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35 Best Chorizo Recipes To Add Some Spice To Your Meals ๐Ÿด

35 Best Chorizo Recipes To Add Some Spice To Your Meals 🍴

This extensive list of Chorizo Recipes is exactly what you need to add some flavorful sausage to your favorite dinners.

Although it is usually used in Spanish and Mexican meals, it also has a place in many other cultural meals.

It is the perfect addition to many dinners, but it also makes a great choice of protein for your breakfasts, as well!

Chorizo and eggs are a very popular way of enjoying the pork sausage but making Chorizo Sloppy Joe’s and Chorizo Lasagna are also fun ways to take advantage of the spicy and smoky meat.

If you are in the mood for something lighter, Chorizo Potato Salad and Chicken, Chorizo, & Chickpea Stew are a couple more options for meals or sides for this upcoming week.

Even using it as an appetizer like Corn Chorizo Dip can win dinner guests over by their first taste!

This is an incredibly versatile type of meat that can easily be added to many of your classic recipes to make it that much tastier.

Adding this one ingredient can elevate your meals to the next level with how much flavor and spices are already present in the sausage before you even add anything else!

The next time you host a movie or game night, pull out a large plate of these nachos, and everyone’s minds will immediately switch over to food.

Layering these nachos helps you ensure that every bite is loaded with cheesy chorizo goodness!

The perfect word to describe these enchiladas is BOLD!

They are full of flavor from the spicy chorizo mixed with ground beef and the expertly selected spices added in.

Knowing that you will have some recipes with chorizo for breakfast can help make waking up in the morning that much easier.

Potatoes are always welcome in breakfast dishes but adding in broken-up chorizo that crisps up make it exactly what you need to get your morning off to the right start!

This can also be used as a tasty side to your dinner, so it shouldn’t be limited to just being enjoyed in the mornings.

Between the lager beer and the ground chorizo in this recipe, there is no doubt you will have found your new favorite way to enjoy queso.

Enjoy this with some tortilla chips or by spooning some onto a tortilla.

It can also make a great queso addition to your other meals that need a little extra oomph added in.

Mac and cheese is always a safe bet for a side or small meal that everyone will love but adding in some chorizo and baking it in the oven really takes it to the next level.

The breadcrumb topping is also a great addition, but the spicy chorizo might be the best part of this cheesy dish.

Mix together an Italian favorite with the bold, spicy flavor of chorizo into this gnocchi recipe.

With the added colors of green kale and sun-dried tomatoes, you get a beautiful dish that is full of so much deliciousness it can reach your dinner table in about 20 minutes tops!

Combining creamy pasta with chorizo means you have some easy chorizo recipes.

Pasta by itself is already a dinner treat but adding in some crisp and lightly browned chorizo gives the right amount of spice and smoky flavor.

Colorful bell peppers, some fresh parsley, and baby spinach leaves pull everything together and bring out the best in the pasta and chorizo.

Can you imagine the flavor explosion in your mouth when you combine some brown sugar with your chorizo meals?

These sloppy joe’s include a dash of brown sugar to add some sweetness to your savory sandwiches.

If you want to make a more kid-friendly version, use sweet chorizo rather than spicy.

The brown sugar added in will still work perfectly no matter what type of chorizo you use.

Make breakfast a little bit better by including some recipes with chorizo sausage.

This frittata is full of spinach, eggs, and cut-up chorizo sausages to make an incredibly filling breakfast or brunch that will be devoured in no time!

If your chili needs an extra kick, add in some hot and spicy chorizo.

It mixes with the black beans well to make a uniform consistency that is so delicious and flavorful.

Top off a big bowl of rice or a plate of nachos, or eat it as is to get the most of the intense flavor!

Any list of chorizo recipe ideas needs to have at least one pizza included!

Making your pizza from scratch is a lot of fun and so much more rewarding when you get to taste what your hard work went into.

This pizza crust is infused with Mexican beer to compliment the cheesy white sauce and the spicy Mexican-style chorizo.

The next time you host brunch, make some Chorizo &  Eggs for your guests.

Even though it is a quick and easy process, it is so tasty, and everyone will love it!

Since chorizo is already seasoned, you can skip adding more spices without lacking flavor in your breakfast or brunch dish.

These handheld pastry pockets are full of spicy chorizo and potatoes, making it a nice hot appetizer for parties or special dinners!

Whether you decide to make the dough from scratch or by using a premade pie crust, you will love how golden and buttery it ends up as it envelops your smoky and savory filling.

This Spanish-style migas plays on a Thanksgiving-style stuffing with stale bread, olive oil, and garlic added in.

If you do decide to use this as a Thanksgiving stuffing recipe, you can make it to have a simple flavor so it doesn’t take away from the main meal. 

Otherwise, you can serve it as a brunch dish with a fried egg alongside it!

Combine together some chicken breast and chorizo queso for one of your new favorite chorizo recipes for dinner!

A side of tortilla chips or warmed tortillas are perfect for enjoying with your cheesy and spicy chicken.

Even a topping of tomatoes and cilantro add a great touch!

Spicy Spanish chorizo really shines in this spaghetti dish.

Throwing in some Manchego cheese and spending only 15 minutes cooking gives you a surprisingly delicious pasta dish that you will find yourself falling in love with!

During the cold winter months, this is the soup you need to warm you up and fill your stomach with something hot and delicious.

This is one of the best recipes using chorizo to add some kick to a classic dish.

By adding chorizo to your potato soup, you get a nice level of spice added in, so there is no need for extra chili powder to be added.

This classic Spanish dish is simple to make but amazing enough to impress the pickiest of dinner guests.

Between the smoked chorizo and the shrimp tossed into the veggie-packed Arborio rice, you get so much flavor in one quick dish!

There’s really nothing to not love about these stuffed peppers!

They get a kick from the spicy chorizo, paired with cream cheese, corn, black beans, and Mexican cheese, all contained in a baked green pepper “cup”.

Perfect for starting dinner off or as a side, keep this in mind next time you are wondering what to make with chorizo.

Salads may not always sound like an appetizing idea on what to make with chorizo sausage, but this salad can change your mind.

It is so much more than just lettuce and chorizo sausage on top.

There are tons of vegetables like beets, sweet potatoes, carrots, and bell peppers with a special citrus pomegranate molasses dressing.

Grilled corn and peppers pair so nicely with smoky chorizo.

A bit of cream cheese adds some creaminess to this dip and lets whatever choice of spicy cheese shine through to complement the spice of the chorizo.

Burgers are not typically considered Mexican food but adding in some Mexican chorizo brings out the bold flavors you might be looking for.

All your favorite burger toppings have a place on this chorizo burger, but you get an extra bit of Mexican flavor added in with the special homemade mayonnaise.

The filling of these tacos uses only three ingredients: chorizo, sweet potatoes, and black beans!

Of course, you can pick your favorite taco toppings to add on, but even when it is served with just the three ingredients on a corn tortilla, you have a winner on your hands!

If you are trying to limit your carb intake, this is a great meal that is sure to leave you satisfied and happy after dinner.

If you want to avoid dairy, you can use dairy-free cream and cheese with simple adjustments included in this recipe.

Not only does this stuffed squash taste great, but you will be excited to learn that it stores and reheats well!

Do you find yourself craving spicy chorizo dinner recipes?

It is really difficult to tell which is better in this recipe, the chipotle queso or the ground chorizo meatloaf.

Either way, they pair together so well and make such a comforting dinner that you will absolutely love!

You know you have an amazing dinner in the works when you get to combine pasta, cheese, and chorizo into one tasty dish.

The smokiness added in from the chorizo takes this up to another level, but the cherry tomatoes and the two types of cheese are also special additions to this lasagna.

It can be hard to force ourselves and our kids to eat our greens, but some diced Spanish chorizo can make all the difference in a side of Brussel sprouts.

A little bit of sherry vinegar and honey add just the right touch of sweetness and tang, making it an enjoyable experience eating your vegetables!

One of the best parts of making burrito bowls at home is getting to put in everything you love and leave out the parts you don’t.

Feel free to go heavy with the chorizo in your bowl and rest easy, knowing you can have a low-carb meal by switching out rice for riced cauliflower instead.

Your favorite crispy tostada shells will need to make a special appearance after you look at these ground chorizo recipes.

There is a nice balance of cooked and fresh ingredients topping off your shell, as well as a mix of creamy and spicy flavors in this chorizo tostadas recipe.

A fried egg on top makes it perfect for breakfast or brunch or for a more hearty evening meal.

After you taste these tacos, you will find yourself craving them so often.

But the good news is they are super simple to make, so you can enjoy them as often as you like!

The pineapple salsa that tops these tacos adds a nice touch of sweetness and freshness to go with the cooked chorizo.

Homemade lime crema also makes a special appearance and can take away from some of the spice of the chorizo sausage.

As this recipe proves, chorizo sausage recipes are a great way to warm up in the warm winter months and add some flavor to your favorite soups or stews.

Your palate will be so pleased from the Spanish-style chorizo, olives, and chickpeas included.

If you want to make it a bit more filling, serve this over some rice so that the sauces can absorb into them and make your rice that much tastier!

Obviously, you like chorizos if you are reading this list of chorizo recipes, but even those who aren’t the biggest fans will love these enchiladas.

You can either use your favorite enchilada sauce or make it yourself but be sure you have a lot because everyone will want more and more of these enchiladas.

This fusion of Mexican and German food is precisely what you need to fall in love with potato salads.

This is not like traditional American potato salads that include mayonnaise and is served cold.

This is best served warm and includes tons of potatoes and chorizo as well as some jalapeno and eggs, making it a new way to enjoy potato salads.

Chorizo chili with a side of cornbread is a great dinner option, but you can combine them together into a delicious side or snack for yourself.

Cheese, chorizo sausage, and green chilies make this better than classic cornbread and definitely much heartier.

The bottom line

These chorizo recipes are going to bring a new level of spice and smoke into your meals!

Perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there is a place for chorizo in so many meals that might need an extra edge added in.

Top 35 Best Chorizo Recipe Ideas 🍴

Top 35 Best Chorizo Recipe Ideas 🍴

This extensive list of the best 35 Chorizo Recipes is exactly what you need to add some flavorful sausage to your favorite dinners.


  • Mexican Chorizo Rice
  • Loaded Nachos With Chorizo
  • Chorizo Enchiladas
  • Chorizo Hash
  • Chorizo Queso Fundido
  • Chorizo Mac & Cheese
  • Chorizo Gnocchi
  • One-Pot Creamy Tomato & Chorizo Rigatoni
  • Chorizo Sloppy Joe’s
  • Chorizo Frittata
  • Chorizo & Black Bean Chili Bowls
  • Mexican Chorizo White Pizza
  • Chorizo & Eggs
  • Potato & Chorizo Empanadas
  • Migas With Chorizo
  • Cheesy Chorizo Baked Chicken
  • Spanish Chorizo Spaghetti Carbonara
  • Chorizo & Potato Soup
  • Weeknight Paella
  • Chorizo Stuffed Peppers
  • Roasted Vegetable Chorizo & Feta Salad
  • Corn Chorizo Dip
  • Chorizo Burger
  • Chorizo Sweet Potato Tacos
  • Chorizo Stuffed Spaghetti Squash
  • Chorizo Meatloaf With Chipotle Queso Sauce
  • Chorizo Lasagna
  • Roasted Brussel Sprouts With Chorizo
  • Chorizo Burrito Bowls
  • Chorizo Huevos Rancheros Tostadas
  • Sweet & Spicy Chorizo Tacos
  • Chicken, Chorizo, & Chickpea Stew
  • Chorizo Enchiladas
  • Chorizo Potato Salad
  • Chili Chorizo Cornbread


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