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25 Best Impossible Meat Recipes: Finally, An Accessible, Edible Meat Alternative

25 Best Impossible Meat Recipes: Finally, An Accessible, Edible Meat Alternative

Enjoy guilt-free eating with these Impossible Meat recipes! Find out where to get this meat substitute and master the art of preparing and storing tasty plant-based dishes.

Even if you are not a big fan of meat, you may still appreciate how it can add flavor and richness to a meal.

But what if you can’t or don’t want to eat it? That’s where plant-based meat, like Impossible Meat, comes in. 

Impossible Meat is a plant-based meat substitute that aims to replicate the taste, texture, and appearance of traditional animal-based meat.

Fun fact: Making Impossible Meat involves extracting and purifying plant proteins, isolating heme from plant sources, and combining them with other ingredients to form a ground meat-like texture. 

Today, many home cooks and chefs have been experimenting with recipes to bring out the full flavor of the meat substitute. 

And in case you want some recipe inspirations for Impossible Meat, here are a few ideas to get you started. 

From simple to more sophisticated, this list of the best Impossible Meat recipes allows you to savor your favorite meat-based dishes without any guilt.

  • Grocery stores. Impossible Meat is found in many grocery stores, such as Whole Foods, Walmart, and Costco.
  • Online retailers. You can order it directly from the Impossible Foods website or other online grocery stores like Amazon and Instacart.
  • Restaurants and fast food chains. Many restaurants, especially those focusing on plant-based cuisine, feature Impossible Meat on their menus.

Tips For Making Impossible Meat Recipes

Cooking with Impossible Meat is quite similar to cooking with traditional ground meat. Here are some tips for making recipes with Impossible Meat:

  • Treat it like ground meat. Just replace the usual meat with Impossible Meat for burgers, lasagna, meatballs, or tacos.
  • Season well. Add your favorite spices to give your dishes more flavor.
  • Don’t overcook. Make sure not to cook it too long, or it can get dry and hard. It’s best when its inside temperature is 160°F (70°C).
  • Use in a variety of dishes. You can use Impossible Meat in Italian pasta, Asian stir-fries, Mexican tacos, and more.
  • Adjust cooking time. Impossible Meat cooks faster than regular meat, so cook it in less time and watch it closely.

Tips For Storing Impossible Meat Recipes

Even Impossible Meat can spoil. Here are some tips to ensure your meals made with Impossible Meat remain fresh and safe to consume:

  • Let the food cool before moving to the fridge. Before storing, cool food to room temperature, but don’t leave it out for over 2 hours to prevent bacteria.
  • Store in the refrigerator. If you plan to eat the food in the next few days, put it in airtight containers and keep it in the fridge. Make sure your fridge stays at 40°F (4°C) or below.
  • Freeze for long-term storage. Use airtight containers or durable freezer bags, and mark the date. Quality may decrease after 3-4 months, though it’s safe to eat.
  • Reheat properly. Reheat your meals to 165°F (74°C) to kill bacteria. If using a microwave, stir the food halfway for even heating.
  • Thaw safely. Thaw in the refrigerator or use a microwave to defrost, then cook immediately to prevent bacteria growth. (Impossible Meat)

Impossible Meat Recipes

This dish is ready in just 30 minutes. The potatoes, yellow squash, and onion add a fresh note, while the tomato sauce provides a rich base. 

Ingredients include: Celery seeds, yellow squash, onion, potatoes, and arugula.

Ideal for any meal of the day, this galette bursts with savory-sweet flavor. The flaky crust is filled with Impossible Meat and other plant-based ingredients then topped with a balsamic glaze. 

Ingredients include: Ground anise, balsamic vinegar, cherry tomatoes, brown sugar, and paprika.

This taco recipe is a delicious way to introduce Impossible Meat to your family table. The tacos are seasoned with aromatic spices and served on corn tortillas alongside tomato and cilantro. 

Ingredients include: Tortillas, chili powder, tomatoes, cumin, and oregano.

This delectable plant-based twist on the classic Italian dish features savory and meaty Impossible Meat. It’s simmered with herbs and fresh veggies and a rich tomato sauce. 

Ingredients include: Red wine, marinara sauce, bell pepper, carrots, and bouillon cube.

This classic Sichuan meal highlights the unique texture and taste of Impossible Meat while staying true to the traditional essence of the dish. Serve the tofu with steamed rice

Ingredients include: Sichuan peppercorns, dried red chilies, spicy bean sauce, Thai chili peppers, and vegetable broth.

This meatloaf uses a plant-based ground beef substitute called Impossible Meat that’s so realistic you won’t even miss the “real” thing.It’s moist and good, with apricot preserves and Dijon mustard on top for a distinctive sweet-tangy bite. 

Ingredients include: Vegan Worcestershire sauce, zucchini, onion, Dijon mustard, and apricot preserves.

This easy recipe uses store-bought puff pastry and can be prepared ahead of time. Wrap the flavorful bellas, garlic and seasonings with the Impossible Meat in golden, flaky puff pastry, bake, and your meal is dressed to impress.

Ingredients include: Vegan Worcestershire sauce, baby bella mushrooms, garlic, panko bread crumbs, and vegan puff pastry.

You can also make this flexible Shepherd’s Pie in advance, making it ideal for busy days. It accommodates various meat substitutes and boasts a crown of fluffy mashed potatoes.

Ingredients include: Russet potatoes, Worcestershire sauce, pimento, cumin, and Guinness.

This Impossible Chili recipe packs a hearty punch, taking inspiration from the unexpected combo of plant-based chili, and yes, a peanut butter sandwich. (The author swears by it, but your mileage may vary!) 

Ingredients include: Carrots, chili beans, whole corn, tomato juice, and tomatoes.

This Impossible Salisbury Steak recipe pairs hearty patties with mushrooms for a meat-free meal. Pan-seared to perfection and simmered in a savory brown gravy, these steaks pair well with mashed potatoes.

Ingredients include: All-purpose seasoning, dry mustard, “no beef” vegan bouillon, mushrooms, and vegan butter.

This pasta dish is a creamy and comforting alternative to the original recipe. Customize it with fresh parsley, green onions, or hot sauce with your crumbled Impossible Meat for a quick meal. 

Ingredients include: Vegan broth, tomato paste, paprika, vegan cheddar cheese, and pasta.

This filling, low-carb Burger Bowl recipe will satisfy the cravings of burger lovers. The dish is packed with flavorful ingredients and is simple to prepare and cook. Lots of tips here for adding more toppings, too.

Ingredients include: Dijon mustard, spinach, ketchup, garlic powder, and onion powder.

Prepare these Impossible Meatballs in just 15 minutes, which are versatile and appealing to even dedicated carnivores. Enjoy them in dishes like weeknight spaghetti to party appetizers.

Ingredients include: Panko breadcrumbs, unsweetened milk, vegan Worcestershire sauce, onion, and garlic.

This meal reinvents the popular Korean Bulgogi with Impossible Meat. Add toppings like kimchi and spicy potato with shishito pepper to provide a nice spicy kick. 

Ingredients include: Taco seasoning, cayenne, paprika, pepper jack cheese, and taco shells.

Making Impossible Meat Wontons teaches patience while offering a delectable and flexible recipe that’s worth the effort. These wontons allow customization, like adding carrot slices and broccoli crumbles to the ‘meat’ mixture.

Ingredients include: Garlic, leeks, cabbage, soy sauce, and wonton wraps.

Spaghetti fans, here’s a quick, one-pot recipe you should try. The pasta cooks with the sauce, which saves you time. Serve with salad or garlic knots.

Ingredients include: Balsamic vinegar, marinara sauce, Italian seasoning, spaghetti, and vegetable broth.

Patty melts are a famous diner food often made from ground beef pressed thin and sandwiched in between two thick slices of toasted bread. This dish requires a balance of sweet and tangy flavor, so tweak the amount of special sauce to your heart’s content.

Ingredients include: Cheese, mayonnaise, artisan bread, ketchup, and vinegar.

Try this Impossible Meat Dan Dan Noodles, a budget-friendly, meat-free pasta dish. Combine tahini and hoisin with the meat substitute to create an unforgettable flavor combo.

Ingredients include: Chinese egg noodles, hoisin, tahini, rice wine vinegar, and ginger.

Here’s a delicious spin on the classic Italian dish. This Baked Ziti recipe highlights a rich bolognese sauce made with Impossible Meat. It’s less complicated to prepare than traditional lasagna but with similar flavors.

Here’s our tried-and-true authentic Greek Baked Ziti. Switch out the beef for Impossible Meat.

Ingredients include: Italian sausage, onion, garlic cloves, Italian seasoning, and tomato sauce.

This dish is a unique take on the classic Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. It achieves the traditional recipe’s bold flavors and satisfying textures by using Impossible Ground Meat.

Ingredients include: Onion, green bell pepper, Impossible Meat, liquid aminos, and salt.

This dish uses plant-based meat as a standout ingredient. The peppers are stuffed with a savory filling and then baked until tender. Add your own special touches.

Ingredients include: Avocado oil, red bell peppers, onion, zucchini, and parsley.

This alt-meat delight brings the savory flavors of the American Southwest to your table. The burger showcases the Impossible Meat patty infused with bold spices, then topped with salsa and chipotle mayo, all in a soft burger bun. 

Ingredients include: Cilantro, coriander, garlic powder, grape tomatoes, lime, and mayo.

This version of the classic Hungarian stew is made with Impossible Meat and an array of aromatic spices. The dish is known for its rich, earthy flavors with a smoky note from the paprika. 

Ingredients include: Vegan butter, Impossible Meat, onion, celery, and Hungarian paprika.

This recipe combines the comforting flavors of a traditional pot pie with Impossible Meat. It’s rich and hearty, with a flaky golden crust that adds a nice crunch. 

Ingredients include: Impossible Meat, vegan butter, Russet potatoes, carrots, and onion.

These plant-based meatballs are packed with savory flavors and have a meaty texture. Serve them over pasta, rice, or with your favorite dipping sauce.

Ingredients include: Garlic powder, onion powder, basil, parsley, thyme, and oregano.

The bottom line

Impossible Meat offers an excellent alternative for those looking for plant-based meals that taste like they have meat. 

And these recipes you just explored prove that this meat substitute can be used in lots of delicious dishes, from juicy burgers to succulent “meat”balls. 

Whether you’re an experienced cook or just starting out, I hope these Impossible Meat recipes have sparked your creativity and inspired you to try this versatile ingredient in your kitchen.

25 Best Impossible Meat Recipes

25 Best Impossible Meat Recipes

Work a few of these plant-based Impossible Meat recipes into your meal rotation, with flavorful dishes like savory burgers, tacos, shepherd’s pie, Hamburger Helper, meatballs, and more!


  • One Pot Potatoes And Impossible Meat
  • Impossible Italian Sausage And Tomato Galette
  • Impossible Tacos
  • Bolognese With Impossible Meat
  • Impossible Mapo Tofu
  • Impossible Plant-Based Meatloaf
  • Wellington
  • Shepherd's Pie
  • Impossible Vegan Chili
  • Impossible Salisbury Steaks With Mushroom Gravy
  • Hamburger Helper
  • Burger Bowl
  • Meatballs
  • Bulgogi Buddha Bowl
  • Impossible Meat Wontons
  • One-Pot Spaghetti
  • Impossible Patty Melt
  • Impossible Meat Dan Dan Noodles
  • Baked Ziti
  • Impossible Philly Cheesesteak
  • Stuffed Bell Pepper
  • Impossible Southwest Burger
  • Hungarian Style Goulash
  • Impossible Pot Pie
  • Impossible Burger Meatballs


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