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12 World-Class Baked Walleye Recipes You Just Can’t Miss

12 World-Class Baked Walleye Recipes You Just Can’t Miss

We can think of few better ways to spend an hour or so in the kitchen than by cooking a beautiful, fresh piece of fish. Here’s 12 baked walleye recipes to get busy cooking this weekend.

Blistered, golden skin, steaming, fragrant flesh — a well-prepared piece of fish is a dish as delightful to behold as it is to eat.

It’s a deceptively simple affair, but done well and with care, will surely eclipse anything fancier without much trouble.

And frankly, there’s no need to get fancy. 

Walleye’s got this gorgeous, subtly-sweet flavor it’d be a shame to mask with any overcomplicated cookery.

Keep it simple and relax.

From the layered flavor of Oven-Baked Walleye With White Wine Sauce to Baked Walleye Fishcakes, we have a list of 12 Baked Walleye Recipes that will be perfect for dinner. 

Bearing that in mind, here’s 12 fantastic, cheerful recipes ideal for serving up next time you find yourself wondering how to bake walleye.

Fish sticks are one of those beloved childhood favorites you never quite outgrow. 

An ever-reliable treat to be enjoyed at any time of day — fish finger sandwiches for breakfast, anyone? 

No? Just us? What about hung-over breakfast? See, we knew you’d come round.

These homemade fingers boast an impressively-toothsome crumb with a real meaty-crunch that’s leagues above their boxed counterparts! 

Two greasy thumbs-up.

This sparky, crisp dish puts us in a holiday state of mind.

It’s that lovely white wine sauce. 

Every bite is buzzy and vibrant with all the flavors of summer.

Finish with a glug of extra virgin olive oil to serve.

Want some ideas for what to serve with fish? We’ve got you covered.

A mouthwateringly delicious quick lunch or supper. 

Salty, sour tartar sauce, battered walleye and fluffy mash: we’re sold. 

Any leftovers can be repurposed into a marvelous fish-sandwich the day after — though it’s unlikely there’ll be any leftovers in the first place.

We have tips for reheating this lovely fried fish the next day, too.

Now here’s an excellent bit of batter. 

Marvelously crunchy and glisteningly golden, the tender filet encased within gently loosing ribbons of steam.

This is one to serve up with a side of homemade tartar sauce and fries on a big platter from which everyone can help themselves! 

Or to eat solo from a plate held close to your chest whilst warding everyone else off with a knife.

It’s really just a matter of preference, y’know?

This sings of summer and is a lovely example of what dining al fresco should look like!

There’s a lot of subtle, delicate flavors at play here.

You’re welcome to brush it with more of that seasoned oil if you want to crank the heat up a little.

These baked walleye fillets are going to bring a simple, wholesome dish to the dinner table.

Be sure to check out some of these sides for white fish, too.

This is one to set the table for! 

Tender fish, crisp almonds, sharp parsley, creamy cheddar: it’s a convivial little dinner for two. 

All that’s left to do is pop the champagne.

Cooking Chew tip: This marries beautifully with a simple leafy arugula salad — or toss baby gem lettuce with cracked pepper, salt and pickled radishes.

Here’s dinner a la French bistro, all for you. 

Put out the checkered tablecloth and a baguette, we’ll arrange for the quaint cobble-stoned path, violinist and dare we say it — berets?

C’mon, please? We never get to wear these.

An appealingly-crumby piece of fish with a lovely, herby flavor that wouldn’t be remiss at a nice garden party.

Still patiently waiting on our Lady And The Tramp moment . . .

This blissfully delicious recipe comes together in a flash! 

Best of all, you only need 4 ingredientsbutter, lemon pepper, dried basil and of course, fish.

Perfect for when the pantry lays bare and you’ve got an urgent need to put dinner on the table.

The humble fishcake is one of life’s greatest pleasures. 

Rarely do leftovers (you don’t make your fish-cakes from scratch, do you?) present the opportunity for such good, clean, eminently thrifty fun.

They do have a slightly irritating tendency to go to bits in the pan but this can be easily overcome by stirring the resultant mash into some instant ramen. 

What? They’re not supposed to be sophisticated.

A faultless, snazzy grown-up take on the classic finger-fish sandwich. 

French fries and ale (this is pub fare, after all) optional but highly recommended.

If zucchini pickles seem a tad outlandish to you, regular pickles will do just as well!

The crunch and flake factor of panko breadcrumbs far outstrips that of the normal ones. 

Accordingly, this is one seriously golden, crunchy piece of fish (read: heart thief).

The trick is triple dipping the walleye in coating! 

This would be exactly the time to enlist little hands for help, if you’re so inclined . . .

Serve with a side of ever-accommodating tartar sauce.

The capers add a welcome zip and fun textural contrast to this seafood salad.

But if you’re not a fan, you can swap them out for some chopped green olives or whatever your
favorite pickle happens to be!

You want that briny flavor, as it really complements the fish. 

In the hopes that each of our columns gets you at least a little tipsy, did we mention this pairs fantastically with a lovely wine?

The bottom line

When it comes to baked walleye filets, we’re guilty of sticking to what we know. 

A little lemon pepper, a little rock salt and a glug of olive oil made green with herbs now there’s a meal we’d happily eat a hundred times over.

But as it turns out, we’ve been missing out on a whole world of panko crusted, wine-brined, zucchini-pickle-having goodness.

Drat. Thankfully, it’s a mistake that can be easily rectified. 

And through our favorite activity, no less: eating.

And that’s all we’ve got for you today! 

So: walleye. How do you like yours? 

And is baking your favorite way with fish or are you more of an air fryer guy?

12 BEST Ways To Cook Baked Walleye 🎣

12 BEST Ways To Cook Baked Walleye 🎣

Fish lovers, this is for you! Here are 12 baked walleye recipes to help you prepare a beautiful, fresh piece of walleye!


  • Breaded Baked Walleye Fingers
  • Oven-Baked Walleye With White Wine Sauce
  • Crispy Baked Walleye With Tartar Sauce
  • Old Farmhouse Baked Walleye
  • Oven Baked Walleye Without Breading
  • Baked Walleye Amandine With Mild Cheddar
  • Crispy Baked Walleye
  • Flash Baked Walleye
  • Baked Walleye Fishcakes
  • Baked Walleye Burger With Zucchini Pickles
  • Panko Crusted Walleye
  • Roasted Walleye Salad


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