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15 Best Breakfast Noodles: Western & Asian Flavors!

15 Best Breakfast Noodles: Western & Asian Flavors!

Explore the best breakfast noodles right here, complete with our recommended choices and available noodle varieties you can buy nearby to create your preferred morning noodle dish.

In the USA where the first meal of the day is often limited to conventional choices like cereals, pancakes, or toast, the idea of breakfast noodles might seem unusual. Yet, for many cultures around the world, noodles have long been a morning staple, and they’re slowly but surely finding their way onto breakfast menus worldwide.

Noodles, as a breakfast option, offer versatility, comfort, and a satisfying way to start the day. Whether it’s a steaming bowl of Japanese udon in a subtle broth or a Denver Omelet with a touch of ramen, breakfast noodles celebrate culinary diversity.

Here are some of the best breakfast noodles from around the web. This list not only showcases Asian noodles but also highlights innovative takes from global cuisines, adding a twist to the traditional morning meal you may be most familiar with.

Top 5 Recipe Picks

No time to lose? Let’s make it quick. Here are the faves:

  1. #3 Ray Of Sunshine Breakfast Noodles can be prepared in just 30 minutes.
  2. #5 Breakfast Noodle Nests uses leftover pasta, offering a creative breakfast option.
  3. #7 Breakfast Noodle Bowl has a savory and umami flavor with a subtle sweet touch. 
  4. #9 Hungarian Haluski isn’t just delicious but also visually enticing.
  5. #14 Soy Sauce Noodles are a traditional Chinese dish, ensuring an authentic taste.

Store-Bought Options For Breakfast Noodles

While not a typical breakfast option in the U.S., noodles are popular for morning meals in many parts of the world, particularly in Asia. Here are some U.S. noodle brands suitable for breakfast:

  • Top Ramen. Popular ramen noodles. Add eggs, veggies, and bacon for breakfast.
  • Maruchan. Common ramen brand. Great with breakfast ingredients.
  • Annie Chun’s. Offers noodles, including rice and udon. Good for a hearty breakfast.
  • NongShim. Known for Shin Ramyun, but other varieties can be breakfast-ready.
  • Asha Foods. Healthy wheat ramen. Pair with veggies, eggs, and meats.
  • Thai Kitchen. Rice noodles are suitable for a breakfast twist.
  • Hakubaku. Organic udon and soba noodles for a nutritious start.

Best Breakfast Noodles

1. Sausage Egg & Cheese Breakfast Spaghetti

This unique spaghetti swaps out traditional Italian ingredients for breakfast staples. The sausage infuses a salty and umami note, the eggs contribute a rich and creamy note, and the cheddar cheese imparts a tangy finish. 

2. Denver Omelet Style Breakfast Ramen Noodles

This hearty breakfast dish boasts a combo of savory and umami flavors. When preparing the ramen noodles, follow the package instructions, but remember to slightly undercook them to prevent them from becoming mushy.

3. Ray Of Sunshine Breakfast Noodles

This dish combines the comfort of noodles with fresh veggies and eggs, creating a sunny breakfast that’s as visually appealing as it is delicious. The noodles are stir-fried with the squash and eggs until they are cooked through. 

4. Ramelette (Ramen Omelette)

This recipe offers a convenient and delicious way to savor the essence of ramen in a single serving. Baked in a ramekin until firm, you can personalize your Ramelette with sriracha, furikake, or pickled veggies.

5. Breakfast Noodle Nests

This dish offers a delightful morning spin on classic noodles. Just melt butter in a skillet, add pasta, crack in an egg, cook until set, sprinkle with Parmesan, and serve.

6. Fried Spaghetti With Eggs

This dish creatively repurposes leftover spaghetti. The noodles are sautéed in olive oil until golden, then complemented with eggs that are cooked to a creamy texture.

7. Breakfast Noodle Bowl

This breakfast recipe calls soba noodles, creamy scrambled tofu, and fresh green onions, topped to your preference. Ideal for hectic mornings or when a savory craving strikes.

8. Breakfast Ramen With Bacon

This dish is made in less than 30 minutes, making it an excellent choice for hectic mornings. The addition of bacon imparts a nice smoky essence, while the eggs and cheese combine to create a rich and delectable texture.

9. Hungarian Haluski

Hungarian Haluski features a tasty mix of cabbage and noodles. The cabbage adds sweet flavor and crunch, while the noodles bring a chewy texture. It’s often cooked with bacon or sausage for a smoky flavor kick.

10. Ramen Breakfast

This Ramen Breakfast is bursting with savory and umami flavors! Soft-boiled egg, grilled bacon, and chicken stock create a rich, deep taste, while sprouted seeds and sliced spring onions provide a fresh, crunchy element.

11. Pasta With Scrambled Eggs & Cherry Tomatoes

This quick and tasty pasta meal takes less than 30 minutes to prepare. Scrambled eggs are cooked separately and mixed with the pasta and veggies for a delicious combination.

12. Gong Zai Mein (HK Breakfast)

Gong Zai Mein is a hearty breakfast to kickstart your day on a positive note. The Spam is expertly prepared, achieving a golden brown and crispy exterior, imparting a salty and savory flavor to the noodles. 

13. Quick & Spicy Breakfast Noodles

In less than 30 minutes, you can have this noodle dish ready. Stir-fry noodles with sausage and veggies until cooked, then add eggs and cook until set. Finish by adding the included spice packet for a bit of heat.

14. Soy Sauce Noodles

Soy Sauce Noodles are a beloved dish in China, suitable for breakfast or any meal throughout the day. The noodles are cooked to perfection, tossed in soy sauce, and topped with fresh green onions.

15. Hungover Noodles

Made with spicy chorizo sausage, bacon, spinach, eggs, and a tasty sauce, this dish is sure to please. The eggs are cooked sunny side up and added at the end so the yolks are runny.

The bottom line

Breakfast noodles are a unique and tasty fusion dish that challenges traditional breakfast norms. They combine elements from Asian and Western cuisines, offering various flavors and options. 

So, if you want to try something delicious and different for breakfast, give breakfast noodles a shot. Your taste buds will love it, and it might become a new morning tradition for you.

More Breakfast Recipes

15 Best Breakfast Noodles

15 Best Breakfast Noodles

These best breakfast noodles combine elements of Asian and Western cuisines, featuring savory flavors, fresh ingredients, and a satisfying crunch.


  • Sausage Egg & Cheese Breakfast Spaghetti
  • Denver Omelet Style Breakfast Ramen Noodles
  • Ray Of Sunshine Breakfast Noodles
  • Ramelette (Ramen Omelette)
  • Breakfast Noodle Nests
  • Fried Spaghetti With Eggs
  • Breakfast Noodle Bowl
  • Breakfast Ramen With Bacon
  • Hungarian Haluski
  • Ramen Breakfast
  • Pasta With Scrambled Eggs & Cherry Tomatoes
  • Gong Zai Mein (HK Breakfast)
  • Quick & Spicy Breakfast Noodles
  • Soy Sauce Noodles
  • Hungover Noodles


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