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10 Absolutely Awesome Ways To Use Dijon Mustard

10 Absolutely Awesome Ways To Use Dijon Mustard

There are many ways to use Dijon mustard to inject a bit of tang and heat to your dish – whether it be a dip, a roast, a gravy, or a salad.

The great and mighty Dijon! Oh how far you’ve come!

Once fashioned with the highly acidic juice of unripe grapes, Dijon mustard these days combines mustard seeds, salt, and white wine.

Dijon, with its namesake taken from the French town of the same name, is simply fantastique! It’s that distinct kick it brings to a dish that makes it more than just your usual vinaigrette.

What’s more, Dijon mustard is as flexible as it is tart. You can stir it into simmered blackberries that you know only go well with the fanciest of a cheese platter, dash it to a melty cheese fondue to lighten its richness, or add it on the nutty brown butter off your freshly-popped kernels. But I digress. Dijon mustard isn’t only noted for its flavorsome subtleties. Best, it has many more uses one can ever muster. Got Dijon? Here’s what you can do with it.

It’s about time to give those eggs some love. And eggs are known for their attraction to some Dijon. You can whisk Dijon to your mix for scrambled eggs, frittatas, quiche. But if you want to see eggs in a more interesting light, try using the mustard to sophisticate your egg casseroles!

2. Coleslaw is boring no more

Is your coleslaw slowly being treated with disregard by your guests? Get it back in the limelight by whipping Dijon into the vinaigrette. You’ll be in awe of its creaminess, especially if you don’t want to rely solely on dairy. And you owe me one for that.

3. Dijon roasted potatoes

Please make sure you remember these three words as they’ll do you some good in the future. As a self-proclaimed minimalist, the Dijon roasted potatoes are right at the top of my go-to sides. And not just because of their flavorful punch. The cold version of them is simply incredible. Well, if you have got that kind of intestinal yearning.

4. An easy peasy pan sauce

Do you want to take your pan sauce to a whole new level? Dijon mustard is the secret ingredient to making your sauce stand out. It works as an emulsifier in a pan sauce, starting with the dripping rendered from cooking meat. The mustard is also known for its versatility as it can be paired well with steak or chicken. Now your weeknight dinner suddenly becomes a little more special, and you got the mustard to thank for that!

5. Glaze for days

While brown sugar glaze is still unstoppable at the top, a glaze with Dijon mustard’s balancing acidity makes it almost second to none. Apart from making your holiday ham a highlight, the mustard can also be added when concocting your carrots’ unique glaze. And if there’s anything that makes this dish more nuanced, relative to its already buttery and sweet offerings to your taste buds, it’s the Dijon, y’all!

6. Mayo’s good now

Your homemade mayo doesn’t need to be that simple as it already is. Make its taste stick out a bit more by stirring Dijon mustard into it. Alternatively, an immersion blender might also make your life easier. The whisked mustard mutes the mayo’s richness as well, by the way.

7. A masterful rub

A juicy pork roast that cracks under a fork and knife is the sound everyone’s looking for. But with a mustard rub in it, life suddenly becomes worth living! Once you’re able to master creating a rub with Dijon mustard in it, how about we give that chicken some love it richly deserves?

8. Creamy Dijon Brussels Sprouts

Are you tired of your kids making those Brussels sprouts as projectiles? The pungent smell of these sprouts is now made more nuanced, thanks to a creamy sauce with Dijon in it. To add more pizzazz in them, top with lemon zest and freshly cracked pepper.

9. Wake up the soup

Does your chicken noodle soup need a bit of zest? While a squeeze of lemon or a dash of vinegar energizes soups, stirring it with some Dijon is something else. You’ll be lifting the spoon out of the soup more enthusiastically with the Dijon’s pale yellow color and slightly creamy consistency. Just make sure that you start small with it, as there are no takebacks when you add the mustard a bit too much!

10. That Dijon coating

Though the usual, three-step breading process is a surefire way to give you that much-needed crisp and crunch on chicken, pork, or fish, there’s nothing more like it when you try coating them with Dijon. Once done, sprinkle them with some breadcrumbs or your sought-after spice mix. You’ll be amazed by the taste soon after!

We’ve all been there, one way or another: That delightful feeling that comes after realizing that we’ve done something creative. This is how Dijon mustard should make you feel once you start experimenting with it in your future dishes. The trick is simply knowing how to wield its tangy and savory power into a perfect blend of awesomeness. Now, that’s an ingredient that isn’t a secret.

Ways to use Dijon Mustard

Ways to use Dijon Mustard

10 absolutely awesome ways to use Dijon mustard for your next meal


Eggs need not be basic

  • Coleslaw is boring no more
  • Dijon roasted potatoes
  • Glaze for days
  • Mayo’s good now
  • A masterful rub
  • Creamy Dijon Brussels Sprouts
  • Wake up the soup
  • That Dijon coating


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