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23 BEST Chorizo Soups!

23 BEST Chorizo Soups!

Love having the flavor of chorizo in your soup?
Here are 23 chorizo soups that you’re sure to enjoy making and eating!
Chorizo is a sausage, usually made with pork but can sometimes contain chicken or other proteins that come in wide different varieties.
Stuffed into edible casings, ground pork is flavored and has a variety of spices and herbs mixed into it.
The most popular chorizos you can find are the Mexican and Spanish variants.
There are also other types of chorizos in other parts of the world, usually in Latin-American countries or those that were occupied by Spain at one time or another.
Chorizos come in three main types—fully cured, semi-cured, and fresh.
Fully cured chorizos are those that are dry and undergo cycles of smoking, curing, and drying.
These chorizos are often hard but have the most intense flavors of the three types.
The semi-cured ones are similar in flavor to the fully cured variant, but with one difference – they’re not hard like their fully cured counterparts.
The reason for this is that semi-cured chorizos aren’t dried and are simply smoked.
The fresh variety of the chorizo is the softest of all three types.
This is the type of chorizo that’s popular in Mexico.
Fresh chorizo can be really spicy, garlicky, sweet and spicy, spicy and garlicky, and many more.
The flavor of the fresh chorizo you use will depend on the region they’re from, but more often than not, these have some kick to them.
The flavors that these chorizos have are what make them a great addition to soups.
Whatever flavor that these sausages come with – spicy and garlicky, spicy and sweet, smokey and peppery – these are imparted into the chorizo soups they’re added to.
These are also what help give an otherwise ordinary soup the kind of depth and substance that make them truly satisfying.
Ready to dive into a hearty and flavorsome bowl of chorizo soup?
Here are the recipes!

Want a spicy tomato soup with chunks of savory chorizo bits in each spoonful?
This recipe, which combines Mexican chorizo and lentils in a tomato-based soup, gives you just that!
To ensure that you do get bites of chorizo with each scoop, remove the casings from the chorizo before cooking.

Talk about surf and turf in soup form!
This soup combines fresh shrimp and fresh chorizo in a dish that’s also tomato-based.
The addition of dry white wine to the stock, along with some thyme and paprika, gives this recipe a sophisticated yet rustic touch.
Serve with a piece of artisanal bread or croutons for a robust meal!

If you’re looking for a soup with lots of spice, this is the one.
The addition of ancho chili powder to an already spicy soup that has green chilies and spicy sausage is sure to have you breathing fire!
The shredded chicken breast in this dish adds loads of meaty goodness to it, making it truly filling.

For a fully loaded soup, this is one you should try!
This soup uses not only cannellini beans but lots of other veggies as well.
You’ll find carrots, tomatoes, corn, and bell peppers in this soup, along with the sausage.
Top each bowl with some grated cheese, sour cream, and fresh herbs to round out the flavors.

Here’s another recipe for chorizo soups with beans for you to enjoy!
This time, instead of Mexican chorizo, you’ll be using the more intense Spanish chorizo.
The beans used in this dish can be black, white, or a combination of your favorite beans.
The spiciness of the soup will depend on the chorizo you use since there aren’t that many spices added to the broth in this recipe.

Want to get your daily requirement of leafy greens in soup form?
This chorizo and kale soup does just that since it has approximately 4 cups of leafy greens in the entire pot!

Creamy and thick with a touch of sweetness and spice!
This recipe uses pureed pumpkins to make cooking easier, giving you a thick soup in less than an hour.
While this dish calls for a more gamey-tasting sausage, you can choose to swap it out with whatever Mexican-style chorizo that you have on hand.

Hearty is probably the best word to use to describe this soup!
Combining meatballs with chorizo and vegetables in soup form is a meal in itself.
No need for sides with this dish, but you can pair it with crostini if you want.

Here’s a soup that you can have two ways – chunky or creamy.
Once the soup is cooked, you have the option to puree it for a thick and creamy bowl or to serve it as-is for a soup with some texture.
The sprinkling of vinegar at the end gives it some sourness that helps balance out all the flavors.

Legumes and chorizo seem to go really well together, as most of these chorizo soups show, including this one.
Also called garbanzo beans, chickpea is used in this recipe along with some greens and cooked chorizo.
The crushed red chili in the list of ingredients will add some more spiciness to the soup; however, you can omit this if you want it mild.
For a more filling soup, some pasta, like orzo or shells, can be added.

Another filling and satisfying soup is this chorizo, hominy, and mushroom conglomeration!
The flavors that you get from this stew include smoky, spicy, earthy, and umami.
The use of hominy (or posole, as some people call it) gives the dish a homey albeit heavy structure.
This is great for when you’re looking for a soup that will really fill your tummy.

Ever wonder what an enchilada in soup form would look and taste like?
Wonder no further since here’s a recipe that will address such a query!
This one-pot wonder is cooked in a slow cooker, giving you the freedom to do other things while it cooks.
Serve family-style with a variety of toppings so people can customize their own bowls.

Craving for something green and creamy in a bowl?
This creamy, green soup is one that’s made with asparagus.
The chorizo you will need for this recipe is a fully cured or semi-cured one, which will hold its shape after cooking.
Top each bowl with some sour cream for an added dimension to the dish.

Who would’ve thought that cod, shrimp, and chorizo could go well in a soup?
This stew combines all three perfectly in a seafood and chorizo medley that swims in seafood stock.
This soup can be as tame or as spicy as you want, depending on what kind of chorizo you choose to use.

For those who want a filling meal that can be cooked while they’re busy with something else, this is worth a try.
This soup simmers for 8 hours on low in your slow cooker.
Dump all the ingredients in but leave the chorizo out.
You add the chorizo during the last part of the cooking process, and you also sprinkle it on top of each bowl before serving.

As the name implies, this is another soup that’s predominantly green!
Made with a combination of collard greens, some bacon, chicken stock, and potatoes, this soup is one that’s a favorite in Portugal.
As such, this means the chorizo you use in it is the Portuguese chourico.
If you can’t find Portuguese chorizo in your local grocery, you can substitute it with Spanish chorizo or some other garlicky alternative.

Spicy, smoky, chunky, and satisfying!
Some people call this soup Caldo Verde too, and this is simply because it’s green due to the addition of cabbage.
The addition of red pepper flakes provides some bite, but if you want it milder, it can be omitted entirely.
If you like it spicy, however, adding more to the mix might be in order!

Spicy and sweet are the flavors you can expect with this soup.
The combination of roasted jalapeno and red bell peppers gives you the zing and smokiness in this dish.
Still, more flavor in the soup comes from the oil used to cook the chorizos.
The cooked chorizo is added to the soup at the end so that it isn’t pureed along with the peppers.

Meaty, meaty, meaty!
This soup is more meat than anything else!
Three types of meat products and charro beans in a thick, mildly spiced stew are a great choice for lunch or dinner.
Pair this with some cornbread, and you’re good to go!

This chowder brings together spicy chorizo and sweet corn in a marriage made in palate heaven.
You also get creamy and cheesy added to the flavors that can be found in this soup!
Serve with some red pepper flakes and cayenne powder on the side for those who want their chowder with some zing.

Yes, this is another one of those bean and chorizo soups!
Only this time, you get to use fava beans and Spanish chorizo in what’s called a Fabada.
Originating from the northern region of Spain called Asturias, this soup is also called Fabada Asturiana.
Rustic, provincial, and traditional are some terms you can use to describe this brothy but oh-so-flavorful soup.

Since we’ve already translated enchiladas into a soup, why not do the same with tacos, right?
Well, this recipe does exactly that—turn your favorite tacos into a soup!
Add avocados, cilantro, toasted tortilla strips, and a squeeze of lime on top, and you have a taco you can slurp.

The bottom line

This list of chorizo soups shows you that these sausages can be enjoyed in more ways than one!
Take your pick from watery, creamy, chunky, and pureed bowls bursting with flavor.
And since these soups all come with the meaty goodness of chorizo, you can have it alone or with a side of bread.
Rest assured that whatever way you wish to enjoy your bowl of chorizo soup, satisfaction is truly guaranteed in each mouthful!

BEST Chorizo Soup Collection

BEST Chorizo Soup Collection

If you love the flavor of this latin sausage, here are 23 chorizo soups that you’re sure to enjoy making and eating!


  • Spanish Chorizo & Potato Stew (Patatas A La Riojana)
  • Lentil & Chorizo Soup
  • Shrimp & Chorizo Soup
  • Chicken & Chorizo Soup
  • Cannellini & Chorizo Soup
  • Spanish Chorizo & Beans Soup
  • Kale & Chorizo Soup
  • Pumpkin With Chorizo Soup
  • Albondigas With Chorizo
  • Split Pea With Chorizo Soup
  • Chickpea & Chorizo Soup
  • Hominy, Mushroom, & Chorizo Soup
  • Chicken & Chorizo Enchilada Soup
  • Asparagus & Chorizo Soup
  • Seafood & Chorizo Stew
  • Black Bean & Chorizo Soup
  • Caldo Verde
  • Cabbage & Chorizo Soup
  • Chorizo & Roasted Red Pepper Soup
  • Bean, Bacon, Ham & Chorizo Soup
  • Corn Chowder With Chorizo Soup
  • Fabada (Fava Beans & Chorizo Soup)
  • Chorizo Taco Soup


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