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The Best 21 Accordion Potato Recipes: Fun & Tasty ๐Ÿฅ”

The Best 21 Accordion Potato Recipes: Fun & Tasty 🥔

This compilation of the 21 best accordion potato recipes covers delicious and creative ways to consume your favorite starchy tuber.

Potatoes are a staple ingredient in almost every cuisine.

Baked, fried, or mashed, they can be a show-stopping dish of their own.

Potatoes can also soak up the rich flavor of sauces, making them a great complement to meat dishes.

If you think you’ve seen everything a potato can do, you’re in for a treat!

The old spud still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Accordion potatoes are the newest potato dish on the block.

Thinly sliced, crispy, and tasty, this potato dish takes everyone’s favorite ingredient to another level. 

The dish gets the name “accordion” from the fan-like shape of the potatoes after they’ve been sliced.

Making this dish is surprisingly easy.

The taters are cut almost all the way through across its entire length, leaving just enough to keep it in one piece. 

The intricate accordion pattern is more than just for looks.

This helps the potato crisp up and absorb your seasonings and sauces better.  

Excited to try something new with the usual potato?

Get creative with these 21 accordion potato recipes!

You’re sure to be amazed by the unique flavor combination of #20.

The nutty taste of roasted garlic with the tangy parmesan cheese is a match made in flavor heaven. 

Each bite of the crispy potatoes blanketed with garlic and melted parmesan is a flavor and texture bomb.

Out of parmesan? 

Use mozzarella or any melty cheese instead.

If you’re a proud owner of an air fryer, then this one’s for you.

Making accordion potatoes is easier with an air fryer. 

Nothing feels better than relaxing while waiting for your food to be done. 

For more flavor, you can prepare a cheese dip while you wait.

You can take the heat of this recipe.

Did you know that jalapeños are considered mild and even milder than cayenne peppers

Give your potato dish a Mexican flair by stuffing it with jalapeño peppers.

Drizzled with a tangy avocado sauce, this recipe is a mouthwatering balance of creamy and spicy.

We still have more air fryer recipes coming your way.

A little sprinkle of parsley and lime zest can go a long way in brightening up your air-fried accordion potatoes.

If you’re looking for some heat, add sriracha.

When we say tasty potatoes come in all shapes and sizes, we mean it.

You’re sure to get a cuteness and flavor overload with these bite-sized accordion potatoes.

Perfect as a game-day snack or as a party finger food, these baby potatoes will leave you hungry for more. 

Looking to challenge yourself in the kitchen?

Wow your family at your next dinner with this flavorful dish.

This smoky, sweet, creamy sauce mix on top of your potatoes might just be your new home-cooked specialty. 

This recipe uses more time and ingredients, but it’s so worth it.

Enjoy the best of both soft and crispy with this Baked Accordion Potato recipe.

Inside, you get the deep roasted flavor and the smoothness of a baked potato.

Up top, you get the crisp texture of french fries.

The pairing of paprika and thyme elevates this dish, even more, giving it a mildly spicy and herby flavor.

Cream sauce lovers, this one’s for you.

This recipe is a delicious spin on classic potato gratin and the accordion potatoes.

The potatoes are cut all the way through and are arranged on a casserole dish before baking.

This makes the surface wonderfully crispy while keeping the inside moist, soft, and smooth from the rich cream sauce.

Looking for new recipes to try with your trusty grill? We got you covered!

This recipe is sure to give oven-roasted potatoes a run for its money.

The freshness of sage adds so much to this creamy and cheesy recipe.

You can cook this with your favorite cut of steak for a quick side dish.

For this recipe, you can let your imagination run wild with your stuffing of choice.

But who can say no to bacon-stuffed accordion potatoes? 

Enjoy this recipe with Yukon Gold potatoes or any potato variety.

Just thinking about that molasses mustard dipping sauce makes us hungry already.

So much more than spicy and sweet, the molasses mustard brings a deep, rich flavor to the sauce.

The unique ingredient? 

A little bit of greek yogurt to bring everything together.

You might find yourself eating breakfast food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with this recipe.

Enjoy perfectly cooked bacon, eggs, cheese, and some sliced avocados between two juicy accordion potatoes.

Talk about eating breakfast in style.

Craving for something light but filling? 

Try this fresh recipe!

Dressing your baked accordion potatoes with a lemon dijon vinaigrette all over gives it an irresistible zing.

The best part is that the dressing takes less than 5 minutes to make.

Naturally sweet and bursting with flavor, sweet potatoes are even better when baked accordion-style.

The potatoes are brushed with a chili salt and garlic mixture, which adds a mild kick – an excellent complement to the sweetness of the potatoes.

If you’re looking for something special for your next get-together, try this recipe.

Looking to serve something new to your Thanksgiving dinner

Check out this simple but tasty recipe.

After just 5 minutes of work, you can put these potatoes in the oven and wait for them to be done.

Make it even easier by asking your kids to help out.

This recipe saves so much time and energy without losing flavor.

The secret to making this is a little maple syrup drizzled all over the potatoes, which gives sweetness and fragrance to the dish.

If you’re waiting for a cue to start growing fresh herbs at home, this is it!

This sweet potato dish uses rosemary, bay leaves, and green onions to create a vibrant mix of flavors.

You can make this recipe your own by using any herbs and spices you want. 

Let your imagination run wild.

This next recipe is sure to excite your taste buds.

The chipotle cream sauce is made with sour cream, adding a tangy cream richness to the sweet potatoes.

If you’re all out of sour cream, you can use coconut milk for a tropical twist or any sour cream substitute.

Full of flavor and color, this picture-perfect dish will make you look like an artist in the kitchen.

Using different kinds of potatoes is key to making the colors pop in this recipe. 

But don’t let that stop you from using only one kind of potato if you want.

The yellow and red from the corn and tomato will do the trick in completing the bright rainbow vibe. 

Veggies can be a challenge to make kids eat.

Help them along with this marshmallow-filled sweet potato! 

Sweet potatoes are vegetables, right? 

It’s hard to tell when they’re as good as the ones in this recipe.

You can make this fun treat a family activity by making homemade marshmallows.

This recipe is a topping overload.

A roasted sweet potato dish topped with caramelized onions is already appetizing. 

With the buttery crunch of pecans and the fruity softness of the raisins, it is made even more delicious.

Caramelized onions are easy to make but take a long time to cook. 

We promise you they are worth the extra time and effort.

These onions pack quite a punch with their savory sweetness and deeply browned umami.

They go with almost every dish, so making a big batch is definitely the right move.

The bottom line

Covered with cream, herbs, or spices, the possibilities are endless for the versatile spud. 

When you’re looking for something new to make with this pantry staple, look no further than our list of accordion potato recipes!

Make the viral accordion potato dish your own fun specialty.

You can make it baked, fried, or even grilled.

It’s your choice! 

It’s hard to go wrong because they are just so delicious and easy to make.

Just remember to visit our list when you’re looking for inspiration for your next accordion potato masterpiece.

BEST Accordion Potato Recipes

BEST Accordion Potato Recipes

This compilation of the 21 Best Accordion Potato Recipes covers some delicious and creative ways to consume your favorite starchy tuber.


  • Accordion Potato Skewers
  • Crispy Garlic Parmesan Accordion Potatoes
  • Air Fryer Hasselback Potatoes
  • Cheesy Jalapeño Hasselback Potatoes With Avocado Cream Sauce
  • Herb & Lime Accordion Potatoes
  • Baby Hasselback Potatoes
  • Accordion Potatoes With Chipotle Lentil & Pepper Topping
  • Baked Accordion Potatoes With Paprika & Thyme
  • Hasselback Potato Gratin
  • Grilled Accordion Potatoes With Sage
  • Stuffed Accordion Potatoes
  • Spicy & Sweet Hasselback Potatoes With Louisiana Molasses Mustard Dipping Sauce
  • Accordion Style Potato Breakfast Sandwich
  • Hasselback Potatoes Baked With Lemon Dijon Vinaigrette
  • Accordion-Style Sweet Potatoes With Chili Salt & Garlic
  • Accordion Baked Sweet Potatoes With Maple Syrup
  • Herby Accordion Sweet Potato
  • Hasselback Sweet Potatoes With Chipotle Cream
  • Rainbow Hasselback Potatoes
  • Marshmallow Stuffed Hasselback Sweet Potatoes
  • Hasselback Sweet Potatoes With Caramelized Onions, Pecans & Raisins


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