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38 Quick Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes That Make Your Day Better!

38 Quick Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes That Make Your Day Better!

If you are looking for easy and tasty air fryer breakfast recipes, you have come to the right place.

We have rounded up 38 air fryer breakfast recipes that you will love!

Were you given an air fryer?     

Or did you buy one when it was the latest kitchen appliance every home chef wanted? 

Or maybe you are debating a purchase of one. 

You know it is good at cooking the obvious entrees or side dishes that would be typically fried, but you are wondering how it does with breakfast entrees.

Marvelously, in fact!

Need ideas?   

No problem. 

We’ve got ideas! 

We’ve got a list, and #22 tops it! 

But first, let’s chat about this whole concept that you can prepare breakfast in an air fryer. 

Keep in mind it has limitations, but overall the variety of options is impressive, from Air Fryer Breakfast Bowl to Air Fryer Apple Fritters With Brown Butter Glaze

Air fryers use so much less oil than traditional frying techniques, which is undoubtedly one of their key selling points! 

Yes, you can use parchment paper and aluminum foil (but not with tomatoes or citrus). 

So, shall we try bacon?





And so, so, so much more!

Quick Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes

1. Air Fryer French Toast

Excellent pictures here will show you how to prepare your bread for air frying into French toast.  

Parchment paper is a MUST, so the batter will not drip!

Allow time for batches and keep them already in a warm oven.

2. Air Fryer Avocado Baked Egg

Low carb coming up with these beautiful eggs baked in avocados!

Super simple and super tasty!

3. Air Fryer Bacon & Egg Bite Cups

These little delights are a copycat recipe from Starbucks sous vide egg bites.

Here you use silicone cups which are exceptional and cute! 

Gather ingredients, whisk together, and air fry!

4. Cheesy Air Fryer Breakfast Potatoes

Potatoes with bell peppers make an excellent side to morning eggs.

Russet potatoes, onion, and green peppers are the only items in the recipe, but obviously, you can modify them to fit your preferences. 

Cheese can be added in the last five minutes or even afterward.

5. Bacon (Extra Crispy)

I am always looking for efficient and less messy ways to cook bacon!


Air frying circulates the air, so no need to flip it halfway through! 

Less messy and still crunchy? 

Sign me up!

6. Air Fryer Ham & Cheese Breakfast Egg Rolls

Here, you will scramble your eggs and stir in the diced ham to warm with the cheese.

Next, take the egg roll wrappers, fill them with the mixture, and air fry. 

Finger-friendly and tasty!

7. Air Fryer Breakfast Burrito With Sausage

These delicious burritos can be made ahead and then cooked when needed. 

The filling includes pre-cooked tater tots, sausage, and eggs.

Assemble according to instructions to cook immediately or later. 

I love this versatility.

8. Air Fryer Sausages

No matter what kind or size of sausage you want to serve, you can air fry them!

Prick them with a fork to keep them from exploding (Yikes!) and turn them halfway through.

The smaller ones will take less time.

9. Air Fryer Breakfast Bowl

This breakfast bowl recipe has some excellent tips. 

We are starting with frozen chicken nuggets and tater tots. 

Cook those first and then add in the eggs 

It comes out kind of casserole-like though stirring is encouraged.

Of course, you can sub in any meat or veggie you would prefer!

10. Air Fryer Donuts

This donut shortcut is mind-blowing! 

Air fry biscuits, add butter and cinnamon sugar, and get yourself donuts!

Perfect side for breakfast!

11. Air Fryer Breakfast Frittata

This low-carb frittata is a high-protein way to start your day!

Eggs, cheese, feta, tomato, spinach, onion, herbs are all mixed and cooked in a springform tin. 

There are loads of variations for add-ins like bacon, pork, corn, peas, and peppers.

12. Air Fryer McDonald’s CopyCat Egg McMuffin

Look no further if you want to make your McMuffin! 

Creative ways to cook those eggs perfectly!

So grab some English muffins, bacon, eggs, and cheese!

It’s McMuffin time!

13. Air Fryer Blueberry Lemon Muffins

Oh, how I do love a good muffin in the morning!

These blueberry lemon ones are fluffy, moist, and light! 

Might want to invest in a muffin tin that fits the air fryer.

14. Air Fryer Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls

Oh, my word! 

You tell me I can cook my Pillsbury cinnamon rolls right in the air fryer? 

Well, that just changed my Saturday mornings!

See the comment section for hints on timing.

15. Air Fryer Biscuits

Do you want some fluffy biscuits for breakfast? 

This homemade recipe delivers and is relatively simple. 

Great pictures guide you through.

16. Air Fryer Omelette

Eight minutes to cook an omelet? 

Let’s do it! 

The night before, dice the items you add to the egg mixture. 

Great way to start a day!

17. Air Fryer Apple Fritters With Brown Butter Glaze

These little morsels are so amazingly delicious! 

Dice two large apples, gather the ingredients, and follow the simple instructions! 

The only drawback is that you can probably cook only two at once.

18. Air Fryer Frozen Hash Browns

I was wondering if you could take frozen hash browns and cook them up with a crispy crunch in your air fryer? 

Wonder no more because this recipe shows you exactly how to do just that!

Excellent instructions.

19. Air Fryer French Toast Sticks

This recipe will turn slices of Texas toast into delicious French toast sticks by using the air fryer. 

Cut the bread into thirds and soak it in the egg, milk, and seasonings mix. 

They turn out fluffy, not flat, and fabulously finger-friendly!

20. 2-Ingredient Bagels

Did you ever think you would hear someone say you can make bagels from two ingredients in the air fryer? 


Apparently, with self-rising flour and Greek yogurt. 

Who knew? 

Great write-up with all of your questions answered.

21. Air Fryer Granola

If you are like me, granola is always close at hand. 

It seems you can add it to almost everything. 

Especially by teenagers!

This air fryer recipe calls for rolled oats, honey, oil, brown sugar, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, and possibly chocolate chips. 

You can’t go wrong when you get to pick your personal favorites from each category!

22. Air Fryer Banana Muffins

When a muffin sounds excellent, but heating the kitchen with the oven isn’t, this air fryer recipe for banana muffins is perfect. 

All the usual ingredients, including two very ripe bananas; nothing says ‘have a nice day’ like a warm banana muffin!

23. Air Fryer Poached Eggs For Eggs Benedict

I decided to conclude with a “fancier” recipe for those overachievers out there!

Since I love a good eggs benedict, I thought it was a great option to have in the rotation. 

Four parts with hollandaise sauce, eggs, bacon, and English muffins, solid explanations, and delicious!

24. Avocado On Toast In The Air Fryer

This toast is a popular dish, but doing it in the air fryer takes it to the next level.

The recipe creates a unique toast brimming with vibrant colors from mashed avocado and whole wheat bread. 

I’m sure you will have a creamy and nutty morning with this breakfast! 

25. Air Fryer Baked Apples

They say an apple a day will keep the doctor away!

Well, I’ve got you a creative yet easy way to get yourself or your kids to eat apples. 

You only need apples (of course), butter, brown sugar, oats (old-fashioned or steel cut) and cinnamon to whip up this irresistible goodness first in the morning. 

After everything is baked, top your apples with extra cinnamon, whipped cream, or ice cream, as desired.

(But they are delicious just as they are!)

26. Air Fryer Egg Rolls

Were you looking for breakfast on the go? 

I got you!

You will love how the traditional way of making egg rolls is given a twist by using deliciously flavorful ingredients and an air fryer. 

This is not your classic ham and cheese egg rolls because the recipe is so versatile you can even pick your favorite breakfast foods and combine them all for a perfect filling to your egg rolls.

You have to experience how it tastes!

27. Air Fryer Toasted Bagels

This is for all breakfast people who just don’t always have the time to make a whole breakfast meal. 

This is the definition of a real go-to breakfast, as you only need one ingredient, 3 simple steps, and 3 minutes to have these crispy toasted bagels fill your hungry tummy. 

Toasting your favorite bagels in the morning has never been easier in your air fryer.

28. Prosciutto & Spinach Egg Cups

This recipe is a treat if you’re busy and have less than 20 minutes to whip up breakfast. 

These egg cups are also a fantastic choice for an easy breakfast as you can cook them in either the air fryer or the oven!

29. Air Fryer Muffin Breakfast Pizzas

Runny egg yolks, oh so decadent! 

English muffin pizzas are a nostalgic meal from childhood, so it deserves to be taken to the next level of lusciousness, which is what this recipe did. 

This features the addition of a soft cooked egg with a beautifully runny yolk on top of the muffins.

Dear, the combination of sweet tomato sauce paired with salty pepperoni and rich fatty egg yolks in this recipe is truly divine!

30. Breakfast Burrito

Yes, you read it right! 

This is another breakfast burrito recipe but with a twist. 

Like the previous burrito recipe, this is also so savory, but this one combines cheesy eggs, crispy tater tots, crunchy bacon, and creamy avocado.

This burrito has two creamy ingredients–cheesy eggs and avocado–and two crunchy ingredients: crispy bacon and tater tots. 

They all combine to make an incredibly flavorful burrito with creamy and crispy textures!

31. Air Fryer Yogurt Custard Toast

TikTok netizens are going crazy over this custard toast, and I guess you must try it too!

This is a 10-minute breakfast recipe you can make in your air fryer and will let you indulge in sweet and buttery custard toast for breakfast.

The first step is to make a delectable custard by combining Greek yogurt, honey, and an egg.

The custard toast is prepared by spreading it over a soft brioche, then air frying it for five minutes. 

After that, it is ready to be topped with a fresh fruit medley; it’s as easy as that!

32. Air Fryer Whole Wheat Bagels

Do you want to enjoy a bagel that is the perfect combination of chewy and light, but you don’t want to feel like you’ve just loaded up on carbs for a race?

This Air Fryer Whole Wheat Bagel is your answer!  

The flour used in the recipe is whole wheat all the way through, not just 10, 20, or 25%, but the finished product is still tender and flavorful.

33. Blueberry Bread Pudding

This recipe will be your gateway if you are looking for a rich, creamy, and satisfying bread pudding recipe for breakfast. 

Featuring cubed croissants tossed with lemony custard, blueberries, cream cheese, and a handful of other ingredients, this decadent breakfast (or dessert idea) will have you filled!

This is also a versatile recipe, so you can make some substitutions without sacrificing the dish’s decadence.

34. Strawberry Pop Tarts

I’m delighted to see pretty sprinkles on sweet tasting meals because they make the dish more appetizing!

That’s why if you are making this recipe, make sure not to forget to top the finished tarts with sprinkles! 

This recipe is simple since these tarts are made with pre-made refrigerated pie crusts and strawberry jam and drizzled in a simple glaze, so it is a perfect way to enjoy a sprinkly breakfast.

35. Air Fryer Pancakes

The weekend simply isn’t complete without pancakes.

Something about them just gives off the impression of leisure and indulgence.

But with this recipe for pancakes made in an air fryer, you can recreate the relaxing atmosphere of the weekend on every day of the week!

These buttermilk pancakes are cooked in a cake pan, which ensures that they come out perfectly fluffy and golden brown every time; you don’t even have to flip them!

36. Air Fryer Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry Muffins made in an air fryer will brighten your morning meal.

Not only are they simple to prepare, but they also have an incredible flavor.

Because the air fryer is essentially a convection oven, the air can circulate around the muffins as they bake, which is a very effective method for producing high-quality results quickly.

If you have some fresh blueberries, go for those; if not, frozen blueberries are an acceptable alternative.

37. Air Fryer Monkey Bread

Are you looking for solutions to satisfy your craving for something sweet first thing in the morning? 

Then indulge your taste buds in this delectable treat!

With this recipe, you’ll have a dish that’s part breakfast and part dessert ready in less than half an hour with the help of the air fryer.

This will allow you to enjoy the weekend or a holiday spent with family, thanks to the crisp outside and chewy interior of the monkey bread!

38. Air Fryer Sweet Potato Hash With Candied Bacon

This Sweet Potato Hash Made in an air fryer is so scrumptious that it is difficult to put into words.

You will surely love the crispy cubes of sweet potato that are creamy on the inside, the crunchy morsels of sugary, salty bacon, the caramelized sweet onion, and the flowery herbal fragrances of rosemary. 

All of these things combined are sure to win your heart!

The bottom line

There you have it, a vast collection of varied breakfast recipes can all be cooked in the air fryer. 

Have a blast, and let me know which one you loved!

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