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26 BEST Asian Cocktails (Sake Grapefruit Cocktail & More!) 🍸

26 BEST Asian Cocktails (Sake Grapefruit Cocktail & More!) 🍸

If you’re looking for something bright, refreshing, and deliciously easy to swig, don’t hesitate to put these Asian cocktails on your drink to-do list.

Asian mixed drinks could be fun and refreshing by adding some local Asian herbs and alcohol that aren’t a staple in some places. 

And you’ve probably never heard of some delicious cocktails from Asia that can still give you that ring after several glasses!

But don’t fret. 

We’ll let you unlock some of the best and most popular Asian cocktails you should probably start picking on a bar menu. 

We’re talking about this amazing list of Asian cocktail recipes that include variations on margaritas, mules, bloody marys, and much more. 

If you love matcha, you can start with Matcha Gin Cocktail that gives you an eccentric taste. 

Better yet, try an Asian-Inspired Bloody Mary if you’re looking for something with the sweet flavor of the tomato. 

But nothing beats #14 because who doesn’t love the quirky flavors of Thailand infused with Bourbon gin? 

From a delicious Sake Grapefruit Cocktail to Japanese Yuzu Whiskey Sour, this newly updated compilation of Asian Cocktails has everything you need for your Asian-themed party. 

BONUS: Our new Soju Martini Cocktail is a winner!

Don’t be fooled by this delicious Sake Grapefruit Cocktail as it entices you with its sweetness. 

The grapefruit taste is a cross between pomelo and oranges, with a slight bitterness to it, making it ideal for pairing with sake. 

Sake also makes this drink stand out due to its fruity flavors that resemble various fruits like bananas and apples. 

When combined, you get a delicious and refreshing drink that you can make for yourself after a long day. 

If you love getting a kick out of your cocktails, this Thai Lemongrass Margarita will cut the mustard as it offers exciting flavor profiles from the lemongrass.

Grab tequila as your base for this drink, and infuse it with cilantro, ginger, Thai basil, and lemongrass.

The slightly spicy and lemony flavor of the lemongrass will cut through the robust tequila and herbs. 

Plus, don’t forget to rim your glass with spicy curry, kosher salt, and lime wedges for that extra kick!

While you may have seen this cocktail on worldwide bar menus worldwide, this drink was originally hailed from Kuala Lumpur in the 1970s.

This drink is made of fresh pineapples, rum, sugar syrup, and Campari for that satisfying bitter finish. 

You can create your sugar syrup by mixing water and brown sugar. 

You also have to garnish this cocktail with pineapple wedges, pineapple leaves, and cherries to make it look pretty too!

If you like the good old fizzy and minty lime drink, you’ll love this easy Asian Pear Mojito that uses Asian pears. 

Also called Japanese or apple pears, these types of pears are perfect for this yummy drink. 

All you need is white rum, honey, soda water, mint leaves, and lime slices. 

When prepping this drink, make sure you muddle the pears until all the juices are released to ensure this drink will be tangy and sweet. 

Sarawak is a state in Malaysia located on the Northwestern coast of Borneo. 

They have their own Borneo spice, one of this cocktail’s main ingredients. 

On top of this spice, you’ll also need golden rum, demerara sugar, plum brandy, gin, cane syrup, and fresh lemon juice. 

Combine all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, and don’t forget to add the Borneo spice, as this will give this drink its unique flavor. 

You must also combine Borneo spice and sugar for the glass rim coating. 

Make sure to chill the cocktail glass.

This Matcha Gin Cocktail could be your new go-to brunch or dinner cocktail with its slight vegetal and grassy notes from the matcha. 

The usual agave syrup, muddled mint, and lime will get a much more intense flavor once they’re infused in gin and matcha. 

Once you try this drink, you’ll enjoy the nuttiness from the matcha, with a slightly bitter taste and a pleasant ending along with the gin’s herbal flavors.

Don’t be fooled by its white liquid because this Asian Pear Moscow Mule will surely give you that right zing from that vodka, ginger beer, and club soda.

Moscow mule naturally combines tangy, spicy, and sweet flavors. 

If you want to keep the exciting flavors for a long time, serve this drink in a copper mug. 

Garnish your glass or copper mug with slices of Asian pear and serve this cocktail to your guests during your weeknight get-togethers!

If you love to be transported to Korea, grab only three ingredients and make this yogurt and soju cocktail. 

Soju is a popular alcohol in Korea that tastes fruity with a natural sweetness.

It’s similar to sweet vodka but doesn’t have the same burn as vodka.

There is a slightly bitter aftertaste, and that’s why people mix it with other drinks.

In this case, you only need yogurt to balance out the fruity flavor of soju. 

You only need soju, yogurt, and lime soda, and put these ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice.

Mix until all liquids are well-combined and serve to your heart’s content!

Most of you would love to pick out a highball on a bar menu because who doesn’t love an alcoholic base spirit for your cocktail? 

But this Asian-inspired cocktail uses Japanese whiskey, which also has the same production process as Scotch whiskey. 

Mix with lemon wedges and club soda, and you’ll surely gulp this down and enjoy oak flavors with dry, smoky, and mellow notes.

This cocktail was created in the 20th century in Singapore’s Raffles Hotel’s Long Bar. 

This is considered an elaborate cocktail because you’ll combine various alcoholic beverages such as the Grand Marnier, cherry liqueur, gin, herbal liqueur, bitters, lime, club soda, and pineapples!

With all these ingredients combined, Singapore Sling offers a pleasant and tart taste, which is delicious and refreshing. 

Garnish with an orange slice and cherry in the middle, and you don’t even have to go to any Singaporean bar to order this drink!

Enjoy this on your weekday brunch or weeknight family dinners!

How about trying another Japanese-inspired cocktail recipe with sake and its fruity flavors?

Imagine a cool cocktail that will quench your thirst after a long stressful day at work.

This recipe will surely boost your energy as the fermented rice alcohol is infused with fresh strawberries.

The slightly sour and tangy strawberries pair well with the sake’s fruity notes. 

You also shouldn’t miss garnishing this drink with mint and a few slices of fresh strawberries!

The surprising flavor profiles might catch you off guard if you’re not used to drinking a bloody mary cocktail.

It’s savory, salty, and spicy, plus you get a kick out of the hot sauce combined with the tomato juice as well. 

But have you ever wondered what an Asian bloody mary tastes like?

This recipe is interesting as it consists of fish sauce, soy sauce, and wasabi paste!

If you’re a fan of spicy drinks, this unique bloody mary recipe will surely make your weeknight movie binges with the family a tad fun and exciting!

I’m sure you don’t want to miss out on your weekend sleepovers with the girls, and this Coconut Lychee Daiquiri Cocktail will amp up your intimate get-together!

If you love your daiquiri with rum, sugar, or citrus juice, then you’ll love this Asian-inspired coconut lychee cocktail, which tastes like a watered-down rum, with a slight zest from the lemon or lime. 

The only addition to a classic daiquiri is the acidic and slightly floral notes of lychee and mild woody and creamy flavors of coconut.

Picking your go-to Bourbon from the bar menu might seem like a good idea, but why don’t you try giving it a Thai twist by infusing it with citrus, gin, and ginger?

This recipe uses wild lime leaf-infused gin, and if that alone sounds good to you, then grab a glass and start mixing!

You’ll also need orange juice, lime, and ginger beer to get that refreshing and slightly spicy kick.

Are you one of those people who love froth on their cocktails? 

Then try whipping up this Japanese Yuzu Whiskey Sour for your weekend dinners with the entire family or friends. 

It has just the right balance of Japanese whisky, lemon juice, and yuzu juice. 

This Japanese-inspired cocktail is perfect for those who love a few citrusy flavors on their mixed drinks. 

That touch of egg white will give it that nice foam that looks pretty and goes down dangerously quickly because of that bright and refreshing taste. 

The typical margarita drink is made with tequila and lime juice.

This new twist on the margarita is made with calamansi, a citrus fruit popular in the Philippines and other Asian countries.

It is also called calamondin or Philippine lime and has a flavor that is a mix of lime and orange.

When unripe, it is very tart, but it becomes sweeter as it ripens.

It is popularly used as flavoring for savory recipes like adobo and other Filipino dishes.

This amazing fruit lends the margarita a tangy burst of freshness.

Ingredients include: Tequila, orange liqueur, calamansi juice, simple syrup, and honey.

This cocktail combines two of Japan’s famous icons, Sake and Sakura.

Sakura, also known as cherry blossoms, are dainty flowers that line up the streets and parks of Japan during the Hanami or flower-watching season.

These beautiful pink blooms make Japan a tourist destination and a great backdrop for pictorials, especially in the months they are in season.

Sake, on the other hand, is Japan’s famous fermented rice drink that has around 14-16% alcohol and is typically sweet in flavor.

This cocktail is the perfect drink to have if you want to celebrate the beauty of Japan.

Ingredients include: Nigore sake, Maraschino cherry liqueur, pink grapefruit juice, simple syrup, and cherry blossoms. 

The Buddha’s hand citron is another member of the citrus family that is popular in Asian countries.

Its unique look, with its finger-like segments, is where it got its name from.

Another interesting thing about it is that it has no pulp or fruit inside its skin.

Its zest, however, is part of the citron that is used for cooking and flavor infusions.

Thai basil is a variety of basil with a hint of spice and licorice flavor that is very different from the usual sweet basil.

The tangy citron skin works well with the aroma of the basil and the flavor of the sherry and vodka combo really well.

Ingredients include: Manzanilla sherry, lemon juice, sparkling water, Thai basil leaves, candied lemon peel, and Thai basil flower.

Bourbon has a sweetness that comes from the process of barrel-aging it in oak.

This sweetness makes it ideal for mixing in desserts like cakes, pies, and pudding.

It also pairs well with many fruits, including bananas and coconut, which flavors this twist in the classic Old-fashioned.

Pandan is an Asian plant with aromatic leaves that resemble the flavors of coconut and vanilla with a hint of floral and grassy notes.

The pandan-infused bourbon is joined by coconut liqueur. 

Coconut and pandan are usually paired together in desserts for their complementary flavors, while the addition of brûléed elevates it with its smoky and caramel taste.

Ingredients include: Pandan-infused bourbon, coconut liqueur, demerara syrup, mole, and orange bitters. 

This take on the Moscow Mule has the invigorating taste of ginger and the flavors of the spices of India.

It can also be noted that this version uses lemon instead of the traditional lime of its Moscow counterpart.

The flavors of lemon complement the flavors of the cardamom, cumin, and coriander better, but you can also try it with lime if you prefer.

It’s a savory and spicy drink with a beautiful golden color from ginger and saffron.

Add in a mint leaf or two to give it some character and added freshness.

Ingredients include: Vodka, spiced ginger syrup, lemon juice, cumin seed, and sparkling water. 

Tom Yam or Tom Yum is a famous hot and sour soup from Thailand. 

It’s a favorite among many tourists and Thai food lovers.

Its orangey-red color comes from the crushed red chilis or chili oil and is reminiscent of a popular alcoholic drink with some savory herbs and spices too, the Bloody Mary.

This Tom Yam Bloody Mary has the flavors of tomato juice, tamarind, lemongrass, and tom yam paste, which is made of chili, garlic, kaffir lime leaves, shallots, ginger, and galangal–a close relative of ginger.

Ingredients include: Tomato juice, vodka, tom yum paste, tamarind paste, lime juice, and salt.

If you know and love coffee, then you probably also know Vietnamese Coffee.

Vietnamese coffee is noted for being strong since it is typically made with Robusta beans.

The coffee is usually made using a phin brewer and is combined with sweetened condensed milk to balance the strong flavor of the coffee.

This Vietnamese Coffee Espresso Martini may not have sweetened condensed milk, but the coffee element has been authentically brewed using a phin.

An espresso martini is already an interesting drink of choice in itself, but the added factor of it being Vietnamese coffee makes it a must-try cocktail!

Ingredients include: Vodka, coffee liqueur, simple syrup, coffee beans, and Vietnamese robusta.

Lassi is a popular South Asian drink made with water, yogurt, and spices.

Fruit like mango, strawberries, and passionfruit are also sometimes incorporated into it.

This is perfect when you can’t decide between dessert or alcohol.

The sweet and tangy taste of yogurt and mango surprisingly complements the rum.

Coconut water adds a tropical flavor to the mix, while the pistachio garnish cuts the creaminess.

Ingredients include: Mangos, coconut water, ice cubes, plain yogurt, Kraken rum, and pistachios.

Boba or milk tea has been one of the most popular drinks in Taiwan for years now.

It has not only conquered the heart of Asians but the taste buds of the entire world.

Black sugar and brown sugar boba is a favorite of many, and this alcoholic take on it is a creamy, bittersweet number.

The alcohol that accompanies the sugary flavors of boba is whiskey, which itself has vanilla and caramel notes even when tasted on its own.

The delicious dessert of a drink and the sweet and bitter alcohol complement each other nicely and combine to make this perfect drink.

Ingredients include: Coffee liqueur, Japanese whiskey, whole milk, simple syrup, vanilla extract, and boba pearls.

If you’re a fan of Korean drama, then you may have seen this popular Korean alcoholic beverage called Soju.

Soju is somehow similar to Sake since some kinds are made using rice, but some are also made with tapioca, potato, and other starches.

It is compared to vodka and works well with typical mixes like fruit flavors and even yogurt drinks.

Melona is a popular Korean ice cream pop that comes in different flavors like Melon, Strawberry, Mango, and others.

This interesting combo is joined by a lemon-lime fizzy drink which makes it more refreshing. 

Ingredients include: Mango soju, Sprite, ice, and mango melona ice cream bar.

This sophisticated entry requires a bit of effort and patience, but the complex flavors make up for it.

Sichuan pepper is an iconic spice used in China and other Asian regions.

The pepper has a citrusy flavor with a tingling sensation as opposed to the usual heat of other peppers, while sesame oil adds a nutty and earthy flavor that is easily identified.

This drink also has the flavors and spirits of gin, whiskey, and vermouth.

Lemon peels or cherries as a garnish, not only add to the aesthetics but also to the aroma of the drink.

Ingredients include: Gin, tengjiaoyou, dry vermouth, whiskey, and simple syrup.

The bottom line

We’ve probably all tried the classic cocktails in most bars and restaurants, such as the pina colada, margarita, daiquiri, or mojitos, but have you ever thought about Asian cocktails?

If you want your usual cocktails, why not give them a unique twist for a change?

These Asian-inspired cocktails may offer up new flavors that will excite your taste buds and also pump you up for a party or a pregame.

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26 BEST Asian Cocktails

26 BEST Asian Cocktails

If you're looking for something bright, refreshing, and deliciously easy to swig, don't hesitate to put these 26 BEST Asian cocktails on your drink to-do list.


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  • Thai Lemongrass Margarita
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  • Asian Bloody Mary
  • Coconut Lychee Daiquiri Cocktail
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  • Japanese Yuzu Whiskey Sour
  • Calamansi Margarita
  • Cherry Blossom Sake Cocktail
  • Buddha’s Hand And Thai Basil Cocktail
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  • Vietnamese Coffee Espresso Martini
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  • Mr. Black Sugar Boba
  • Mango Melona Soju Cocktail
  • Sichuan Pepper + Sesame Oil Fat-washed Cocktail


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