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11 Awesome Takis Recipes That Will Spice Things Up!

11 Awesome Takis Recipes That Will Spice Things Up!

If you love Takis and are looking for some creative yet easy ideas for your everyday meal, then this list of Takis recipes is for you!

When it comes to addictive snacks, Takis or Taki chips are undeniably high up on the list.  

These rolled corn tortilla chips are simply popular for their spicy and intense flavor profile. 

Plus, they’re crunchy, delicious, and truly addicting!

And what’s interesting is that there are so many ways to use Takis, some of which you’ve probably never even thought about. 

Get ready to open your mind and expand your culinary horizon with this compilation of Taki chip recipes. 

Whether you choose to make Crazy Cucumbers or spice up your barbecue with Takis Chili Sauce Hot Dogs, you can’t go wrong with any of these!

Do you love eggs? Pin recipe #10!

Believe it or not, these crazy cucumbers are delicious enough to keep the guests coming back for more. 

Not to mention, the addition of chamoy sauce. 


Make your snacking experience more satisfying with spicy peanuts, spicy tamarind candy, and refreshing grapefruit agua fresca drink.

This twist on jalapeño poppers may not garner support from traditionalists but should be favored to eaters who love to add Takis to their food. 

Deliciously cheesy and spicy, these poppers call for essential ingredients: jalapeños, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, paprika, Takis Fuego, garlic salt, and flour

This recipe unites two of your favorite comfort foods (Takis and tacos) to create a bowl of salad bound to impress even the pickiest eater!

It’s loaded with taco flavor! 

The spicy heat of Taki chips in this salad complements the ranch dressing; combining the two creates a yummy explosion in your mouth.

Not sure how much heat you can stand? Try our beef taco salad instead!

Pickles are usually fried and served with ranch dressing or cheese dip, but this recipe gives you a fun spin: pickles team up with Takis. 

These pickles are battered with Taki chips and then cooked in an air fryer to perfection. 

Serve them with a ranch dipping sauce to enjoy.

Another jalapeño-inspired Taki recipe is here to provide maximum flavor and keep your tummy full. 

Fresh jalapeños are cut and stuffed with a blend of cheeses then finished with Takis crumbs.

To make it more kid-friendly, consider using mini bell peppers instead.

This fiery twist on your favorite restaurant appetizer will change the way you look at Taki chips. 

These sticks have only four ingredients, but you’ll be amazed by their awesomeness; they’re spicy, crunchy, and ultimately cheesy!

You wouldn’t know by just looking at it (so take a bite!), but there’s spicy goodness in every bite of this vegan fried chicken sandwich

The secret? Crushed Takis! 

They’re combined with hot sauce, plant milk, and apple cider vinegar to form a fillet coating. 

This 25-minute Taki chicken recipe is straightforward and packs a nice punch of heat, thanks to crushed Takis. 

You can either enjoy the bites alone or serve them with blue cheese dressing or some plain Greek yogurt to tame down the spice.

Fond of Takis? 

Make this Takis nachos recipe! Play around with this tostilocos and dorilocos recipe and create your fiery version of the “loco” (crazy) snack. 

Simply cover your Takis with nacho cheese and finish it with your favorite toppings, such as pork rinds, cucumber, jicama, and hot sauce.

Get them right the next day too with these reheating instructions.

Prepare your tastebuds for a heavenly bite-sized appetizer with eggs, mayonnaise, and Takis concoctions. 

It’s perfect for those adventurous cooks!

To make the recipe, take a cup of Takis Fuego and turn them into fine flavorful powder using a food processor. 

Then proceed to mixing and piping.

Learn how to boil eggs perfectly right here!

Makeover the all-American summer staple by adding spice and texture from crushed Taki chips and chili sauce. 

The combo is unexpected but totally brilliant! 

Also, don’t limit yourself; try including a topping of grated cheese to give these hot dogs a perfect finish.

You may want to see what goes good with hot dogs right here, too!

The bottom line 

Cooking with Takis might be weird for you, but these crunchy snacks do offer an unexpected spicy indulgence you’ve probably never experienced. 

So if you feel adventurous today, take a look at these incredibly delicious Takis recipes and consider making some for your spicy cravings.

Not sure how you got here and you are spicy-heat averse? Better head over to see our road trip snacks!

11 BEST Ways To Cook With Takis

11 BEST Ways To Cook With Takis

Are you feeling adventurous? Then consider making some of these delicious Takis recipes today!


  • Crazy Cucumbers
  • Takis Fuego Jalapeño Poppers
  • Takis Taco Salad
  • Takis Fried Pickles
  • Taki Topped Stuffed Jalapeños
  • Air Fryer Spicy Mozzarella Sticks
  • Vegan Takis Fried Chicken Sandwich
  • Taki Chicken Bites
  • Tokilocos
  • Takis FuEGGos
  • Takis Chili Sauce Hot Dogs


  1. Choose one or more options from our list of 11 Takis recipes here!
  2. Create your new favorite dish.
  3. Pat yourself on the back for making food for you to enjoy.
  4. Share and comment! Did you make any tweaks, so it’s all your own?

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