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🐟 17 BEST Sablefish Recipes You Must Give A Try If You Love Fish! 🐟

🐟 17 BEST Sablefish Recipes You Must Give A Try If You Love Fish! 🐟

If you love fish meals, chances are you’ve had one of these 17 sablefish recipes. Take a look and see if I’ve surprised you with anything new and different here!


You’ve probably seen it on a menu before and wondered what it was.

Sablefish is pretty new to me, and I had my first dish with a packet of these filets that came in my ButcherBox order. 

It may be popular in some parts of the country, but I hadn’t heard of it before.

That’s why I decided to compile a nice list of 17 sablefish recipes to help you decide if you will love this fish or not.

So what is sablefish?

It may have even been in a dish you ordered, and you didn’t know what to think of it.

The truth is, sablefish is kind of an enigma.

It’s not quite a cod, not really a salmon, but something in between.

Plus, it’s known as black cod, butterfish, coalfish, Alaska cod, skilfish, and gindara, among other names.

What does sablefish taste like?

It has the shape of a cod, but it’s got the buttery richness of salmon.

Besides, it’s meaty, and it’s got a texture like butter.

It was super mild, tender, and flaky, even less fishy tasting than other whitefish I’ve had.

But there’s more to sablefish than just its ambiguous identity.

It’s also incredibly versatile, cooks fast, and goes with other seafood really well!

Want to bake it? 

Fry it? 

Easy peasy.

Here is a list of sablefish recipes for you to try.

From Creamy Sablefish Chowder to the Asian twist of Sablefish With Ginger Soy Glaze Over Ramen to the simple, tasteful elegance of Pan Seared Sablefish (Black Cod) With White Wine Tomatoes, you’ve got a lot to look forward to!

But if you really want something out of this world, try #16.

You won’t regret it!

So, what does that mean for you? 

The possibilities are endless!

This soup is rich and comforting, but it’s also adventurous—it takes you on a journey through the Pacific Northwest with every spoonful you take.

The flavor has loads of sablefish, red-skinned new potatoes, and aromatics like celery, thyme, and bay leaves.

It’s finished with a touch of brandy for just a bit of woodsy taste, making this soup unforgettable.

So, if you want a dish that will make you keep your palate happy all day long, this creamy chowder is the answer!

Alaska Sablefish Salad Over Greens is an excellent salad for all seasons.

It’s light and refreshing in the summer and hearty and comforting in the winter.

The colors are bright but not flashy; they are suitable for any occasion.

Also, the texture is soft and creamy, but with some crunch from the celery and scallion.

And then there is the flavor profile. 

Oh, the flavors! 

It’s sweet, sour, and salty all in one bowl!

It’s hard to describe Alaska Sablefish Salad Over Greens without sounding corny or clichéd—it just has to be experienced!

The flavor of cumin is so intense and powerful in this dish that it completely masks the subtle sweetness of sablefish and replaces it with an almost overpowering fishy taste.

If your mouth accidentally came into contact with a piece of cumin-crusted sablefish, you would think for sure that you were eating seafood.

And yet! 

This strange flavor combination makes cumin-crusted sablefish so irresistible.

It’s the perfect balance between salty and sweet and meaty and fishy, with just enough spice to keep things interesting without being overwhelming.

Broiled Sablefish with Chili Sauce is one of the sassiest dishes in the world.

It’s got a tender and flaky texture, with a spicy and sweet flavor.

It smells like the best kind of summer afternoon like you’re lying out on a dock somewhere, looking at the water and drinking lemonade.

And its flavor is just as sunny.

You can taste the zingy sambal oelek, soy sauce, and vinegar mingling together in every bite.

This recipe for Miso Cod (Black Cod with Miso) is just like the famous Nobu’s, except it’s actually affordable, and you can make it in your own home.

You know what we’re talking about.

It’s that black cod with miso at Nobu.

It’s a dish that takes your breath away and is completely unforgettable.

It starts out with white miso, mirin, and sake marinade that drips down the succulent black cod filets like a silky river of heaven.

Also, the aroma is intoxicating and makes your mouth water from thinking about it.

And then there are those sweet and salty flavors: pure bliss on a plate!

Baked Black Cod With Fresh Parsley Salsa has this unusual texture that makes you feel like your tongue is tingling—like there’s an electric current running through it or something.

The cod is perfectly baked and crispy on the outside while being soft and flaky on the inside.

Plus, the parsley salsa is fresh and citrusy, with just a hint of spice.

It’s bright and vibrant, just like a salsa should be!

But here’s the thing: You don’t have to take my word for it.

Just go ahead and try this recipe and see what happens!

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with Sablefish with Ginger Soy Glaze Over Ramen Noodles.

We’ve had it at least once a day for the past year, and we’re still going crazy about it.

But what makes it so special?

Well, the fish is a little sweet, spicy, and a lot of—let’s say it together—yum!

Then there are the ramen noodles: chewy yet soft, hearty yet light.

They’re just perfect for soaking up all those delicious flavors from the sablefish and additional seasonings.

And remember to put those scallions! 

They add a fresh crunch that makes the whole dish taste even better.

This Pan-Seared Sablefish (Black Cod) with White Wine Tomatoes has a flavor that’s so delightful you’ll want to eat all of it with a spoon.

It has a savory base of grape tomatoes, aromatics, and white wine.

Then we add some broth and herbs.

The result is a dish that blasts with freshness, brimming with sweetness and mild spice in every bite!

By now, you can obviously tell that we love sablefish (more commonly known as black cod).

We mean, who doesn’t?

Again, it’s light, flaky, and tasty, and you can fry it up for a quick snack or make a fancy meal.

But there are some fish dishes that are better than others—and Ginger Lime Black Cod is one of them.

This one’s got a lot going for it.

It has the right amount of meatiness, zesty-earthy flavors, and crunchiness. 

In short, it’s a journey through your taste buds!

If you’re looking for a dish that’s as unique and exciting as you are, then this Sablefish Puttanesca Style is it.

Sablefish Puttanesca Style is a fish dish that has been prepared with a rich, hearty puttanesca sauce.

It’s full of flavor and can be served alongside some simple pasta or rice.

The sablefish itself has a beautiful texture—it’s firm enough to hold up to the sauce without becoming mushy or overcooked while still being tender enough to enjoy every bite of it with ease.

And then there’s the sauce! 

It has the spicy, briny taste of classic puttanesca sauce that makes the whole dish a true binge-worthy meal.

Sablefish and Plantain Curry is the kind of meal you eat while standing on the deck of your ship, imagining yourself as an intrepid explorer on an exotic island. 

The flavors are bold and rich: the coconut milk and cilantro give it an exotic flair, while the ginger and garlic powder add a subtle spice.

It’s one of those foods that just screams adventure!

The sablefish is also cooked long enough to be tender but not so long that it loses its flavor or texture.

Plus, the cubed plantain adds some sweetness to balance out the spice from all those spices in the curry powder but doesn’t overpower the other flavors in this dish.

And finally, there’s the brussel sprout—crisp, earthy, and just as good as any vegetable ingredient can be!

Sablefish Sushi tastes like the ocean.

No, we don’t mean that it tastes like salt water.

We mean that it tastes like all of the elements that make up the sea: kelp, seaweed, etc.

It has that salty flavor but with a little more depth than just a regular old seafood dinner.

It’s also got a lot of soy sauce, more than any other sushi we know of- adding an earthy note to the dish, as does mirin (a sweet rice wine) and sugar.

The sweetness adds another dimension to this dish that helps balance out all the salty flavors you might expect from something so close to the ocean floor.

It sounds like a pretty complex dish, but it’s not.

And when it’s done right, it will knock your world upside down.

It has red potatoes that are sauteed until they’re tender but still have some bite. 

Then you have sablefish filets that are cooked until their flesh is opaque and flaky. 

Lastly, you’ve got the sauce which is browned until it turns nutty brown and rich in flavor.

The potatoes and fish filets soak up this sauce like sponges, making every bite worth savoring.

Merken-Blackened Sablefish with Tangerine Pickled Red Onion Relish is like a shot of adrenaline straight to your tongue.

It is succulent, spicy, and a little sweet—it had everything you could want in a bite.

The fish in this recipe is cooked perfectly so that it falls apart but still has a firmness that keeps it from being overly floppy.

The pickled onions are tart enough to cut through the richness of the fish without being too sour or overwhelming.

And the Merken spice blend rounds out all those flavors with an earthy spiciness that will linger on in your mouth long after you’ve finished eating.

When you’re in the mood for something fast and delicious but don’t want to compromise on flavor or quality, look no further than Sablefish Noodle Bowl.

The white miso paste is reminiscent of the soft mist that hangs over the ocean as you watch the waves crash against one another.

The sugar creates a sweet tang, like wind through your hair.

And the coconut lime hot sauce gives the dish a spicy kick that will keep you awake so you can dream about your next big adventure!

What’s more, this Sablefish Noodle Bowl is full of exciting textures—the florets and carrots add crunch while the green onions add a hint of freshness.

Plus, the rice wine adds enough punch to make sure that your palate never stops dancing!

Honey Garlic Alaska Sablefish with Broccoli is the perfect meal for a Friday night. 

It’s flavorful, easy to make, and has all the elements of a great meal: fresh ingredients, bold flavors, and textures.

Alaska sablefish is a firm-fleshed fish that can be cooked quickly or slowly.

And it works well with this recipe because when paired with honey garlic sauce, broccoli florets, and other seasonings, it creates a dish that’s sweet, salty, and tender with a slight crunch.

Who doesn’t want all that in their life?

This pairs perfectly with cooked rice or quinoa (which will help soak up all those juices).

But more importantly, grab some friends—this one’s best enjoyed with some company!

The bottom line

If you’re looking for something a little different or want to spice up your traditional cooking with new meat, it might be time to try sablefish.

These recipes are a great place to start, and there are certainly more where they came from.

From brunch to nibbles and everything in between, these recipes use sablefish as the star of the show.

17 EASY Sablefish Recipe Assortment 🐟

17 EASY Sablefish Recipe Assortment 🐟

If you're looking for something a little different or want to spice up your traditional cooking with new meat, it might be time to try these sablefish recipes.


  • Mediterranean Baked Sablefish
  • Creamy Sablefish Chowder
  • Alaska Sablefish Salad Over Greens
  • Cumin-Crusted Sablefish
  • Broiled Sablefish With Chili Sauce
  • Miso Cod (Black Cod With Miso)
  • Baked Black Cod With Fresh Parsley Salsa
  • Sablefish With Ginger Soy Glaze Over Ramen Noodles
  • Pan-Seared Sablefish With White Wine Tomatoes
  • Ginger Lime Black Cod
  • Sablefish Puttanesca Style
  • Sablefish & Plantain Curry
  • Faux-Nagi Sablefish Sushi
  • Alaskan Sablefish Poached In Brown Butter With Red Potatoes
  • Merken-Blackened Sablefish With Tangerine Pickled Red Onion Relish
  • Sablefish Noodle Bowl
  • Honey Garlic Alaska Sablefish With Broccoli


  1. Scroll for your favorite recipe from our list of Sablefish Recipes.
  2. Pick out the ingredients needed for the dish.
  3. Cook then enjoy immediately!

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