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11 BEST Lemongrass Cocktails: Try Lemon’s Zesty Little Brother!

11 BEST Lemongrass Cocktails: Try Lemon’s Zesty Little Brother!

Lemongrass is just different enough from lemon that this zesty seasoning may be just the ticket to punch up the flavor with these lemongrass cocktails!

As a flavorful ingredient, lemongrass can also be used to enhance the flavors of many drinks, making libations all the more delicious. 

This bright citrus herb can provide complex notes and tones that can genuinely elevate any style of cocktail. 

Here are some lemongrass cocktails that can provide freshness and fun to your drinking enjoyment! 

The #9 Lemongrass Fizz recipe is a true crowd pleaser that can brighten up the mood at any summer gathering! 

This is a list of links to recipes for alcoholic drinks. Please enjoy responsibly.

A variation on the traditional Lemon Drop, this recipe enhances the classic cocktail with the use of simple syrup infused with lemongrass. 

The classic lemon drop is known for its sweet and sour flavors, and the inclusion of the added lemongrass element makes it more lemony and saccharine. 

To make this Lemongrass Lemon Drop, ingredients are simmered in a saucepan for 5 minutes and cooled down before serving. 

The mixture of vodka with lemon and lemongrass simple syrup provides a perfect sweet and sour combination that’s refreshing and light, with just the right kick.

This martini infused with lemongrass is on another level of decadence! 

You might think there’s no way you’d go wrong with a classic cocktail like a good ‘ol vodka martini, but this drink can get much better. 

Adding lemongrass to the traditional recipe makes a lovely cocktail that lets you savor each sip. 

This Lemongrass Vodka Martini is made by adding lemongrass simple syrup, adding layers of sweetness and botanical tones to the already sultry drink. 

The lemongrass enhances the intriguing flavors of dry vermouth and vodka, making it all the more flavorful. 

The Gimlet is a gin and lime juice cocktail that’s strong and gin forward. 

This classic cocktail is sweet and tangy, with a predominant aroma coming from the gin. 

Adding lemongrass to this traditional recipe makes it all the more aromatic and adds to the citrusy flavor of the drink. 

A Lemongrass Gin Gimlet is made by adding lemongrass simple syrup to the traditional ingredients, making this recipe more lively and pleasant. 

You’ll first need to prepare simple syrup infused with lemongrass by simmering sugar, water, and lemongrass in a saucepan. 

Once the sugar is dissolved, you’ll have a handy syrup that’s so flavorful. 

Using lemongrass syrup to create this fun cocktail adds flair and subtle flavors, adding depth to this classic concoction.

A great drink to celebrate the arrival of spring, this lemongrass sour is a deliciously smooth and elegant cocktail.

The traditional sour is a drink that was codified in the mid-1800s, and this recipe updates the classic spirit drink with more enhanced flavor. 

This lemongrass sour uses lemongrass-infused vodka to provide the right touch of citrus with an elevated aromatic spirit. 

Lemongrass stalks infused into vodka add to this drink’s botanical essence and flavor profiles, making it much more citrusy and sweet. 

After preparing the lemongrass-infused vodka, ingredients are mixed in a cocktail shaker, adding lime juice, simple syrup, and egg white, and shaken hard with ice to a chill. 

The result is a zesty and fresh libation that is absolutely invigorating!

The Cosmopolitan is a nectarous drink providing sweetness with a touch of tang from the lime. 

Originally concocted as a martini, the legendary Cosmopolitan was sipped during the three-martini lunch until it was transformed into the trendy pink cocktail we know today. 

This drink is made even more luscious, with the added ingredient of lemongrass providing more balanced complexity to the classic cocktail.

Lemongrass Cosmo is made by muddling a stem of the herb in the base of the cocktail shaker before placing in all the ingredients such as vodka, triple sec, lemon, and cranberry juice to be mixed vigorously. 

The result is a vivacious drink on the palate, with a libation that’s tart and refreshing. 

This Lemongrass Mojito is an ideal drink to usher in the summer heat because who doesn’t love special mojitos?! 

The authentic mojito cocktail is a highball drink that originated in Cuba and is even considered the national drink of the Caribbean country.

It’s a drink considered a favorite among pirates and swashbucklers. 

This cocktail is made with lemongrass and basil, replacing the typical mint mojito. 

This recipe uses lemongrass by bashing and dicing the herb’s inner stalk to release its flavors, which are then muddled into a cocktail shake to be mixed with the liquid ingredients. 

Using white rum, sparkling water, fresh lime juice, sweetener, and crushed ice, the flavors of the diced lemongrass infuse with these ingredients, providing a more citrus and refreshing take on the classic favorite.

Spritzers are the cocktail versions of jumping in the pool on a warm spring day, with this lemongrass and lime iteration being the cool breeze you’d want to feel. 

This Lemongrass Lime Spritzer is light and delicious, packed in citrus flavors with just the right herby undertone.

It uses simple syrup infused with lemongrass and lime to create an elevated drink that you can mix with vodka, gin, or club soda. 

So if you’re looking for a fantastic drink perfect for the warm weather, get this thirst-quenching Lemongrass Lime Spritzer! 

The classic Gin and Tonic is a much-loved highball cocktail that’s simple and direct. 

This bright and zesty cocktail standard has citrus and floral flavors, which can also be infused with flavors from fruits and spices of all sorts. 

A significant variation to the traditional recipe is this gin and tonic infused with flavors of fresh lemongrass. 

This delicious libation is made by making lemongrass gin, which is done by combining gin and lemongrass stalks in an airtight container for 24 hours to infuse the flavors together. 

Lemongrass gin is then mixed with tonic water and lime to create a refreshing take on the gin and tonic classic. 

This version is generously aromatic, with elevated flavors that make the drink cool and crisp. 

A perfect drink for your outdoor summer gathering by the patio, this Lemongrass Fizz is a chic cocktail that can set your party on a high note!

Fizz is a much-loved drink variation on the older sours types of cocktail, with the distinct bubbles that give it that fun fizz. 

This bright-colored concoction is made with vodka, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, and rosé sparkling wine, added with a simple syrup infused with lemongrass. 

Lemongrass simple syrup can be easily made in a pot, combining sugar, minced lemongrass, and water in a simmering boil to infuse together all of its flavors. 

Including lemongrass in the fizz cocktail provides the herb and citrus flavors and the fresh scent that can give you summer aromas. 

The Mint Julep is a classic bourbon cocktail known for being associated with Southern American cuisine, as well as being the signature drink of the Kentucky Derby. 

Mint Julep is composed of bourbon, sugar, mint, and crushed ice, making this ice-cold whisky drink a popular drink served cold. 

This variation to the much-loved Julep adds herby flavors of lemongrass and ginger, combined using simple syrup. 

The lemongrass ginger simple syrup complements the taste of bourbon, balancing the sweet and bitter tones from the liquor to make it more refreshing.

The Lemongrass Collins is a cocktail that elevates the classic Tom Collins cocktail recipe. 

The classic Tom Collins is straightforward, combining gin with lemon juice, club soda, and sugar. 

Adding herbal flavors to the already refreshing drink makes it more appealing, using lemongrass-infused vodka instead of gin, with vanilla liqueur, lemon juice, simple syrup, and ginger beer to round up the ingredients. 

This fair-weather treat combines the flavors of lemongrass, citrus, and ginger to a perfect balance, with a pleasantly strong kick making it great to taste and enjoy. 

The bottom line

Serving up lemongrass cocktails can make any amateur mixer into a connoisseur, with the added ingredient providing elegant flavors to any classic drink. 

Whether infusing lemongrass flavors into a spirit or using a batch of lemongrass simple syrup, you can elevate modern and vintage cocktails by adding complex new flavors. 

These lemongrass cocktails are meant to be shared and enjoyed to enhance your drinking experience to new pleasantries. 

Here’s how to freeze lemongrass so that you can use it for months!

The Best Lemongrass Cocktails

The Best Lemongrass Cocktails

Lemongrass is just different enough from lemon that this zesty seasoning may be just the ticket to punch up the flavor with these lemongrass cocktails!


  • Lemongrass Lemon Drop
  • Lemongrass Vodka Martini
  • Lemongrass Gin Gimlet
  • Lemongrass Sour
  • Lemongrass Cosmo
  • Lemongrass Mojito
  • Lemongrass Lime Spritzer
  • Lemongrass Gin & Tonic
  • Lemongrass Fizz
  • Lemongrass Julep
  • Lemongrass Collins


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