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19 Brazilian Appetizers: Simple But Big on Flavors!

19 Brazilian Appetizers: Simple But Big on Flavors!

Here are the delectable Brazilian appetizers you can make at home; whether you prepare Coxinha or try the straightforward Vatapa, these starters are sure a huge hit!

When you’re invited to a Brazilian party, you know you’re going to be in for a treat!

Brazilian appetizers are known for being the best of the best—a little bit of everything, with just enough to whet your appetite and make sure you have room for all the main course has to offer.

So what do Brazilian appetizers have that other appetizers don’t? 

Well, they’ve got lots of variety—you can find anything from grilled meats to fried snacks at any Brazilian party.

A solid mix of sweet and savory, meaning you’ll find appetizers of every flavor at any Brazilian party.

There’s no denying it: Brazilian cuisine is awe-inspiring.

Whether you’re a fan of seafood, meat, or both, there’s something for everyone. 

From Coxinha and Pastel De Queijo to Carne de Onca, you can find anything at a Brazilian party. 

The best part is that these appetizers are delicious and easy on the palate—meaning they’ll leave you wanting more.

And check out #10; it’s something you’ve never tasted!

1. Coxinha

Who doesn’t love a good chicken-and-cheese-stuffed dough ball?

You’re going to love this recipe for Brazilian Coxinha, which is basically a chicken-and-cheese-stuffed dough ball that’s breaded, deep-fried, and then coated with crackling crumbs.

It’s the perfect appetizer for parties or potlucks—you can make it ahead of time and keep it warm in the oven until you’re ready to serve. 

And if you don’t like chicken and cheese together? 

No problem!

You can substitute bacon or ham instead. 

Just use your imagination!

2. Pao De Queijo

This recipe is a party in your mouth.

This traditional Brazilian appetizer is so appetizing, it might as well be illegal. 

And with only three ingredients and ten minutes of prep time, you’ll be able to make it at home any time you want.

Pao De Queijo (which translates to “cheese bread”) is made from just three simple ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, milk, and tapioca flour.

3. Pastel De Queijo

Are you ready to get your cheese on?

If you’re looking for a savory appetizer that’s going to blow your mind, look no further. 

Pastel De Queijo is an incredibly simple but incredibly mind-blowing Brazilian snack that can be made in just minutes.

It starts with a puff pastry shell and ends with melted cheese, making this dish almost too easy to believe.

The combination of puff pastry and melted cheese is a classic pairing that works with just about anything, so feel free to experiment with different fillings.

4. Kibe

It’s time to make some kibe, and you’re going to love it. 

This Brazilian appetizer is a mouth-watering combination of beef, onions, garlic, and mint leaves that’s fried in oil until it’s crispy. 

It’s crispy on the outside and tender within; you can’t help but fall in love.

5. Guava Mozzarella Crostini

There’s nothing quite like a sweet taste to get your party started, and these Guava Mozzarella Crostini are the perfect way to kick off any fiesta.

Guava paste is a Brazilian treat, but it pairs well with mozzarella cheese and baguette slices. 

It’s like an inside-out fruit roll-up—a sugary, chewy, guava-filled snack that’s perfect for any occasion.

6. Brazilian Fried Chicken Bites

If you’ve ever been to Brazil, you know that it’s a land of incredible food. 

And if you haven’t been there yet, well, let me tell you: it’s a land of incredible food.

One of our favorite treats we discovered while traveling in Brazil was Brazilian Fried Chicken Bites. 

They’re crispy and crackling on the outside and juicy on the inside—and they’re served with a side of fresh lime juice.

7. Grilled Pineapple

Grilled Pineapple is a Brazilian appetizer that is sweet and piquant, with just a touch of spice. 

The result is a tart, juicy treat that’s perfect for dipping in your favorite cheese—or eaten on its own.

8. Shrimp Pastel

Shrimp Pastel is a Brazilian appetizer that’s a bit like sushi. 

It’s made of shrimp, mashed potato, and onions rolled up in a flour tortilla and baked.

Shrimp Pastel is one of those dishes that’s bound to impress everyone. 

It’s a delightful mix of flaky pastry and succulent shrimp.

9. Esfihas

Esfihas are a traditional Brazilian appetizer that’s perfect for parties or game days. 

The dough is spread with a filling consisting of ground meat and then rolled into a long tube shape.

The dough is easy to make using only a few ingredients: warm whole milk, active dry yeast, flour, olive oil, and salt.

The filling takes a little longer to prepare but is also fairly simple: ground beef, diced onion and bell pepper, lime juice, parsley, salt, and black pepper.

10. Brazilian Chicken Turnovers With Avocado Yogurt Dip

When it comes to appetizers, these Brazilian Chicken Turnovers With Avocado Yogurt Dip are the bomb.

They’re made with juicy, tender chicken and a blend of spices that bring an explosion of flavor to your mouth. 

The cilantro and pine nuts add some freshness and earthiness that keep this dish from being too heavy—it’s perfect for any occasion!

Pop them in the oven, and they’ll be ready in 20 minutes. 

Pro tip: Always remember to serve them with some extra yogurt dip on the side.

11. Brazilian Beef & Cheese Appetizer Sliders

These mouthwatering sliders are inspired by the deliciousness of Brazilian cuisine. 

The beef is seasoned with mozzarella and tomato, and it melts in your mouth as you bite into it.

12. Brazilian Style Chicken Hearts

Brazilian Style Chicken Hearts are one of the most popular appetizers in Brazil. 

They’re made by marinating chicken hearts in lemon juice and garlic, then grilling them until they’re golden brown. 

The marinade gives them a tangy flavor that’s great with the crispy fried coating.

13. Bolinho De Bacalhau

This recipe is a perfect example of the type of dish that was created in Brazil during the time period. 

Salted cod, which is a fish that originated in Portugal, was very popular in Brazil at the time. 

The Bolinho De Bacalhau is made with salt cod and potatoes that have been baked.

14. Carne De Onça  (Brazilian Beef Tartare)

If you’re going to eat in Curitiba, you have to try the Carne De Onça. 

It’s a traditional Brazilian appetizer that resembles beef tartare. 

The dish is named after a native Brazilian cat known as an onça (jaguar), and Brazilian people believe that eating it will give you the strength of a jaguar.

15. Casquinha De Siri

The Casquinha De Siri is a type of Brazilian appetizer that is usually served as an entree. 

It is made from shredded jackfruit, onions, garlic, tomatoes, and cilantro. 

The ingredients are sautéed in olive oil until tender, then the shredded jackfruit is added along with grated Brazil nuts or cashews and coconut milk

The mixture is cooked until it thickens slightly and then poured into a circular mold to cool. 

Once cooled, the Casquinha De Siri can be broiled with vegan cheese or margarine on top for a rich finish with a bit of a bite.

16. Brazilian Acarajé

Made from crispy bean and onion cake, this Brazilian Acarajé With Vatapá recipe takes two hours to make, but it’s totally worth it.

And this appetizer is laden with flavorful vatapa (shrimp stew)–everyone will love this!

17. Vatapa

This appetizer is one to remember. 

With shrimp, cashews, almonds, and palm oil, you’re getting a taste of Brazil with every bite. 

And if you use Mahi Mahi instead of shrimp, you’ll get a taste of the sea.

18. Brazilian Sardine Dip

When you’re in Brazil, it’s easy to fall into the trap of eating a lot of meat. 

After all, it’s a country that has some of the most heavenly cuts of meat in the world. 

But have you ever tried Brazilian Sardine Dip? 

It’s simple but delightful, and it’s a great way to get your veggies in!

You can make this dip with almost anything—sardines are just one option. 

But if you’re looking for something that tastes more like a traditional Brazilian dish, we recommend using sardines in Nero vegetable oil.

19. Brazilian Steakhouse Fries

If you like steak, this is the recipe for you. 

Grilled skirt steak is topped with chimichurri and served on top of salt and pepper steak cut fries. 

It’s a delicious combination of flavors that will leave you craving more.

The bottom line

So there you have it! 

The best Brazilian appetizers to jump-start your meal.

If you’re looking for something delicious and easy, we hope these suggestions will help you get started. 

If you’re looking to expand your horizons and try new things, we hope this article has given you some ideas.

We’d love to hear from you—what are your favorite appetizers? 

What’s the first Brazilian dish that comes to mind when you think about food?

Let us know in the comments below!

Best Brazilian Appetizers

Best Brazilian Appetizers

Here are the delectable Brazilian appetizers you can make at home; whether you prepare Coxinha or try the straightforward Vatapa, these starters are sure a huge hit!


  • Coxinha
  • Pao De Queijo
  • Pastel De Queijo
  • Kibe
  • Guava Mozzarella Crostini
  • Brazilian Fried Chicken Bites
  • Grilled Pineapple
  • Shrimp Pastel
  • Esfihas
  • Brazilian Chicken Turnovers With Avocado Yogurt Dip
  • Brazilian Beef & Cheese Appetizer Sliders
  • Brazilian Style Chicken Hearts
  • Bolinho De Bacalhau
  • Carne De Onça (Brazilian Beef Tartare)
  • Casquinha De Siri
  • Brazilian Acarajé
  • Vatapa
  • Brazilian Sardine Dip
  • Brazilian Steakhouse Fries


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João Mello

Monday 5th of December 2022

Corrections kibe or kibeh is very tradicional in Brazil, as well as esfiha or sfiha they actually are from Lebanon and Syria (Arabic food) popular in Argentina and Colombia. Coxinha is stuffed with chicken a version conchinha com catupiry (Brazilian soft cheese) but regular coxinha is chicken only. Bolinhos de bacalhau cód fish are not baked their are deep fried. Avocado that you mentioned in a dish Brazil they consume avocado with sugar... nobody eats avocado with savory food. Not Brazilian food, there is no guava and cheese frosting in Brazil. Iam Brazilian and a chef for 40 years.

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