectly crafted to complement the dark chocolate filling and the espresso whipped cream on top.

This will taste amazing but our eyes deserve a treat too, so feel free to go the extra mile by adding in rosettes with the espresso whipped cream and using the back of a spoon for extra swirls.

The nuttiness and coconut cream in this dessert pair together so well proving why it often becomes a family treat saved for special occasions.

A pecan shortbread crust is a perfect base for the coconut cream pudding and cream cheese filling.

On top sits a frosting of whipped cream with toasted pecans and golden coconut flakes giving a little peek at what is to be enjoyed underneath.

All of your favorite store-bought sweets can be combined together into this indulgent ice cream sundae.

Reese’s treat bars are made better when chopped up and used as a crunchy topping to a bowl of your favorite ice cream.

Melted peanut butter and chocolate chips amplify the peanut butter and chocolate goodness while homemade marshmallow cream can be whipped up in no time adding to the Smore’s inspired goodness.

Desserts can be enjoyed as a drink, too!

There is no baking involved with this and it can be prepared ahead of a big event making it a win-win choice.

Next time you host a party and need a last-minute dessert with a touch of elegance, this champagne dessert will be your saving grace.

This decadent dessert may seem simple but it will taste like such a luxurious treat, without too much extra work required from your usual desserts.

This fudge features mini marshmallows and some chopped pecans for a nice added texture without sacrificing the soft chocolatey sweetness the dessert is known for.

These can last quite a while in the fridge but it is doubtful you will reach the storage limit on these.

When your anniversary or Valentine’s Day comes around, you will want this airy and delicious dessert recipe handy to show your loved ones a little bit of how much they mean to you.

The brownie base has nothing new compared to other brownie recipes.

If you have little experience with preparing a raspberry mousse, rest assured getting a sweet and delectable result is easy with the instructions listed here.

A pecan shortbread crust makes another appearance in this triple-layered pie that is well-known throughout the south.

Sweetened cream cheese has a velvet-textured chocolate custard on top with homemade whipped cream topping it all off.

This pie is rich, sweet, tangy, and of course, incredibly tasty!

Chocolate-covered strawberries can be elevated to the next level by filling your strawberries with a smooth chocolate mousse and topping it all off with some Oreo crumbles.

Despite taking little time to prepare, this is something that tastes like it should be reserved for the most exquisite of celebrations.

You will want to set aside some time to prepare this tart but once you have experienced the amazing chocolate, pistachio, and strawberry tart, you will be carving time out of your schedule on the regular to bake this dessert of your dreams!

Chocolate ganache starts the bottom layer of this tart with finely chopped pistachios on top, chocolate meringue buttercream, chocolate glaze, and a secret strawberry hidden inside of all of it.

Hearing about a custard dessert with caramelized sugar on top should be enough to get your mouth watering but when you add in chocolate flavor it becomes ten times better.

Somehow this one dessert manages to include a cool and creamy custard center with a crunchy topping of heated sugar all in one.

When the different temperatures and textures come together, the result is a magical dessert you will fall in love with.

When thinking about decadent desserts, the first thing to cross many of our minds is something full of chocolate but lemon flavored desserts can be decadent, too.

There are some simple steps involved in this lemon dessert including using boxed pudding and not needing to heat up your oven, but it does require quite a bit of time in the refrigerator so that it can set properly.

The graham cracker crust paired with the lemon zest cream cheese and pudding is so indulgent you will find the long wait for it to chill to be well worth it.

This single-serve dessert is perfect for surprising your family and friends for an at-home dinner that needs an extra touch of elegance added in.

Preparing these pots de creme is done best with some steps done a couple of days in advance so it is not a good idea to try and prepare this the day you want to enjoy it.

Starting with the homemade blackberry sauce and the creamy custard, you are guaranteed to have an amazing dessert but when you add in all of the optional toppings you like, it gets more fun and gives you exactly what you are looking for in a dessert.

You really can’t go wrong with chocolate cupcakes but sometimes it needs a little bit more decadence added in to hit the spot.

Luckily, you can easily fill up your cupcakes with creamy dulce de leche from a can.

Frost your cupcakes with a chocolate buttercream frosting and a dash of coarse salt which gives a nice salted flavor to the sweet dessert.

This trifle contains chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate all throughout!

Feel free to use a boxed brownie mix with instant pudding for this recipe if you want to save some trouble from making something completely by hand.

There is a window of time this is best so try to give yourself at least four hours of time for the trifle to chill and set but not more than 24 hours before enjoying.

This float is the best of both worlds with a classic drink and a well-loved dessert mixed into one special treat.

Hot chocolate is simple to make and pretty straightforward but the fun comes from making homemade amaretto ice cream.

Almond flavors shine through and are made better from the chocolate and cinnamon from the hot chocolate in your glass.

Stuffing your favorite chocolate chip cookies with cheesecake filling will give you your new favorite dessert.

These stuffed cookies are worlds beyond regular chocolate chip cookies, which is saying something since they are already amazing sweets.

What makes these cookies even better is the fact that they remain soft and chewy throughout rather than getting a crisp edge.

A special party or get-together needs an equally special dessert to serve and these tiramisu cream puffs will get that job done!

Tiramisu is a delicacy for many so incorporating the espresso and coffee flavors into a cream puff adds some extra charm to an otherwise simple or common dessert.

Cream puffs are bite-sized which makes it much harder to fight the temptation to eat them all in one sitting.

Is there anything better than three types of chocolate in your brownies?

The answer is only when you decide to add chocolate frosting to your triple chocolate brownies.

Having extra chocolate flavor in your brownies does not mean you have to sacrifice a soft and chewy texture, as this recipe proves.

It is a nice surprise to see that there are no crazy ingredients needed for this special dessert especially considering the complex yet complementary flavors that all shine in it.

Lavender, honey, and lemon are the main stars here but you also get a creamy and thick texture that manages to also be delicate and refreshing, all in one.

Spoil yourself with a batch or two of these mini brownie treats.

You are mistaken if you think these are just small brownies since they are so much more than that.

They are rich and fudgy with a ganache used to spread on top or to help stack together your treat.

Rich, light, flaky, and soft, these dumplings have so much good in them, without forcing you to put too much work in the kitchen to prepare them.

There are plenty of flavors at play here including caramel sauce, lemon-lime soda, and of course, fresh peaches.

Assembling the dumplings is a straightforward process but when they are baked with a special mixture poured on top, they become something magical.

Coconut pavlovas with coconut meringue, coconut flakes, and coconut custard make for an absolutely mesmerizing dessert.

If you hadn’t guessed, these are made with the coconut lover in your life in mind.

Melted chocolate or caramel can be added on top of the meringue cups to add to the coconut masterpiece you have just created.

Sometimes you want a creamy dessert, sometimes you want one with a crispy exterior, other times, you want one with both.

Aside from giving you the textures you are looking for, there is no beating the rich chocolate lava inside that pours out when you cut into your cake.

The popular European dessert of banoffee is named after the combination of toffee and bananas.

This can be made into a pie or parfait but the tart version of the dessert features some dulce de leche and fresh fruit as well making it feel a little fancier than many other desserts you may be considering making.

Only four ingredients are needed for the truffles itself but you can go ahead and add as many or as few coatings as you want to make it more elaborate.

Butter, sweetened condensed milk, espresso powder, and cocoa powder create a dough for your truffles that can easily be rolled into small bite-sized pieces.

Melted chocolate helps your coatings sit atop your ball and with 15 minutes in the fridge, they are set and ready to eat!

The rich chocolate flavors of this sorbet make it perfect for when you want something sweet and decadent but want to avoid having something too heavy for dessert.

Four common ingredients make up this sorbet and come together into a smooth texture thanks to an ice cream maker.

This is sure to be both refreshing and satisfying in each bowl.

Chocolate chips inside of a dark chocolate cookie give you a memorable confection that is just as good as Levain Bakery’s famous cookies.

The chocolate chips within the cookies melt about halfway through baking so they add a nice touch of gooeyness when you take a bite.

When these come right out of the oven, they have a crisp exterior with a light interior making them some of the best chocolatey treats you can make for yourself.

As the name suggests, this pie is made with a brownie for the crust.

Chocolate pudding is added on top, which can be either homemade or store-bought depending on how much effort you want to put in.

The whipped cream should be homemade instead of using a frozen version.

All over the top of the pie is chocolate curls and flakes adding so much sweetness to the special dessert!

If one cannoli is not enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, turn it into a pie so you can enjoy as much as you want!

Classic cannoli filling fills in a buttery graham cracker crust with tons of chocolate ganache and whipped cream on top.

For an extra sweet touch, add small cannolis on top of your cannoli pie!

Slightly crunchy, perfect level of sweetness, and a bit tender are all ways to describe the meringue of these bombs.

Dulce de leche creme should be piped in between the meringues for a bit of caramel sweetness to add to the nuttiness of the meringues.

Chocolate is always a welcome addition to dessert so make some ganache to dip the ends of the meringue bombs into.

You could add all of the chocolate in the world to these cheesecake bars and it would be the right amount of chocolate.

There is no baking needed to get the delicious and decadent taste of these chocolate filled cheesecake bars.

These are very easy and can be made ahead of time to store away for when you get that strong chocolate craving.

Not all decadent desserts need to be made with tons of chocolate.

This delicious dessert sits in a flaky fillo cup with classic vanilla ice cream and cinnamon candied nuts all on top.

There is even a special syrup that is simple to make but adds so much sweetness to the already amazing ice cream cups.

Anyone who says that souffles are not worth the effort required to make them has not tried this chocolate souffle before.

It is easy to make with a few ingredients while also tasting and looking amazing!

The pillowy, airy texture with slight runniness inside gives the traditional texture and feel we have come to expect from souffles.

The bottom line

When you deserve a sweet and rich treat for yourself, these 35 decadent desserts will hit the spot, satisfy your craving for sweets, and leave you feeling amazing and happy!

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35 Decadent Desserts You Just Can’t Resist!

35 Decadent Desserts You Just Can’t Resist!

When the craving for decadent desserts hits, these 35 mesmerizing treats perfectly satisfy!


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