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34 BEST Salmon Burger Toppings: From Mango Chutney To Remoulade

34 BEST Salmon Burger Toppings: From Mango Chutney To Remoulade

Get a little sandwich inspiration with our new, upgraded list of 34 salmon burger toppings.

If you’re looking for something to make your salmon burger exponentially more delicious, you’re in for a special treat!

I’ve compiled a list of the 34 best of the best salmon burger toppings.

People say that when it comes to burgers, no other food can hold a candle to a juicy beef patty! 

However, my taste buds would like to respectfully disagree!

While I agree that a beef burger is the quintessential and most-loved burger of all times, a salmon burger has its uniquely delightful perks. 

And we have a nice little list of some toppings right here, from Slaw to Mango Salsa to the lightly sweet Apricot Glaze!

Salmon is such a versatile and delicious ingredient to work with.

A salmon burger presents you with an endless world of divine toppings.

Whether it’s tangy condiments, fruit salsas, or cheese sauces, a salmon burger goes well with all of them.

So, without further ado, let’s explore the most delicious salmon burger toppings ever created!

Here are 34 delightful toppings for salmon burgers that you have to try the next time you are adding salmon patties to the grill or salmon burgers on your skillet!

1. Carolina Coleslaw

Coleslaws and burgers go hand in hand. 

After all, who can say no to thinly-sliced veggies folded into a generous helping of mayo? 

I know I can’t! 

The crispiness of the cabbage and carrots adds such an enjoyable texture to the burger, while the creaminess of the vinegary mayo perfectly balances the flavor of the salmon.

2. Pickled Cucumbers

Pickled Cucumbers, with their garlicky, vinegary, and salty taste, are just the perfect topping for a salmon burger.

The hint of sweetness that comes through the cucumbers perfectly ties the whole burger together.

Trust me; this delicious topping will leave you wanting more!

3. Mango Salsa

Salmon goes so incredibly well with tropical fruits, which is why one of the best salmon burger toppings includes mangoes and pineapples!

There’s just something so tingly and refreshingly enjoyable about a fruit salsa prepared with these juicy fruits and jalapeno peppers.

The freshly squeezed lime juice adds a tangy kick to this dish that helps it become my favorite topping on this list!

We’ve got this Pineapple Avocado Salsa too that will brighten up any fish dish, but especially a salmon burger!

4. Apricot Glaze

This is a nice recipe to add a bit of sweetness to your sandwich.

It’s the ideal fruit glaze for brushing on top of a grilled salmon burger.

The sweetness of the apricot preserves adds a nice complexity to the overall taste of the burger, which makes it all the more scrumptious!

5. Chimichurri Sauce

This oil-based parsley sauce is the perfect topping for a salmon burger.

The incredible blend of ingredients, including red wine vinegar, garlic, red chilies, parsley, oregano, and more, make this sauce a surefire hit in my book.

6. Jalapeno Tartar Sauce

Tartar sauce is a natural topping for a fish burger.

However, if you want to add some zing to your salmon burger, prepare a tartar sauce with some minced jalapenos in it!

The pairing of the creamy sauce with the spicy peppers is a winning combo that will surely take your burger to new heights!

7. Remoulade

If you’re looking for a sauce that was made to be paired with seafood, look no further than remoulade!

This creamy, smoky, lemony, and spicy sauce is hands down one of the best salmon burger toppings.

8. Muenster Cheese

And what exactly is it about this condiment that will make you want to try it on your salmon burger?

The ease with which this cheese melts and turns creamy makes it a great addition to any recipe needing a cheesy, gooey texture.

Everything from pizza to tuna melts and burgers would taste fantastic on it!

Also, its flavor isn’t too strong, making it a fantastic match to the salmon’s rich meat, and it also won’t overpower the other ingredients.

9. Roasted Garlic Aioli Sauce

There’s just something truly delectable and irresistible about roasted garlic.

Pair it with some mayo, Worcestershire sauce, fresh lemon juice, and cayenne to make a delightful aioli that will go oh-so-well with a salmon burger.

We also recommend this easy-peasy lemon squeezy Lemon Aioli too!

If there is a condiment that complements fish perfectly, it’s LEMON. 

10. Lemon Dill Sauce

You won’t believe how much flavor this Lemon Dill Sauce packs in with such simple ingredients!

It’s a thick, zesty sauce that accentuates the salmon burger’s meatiness and clean flavor.

The interaction of the sauce’s soft texture and the salmon’s tenderness will leave you speechless!

Lunch or dinner, this meal is one of my favorites!

11. Fresh Tomatillo Salsa

This recipe is ideal for snacking, but it can also be used to brighten up any food—think taco salads, eggs, salmon, and so many more!

To bring out the salsa’s full flavors, the tomatillos and jalapenos in this dish must be roasted (or grilled).

It’s a million times better than store-bought since it’s tart, smokey, somewhat spicy, and 100% refreshing!

12. Pesto Sauce

Vibrant, garlicky, nutty, and luxurious: these are all elements of great pesto!

Toasting the nuts beforehand gives the pesto a savory edge while smoothing out the paste’s texture.

Also, pesto boosts flavor and aroma from the garlic, so don’t skimp on the garlic.

Rich, crave-inducing creaminess awaits every true pesto fan in this recipe!

13. Pickled Onions

One of the most versatile condiments is a jar of pickled red onions.

Tangy, mildly sweetened, and extra-punchy, these are the perfect blend!

Imagine biting into a delicious piece of salmon with a tangy, sharp, and crisp flavor on top; the strong contrast is just enticing!

After an hour of pickling, they’ll be ready to eat, but the longer they’re left, the better they’ll taste.

14. Bacon

Using a microwave to cook bacon is a great way to get crispy results!

Crispy goodness fills every taste, and the combination of salmon and bacon is just mouthwatering!

Because of the umami-rich bacon and the juicy salmon, your salmon buyer meal was lifted to a satisfying level.

Easy cleanup, no spills, and safe handling of bacon grease are all advantages of using microwaves for cooking your best-loved bacon.

15. Ranch Dressing

The ultimate ranch dressing is made with a blend of sour cream and mayonnaise, which makes the sauce exceptionally creamy.

Mixing sour cream with mayonnaise loosens the dressing because mayonnaise may be thick on its own, while buttermilk adds an extra tang.

Let me tell you something, not all ranch recipes call for Worcestershire, but I can tell you it’s a huge difference in taste!

As a result, your dressing will have a nice balance of savory and sweetness, which is ideal for the mild taste of salmon.

16. Whipped Feta

This spread has a bright, lemony, and salty flavor that compliments practically everything!

Try it on top of your crispy salmon patties to taste the delight that awaits you.

There are various ways to make this recipe your own, so don’t be afraid to play around with your favorite ingredients!

Try adding lemon juice, some fresh herbs (like thyme and parsley), a drizzle of honey, or even some roasted garlic for an added layer of flavor.

17. Sauteed Mushrooms

Sautéed mushrooms covered in a butter sauce with a golden brown exterior, these are mushrooms to die for!

Whether served on top of a salmon burger, nicely cooked steak, pasta, or on a sandwich, these mushrooms are delectable.

And, of course, they’re fantastic on their own.

There’s nothing fancy about this Sautéed Mushroom recipe; its brilliance lies in its simplicity.

18. Arugula

Here are some reasons to include arugula in your daily meals.

The most significant is that it’s a good-for-you option, of course, but there is a slew of others as well.

Its distinct peppery taste makes it more thrilling to use in your salads and burgers, as well as in other recipes.

And, because of the lovely vibrant green color, any dish is instantly transformed.

So why not give it a whirl, then?

19. Honey Mustard Sauce

To get the best honey mustard sauce, use both Dijon and yellow mustard.

Yellow mustards bring a lot of flavor to the sauce, while the Dijon’s vinegary taste gives an exciting twist.

The sweet, silky, and quick honey mustard sauce was tough to put down once you started licking your spoon clean.

20. Lemon Aioli Sauce

Salmon in a burger requires bolder flavors to liven it up a little!

So, this Mediterranean-style sauce that is scrumptious, full-flavored, and oh-so-rich is the answer!

To make Lemon Aioli, combine mayonnaise, sour cream, minced garlic, lemon pepper, and lemon juice in a bowl and whisk until smooth.

Infusing the dish with extra lemon pepper imparts a sharp, lemony flavor.

21. Hummus

You can never have too many chickpeas in your cupboard since hummus is a delicious way to put them to good use!

The finest hummus is lushly smooth and rich.

Tahini lends a nutty and zingy flavor to the mixture, balanced by hints of citrus and garlic.

Everything about it begs to be scooped up and smeared on your salmon burger and get a taste combination of succulence from your protein and a bit of earthiness from hummus.

22. Big Mac Sauce

McDonald’s famous burger inspires this Big Mac Sauce recipe!

Burgers and sandwiches aren’t just about the meat.

The addition of toppings makes a world of difference, like this sauce!

Just the right amount of spices and sweet relish ensure that this sauce is perfect in texture, creamy, and tart all at once!

23. Mango Chutney

Many of us think of mangoes as being excellent in salsa and smoothies.

That being said, if you’d like to rediscover this tasty summer fruit, mango chutney is one of the best to consider!

This Mango Chutney dish is bursting with flavors thanks to the fresh, ripe mangos, onions,  and spices used in the recipe.

And it goes well with both sweet and savory meals!

24. Green Goddess Dressing

A nice cheeseburger is excellent during summer, but sometimes you want something lighter, greener, and more refreshing.

If beef isn’t your thing, try salmon burgers with Green Goddess Dressing!

With its herbaceous flavor and sleek texture, this green stunner can serve as a dip, a dressing, or a topping!

Sweet honey and a dusting of fiery cayenne pepper give this avocado goddess dressing a powerful and well-balanced unique taste.

I mean, with this sauce poured all over, how can you not eat a whole plate of salmon burgers?

25. Sliced Tomato

Easy as pie! 

Just slice the tomato, and you’re done!

Since tomatoes are used in a wide variety of dishes, from salad to vegan omelets and, of course, sandwiches, it’s not surprising that they’re a popular ingredient.

After all, burgers aren’t complete without some juicy, meaty tomatoes to top them all off!

26. Sriracha Sauce

Originally from Si Racha, Thailand, sriracha is a hot and smoky sauce.

If you enjoy the hot sauce, this homemade sriracha is right for you.

It can be used on almost anything!

Your salmon patties will absorb the full-blast flavor of Sriracha’s fiery, sweet flavor flawlessly—wow!

27. Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki sauce is robust and thick and may be used as a marinade or a dressing to match your favorite meat or veggie.

This homemade Teriyaki Sauce produces a more decadent glaze than the commercial variety, so it would be an excellent accent on top of your meaty salmon.

The darkish, intense, savory-salty-sweet flavor of this sauce has made it a favorite worldwide!

28. Grilled Pineapple

Prepare yourself for a Hawaiian salmon burger stuffed with Grilled Pineapple!

Imagine nibbling into your salmon burger, and every bite was literally brimming with zesty juices.

It is exceptionally sweet, and the texture is so soft that it nearly melts in your mouth!

Fresh pineapple slices are dusted with brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter before being grilled to perfection.

29. Wasabi Mayo Aioli

Wasabi is a spicy Japanese condiment.

You can find it on a sushi roll, in a poke bowl, or as a garnish on a piece of sushi.

It’s a Japanese horseradish with a strong, flaming, and pungent flavor that’s great for giving meals a quick flavor bump.

If you add mayonnaise to it, it tones down to a milder flavor, but you have complete control over how hot or mild you like it.

30. Sauteed Peppers

Try a salmon burger with Sautéed Pepper on top if you’re looking for something better for you yet still flavorsome!

Bell peppers are crisp and sweet when eaten raw, but when cooked and slightly charred, they become delicate and luscious.

With the tender and juicy Sautéed Peppers, the flaky texture of the salmon burger provides a delightful sensory impression.

Definitely a wholesome meal!

31. Avocado Crema

For an earthy, buttery flavor, this green fruit is perfectly paired with citrusy lime and thick sour cream.

While it’s perfect for spreading on sandwiches, the possibilities are truly limitless.

It also goes well with seafood like salmon, as a side dish with fries, or as a topping for a bowl of fried rice with vegetables.

Yes, it’s worth it!

32. Cucumber Dill Spread

Are you having a cookout this weekend?

Salmon burgers with cucumber-dill spread sound good!

Cucumbers are the primary ingredient in this spread, which takes its flavor cues from the Greek Tzatziki sauce.

This recipe is an absolute favorite as a topping because of the right harmony of tartness and saltiness.

Plus, it’s loaded with cheese, ensuring that your burgers will be nothing short of spectacular!

33. Pico De Gallo

Tomatoes that are firm and succulent, like Roma tomatoes, are great for making fresh Pico De Gallo.

So, are pico de gallo and salsa the same thing?

They aren’t the same at all.

Pico de gallo often includes raw, diced ingredients and is less moist, and it lends a lovely chunky texture and depth to any dish.

While salsa uses stewed or roasted tomatoes and tends to have a purée-like texture.

34. Guacamole

With the freshest ingredients, the ultimate guacamole may be achieved.

Several minutes of cutting, mashing, and spreading are all that’s required!

Your salmon burger is now complete with a decadently buttery, rich, chunky topping!

And, remember to buy avocados that are ripe yet still firm; you don’t want avocados that are mushy and soft.

You better learn how to freeze guacamole, too!

The bottom line

I hope you had a grand time reading this list of 34 mouthwatering salmon burger toppings!

All the toppings that I’ve mentioned above pair perfectly with salmon and add their unique spin on a salmon burger, and you’ll have a hard time picking your favorite. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Go ahead and try them all out with your freshly prepared salmon burger!

Salmon Burger Toppings: Try #32

Salmon Burger Toppings: Try #32

Get a little sandwich inspiration with our new, upgraded list of 34 salmon burger toppings.


  • Carolina Coleslaw
  • Pickled Cucumbers
  • Mango Salsa
  • Apricot Glaze
  • Chimichurri Sauce
  • Jalapeno Tartar Sauce
  • Remoulade
  • Muenster Cheese
  • Roasted Garlic Aioli Sauce
  • Lemon Dill Sauce
  • Fresh Tomatillo Salsa
  • Pesto Sauce
  • Pickled Onions
  • Bacon
  • Ranch Dressing
  • Whipped Feta
  • Sauteed Mushrooms
  • Arugula
  • Honey Mustard Sauce
  • Lemon Aioli Sauce
  • Hummus
  • Big Mac Sauce
  • Mango Chutney
  • Green Goddess Dressing
  • Sliced Tomato
  • Sriracha Sauce
  • Teriyaki Sauce
  • Grilled Pineapple
  • Wasabi Mayo Aioli
  • Sauteed Peppers
  • Avocado Crema
  • Cucumber Dill Spread
  • Pico De Gallo
  • Guacamole


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