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13 Best Recipes Using Adobo Seasoning

13 Best Recipes Using Adobo Seasoning

Find the best recipes using adobo seasoning in this list, along with our authentic adobo seasoning version and valuable tips for blending the dry mix with other ingredients.

Adobo seasoning boasts a lineage that spans centuries and continents. Its roots can be traced back to the indigenous peoples of the Philippines, where it was initially used to preserve meat in a mixture of vinegar, salt, and local spices.

Fun tip: Adobo comes from the Spanish word “adobar,” meaning “to marinate” or “to season.”

This technique not only extended the shelf life of ingredients in tropical climates but also contributed to the development of a distinctive and irresistible taste.

Chefs and home cooks around the world now embrace the flavor and adaptability of adobo seasoning, using it to add depth to roasted vegetables, soups, stews, and even rice dishes.

For some cooking inspirations with adobo seasoning, we’ve compiled this list of the best recipes using adobo seasoning, each packed with delicious and rich flavors.

Adobo seasoning can be quite versatile and pairs well with various ingredients to enhance flavor. Here are some ingredients that mix well with adobo seasoning:

How To Make Authentic Adobo Seasoning

Adobo seasoning plays a vital role in numerous Filipino and Latin American culinary creations. Here’s a basic recipe for making authentic adobo seasoning:


  • 2 T salt
  • 2 T garlic powder
  • 1 T onion powder
  • 1 T black pepper
  • 1 T dried oregano
  • 1 T cumin (optional)
  • 1 t chili powder or paprika
  • 1 t turmeric (optional)
  • 1/2 t dried parsley (optional)


  1. Mix. Combine all ingredients thoroughly.
  2. Store. Place in an airtight container.
  3. Use. Apply to meats, poultry, seafood, or veggies before cooking.

Best Recipes Using Adobo Seasoning

1. Adobo Seasoned Crack Wings

This dish showcases crispy, tender, and juicy chicken wings coated with flavorful adobo seasoning and baked to perfection. No sauce needed! These wings are perfect for parties, gatherings, or game days.

2. Pork Adobo

This recipe uses adobo seasoning as the main ingredient, which gives it a unique flavor that’s different from other versions of Pork Adobo. It’s cooked in the oven, making the pork tender while creating a crispy skin.

3. Adobo Seasoned Potatoes

This recipe showcases tender potatoes generously coated in a savory blend of adobo spices. Just boil potatoes until fork-tender, then stir-fry them with onions, bell peppers, garlic, and adobo seasoning.

4. Adobo Drumsticks & Rice

Adobo Drumsticks & Rice is a traditional Filipino dish with chicken drumsticks, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, and black peppercorns. It’s slow-cooked until the chicken is tender and the sauce slightly thickens.

5. Adobo Lime Chicken

This Adobo Lime Chicken recipe is a twist on the classic Filipino dish. The chicken is marinated in a soy-based mixture and then grilled or pan-fried until cooked through.

6. Sheet Pan Adobo Seasoned Chicken & Chorizo

This chicken dish is full of flavor and can be on the table in under 30 minutes. The chicken is roasted on a sheet pan with the vegetables, so there is minimal cleanup required.

7. Puerto Rican Chicken & Rice (Arroz Con Pollo)

This classic Puerto Rican recipe features a blend of savory, sweet, and slightly spicy notes. The chicken is cooked until tender, and the rice is cooked to perfection, fluffy on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside.

8. Air Fryer Boneless Chicken Thighs

This chicken is cooked to perfection and bursting with delicious, smoky flavor. Simply season the chicken with a homemade adobo seasoning and air fry for about 20 minutes, flipping halfway through.

9. Mexican Adobo Rubbed Grilled Pork Tenderloin

This Grilled Pork Tenderloin recipe is juicy, tender, and full of flavor. Just ensure to marinate the pork for at least 30 minutes or up to overnight, allowing the marinade flavors to penetrate the meat.

10. Adobo Slow Roasted Pork

This pork recipe uses a homemade adobo seasoning, giving the dish a rich and complex flavor. Using a Dutch oven or sturdy foil pan helps keep the pork moist and prevent it from drying out.

11. Adobo Slow Cooker Chicken

This Filipino dish is excellent for busy weeknights. The chicken is seasoned with adobo and turmeric, slow-cooked for 2 hours, then shredded and served over steamed rice or used as a taco filling.

12. White Chicken Enchiladas

This easy-to-follow recipe uses white cream sauce instead of the traditional red enchilada sauce, giving the enchiladas a milder flavor that’s still flavorful and satisfying. The green chiles add a hint of heat and complexity to the dish.

13. Adobo Grilled Steak With Chimichurri

This elegant dish is ideal for a summer barbecue. The steak is marinated in adobo sauce and grilled to perfection, and the chimichurri sauce is a fresh and vibrant accompaniment.

Ingredients That Go Well With Adobo Seasoning

  • Meats. Adobo adds flavor to chicken, pork, beef, and fish, making them slightly spicy.
  • Citrus. Lime, lemon, or orange adds a tangy taste to adobo, balancing its rich note.
  • Cilantro. Fresh cilantro brightens up adobo dishes when used as a topping or in salsas.
  • Vinegar. Apple cider or white vinegar helps tenderize meat and adds a tangy flavor.
  • Olive oil. Mix adobo with olive oil for marinades or to cook vegetables and meats.
  • Onions and peppers. Cooked onions and peppers provide a sweet note and texture.
  • Tomatoes. Diced, saucy, or pasty, tomatoes add depth to stews and sauces with adobo.
  • Beans and legumes. Elevate the taste of beans like black beans or lentils with adobo.
  • Rice. Make rice flavorful by cooking it with adobo.
  • Hot peppers. Jalapeños or serranos increase the spicy flair of adobo dishes.
  • Honey or brown sugar. Balance adobo’s spicy flavor with honey or brown sugar.
  • Bay leaves. Add more flavor and aroma with a bay leaf in adobo dishes.

The bottom line

Adobo seasoning stands as a testament to the power of culinary traditions to transcend borders and captivate palates around the world. Its origins in Latin American and Filipino cuisines have given birth to a condiment that showcases the magic of combining spices and herbs to make a wonderful mix of flavors. Whether used as a marinade, a seasoning rub, or an integral component of a dish’s base, adobo seasoning persistently maintains its culinary significance.

More About Adobo

13 Best Recipes Using Adobo Seasoning

13 Best Recipes Using Adobo Seasoning

These are the best recipes using adobo seasoning, a delicious way to enjoy this savory dry spice blend–featuring slow-cooked, grilled, and roasted creations.


  • Adobo Seasoned Crack Wings
  • Pork Adobo
  • Adobo Seasoned Potatoes
  • Adobo Drumsticks & Rice
  • Adobo Lime Chicken
  • Sheet Pan Adobo Seasoned Chicken & Chorizo
  • Puerto Rican Chicken & Rice (Arroz Con Pollo)
  • Air Fryer Boneless Chicken Thighs
  • Mexican Adobo Rubbed Grilled Pork Tenderloin
  • Adobo Slow Roasted Pork
  • Adobo Slow Cooker Chicken
  • White Chicken Enchiladas
  • Adobo Grilled Steak With Chimichurri


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