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13 BEST Cream Cheese Spreads

13 BEST Cream Cheese Spreads

Look no further than these 13 best cream cheese spreads that are perfect for game day, summer BBQ, and family get-togethers. 

If you’re searching for a way to spice up your usual sandwich, why not try using cream cheese spreads

Cream cheese spread can be used to make your sandwiches or crackers extra delicious. 

You can also slather it on toast for a quick breakfast, use it in wraps for lunch, or even as a dip for vegetables and chips. 

Plus, it comes in so many appealing flavors—from savory to sweet—that you’ll never tire of! 

Check out these recipes that will help you create yummy cream cheese spreads in no time. 

Cream cheese has a creamy texture that is fuller than butter but smoother than semi-soft cheese.

It also has a marginally sour and briny taste, with a hint of sweetness.

The flavor can change from one brand to the other, depending on what it is combined with.

Making cream cheese spreads like this NEW Smoked Cream Cheese Spread are not difficult tasks.

All you need is some cream cheese, several ingredients like herbs and spices, and some kitchen gadgets that you probably have in your kitchen.

Here is a list of 13 recipes to help inspire your next cream cheese spread creation.

Make sure to check out #12 on this list as it’s one that has elicited many kind words from our guests.

Best Cream Cheese Spreads

1. Honey Pecan Cream Cheese Spread

This exquisite treat is a fusion of creamy Philadelphia-style cream cheese and luscious honey, dotted with crunchy pecan bits.
Incredible as a snack or a quick breakfast, this spread is sure to excite your taste buds every time.
Plus, it won’t take much effort to make: Just mix together all the ingredients and you’re done.

2. Garlic & Herb Cream Cheese Spread Recipe

Whip up a batch of this wonderful Garlic and Herb Cream Cheese Spread – it only takes a few minutes to create and has all the flavors of a cozy autumn evening.
With just a few fixings, you’ll be able to give your classic bagels, crackers, or even warm veggies extra flavor.
Give your guests something to talk about at the next gathering with this mouthwatering cream cheese spread!

3. Honey Cranberry Walnut Cream Cheese Spread

Honey Cranberry Walnut Cream Cheese Spread is a charming blend of smooth cream cheese, tart cranberries, crunchy walnuts, and a hint of sweet honey to top it off.
It’s a divine snack for crafting lovely sandwiches and bagels in mere minutes!
Spread it over cream cheese muffins for an extraordinary breakfast treat or slather it on toast for a flavorsome snack.
Its combinations of flavors will enthrall your taste buds and give you a memorable flavor experience that no other spread can offer.

4. NEW: Smoked Cream Cheese Spread

This creamy Smoked Cream Cheese Spread will be popular at your next gathering.
It’s pretty straightforward to make and loaded with flavor, the suitable addition to a lazy night by the pool or summer backyard barbecue.
Pair this smoky, sumptuous spread with sturdy crackers, slather it onto hot sandwiches and burgers, or stuff peppers with it, and it’ll have your guests drooling!

5. Cranberry Cream Cheese Spread

Get ready to astound family and friends with this Cranberry Cream Cheese Spread.
All you need are a few elements, some resourcefulness, and you’ll bring the taste of holiday cheer straight to your kitchen!
This crowd-pleasing recipe combines all the savor of cranberries, oranges, and cream cheese into one marvelous spread.
From livening up breakfast bagels to an after-dinner cheese board, it is a nice addition to any gathering.

6. Vegetable Cream Cheese

Amazing on bagels, english muffins, or even crackers, it’s a breakfast treat that can be enjoyed with freshly brewed coffee.
If you’ve got a hankering in the afternoon too, you’ll find it’s a superb snack to get you through until supper!
Packed with flavors both savory and sweet, this creamy spread has everything you need in one package.

7. Warm Basil Pesto Cream Cheese Spread

It’s an amazing mix of savory basil pesto and creamy cream cheese that will send your taste buds into overdrive.
It is divine as a spread, and you can also incorporate it into other recipes or even eat it on its own.

8. Loaded Cheddar Bacon Cream Cheese

If you love bold flavors and a good, hearty spread, you’ll adore this delicious bacon cream cheese.
It checks all the boxes when it comes to your snacking needs–loaded with cheddar, bacon, scallion and sun-dried tomatoes, it has everything you’re looking for in a piquant mix.

9. Sundried Tomato And Basil Cream Cheese Spread

Whether you’re serving it with toast and bagels, slathering it on pasta or using it as the base in a hearty dip, this spread will be the talk of the table.
It has sun-dried tomatoes, basil and garlic for an extra kick that’s sure to bring some dynamic flavor to all your dishes.
Put a bit of energy into your cooking today by incorporating this spread into all your meals.
Just one taste and you’ll be coming back for more!

10. Olive Cream Cheese Spread

If you’re an olive lover, here’s a treat for you!
This simple cream cheese spread made with your favorite olives will have you swooning.
Whether you use it as a savory spread on sourdough bread or as a luscious dip alongside your favorite vegetables and crackers, the creamy olive concoction is a sublime accompaniment to any meal.
In fact, it’s so good, you may find yourself eating it straight off the spoon!

11. Fig Cream Cheese Spread

Make your next dish the talk of this holiday season with this simple yet incredible holiday Fig Cream Cheese Spread.
All you’ll need for this recipe are two ingredients, cream cheese and fig preserves.
This spread can be used for dipping, making bagels and lox, spreading on toast and crackers, or adding a festive touch to your favorite dishes and desserts.

12. Maple Honey Roasted Pecan Cream Cheese

Maple Honey Roasted Pecan Cream Cheese is a spectacular way to start the day!
This spread is as enjoyable for its sweet, creamy texture as it is for its taste.
The addition of roasted pecans brings a hint of toasty flavor that pairs with the comforting sweetness of honey and maple syrup.

13. Whipped Garlic Veggie Cream Cheese

Cut to this spread made by whipping cream cheese with your favorite fresh vegetables that you can enjoy in so many different ways.
Spread it over buttery, toasty bagels, mix it into a pasta sauce for some decadent creaminess, or even use it as a veggie dip–the possibilities really are endless!

The bottom line

Cream cheese spreads are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways.
Whether you’re looking for something sweet, savory, or even spicy, there’s sure to be a cream cheese spread that you love!
So go ahead and try any of these awesome recipes for a unique way to make your meals pop!

More Cream Cheese Recipe Ideas+FAQs

13 BEST Cream Cheese Spreads

13 BEST Cream Cheese Spreads

If you want some crowd-pleasing spreads, look no further than these 13 best cream cheese spreads--perfect for gameday, summer BBQ, and family get-togethers.


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