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25 Satisfying Kidney Bean Recipes For All The Bean Fanatics Out There!

25 Satisfying Kidney Bean Recipes For All The Bean Fanatics Out There!

Fun fact, kidney beans are a great source of protein, but deciding the best way to prepare them can be challenging. That’s why we put together this unforgettable list of delicious kidney bean recipes just for you!

No matter what kind of dish you’re planning to cook, there’s a kidney bean recipe designed to suit your tastebuds and keep you coming back for more. 

Though kidney beans are often associated with savory lunches and dinners, you can also use them to create tasty desserts like Red Bean Mooncakes

Of course, kidney beans are also excellent in soups like Chicken Bean Soup and Shipwreck Stew.

Looking for something fast and easy to make? #17, is a good place to start.

Without further ado, let’s check out our favorite kidney bean dishes.

On a cold winter’s day, there’s almost nothing more satisfying than a bowl of rich pasta. 

This authentic Italian dish features everything you’re looking for in a top-notch pasta dish. 

The onions, carrots, celery (also known as mirepoix) create a savory base, and the crushed tomatoes highlight these flavors while producing a creamy richness.

Still, the small shell pasta and red kidney beans are the true stars!

Did you know that red kidney beans are an essential part of Korean cuisine?

This red bean porridge (also called Patjuk or Pat Jook) is popular comfort food in Korea, and it’s surprisingly simple. 

While this dish typically features adzuki beans, you can substitute kidney beans to enjoy a more savory version. 

Are you wondering what to make with kidney beans? 

If your stomach is rumbling and the weather is cold and wet, you might want to try this top-notch classic chili recipe!

This dish features some of the most flavorful spices, including cumin, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper. The ground beef and cooked onions also impart some heartiness.

Be sure to add a dollop of sour cream or a sprinkle of cheddar cheese to make this chili even better.

Some may think that kidney beans are fattening, but they’re one of the healthiest and low-fat beans you can enjoy.

If you’re looking for a low-calorie recipe to fill your stomach, you’ll want to try this Mexican bean salad.

Preparing this dish only takes a few minutes, especially when using canned beans and corn

So, not only is it a healthy option, but you can make it in a flash. What’s not to love?

Protein is a crucial part of any diet, which is why it’s essential to choose dishes that feature tons of protein sources.

This recipe offers multiple types of protein, including chicken and kidney beans. But it’s also incredibly flavorful, with garlic, turmeric, and onions making a debut.

Notably, these ingredients are natural antifungals that are also heart-healthy. There might not be a tastier way to enjoy a healthy bean soup.  

Most minestrone utilizes a vegetable broth base, but this recipe incorporates chicken broth, half-and-half, and cheese to create a creamy version.

Even better, this minestrone features cheese tortellini pasta and protein-rich kidney beans. 

Every bite is rich, savory, cheesy, and packed with wholesome flavors.

Many chili recipes revolve around ground beef, which can be frustrating for those adhering to vegetarian diets.

Fortunately, this homemade vegetarian chili recipe is delicious enough to keep vegetarians and carnivores happy and pleasantly full.

What makes this dish so appetizing? 

It may be the cacophony of finely chopped vegetables (including onions and garlic), or it might be the mixture of kidney beans, black beans, and pinto beans.

The only way to find out is to try it for yourself!

Cottage cheese is delicious when eaten on its own, but you elevate it by using it to create these kidney bean sandwiches. 

All you’ll need to do is toast a few slices of your favorite bread, then cook a few cups of kidney beans (preferably canned).

Cover each toasted slice with creamy cottage cheese, then top with a scoop of beans. 

A few pinches of coriander leaves will add a touch of fresh flavor and make this snack a treat for the eyes.

Are you looking to try an African red kidney bean recipe? 

If so, you’ll want to consider making this unique dish from Burundi!

Consisting of only six ingredients (not including water), this meal is one of the simplest kidney bean dishes. 

You’ll simply add your ingredients (like kidney beans, plantains, salt, chili powder, onions) to a pot, pour water over the top, and wait about thirty minutes. 

After that, your meal is ready to enjoy!

If you enjoy refried beans on your tacos, burritos, or with handy tortilla chips, you don’t need to use black beans.

Red kidney beans are a fantastic alternative, and you can make refried red kidney beans by boiling your ingredients, letting them simmer, then smashing them into a fine paste.

Cooking with kidney beans can help you explore international cuisines, including this Afghan curry.

It’s rich, thick, and pairs perfectly with soft basmati rice

And unlike some other curries, this dish combines sweet ingredients (mint and coconut oil) with savory ones (tomatoes, garlic, onions) to produce a genuinely pleasing and distinct flavor.

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Bean dips can make any gathering better, so you’ll want to consider preparing this recipe before your next soirée. 

It only requires six ingredients, many of which might already be in your pantry or fridge! 

In addition, you can use a food processer to make short work of this flavorful dip.

Dirty rice and beans are a staple of many Cajun households and for a good reason!

This dish is full of vitamins and minerals, and it’s also packed with protein. 

In addition to the plant-based protein from kidney beans, you’ll also enjoy the savory taste of smoked sausage or you could use andouille sausage for a little added kick of spice. 


Creating homemade tacos or enchiladas can be a time-consuming process, but you can enjoy the tastes of Mexican cuisine far more quickly by preparing this chicken tortilla soup.

You’ll only need to chop onions and jalapenos, then add them to a pot with canned black beans, red kidney beans, corn, and crushed tomatoes

Then add two whole chicken breasts and a handful of your favorite spices, add water, and cook for about half an hour.

After that, you can shred the chicken with a pair of forks, sprinkle some toasted tortilla strips on top, and serve. What a tasty and simple way to get a bite of Mexico!

At first glance, it might seem strange to combine sliced mango with kidney beans. 

After all, one of these ingredients is sweet while the other is savory.

However, combining different tastes is one of the best ways to create a dish that pleases every one of your tastebuds. 

Besides, you can create this salsa in only ten minutes, making it a fantastic snack option for those short on time. 

Not all recipes using kidney beans are designed for lunch or dinner. 

For example, this recipe results in a tasty dessert or snack that you can enjoy at any time of the day!

While these cakes typically utilize adzuki beans, you can use cooked and mashed red kidney beans instead. 

Just be sure to add a few pinches of sugar to give your bean paste a sweet taste.

Southern dishes make for some of the best comfort foods, especially when cold weather arrives.

This recipe combines some of the most beloved Southern ingredients and dishes, including cornbread, ground beef chili, and cooked beans. 

Notably, this recipe calls for black beans. 

But for a more authentic chili taste, you’ll want to substitute with kidney beans.

Bring a taste of the Caribbean to your kitchen with this jerk chicken and rice dish.

To make it happen, you’ll need a wide skillet (preferably cast iron), as well as some chicken thighs and jerk seasoning.

Still, while the jerked chicken might be one of the highlights of this meal, the kidney beans, onions, and spice mixture enrich this dish and make it an instant classic.

Imagine this: Green beans, spinach, and red kidney beans smothered in a rich red tomato sauce and filled with soft elbow noodles. 

Now imagine fresh-grated parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. Is your stomach growling yet?

If so, you’ll want to try this minestrone recipe. 

It’s essentially a warm hug for your tastebuds and your tummy.

Having a tasty dip on hand is crucial to ensuring that your party or get-together goes smoothly. But traditional tomato salsa isn’t your only option.

This simple slow cooker salsa dip is a mouthwatering mix of kidney beans, pinto beans, cream cheese, and spicy tomato salsa. 

It’s an upgraded version of salsa dip that your friends and family can enjoy together.

Healthy salads aren’t always comprised of lettuce, kale, or spinach. 

So, if you’re looking for a new way to eat healthily, you might want to try this bean-filled salad.

In addition to cooked kidney beans, this salad contains cooked green beans and pinto beans. 

It’s also delicately garnished with raw slices of red onion.

You’ll be sure to savor the bright flavors of this unique salad.

As you can see, there are dozens of things to make with kidney beans. But one of the tastiest and easiest recipes is kidney bean quesadillas. 

You’ll need some flour tortillas and cooked red kidney beans to get started. 

Simply mash your beans, add your favorite spices and some chopped onions, then slather this mixture onto the tortillas and cover it with shredded cheese.

Fold the tortilla so that it’s closed, then heat for a few seconds on a hot pan. 

Voila! Near-instant kidney bean goodness.

Being shipwrecked on a lonely island might not sound like much fun, but if you had a bowl of Shipwreck Stew on hand, you might not mind!

This savory concoction features potatoes, onions, corn, tomatoes, and red kidney beans. 

It’s a fantastic meal for any time of the year and is packed with wholesome nutrients. 

Adding a little ground beef is a surefire way to make this stew even tastier.

The bottom line

Kidney beans are affordable, tasty, and an excellent source of protein.

You can use kidney beans to enrich soups, make wholesome salads, or create delicious desserts.

Unsure where to start? 

Consider adding kidney beans to these robust chili appetizers and summer soups!

25 BEST Ways To Cook Kidney Beans

25 BEST Ways To Cook Kidney Beans

You can use kidney beans to enrich soups, make wholesome salads, or create delicious desserts.


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  • Homemade Vegetarian Chili
  • Kidney Beans Sandwich With Cottage Cheese
  • Red Kidney Beans With Plantains
  • Easy Refried Red Kidney Beans
  • Afghan Kidney Bean Curry
  • Jambalaya With Kidney Beans
  • Red Kidney Bean Dip
  • Skillet Dirty Rice And Beans
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup
  • Fast Mango Bean Salsa
  • Red Bean Mooncakes
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  • Classic Three Bean Salad
  • Kidney Bean Quesadillas
  • Shipwreck Stew


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