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30 Crescent Roll Recipes That Will Inspire Your Menu

30 Crescent Roll Recipes That Will Inspire Your Menu

If you are looking for unforgettable crescent roll recipes you have come to the right place. We have rounded up 30 recipes for crescent rolls that you are gonna love. 

Do crescent rolls or crescent roll recipes even need an introduction?  

Crescent rolls are cravable because they are crisp outside, tender inside and never ever gummy.  

They can be formed into a myriad of shapes from the traditional crescent to a ring, an envelope, a roll-up, or a pinwheel.  

They can be filled with a neverending list of edible goodness!  

Sometimes savory with meat.  

Sometimes sweet with fruit . 

They can be an amazing appetizer or an afternoon snack. 

Other times, they are a part of a sit down meal!  

They can be the crust of a dish on the bottom or the top!  

They can be used in the pre-cut triangles or rolled and cut into any shape necessary!  

Versatile is perhaps the best word to describe them!  

Easy crescent rolls recipes abound and I have collected a good bunch of them for you to consider!  

This list will certainly get your creative juices flowing about just what you might want to serve in a crescent roll soon! 

Like tomorrow.  Or today. 

So if you are new to the world of crescent rolls, dive in with these delicious recipes. We have some scrumptious recipes for you to choose from such as Stuffed taco crescent rolls, pizza crescent roll ups, and cherry pie bites

Easy crescent rolls recipes like this one are very customizable.  

Excellent way to use up what is on hand, veggies or protein.  

This one is also adorable the way it is wrapped together like a ring.

This tropical crescent roll recipe sees them being filled with pineapple and mango mix, fresh or frozen, and topped with a vanilla glaze with toasted coconut!

Using homemade crescent rolls or store bought, these ham and cheese roll-ups are super easy and include instructions for a delightful cheese sauce.

Who doesn’t love a breakfast pizza?  

One of the fan favorite crescent recipes is this sheet pan breakfast pizza with crescent rolls as the dough. 

Some crescent rolls recipes include fruit, like this one.  

Dried blueberries, blueberry preserves and a bit of cream cheese make these so tasty! 

Everyone will agree that this easy crescent roll recipe can be made by anyone for almost any occasion.  

These little piggies in a blanket need no introduction!  

Excellent pictures and instructions for bringing them to life!

The famous spinach and artichoke dip has been turned into a crescent roll recipe!  

Yes indeed, all that luscious dip inside a crescent pinwheel roll. Fabulous and addicting!

Some crescent recipes work best with crescent dough sheets but the triangles can be put together as squares, filled with turkey and cashew mix and folded like envelopes!

These types of easy crescent rolls recipes are so fun to make and eat!  

Pizza sauce, cheese and any other toppings rolled up in a crescent roll?  

These will disappear!

Southern food meets Instant Pot with a crescent roll recipe might just be a match made in heaven!  

In this recipe, the crescent rolls are cut up and cooked as the dumplings!

Chicken parmesan strips wrapped in crescent rolls with marinara sauce and cheese is pure deliciousness!  

It’s like your favorite meal turned into finger food! 

Creativity for the win here, with this being one of the crescent recipes that uses the crescent roll differently.  

It is cooked flat with a topping of mushroom, onion, garlic and cheese.

I do not think a crescent roll recipe can get any easier!  

Roll out the triangles, place cheeses on top and roll them back up like a golf ball!  

Brush with butter and bake!

When you have ham to use up, easy crescent rolls recipes like this one come in handy!  

Fill the crescent with cheddar, broccoli and ham mixture and fold closed. 

 Butter tops and sprinkle with crushed croutons!

This creative use of crescents in this crescent roll recipe is as the bottom and top crust to the casserole with all the other ingredients tucked inside! 

Hearty and delicious!

While anyone can roll up ham in crescent recipes, there is some real craftsmanship here in braiding the crescent strips over the chicken broccoli mixture!  

Looks fancy but is easy! 

Taco Tuesday never tasted so good with easy crescent rolls recipes!  

Wrap up that seasoned meat with cheese inside the crescent and bake!  

Salsa on the side for dipping!

Another tasty chicken crescent roll recipe here has you filling the crescent with a rotisserie chicken and cream cheese mix.  

Then, a cream of chicken soup is poured around during the baking!

Basil pesto, roasted red peppers, and shredded mozzarella wrapped up in crescent rolls gives an elegant appetizer or side to dinner!  

All the yummy flavors tucked inside! 

Crescent recipes to the rescue!  

Need a satisfying appetizer or a meal that can be eaten on-the-go?  

This recipe uses crescent rolls as the “cup” for a meatball, sauce and cheese!  


We all appreciate easy crescent rolls recipes! Here sausage, cream cheese, bell pepper, green onion and cheddar cheese are rolled together and cut like pinwheels.  

Pictures explain well!

Another excellent crescent roll recipe, this time with cream cheese, mayo, ketchup, roast beef, cheddar and garlic powder baked inside the crescent roll!

As you can see, pretty much anything can be baked inside homemade crescent rolls!  

Here we have sloppy Joe mixture and cheese spooned inside the crescent rolls and baked in a muffin tin.

Here we have crescent recipes with a bit of kick! 

Of course, you are in charge of how much of a kick there is!  

Hot pepper jelly, diced jalapenos, bacon and cream cheese round out this filling!  

Chicken, cream cheese, chives and salt are the filling for this easy crescent rolls recipes collection.  

Form the pouch, fill, pinch together, dip in butter and bake!  

Heavy enough for a meal.

This crescent roll recipe is a quick way to make a pot pie without the fuss of a bottom crust.  

Just use the crescent roll on top! Beautiful and delicious!

When you get that craving for corned beef, sauerkraut and swiss cheese, this recipe lets you combine and bake them inside crescent rolls!  

You’re welcome!

Pigs in a blanket are not just for kids!  

Several crescent recipes use full size hot dogs and this one was superb!  

The video shows you how to assemble your hot dog and cheese slice in a crescent roll, with chili being added halfway through!

Had to close out this list with one of the delightful dessert easy crescent rolls recipes.  

All that’s needed is cherry pie filling, confectioners sugar and a bit of milk.  

These are a real treat!

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The Bottom Line

Pretty much anything can be baked in a crescent roll.  


Chicken, beef, turkey, ham, bacon, sausage, veggies, fruits, and the list goes on and on!  

Experiment and enjoy!

30 Crescent Roll Recipes

30 Crescent Roll Recipes

We have rounded up 30 recipes for crescent rolls that you are gonna love. 


  • Crescent Roll & Sausage Breakfast Casserole
  • Egg and Vegetable Crescent Roll Breakfast Ring
  • Tropical Breakfast Crescents
  • Easy Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups
  • Sheet Pan Breakfast Pizza with Crescent Rolls
  • Blueberry Blast: Blueberry Crescent Rolls
  • Little Smokies Crescent Rolls - Mini Pigs in a Blanket!
  • Cheesy Spinach and Artichoke Pinwheels
  • Leftover Turkey Hand Pies (Turkey Pastries)
  • Pizza Crescent Roll Ups
  • Chicken and Dumplings with Crescent Rolls
  • Chicken Parmesan Crescent Rolls
  • Mushroom Gruyère Triangle Tarts
  • Cheese Stuffed Rolls
  • Cheesy Hot Ham & Broccoli Crescent Pockets
  • White Castle Casserole
  • Chicken Broccoli Braid
  • Stuffed Taco Crescent Rolls
  • Chicken Crescent Bake
  • Pesto Crescent Roll
  • Meatball Appetizers
  • Sausage Pinwheel Appetizer
  • Roast Beef and Cheddar Crescent Roll-Ups
  • Sloppy Joe Stuffed Crescent Rolls
  • Quick and Easy Jalapeno Popper Rolls
  • Cream Cheese Chicken Pillows
  • Chicken Pot Pie with Crescent Roll Crust
  • Reuben Roll Ups
  • Chili Cheese Crescent Dogs Bake with Hot Dogs
  • Cherry Pie Bites


  1. Choose one or more options from our list of crescent roll recipes here!
  2. Create your new favorite dish.
  3. Pat yourself on the back for making food at home for you to enjoy!
  4. Share and comment! Did you make any tweaks, so it’s all your own?

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