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14 Sides For Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

14 Sides For Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

Indulge in the abundance of sweet and savory perfection with sides for bacon-wrapped shrimp. 

Perfect for an appetizer or main course, you can spice up your next dinner party or cookout with this simple recipe. 

But what goes with bacon-wrapped shrimp?

Pairing up the right ingredients for bacon-wrapped shrimp sides remains crucial, especially when you want to dress to impress your much loved bacon-wrapped shrimp.

So let us help you figure out the best sidekick to boost your bacon-wrapped shrimp dish.

Balance your palate with tropical flavors, or add vegetables to round out your menu. 

You can choose from several ingredients or add a twist to them to create something new. 

Below, you can find a list of 14 absolutely delicious and diverse sides for bacon-wrapped shrimp.

Shrimp-and-grits are on many southern restaurant menus. This luscious Tennessee recipe for thick, rough grits offers up a slow food alternative to quick grits or Cream of Wheat. 

Upgrade your regular shrimp and grits with mushrooms and a touch of Gruyere cheese.

It can’t be simpler than this: Mix five ingredients. Bake. Eat.

Artichokes have long paired up with cajun seafood suppers, and this beautiful fondue has a crisp, brown top and cheesy parmesan pull. 

Five ingredients and you’ve got a side to remember. 

Drop a handful of Stacy’s Pita Chips or homemade tortilla chips, toasted bread rounds alongside, or just get a big ol’ spoon and dinner is served.

Are you craving something Mediterranean in the spring or summer season? 

The Mediterranean Quinoa Salad ticks all the boxes for a perfect lunch, especially on workdays, as you can store this easy-to-make recipe well in advance. 

Unlike other salads, this salad paired with bacon-wrapped shrimp will definitely fill you up. 

This versatile dish bursts with vibrant and fresh ingredients and serves as a crowd-pleaser no matter the occasion.

Want to throw a party on your tastebuds? Shrimp and avocado represent a match made in heaven. 

The perfect blend of avocado, cilantro, onion, jalapenos, lime, tomato, and salt make the epic guacamole. 

The secret behind the authentic and deep flavors of Mexican cuisine lies in the way they make them. 

Remember to mash the onion, cilantro, and chiles thoroughly before bringing in the lemon juice and avocado. 

The succulent shrimp wrapped in the saltiness of crispy bacon and a creamy avocado dip or guacamole makes an excellent appetizer that will have your guests talking about your food for days on end.

Of course mashed potatoes! This creamy bowl of taters is going to have your eaters licking the bowl clean. 

That heavenly pair of sour cream with chives just sends this over the edge into comfort food delirium!

As fans of mashed potatoes, you can find Creamy, Cheesy Mashed Potatoes (the cream cheese just makes these into clouds of gorgeous mashed potatoes), Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes that have a mild tangy finish of buttermilk, Garlic Mashed Potatoes that use garlic cloves that have been cooked into that mild, nutty flavor we love. 

Just don’t forget to save room for your bacon-wrapped shrimp!

Hungry for something sweet, tangy, and crunchy? 

The Asian ramen noodle salad adds an element of surprise when paired with bacon-wrapped shrimp. 

You can never go wrong with buttery noodles drizzled with a simple oil, vinegar, sugar, and soy sauce dressing. 

If you feel the mood to try something new, I can say without hesitation that the Asian ramen noodle salad will sweep you off your feet.

7. Smokey, Grilled Peaches

Let’s get tropical! Grilled peaches add freshness to the saltiness of the bacon and serves as a refreshing and mouth-watering side for stuffed shrimp and bacon. 

Our Grilled Peaches recipe goes great with meats and vegetable dishes. Try this as an appetizer for the next family get-together. 

Brush the bacon, shrimp, and fresh, hot peaches with some barbecue sauce, brown sugar mop, or onion butter and you’re all set for a feast.

If your gas grill isn’t giving you the smoke flavor you want, add a drop or two of smoke flavoring to your baste.

Cauliflower has a great way of taking on the flavors of surrounding foods. 

Cauliflower rice represents a perfect bacon-wrapped shrimp side if you want to serve it as a main course dish. 

You can follow the simple recipe to make the cauliflower rice from scratch or buy riced cauliflower available at any store.

Crave an incredible side for bacon-wrapped shrimp? 

Most people consider asparagus boring. Well, if done right, you’ll have a winner of a dish. 

Use simple ingredients, and create masterpieces. 

The next time you find yourself wondering what goes with bacon-wrapped shrimp, try this easy Sesame Garlic Roasted Asparagus recipe.

Bask in the simple pleasures of the classic Spanish tapas, Patatas Bravas. 

If you love potatoes and garlic, you cannot miss out on this one. 

Crispy fried potatoes with a beautiful homemade golden saffron aioli will make for the best side for your bacon-wrapped shrimp appetizer or main course. 

The saffron aioli not only complements the potatoes but will heighten the flavor of the shrimp and bacon too.

If you like playing with the classics, then an Italian Caprese Salad with hot-off-the-grill bacon-wrapped shrimp will leave you salivating for more. 

The fresh Caprese Salad remains incredibly easy to make, consisting of tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, and olive oil with the drizzle of a balsamic reduction. 

Add avocado slices and minced garlic for a boost in flavor, or try deeply flavored oils and vinegars.

Zucchini noodles pair marvelously with shrimp wrapped in bacon as they have a neutral flavor. 

Flash cook the zoodles and then toss them in a frying pan for about two to three minutes. 

Indulge in a mouthful of pure bliss of Pesto Zoodles if you want to take it up a notch. 

Top it off with freshly grated Parmesan cheese, and there you have it, a flavorful lunch.

Spice things up with our Red Cabbage Slaw.

This crunchy side will have your tastebuds singing after every mouthful. 

Try the bold flavors of this slaw, which uses olive oil instead of mayo or sour cream, plus white wine vinegar. Slide small plates of this slaw alongside with the bacon-wrapped shrimp for a special occasion. 

Liven up this slaw as desired: chopped jalapenos for heat, or apple and more honey for sweetness, or tajin and lime zest for leveled up flavor.

Refreshing, easy to find and inexpensive, cucumbers are sliced with red onion and fresh dill to create a cool and creamy base in our German Cucumber Salad. 

You’ll put this together at a moment’s notice and it goes along nicely with grilled or oven-baked bacon-wrapped shrimp.

The bottom line

Everything tastes good with bacon, and the mild, sweet shrimp only makes this sinful pleasure the ultimate foodies’ paradise. 

If you’re wondering what to serve with bacon-wrapped shrimp, experiment with our list of bacon-wrapped shrimp sides.

Dinner party or no party, good food always leaves a mark.

What to Serve with Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

What To Serve With Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp 🥓 🍤

Pair up with these sides for bacon-wrapped shrimp to make a complete meal for yourself anytime, anywhere.


  • Old Mill Stone-Ground Grits
  • Paula Deen’s Hot Artichoke-Spinach Dip
  • Mediterranean Quinoa Salad
  • Avocado Dip or Mexican Guacamole
  • Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes
  • Asian Inspired Ramen Noodle Salad
  • Smokey, Grilled Peaches
  • Greek Cauliflower Rice
  • Roasted Sesame Garlic Asparagus
  • Spanish Inspired Patatas Bravas with Saffron Aioli
  • Italian Classic Caprese Salad
  • Zucchini Noodles
  • Red Cabbage Coleslaw
  • German Cucumber Salad


  1. Choose a recipe that looks good. 
  2. Shop and make your new favorite side for bacon-wrapped shrimp. 
  3. Enjoy and share (but only if you want to!)

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