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12 Best Greek Soups From Tomato Orzo To Easter Lamb Soup & More!

12 Best Greek Soups From Tomato Orzo To Easter Lamb Soup & More!

When you talk about typical mainland Greek food, Greek soups take that special spot.

These delicious soups have also won over the hearts of food enthusiasts over the decades.

Though often we don’t like soups that are thin in texture, the lightweight broths of the Greek dishes do entice us.

While a few of these recipes include chicken, fish, and distinct meats, other classic soups from Greece are cooked with beans and lentils as the main ingredient.

So, you can imagine a bunch of chunky meats/beans playing hide-and-seek in a bowl full of flavorful broth.

Then, your lazy brain may play a trick on you with the soup names.

But trust me, the Greek soup recipes are way more straightforward than you might think.

You can cook most of them with the available ingredients in your kitchen quickly.

But before that, you have to pick the best one according to your taste buds.

Let’s look at the 12 enticing soups tracing back to Greece.

These mouth-watering soups from Greek cuisine can fool your brain with a perfect “high.”

And while organizing the list, I couldn’t resist mentioning the Ahvo-lemon (the Greeks pronounce it this way) as the first.

Staring at others to get you food, typically doesn’t help; go to the kitchen and make this quick dish for yourself.

Greek Lemon chicken soup is a bowl full of lemony, eggy, and silky stock with hidden treasure (shredded chicken) inside it. 

(Mouth’s watering, already? Just you wait.)

The famous Greek sauce Avgolemono adds another tangy flavor to this luscious soup. 

Before you start, make sure you have at least two hours on hand to prepare the traditional Greek soup.

Enjoy the aroma-feast with some big sips!

Craving a hearty meal?

Or need to cook an easy yet succulent weekend-night dish?

This traditional Greek soup is a tasty treat, and everyone on the dinner table wins! (except the poor beans).

Remember one thing; you have to buy the newer and whiter beans.

Otherwise, everyone will leave the table with a bowl full of soup which you have to chew without an option.

The newer the beans, the softer it gets and makes the liquid a lot thicker and more decadent.

Close your eyes.

Can you see a bowl full of light juice and your dreamy beef bites are taking dives?

Whether or not they finished their bathing, it’s time for your tongue to taste the divine dish.

The rich beef flavor with the herbs and seasonings make the dish worth the long cooking hours.

Let it glide down to your tummy.

Your Greek god has sent you an authentic Greek soup on your way to the winter wonderland. 

That’s because he knows that blanket isn’t enough to make you warm and snug.

Who else understands you better?

Greek Fava Soup blends dried yellow split peas, garlic, leek, and other herbs with bone broth or vegetable stock, the base of a flavor-rich dish.

A pinch of turmeric brings a decent yellow color to remind you of the dazzling sun of the summer.

The drops of wine also fire up your “high.”

This hearty, golden soup will add another layer of warmth in the bone-chilling weather.

Greeks are well known for their hearty, delicious meals, and Manestra is undoubtedly one of them.

This tomato orzo soup has effortless and inexpensive ingredients like tomato, basil, parsley cheese, and some common spices used in a usual pasta dish.

Besides, the whole cooking procedure is extremely easy for beginners, which means you can put this flavorful dish on the table in just 30 minutes!

Rassasy your loved ones with this classic yet delicious Greek soup.

The tangy, meaty taste makes it a wholesome meal for meatball lovers.

But, these meatballs are special as rice is mixed in these meatballs.

When these are dunked into the soup and brought to a simmer, the rice gets cooked and plumps up the meatballs.

In the end, you’ll need to add avgolemono to the broth to make it creamier.

This takes the dish to another dimension.

Don’t forget to make this winter soup for your kids and family.

Greeks are well known for correlating their dishes with their culture and tradition.

It’s their way of representing their roots with traditional food made with care for their friends and family.

Just like that, their ancient Greek lentil soup represents luck and prosperity in their life.

Besides lentils, the soup also integrates a lot of flavorful yet simple ingredients like celery, onions, honey, carrot, coriander seeds, and some more.

The soup takes about 2 hours to make, but that’s just because you need to shimmer it slowly to bring out the earthy flavor.

With the mouth-watering aroma and taste, Greek lentil soup is just hard to resist.

Greek chickpea soup with ground beef is one of the most common dishes on Greek (particularly on Greek islands known as Dodecanese) dinner tables.

But when something is this easy to make and still be so delicious, you’re bound to crave it over and over.

Their soups are famous for their simple and inexpensive ingredients, and this one is no different.

The common ingredients used for the soup include beef, chickpea, tomato, carrot, and easy-to-find spices. 

Moreover, the cooking procedure requires little to no effort, which means you can enjoy this delicious soup even though you’ve never cooked it before.

This authentic Greek soup won’t let you down when you host a vegan festivity.

Along with green peas, the chunks of potatoes make your mouth feel merry.

If you’re a person who dislikes too much broth, this is an excellent dish to try.

In Greece, they often add feta cheese to enhance the taste but if you’re vegan, then go with the basics only.

Did you say Pastas?

But Patsas is a lot better with its huge fan base.

This classic Greek soup recipe includes beef tripe, veal and trotter dipped in cow-feet broth.

The juice from veal and trotter gives the broth a sticky and thick consistency.

This comforting soup is excellent for relaxing your soul and body after a hectic day.

This Greek dish is cooked on holy Saturdays before leaving for church, and they’ll drink it once they reach home.

This authentic Greek soup is cooked with the innards and intestines of lambs and sometimes, head with neck.

People in Greece feel festive when this dish is being cooked in the kitchen as each of them will get one full lamb head to eat with the savory soup.

Make sure you’re all free that day because it will take several hours for you to cook this dish.

The lamb bones will come to a simmer and become tender in the process.

At the very end, you’ll add some Avgolemono sauce (mixture of lemon and eggs) to enhance the flavor.

This traditional Greek soup is most loved by anglers and families living on the islands.

They tend to cook it when the temperature goes low as the warm soup heats the body and soul.

So, if you want to taste it traditionally, don’t forget to try it on the winter or rainy days.

Surprisingly this dish needs nothing but fatty fish, potatoes, and veggies.

Mash some potatoes and veggies to add the thickness of the broth.

The bottom line

Though Greek soups are a good source of calories, these are light on the tummy. 

With various vegan and non-vegan recipes, these soups will leave everyone amazed on the table.

12 Best Delicious Greek Soups

12 Best Delicious Greek Soups

If you are cooking for family coming in from the Isles, this concise list will offer you ideas for Greek Soups to add warmth and comfort.


  • Greek Lemon Chicken Soup (Avgolemono)
  • Greek Bean Soup (Fasolada)
  • Greek Beef Soup (Kreatosoupa)
  • Greek Fava (Yellow Peas) Soup
  • Greek Tomato Orzo Soup (Manestra)
  • Greek Meatball Soup (Giouvarlakia)
  • Ancient Greek Lentil Soup (Fakes)
  • Chickpea Soup With Minced Beef
  • Greek Peas Stew With Potatoes (Arakas Latheros)
  • Patsas (Greek Tripe And Trotter Soup)
  • Easter Lamb Soup (Magiritsa)
  • Greek Fish Soup (Psarosoupa)


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