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24 Amazing Recipe Ideas For What To Serve With Mussels

24 Amazing Recipe Ideas For What To Serve With Mussels

Are you creating a masterful seafood dinner for a crowd, or hoping to just add a side or two to a fresh catch of mussels? We have a list of recipes that will help you decide what to serve with mussels right here!

There’s not a whole lot we like more than some spanking fresh seafood — and tiny, delicate mussels with their mellow sweetness and the deep smell of the sea still about them are the best of the bunch.

We rush to the fishmonger’s with the excitement of schoolchildren being loosed from a classroom. 

Dreaming of sparkling slabs of ice strewn with elegantly dressed crabs, finely-whiskered langoustines, and a glittering jewelry case worth of shellfish, we frolic about with an open mind and no shopping list — though it’s always the net bag of mussels that accompanies us home.

Many of the mussels that end up on our plates in this country are “rope grown”, meaning, quite literally, they’re farmed on ropes. 

It’s a form of aquaculture that’s smart, sustainable, and woefully under-recognized, so we’d all do well to cook loads more mussels.

Grilled with butter, plonked into a soup or steamed and sucked directly from their shells: there’s no shortage of happy endings where these marvelous mollusks are involved.

This time around, we’re lifting the lid on what to serve with mussels and banishing your side-dish-sorrow forever. 

Peruse this list of recipes from the simple to the extraordinary: Easy, savory Chunky Potato Leek Soup or Creamy Gouda Soup With Smoked Paprika, the flavor punch-up of Italian Stuffed Artichokes, the distinctly southern comfort of Cajun Roast Vegetables And Cheesy Grits, and for the love of all that’s garlic, don’t miss #16!

Tuck in with our pick of the 24 most scrumptious sides to go with mussel dishes out there.

Lurking in our fridge, marinating in its own delicious grease is the last hunk of what was once a gloriously massive loaf of garlic bread. 

We have yet to touch it — that’d be tantamount to a declaration of war and the spurned bread-thief in question would have to be the one to bake another loaf.

Though, we suppose it’s a small price to pay for more of this buttery, parsley-flecked goodness. 

Whether you’re an old-school baguette devotee or an Italian-style toast enthusiast, one thing is certain: this recipe can do no wrong.

Red Lobster biscuits are the savory equivalent of fudgy brownies – everyone loves them, and a scorched tongue does nothing to deter us from snatching the first piece right out of the steaming pan – particularly after a long day.

Everyone needs a good chip recipe under their belt. 

And this definitely cheesy, delectably crisp iteration will see you through many-a-hangover to come.

Juicy, striped rinds of eggplant and plump, flavorful mussels sparkling with freshness – yes please. 

If you’re cooking for company, this can be prepared well in advance and served cool alongside a salad; guests will think it appeared as though out of thin air.

The perfect warming winter soup – best enjoyed after a bracingly cold walk, if only because there’s no pleasure greater than returning to a merrily bubbling pot of this waiting on the stove. 

Serve with a dollop of whole milk, sour cream, and a sprinkling of chives.

These cauliflower steaks are a tried-and-tested favorite: brushed with sherry vinegar and anointed with punchy seasoning, they delicately tug a plate of seafood altogether.

Drizzle with olive oil and season with a crackle of salt and pepper. 

There; that’s your sides for mussels sorted.

Chives – the herbs that keep on giving. 

Too often overlooked as being “only” a garnish, they punch way above their weight in this sharp, cheesy recipe.

If you’ve never tried roasted garlic, this recipe may well change your life.

Skip right over the Chinese bulbs you find in the supermarket – the potent pungent power of Australian garlic remains unmatched.

Toast your glorious mussels with this zingy, crispy ode to the humble bean. 

Side dishes for seafood or centerpiece – go green.

Rice to the occasion with this fragrant, warming recipe. 

It’s turmeric that lends the rice their glorious golden hue – sunshine on a plate.

Let’s get right to the heart of the matter: artichokes are only boring if you are. 

Yes, they’re a bit fiddly, but with a little creative energy (and loads of garlic, of course) you can pull together a sensational starter that’ll pair excellently with your mussels.

If you’re after something a little bit more “va-va-voom” than salad, might we suggest this light, fresh, and minimally-fussy aioli?

Side dishes for mussels don’t get a whole lot better than this.

The time is ripe for warm, velvety cheeses. 

This comfortingly mild, salty soup is as indulgent as they come.

Best enjoyed alongside some nutty sourdough.

This rich, fatty dish calls for the cheaper varieties of mushrooms; expensive wild mushrooms tend to lose their delicate, muted quality when cooked with others.

Tossed in their own buttery juices and generously, flagrantly salty – that’s mushroom magic.

The perfect salade frisée is uncomplicated French cooking at its finest. 

Thick, crunchy rinds of bacon (the superior stuff, not the industrial-grade kind), light as air frisée lettuce (curly endives) and a dainty poached egg – these are the building blocks of a truly beautiful salad.

There’s nothing more satisfying than a plateful of mussels tangled around some slurpy, delicious noodles!

Serve on a muggy summer’s day with a flute of chilled white wine and lots of crackling, crusty bread.

This chewy, winsome ancient grain makes for a useful tool in any cook’s dedicated healthy-eating arsenal. 

Its mild, nutty flavor will play well with just about everything.

Honey, butter, and cream make for a winning combination with corn. 

Nothing in a tin could hope to do justice to this Southern Classic – it’s really only worth eating fresh.

A crispy, golden sprout is a thing of unparalleled beauty – especially when judiciously drizzled with a creamy, zesty Caesar dressing – look, we know sprouts are a tough sell. 

But these are terrific. Scout’s honor.

Kale’s got such great flavor and crunch – so it’s a real shame that it’s become synonymous with drippy, out-of-touch wellness types. 

Forget about the culture war; make this delicious, summery salad instead. 

If this is your first kale-rodeo, we recommend amping up the lemon quotient some.

We’ve fallen hard for these crunchy, fluffy roasties. 

Salted richness spars well with the tart, biting lemon for tubers that are burn-your-mouth-in-haste good.

Finally, proof that Cajun seasoning is always a good idea. 

You can’t do better than this fun, riotous recipe with shrimps, onions, parsnips, and cheddar, all making for a surprisingly harmonious dish.

The perfect antidote to boring barbeques (and boring side dish ideas for mussels) – this bright, beautiful seafood boil is as delicious as it is stunning.

Mushrooms are the real star in this aromatic, fiery Cajun pasta – if you could plate up a smokey summer bonfire, that’d be it.

The bottom line

You’ll never have to wonder what to serve with mussels again. 

From bountiful leafy greens to pepper-forward kinds of pasta, we’ve put together a supporting cast of vegetables and seafood that perfectly partner the refined delicacy of briny mussels and are sure to please at every table.

Move over mussels – it’s time to share center stage.

🦞What To Serve With Lobster Tails🦞

What To Serve With Mussels

What To Serve With Mussels🍴

Wondering what to serve with mussels? Here are 24 options you can choose from when you need to know what to serve with mussels!


  • Garlic Bread
  • Red Lobster Biscuits
  • Crispy Keto Garlic Parmesan Jicama Fries
  • Roasted Eggplant
  • Chunky Potato Leek Soup
  • Cauliflower Steaks
  • Roasted Fennel Parmesan Chives
  • Roasted Garlic
  • Roasted Parmesan Green Beans
  • Yellow Rice
  • Italian Stuffed Artichokes
  • Lemon Aioli Sauce
  • Creamy Gouda Soup With Smoked Paprika
  • Sautéed Mushrooms
  • Salade Frisée
  • Brown Butter Garlic Angel Hair Pasta
  • Farro
  • Honey Butter Creamy Skillet Corn
  • Crispy Brussel Sprouts
  • Lemon And Tuscan Kale Salad
  • Greek Lemon Roasted Baby Potatoes
  • Cajun Roasted Vegetables And Cheesy Grits
  • Shrimp And Vegetable Boil
  • Vegan Creamy Cajun Pasta


  1. Choose one or more options from our list of what to serve with mussels.
  2. Create your new favorite dish.
  3. Pat yourself on the back for making food at home.
  4. Share and comment! Did you make any tweaks so it’s all your own?

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I spent a lot of time on article #1 because of the 'marvelous mollusks'. Your delectable descriptions of yummy sides and how to shop and cook the mussels was really helpful. I love them too but I always get them already prepared for me. I can't wait to move on to #2...

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