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21 Best Maraschino Liqueur Cocktails: Cherry Margaritas & More!

21 Best Maraschino Liqueur Cocktails: Cherry Margaritas & More!

Read on to find some of the best Maraschino liqueur cocktails from around the web, including cherry-flavored margaritas, daiquiris, and more!

When it comes to fruits that are in a thin line between tart, sweet, and tangy, none do it as well as cherries. 

Most of the cherry-flavored cocktails that are available have the same complex flavors. 

Some use actual cherries as an ingredient, others use maraschino cherries, while others settle for cherry liqueur as they usually have a taste that is similar to the real thing. 

One of the most-used cherry-infused liqueurs in fruity cocktails is the maraschino liqueur. 

Maraschino liqueur is a unique and delicious cherry-flavored spirit made from juicy and sour Marasca cherries. 

The spirit is clear, a bit sweet, and has a subtle almond note. 

It does not cloy the drink thanks to its slow alcoholic burn and bitterness. 

It is a staple in many classic cocktails like Old-Fashioned and Martini. 

If you decide to embark on this type of cocktail journey, we’ve gathered 21 Maraschino liqueur cocktails that you can make at any time. 

Maraschino liqueur is so versatile that you can mix it with other strong liqueurs like whiskey, tequila, and vodka. 

You can also mix it with other fruits like grapefruit and lime, and if you love a drink that satisfies your sweet tooth, you can pair it with chocolate-flavored spirits. 

Check out #20 for an indulgent dessert cocktail.

Kentucky Flyer features maraschino liqueur, rye whiskey, and fresh lemon juice. 

Make this cocktail for yourself, and you will quickly see its appeal. 

The combination of lemon juice and rye whiskey creates a strong tart flavor, with whiskey sour vibes accented by the bittersweet cherry notes of maraschino liqueur. 

This drink is a fine choice whether or not you like Aviation, a classic floral cocktail that inspired it. 

This gorgeous cocktail is made with delightful, cherry-flavored maraschino liqueur. 

It has a clear, sweet, almond, cherry essence that is wonderful for adding a bit of excitement to your drink. 

The Gin Lane 1750 adds whimsy to the drink and a pink color to it thanks to the spice and bitters. 

The result is a citrusy and lightly sweet cocktail with a hint of cherry. 

It is perfect for Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, bridal showers, or brunches.

This Cherry Margarita puts an interesting twist on the classic cocktail using fresh cherries, tequila, and maraschino liqueur. 

Although the maraschino liqueur won’t give the drink an intense cherry flavor, it will satisfyingly accentuate the fruity notes. 

This recipe is best served at picnics, parties, and barbeques.

The Last Word is as close to perfect as cocktails can be. 

The recipe combines the herbaceous bite of the Chartreuse, the bright crispness of gin; the citrus burst from the lime, and the sweetness and bitterness of the maraschino liqueur. 

The cocktail starts with a fragrant herbaceous, tastes slightly sour, and finishes with a refreshing sweetness.

Get fancy with this riff on the classic Old Fashioned cocktail. 

The Fancy Free is a drink that uses maraschino liqueur instead of sugar. 

It is ideal for those who want something more subtle in flavor than an Old Fashioned.

The Aviation cocktail is a fantastic classic drink with a long and rocky past. 

It is an exquisite beverage to look at, and it has a captivating floral taste in an old-fashion style. 

It only needs a few ingredients, such as cherry, violets, gin, and lemon. 

This cocktail is best served chilled, and you can use fresh cherries as garnish.

The Casino is a classic drink that is gin based. 

The liquor’s strong qualities are accentuated by adding lemon juice, orange bitters, and maraschino liqueur. 

This magical cocktail will get you boozed up.

It is best served at parties or when you’re on a night out with your friends.

The Closing Argument is a four-equal parts cocktail where instead of using gin, Mezcal is added instead. 

This creates a light and smoky drink with hints of lime and cherry, thanks to the maraschino liqueur. 

The cocktail is potent yet smooth and is ideal for nights when you want to party with your friends without a hangover.

Division Bell is a drink that is inspired by The Last Word. 

This version uses maraschino liqueur and lime juice but swaps out gin for Mezcal, giving it its distinct flavor. 

It is bitter, citrusy, and sweet and worth trying out.

There are several traits that you will admire about this cocktail. 

The pink grapefruit is irresistible, and the thick sugared rim of the glass is too good not to sip on. 

It has a well-balanced flavor, and the crusted sugar helps mellow down the spirit’s strong kick. 

The alcoholic base is interchangeable, you can go with whiskey, but bourbon plays well with all the citrus. 

Garnish the drink with pink grapefruit peel for full effect.

The Red Hook cocktail is a riff on the classic Brooklyn Cocktail. 

Made with rye, vermouth, and maraschino liqueur, this fruity, smooth, and dry drink will make you feel sophisticated. 

It is best served at parties or late-night get-togethers with your friends.

The festive cocktail was inspired by the famous Japanese cherry blossom festival that happens annually. 

The drink pairs its spirits with pomegranate, tart cherry, and citrus to create a beverage that lives up to its name. 

This cocktail suits brunches and bridal showers.

Inside Job is a twist on the Sazerac, a classic cocktail with rye whiskey, absinthe, bitters, and sugar. 

The absinthe adds anise notes to each sip, and the Angostura bitters bring aroma and complexity to the beverage without the red hue. 

Stir all the ingredients in a glass with ice, and enjoy this smooth and tasty whiskey cocktail. 

14. 1910

This cognac and mezcal-based spin on the classic Manhattan cocktail takes its name from the year of the historic Mexican Revolution. 

It is smoky, complex, strong, and smooth. 

For a bit of a citrus taste, you can add a splash of lime or lemon. 

This cocktail will catch your eye because of its odd mix of ingredients. 

It features maraschino liqueur, mezcal, and lavender bitters.

It may not seem to fit together, but it works. 

It is rich, aromatic, smoky, and slightly sweet, with a spirit focus and beautifully balanced flavors. 

If you love the classic Old Fashion drink but want to try something different, this might be the ticket. 

The smokiness adds an exciting twist alongside the lavender aromatics, creating something fun to sip.

Seventh Heaven is a drink that is heavy on gin, and it ends with a bite. 

It only requires three ingredients for you to hunt down and collect. 

It features herbaceous awesomeness, sweet cherry flavor, and hints of bitters. 

For a more fruity take, you can add a freshly squeezed grapefruit. 

It is a perfect cocktail for a party or fancy night in.

The Tatum is a popular vodka cocktail that combines maraschino liqueur and grapefruit juice. 

The drink has a balance of tartness, sweetness, and a fruity note, thanks to the grapefruit. 

If you want a more citrus take, you can add a splash of lemon to highlight the taste of the ingredients.

As one of the drinks named after each of New York’s five famous boroughs, the Brooklyn Cocktail has never received the acknowledgment that the Manhattan or Bronx cocktails have. 

However, this drink has inspired other variations, such as the Greenpoint and Red Hook. 

The cocktail is dry yet smooth and strong enough to enjoy sipping it all night.

The Hemingway Daiquiri, also called the Hemingway special, is a popular classic cocktail that is named after the famous writer Ernest Hemingway. 

This daiquiri variation brings the subtly sweet and dry cherry taste of maraschino liqueur and tart grapefruit into the mixture of lime and rum. 

Unlike the original recipe, this version does not have sugar but uses simple syrup instead.

Espresso Martini is delicious and refreshing, but if you are a coffee lover, you certainly want a twist on this classic recipe. 

So why not try this white chocolate version of it?

Cherries, coffee, and white chocolate play so well together.

Not only does it give you much-needed caffeine in the morning, but it also makes for a tasty dessert cocktail that you can serve after a meal.

There is something prissy and fancy about the French 75 cocktail, and this variation on the drink lets you experiment with some new flavors. 

You can adjust the balance of the ingredients and choose if you want it to be tarter or more fruity. 

This cocktail is quite delightful and makes for a great sipper while you’re outdoors. 

The bottom line

Cherry may have been misunderstood since it is usually associated with pretend cherry flavors in candies. 

This weak presentation of the fruit forces people to shy away from it. 

Thankfully, these cocktails with maraschino liqueur reintroduce the flavor in a more juicy and delicious take that will sweep you off your feet. 

21 Best Maraschino Liqueur Cocktails

21 Best Maraschino Liqueur Cocktails

Read on to find some of the best Maraschino liqueur cocktails from around the web, including cherry-flavored margaritas, daiquiris, and more.


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  • Brooklyn Cocktail
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  • White Chocolate Cherry Espresso Martini
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