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27 Seriously Good Lime Desserts That You Will Love Digging In To!

27 Seriously Good Lime Desserts That You Will Love Digging In To!

Are you planning to recreate lime desserts at home? We’ve rounded up 27 of our favorite lime dessert recipes you can make for any meal or special occasion. 

Lime is the green sister of the lemon.  

Making them the yin and yang of the citrus world!  

But oh, the fantastic flavor limes have!  

Mildly tart with an acidic bite.

Sour with a sweet finish.


Perfect in beverages, alcoholic or not.  

If not anchored to a glass rim, they sink to those beverages’ bottom for flavor and decoration.  

Limeade is a perennial summertime favorite, along with the margarita enjoyed all year long.  

Lime is also used routinely in authentic Thai, Vietnamese and Mexican entrees since they enhance flavors and cut richness.

In the dessert realm, limes certainly have their place!  

Mostly in summertime desserts with lime juice from fresh limes.  

Several different varieties of limes are commonly available, including Lemon-Lime Bars, Coconut Lime Tarts, and Key Lime Coconut Donuts.  

When wanting a lighter, less sweet dessert, you can also opt for the fresh taste of #22.  

Here we are exploring 27 different lime dessert recipes.  

Sometimes the pulp is used, sometimes the juice, and other times the zest.  

One thing is for sure; easy lime desserts are certain to brighten up your day!

The fantastic crust might be the star of these bar desserts with lime!  

I mean, pecans and cinnamon mixed with graham crackers are heavenly!   

The recipe uses both lime juice and zest for spectacular lime flavor!  

It is undoubtedly memorable! 

Healthy desserts with lime juice are welcome just about anytime the citrus craving hits!  

This recipe has nuts, cacao nibs, and dates in the crust with avocado, coconut cream, and lime combined into a luscious otherworldly filling!  

Four hours in the refrigerator to set!  

The one-minute video gives an excellent overview!

Easy Lime Desserts?  


Eclair taste?  


Minimal work?  


Definitely got a winner here! 

Start with a pudding mix that has lime juice and zest added.  

Layer in the filling between graham crackers!  

Chill for four hours or overnight, and Yum!!!   

This vintage lime desserts salad rose to popularity when served in Woolworth’s lunch counters in the 1950s.  

You can make this recipe with lime jello (gelatin), cream cheese, whipped cream, crushed pineapple, and mini marshmallows.  

Many of us can recognize this iconic salad from a mile away!

Fancy has entered the kitchen!  

The best lime desserts can be enjoyed anytime, like these unassuming yet amazing key lime pancakes!   

They also have white chocolate chips, so be prepared for something very different yet outstanding!

Another delicious dessert with limes for breakfast?  

Yes, please!  

It’s like having a slice of pie for breakfast!  

Mix rolled oats, milk, lime juice, zest, vanilla, chia seeds, plain Greek yogurt, and honey.  

Refrigerate overnight and top with a crumbled graham cracker when ready to eat! 

Lime dessert recipes do not need to be complicated to be delicious.  

This coconut and lime slice cut like a bar is super simple, no-bake, and easy to freeze.  

Two parts with a base and an icing, and both use lime juice, so you know it is full of tangy deliciousness!

This lime baking recipe is a hot-baked pudding that has excellent appeal year-round due to its light and fluffy texture on top with an ooey-gooey bottom.

This award-winning recipe is one worth trying!

Cool and refreshing is exactly what sherbet means to me, and for this reason, it is one of my favorite desserts with lime juice!  

All that is needed is sugar, lime juice and zest, heavy cream, whole milk, and an ice cream maker!  

Freeze your sherbet overnight or for eight hours if you want to serve it immediately.


These tasty bites go by many names and are one of the best lime desserts around and since they are double finger-friendly!  

Double, because you need your fingers to make the balls and then again to eat them after they have chilled!!

You can find lime desserts anywhere, but Key lime recipes tend to come from Florida and surrounding areas.  

That is indeed the case with this Key lime fudge recipe which calls explicitly for Key limes, which are more tart and aromatic than Persian limes typically sold everywhere.  

This fudge is so soft; you eat it with a spoon. 

You’ll need three ingredients: white chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, and key lime juice. 

It needs hours to set. 

Ah, the chewy, delicate little cookie, the macaron, is getting a Key lime citrus remake!  

Keep in mind that lime dessert recipes go, macaroons are no walk in the park to make, but when filled with lime curd, they will pull you out of your comfort zone long enough to want to give them a try!  

Grab the kiddos, and everyone can have fun in the kitchen making these best lime desserts!  

This time, it is like a slice of key lime pie on a stick, but you’ll need Greek yogurt, lime juice, zest, sweetened condensed milk, and a touch of sugar for this recipe.  

Two to three hours till they are ready to be put through the lime popsicle taste test!

When you want a little something sweet, not heavy after a meal, easy lime desserts like this mousse are an excellent option.  

This recipe falls squarely in the low-carb category using grass-fed gelatin and low-carb sugar substitute.  

No baking required and a video to follow along! 

Combining mango and lime into these fluffy muffins is a lime baking recipe you do not want to miss out on!  

You could use dried mango or fresh, and you can add a white chocolate drizzle on top or not.  

Here the lime zest takes center stage!

Kiwi lime ice cream is a fun addition to this list of desserts with lime!  

Creamy and truly refreshing ice cream that tastes best from the ice cream maker, then gather heavy cream, whole milk, sugar, limes, eggs, vanilla, salt, and a kiwi!  

Well-written steps for careful following! 

Limes and coconut come together in this cream filling to make adorable mini tart lime desserts!  

Homemade or premade tart shells are equally good choices cause nobody’s got time to sweat the small stuff!  

The filling is where the deliciousness oozes!  

Some desserts with lime juice are crossover desserts.  

Not quite one and yet not quite another one either.  

This sherbet dessert is not scoopable sherbet, but it is also not a bar either, yet a beautiful combination of the two!  

A Nilla wafers crust with a sherbet spread on top, next layer whipped cream. 

Lastly, sprinkle the nilla wafer crumbs on top to complete the recipe.  

Three hours to freeze till serving!

Another fabulous pairing in lime dessert recipes here with strawberries and key limes in this no-bake strawberry Key lime cheesecake trifle; the baking part comes in with baking the strawberry cake.  

Once it cooks, it is all about the beautiful layering of cake cubes, cheesecake mixture with lime juice, and strawberries!  

Lovely and luscious! 

When you want a tropical energy bite snack, these desserts with lime juice are ones you will want to reach for again and again!  

They are pictured formed into balls, but you can make them into rectangles or squares or even triangles if you want!  

Easy to make with almonds, dates, pecans, coconut, lime juice, salt, and even a bit of honey!  

These will not last long! 

Not a pie person? 

No problem.  

You can still enjoy that tangy tart key lime taste of easy lime desserts in a cake version.  

Easy, just add lime juice and zest into your favorite cake batter.  

Then again, into the cream cheese frosting!  

It will wow your family!

Cookies hold a place near and dear to my heart, so these lime cookies have most definitely made it onto my list of best lime desserts!  

First off, they are chewy.  
Second, the citrus punch of the lime is terrific!  

Third, it is an easy recipe!  

Lime sugar cookies for the win!

Baked key lime donuts that could be ready in 30 minutes are possible!

 Sign me up to try this lime baking recipe pronto!  

The picture alone had me hooked with lime zest and coconut as a topping!

You will need a donut mold pan and coconut oil, and coconut milk.  

Bonus glaze recipe included!

Are you craving some cupcake desserts with lime?  

Look no farther than this recipe for full lime enjoyment.  

These do take some time and a bit of effort, but they are well worth it!  

There are four parts: the cupcake, the filling, the buttercream icing, and the graham cracker topping.  


You can pair lime desserts with graham crackers, cream cheese, or white chocolate, but this recipe breaks that trend and uses white and dark chocolate.  

Truffles are tricky, but these instructions are well written, plus LOTS of extra notes and tips for success!

Classic graham cracker crust starts this recipe as many lime dessert recipes do.  

Next, add the creamy lime filling and, finally, fresh blackberries dotted across the top before baking.  

The bars need time to cool and one hour to chill in the fridge!  

Oh yes, they are delicious!

The bottom line

Desserts with lime juice and zest are excellent citrus options to use when baking or making treats when a hint of summer calls for or a dessert needs lightening up. 

Plus, nature’s greenery is so calm and inviting!

27 EPIC Lime Dessert Recipe Assortment 🍥

27 EPIC Lime Dessert Recipe Assortment 🍥

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  1. Choose one or more options from our list of recipes for Lime Desserts here. 
  2. Create your new favorite dish.
  3. Pat yourself on the back for making food at home for you to enjoy!
  4. Share and comment! Did you make any tweaks so it’s all your own?

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