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17 EASY Cherry Tomato Appetizers

17 EASY Cherry Tomato Appetizers

Yes! I made an entire list of Cherry Tomato Appetizers JUST so I could showcase the CookingChew recipe. Not even sorry. Shameless plug coming, but you won’t be sorry.

If you like raw tomatoes AT ALL, and goat cheese even in the SLIGHTEST bit, you’re going to really enjoy our easy and completely poppable and addicting Goat Cheese-Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes.

Something about the tangy goat cheese highlights the sweetness in the little tomatoes, with basil rocking in to tie it all together. 

If I could drive to your house just to make these for you without seeming like a nutcase, I would.

It’s tried, true, and terrific. 

But, just in case goat cheese isn’t your thing, and you don’t want me showing up at your door, I’m sharing center stage with some other lovely recipes that use cherry tomatoes, too. 

Choosing the perfect appetizer to accompany your brunch can be quite tricky.

There are a wide variety of options that you can pick, from rolls to bites to fries.

Adding cherry tomatoes to your appetizer will be great, as they can go with any meal.

Cherry tomatoes are a cute, miniature version of classic tomatoes.

Because of their size, they are just perfect to use for bite-sized appetizers that will complement your main course!

Maybe the BLT Deviled Eggs, with its specialty of candied bacon, will give a burst to your taste buds?

Or perhaps the Pancetta & Parmesan Tartlets With Basil & Cherry Tomatoes is more suited to your refined palate?

But #9 Oven-Roasted Tomatoes With Pasta, Pine Nuts & Mozzarella is also something to go nuts for, especially with its cheesy mozzarella!

If you add some cherry tomatoes to your appetizers, they are not only a boost in flavor, but they also give that zesty punch to your appetizer that will enlighten your afternoon!

So, what are you waiting for?

Get ready to enjoy these 17 cherry tomato appetizers that will shake up your meals and leave a memorable experience!

1. Cherry Tomato & Bocconcini Skewers

This Cherry Tomato & Bocconcini Skewers will leave a fantastic taste in your mouth with their exciting flavors!

Dig in and take a bite into one, and be greeted with ripe, acidic tastes of cherry tomatoes, the creamy and oozy cheesiness of the mozzarella, and the freshness of your basil.

These appetizers are quick and easy to assemble!

With just using your ingredients of creamy mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes, and fresh basil leaves, you can already assemble one skewer.

They can also be served for any occasion, whether family gatherings or house parties.

And if you want more than just appetizers, we are the kind of people to put cherry tomatoes in all the things

2. BLT Deviled Eggs

This appetizer, perfect for breakfast meals in the mornings, will give you just the right amount of ‘oomph’ to your food!

This recipe is created with hard-boiled eggs, candied bacon, cherry tomatoes, mayonnaise, mustard, and basil leaves.

The thing that makes this appetizer so unique is the candied bacon, which adds a perfect mixture of sweet and savory.

Make sure to slice your eggs, add your mayo and honey mustard, fold your diced bacon, tomatoes, and basil, and plate your appetizer.

Once it’s done, enjoy and make even more for future events!

3. Cherry Tomato Bruschetta

This bruschetta appetizer, alongside your cherry tomatoes, adds beautiful colors to your plate!

The flavors are juicy, packed with a punch, and reminiscent of the tastes of Italy. 

If you’re looking for worldly flavors to bring to your kitchen, this appetizer is the one for you!

You may use bread or crackers for this one and add some garlic, basil leaves, balsamic vinegar, black pepper, and salt to go alongside the luscious taste of your cherry tomatoes.

Let this tangy appetizer float through your senses!

4. Caprese Bites With Balsamic Drizzle

Ever had your salad turned into delicious bites perfect for an appetizer?

These Caprese bites With Balsamic Drizzle are enough to ditch your salad and serve to your house guests!

The flavors are no different, too.

The sweetness of your cherry tomatoes, jampacked with the creamy and cheesy mozzarella, combined with the basil’s freshness and topped with the tanginess of the balsamic drizzle, is what makes this appetizer so unique.

The perfect summer appetizer to eat in your garden!

5. Bacon-Stuffed Cherry Tomato

If you’re just like me, you enjoy a touch of excellent ol’ bacon for breakfast appetizers.

How about some Bacon-Stuffed Cherry Tomato?

These adorable, picture-ready appetizers are good in their presentation and flavor!

Take one bite and be greeted with the smokiness of the bacon, juxtaposed with the sweetness and refreshing taste of the cherry tomatoes.

These are lovely appetizers you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

6. Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Roasting your cherry tomatoes is so different from other ways of cooking these delectable treats because it adds a whole new layer of smokiness and fiery tastes to your appetizers.

These Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, in particular, are coated in a mix of garlic, herbs, and olive oil to add a distinctive touch to your cherry tomatoes.

Because of the cooking, roasting allows your cherry tomatoes to let the flavors seep through concentration.

You can also slice your tomatoes in half or roast them whole.

It depends on your preference for flavor profiles and how you want the recipe to turn out!

7. Pancetta & Parmesan Tartlets With Basil & Cherry Tomatoes

Eat your heart out with these lovely Mediterranean appetizers!

These Pancetta & Parmesan Tartlets accompanied with basil and cherry tomatoes are the talk of the town.

You can even substitute the pancetta with American bacon for an added layer of smokiness.

You can be creative with the presentation, such as adding basil leaves for that added layer of beauty.

Combine Greek and Italian with these amazing tartlets!

8. Blue Cheese Wedge Salad Crostini

Another rendition of your salad turning into a beautiful, crunchy finger food are these crostinis!

This delicious appetizer is simple yet packed full of flavor.

Enjoy these 12 slices of French baguette, iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, bacon, blue cheese, and onion!

You may opt to serve these crostinis during parties or get-togethers with family, friends, and colleagues.

These appetizers are entertaining and exciting!

9. Oven-Roasted Tomatoes With Pasta, Pine Nuts, & Mozzarella

Let your taste buds explore the horizons with an appetizer of Oven-Roasted Tomatoes With Pasta, Pine Nuts, & Mozzarella!

Like the previous recipe, roasting your tomatoes enhances the flavors and pulls out their natural sweetness.

The pine nuts add a crunch to your appetizer, adding texture.

Besides your usual appetizer, you may also serve this as a salad, side dish, or lunch.

Allow these oven-roasted tomatoes to complement your main course perfectly!

10. Pesto & Cream Cheese Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

You can now add your Italian pesto pasta into bite-sized cherry tomatoes for that added taste!

The pesto is also included with cream cheese (learn how to soften cream cheese here) for that total flavor bonus. 

Each bite of the pesto will melt into your mouth and make your mouth hum and sing in delight!

There are also pine nuts to introduce various textures to your already delicious appetizer.

Indeed, these stuffed cherry tomatoes are such a treat!

11. Cucumber Bites With Herb Cream Cheese & Cherry Tomatoes

Even more bite-sized appetizers to round up the whole fun!

These cucumber bites will not only bring in zesty and refreshing tastes but thanks to the herb cream cheese and cherry tomatoes, there will also be more in store!

You can also use your freshest herbs to garnish your appetizers.

These bites are perfect for summer cookouts, refreshing drinks, and smoothies on a hot summer day.

These cucumber bites made for the summer will be the talk of the town!

More cucumber appetizers here!

12. Cream Cheese Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

These cherry tomatoes stuffed with cream cheese are so good that you’ll be vying for more!

They are also easy to make and do not require too many kitchen materials or equipment to create this masterpiece.

Every bite will greet you with the cream cheese’s creaminess and a ranch salad dressing to go along with it.

They are packed to the brim with deliciousness and are equally perfect for serving salad luncheons and parties.

Once you do, all of your guests will undoubtedly be impressed!

13. Tomato Tulips

Tomato Tulips are the best appetizer, thanks to their chewy texture!

A beautiful sight to look at, unique in its presentation yet also oozing with creamy goodness.

These tulips are the best fit for summer or even spring.

Fresh ingredients are the key to making this appetizer, such as cucumber, cream cheese, green onions or chives, and cherry tomatoes.

Make sure to have a great time eating these lovely cherry tomato flowers!

14. Focaccia With Cherry Tomato Salsa

These Focaccias With Cherry Tomato Salsa are the best appetizer for your morning meal!

Here, the famous Caprese salad meets solid French toast.

These vibrant cherry tomatoes are mixed with chunks of fresh mozzarella, embellished with a spiky sweet vinaigrette.

There are also hints of basil and capers to add to the freshness.

Such great cherry tomato delights!

15. Heirloom Tomato Galette With Honey & Thyme

This Heirloom Tomato Galette With Honey & Thyme is a beautiful symphony of summer produce!

It is such a beautiful finished product that you might find yourself taking a load of pictures before actually eating your appetizer.

This recipe is a showstopper for its amalgamation of heirloom tomato flavors and vibrant colors that make this look like a painting!

Once you prepare your cornmeal crust and toppings, you have a great appetizer!

16. Cherry Tomato Salad

This Cherry Tomato Salad has it all!

Having your ripe cherry tomatoes and the tender flavors of fresh herbs and mozzarella is a hit.

It looks gorgeous, too, due to its many vibrant and radiating colors that will make everyone stop and stare.

Satisfy all your tomato cravings with this treat!

17. Cherry Tomato Relish

Last but not least, we have a cherry tomato relish!

This relish is the perfect side dish to go along with your appetizers and add a ton of flavor.

The cherry tomatoes and red onion go well together, adding a new world of enjoyment.

Perfect for summer parties and get-togethers with your college friends!

The bottom line

It is essential to choose an appetizer that will suit your family, friends, and visitors’ taste buds!

Overall, cherry tomatoes are versatile, those lovely gems.

Whether you prefer to have it mixed in or stuffed, cherry tomatoes are just the ticket.

That’s why having these appetizers will be such a pleasant surprise!

Renee’s recipe is the best one, but there are others to choose from here too.

Spruce up your parties with these tasty gems of cherry tomato appetizers, and your family, friends, and guests will thank you!

17 EASY Cherry Tomato Appetizers

17 EASY Cherry Tomato Appetizers

Spruce up your luncheons with these tasty gems of cherry tomato appetizers!


  • Cherry Tomato & Bocconcini Skewers
  • BLT Deviled Eggs
  • Cherry Tomato Bruschetta
  • Caprese Bites With Balsamic Drizzle
  • Bacon-Stuffed Cherry Tomato
  • Roasted Cherry Tomatoes
  • Pancetta & Parmesan Tartlets With Basil & Cherry Tomatoes
  • Blue Cheese Wedge Salad Crostini
  • Oven-Roasted Tomatoes With Pasta, Pine Nuts, & Mozzarella
  • Pesto & Cream Cheese Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes
  • Cucumber Bites With Herb Cream Cheese & Cherry Tomatoes
  • Cream Cheese Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes
  • Tomato Tulips
  • Focaccia With Cherry Tomato Salsa
  • Heirloom Tomato Galette With Honey & Thyme
  • Cherry Tomato Salad
  • Cherry Tomato Relish


  1. Find your favorite recipe from our Cherry Tomato Appetizers list.
  2. Gather all the ingredients needed.
  3. Start making and make us proud!

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