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Steak House Rock: 15 Round Steak Recipes That Are Sure To Be Your Best Idea Yet

Steak House Rock: 15 Round Steak Recipes That Are Sure To Be Your Best Idea Yet

How about taking a value cut of beef and transforming into a delicious dinner with these 15 round steak recipes? We have ideas here that will elevate this humble steak!

There needn’t be a ruinous price tag attached to a great steak dinner — forget humdrum wagyu and la-di-da-tenderloin — here’s 15 round steak recipes that pack a profoundly beefy punch. 

In the hierarchy of things we Americans couldn’t go without, steaks would rank somewhere near the top alongside air-conditioning and jumbo everything. 

Our carnivorous tendencies have never been in doubt indeed, they’re a marker of the American identity. 

The consumption of meat is an expression of who we are and how we see ourselves; it’s no coincidence that the figurehead of American culture, the lone cowboy, is a cattle herder, or that we proudly lay claim to being the birthplace of the cheeseburger. 

But we’re not indiscriminate in our love for meat. 

We never have been. It’s beef brawny and visceral that reigns supreme over other (purportedly lesser) game. 

You might then think it reasonable to assume that a good steak that silky, well-marbled cut ought to be the very picture of the protein aristocracy. 

And you’d be right; but alas, there’s plenty of infighting amongst royalty. 

These are lines drawn in blood (and gravy). 

To hear a steak-snob tell it, the only meat worth eating ought to call for a line of credit. 

Leave them to their $300 rumps. 

You needn’t forego one of life’s greatest savory pleasures that of an invigorating mouthful of richly buttery steak in hopes of a sudden windfall or surprise inheritance. 

We’ve put together a list of the top round steak recipes out there to help you avoid just such an eventuality: braised with wine, tossed in a salad or even grilled with lime (hello, #13, we’ve been waiting for you) it’s all good eating.

The earthy mushrooms are an excellent foil for the gutsy, Worcestershire-forward gravy. 

To this end, we recommend cutting yours with beef stock, to give it a bit more body and a little less zip.

We love the yielding, tender quality of slow-simmered round steak alongside pliant mushrooms and velvety pasta. 

The addition of a handful of finely chopped dill stalks in this recipe is a very good idea indeed just toss them in the pan whilst you’re cooking the mushrooms and sprinkle on top prior to serving. 

Put your slow-cooker through the paces with this streamlined, intensely flavorful main course.  

However, be warned that broccoli strongly objects to being cooked for long periods of time it retaliates by going all grey and morose so char, grill or fry beforehand and serve it as a side instead.

Punchy and umami rich these slithery noodles are way better than takeout and way healthier. 

They’re also blessedly quick and come together in a cinch; perfect for those days when you ought to have been out the door an hour ago.

Smothered round steak is, we think, very good. 

That’s why we’ve elected to include two different recipes it’s our best bet at winning this supremely underrated cut of a few more fervent admirers. 

This one is heavy on the onions and peppers!

Now, we’re no rocket scientists, but when attempting to coax a sinewy, hard-working cut of meat like the round steak into melting and going all butter-soft, there’s nothing quite so well suited to the task as a long, slow tomato braise rich, meaty, savory it’s a simple enough affair that’s well worth the wait.

A fine steak made with care doesn’t need wine to be good but it certainly helps. 

Top round recipes don’t get a whole lot easier. 

Some like it hot some like it hot and heaped with soft, pleasingly-melty cheese. 

We’re members of the latter camp; duh

This warming, brassy dish is all about the heat-factor: you’ll probably only realize how much chili is too much once you’ve made it a few times and ended up standing inside the fridge door with the better part of a liter of milk dribbling down your chin. 

Wondering what to do with round steak?

These salty delectable steak bites are totally comforting and just the thing to banish a hangover or liven up a boring breakfast.

Let your oven do all the work for you and warm up your kitchen in the process with this piquant, peppery recipe all you’ve got to do is bring your appetite.

 A nice bottle of wine never hurt anybody, either. 

Smoking represents the heroic transcendence of man over meat. 

Hominids have been roasting their food for the better part of 250,000 years and we’ll probably still be doing it when the sun swallows us. 

This slow-smoked round steak is an utter revelation; serve it with a side of cold, tangy slaw for extra oomph.

Have a little zip for dinner. Or lunch. 

Or brunch. 

This may even be breakfast fare, if you’re the particularly enterprising sort. 

Take-out fare reimagined in a far-less-greasy, far-more-delicious vein it’s hot, it’s salty and it’s pretty damn near perfect.

Too often we’ve bitten into a fajita with great fervor and even greater expectations only to find whatever else might’ve been there overshadowed by watery, bitter vegetables and an abundance of sour cream. 

These colorful, riotously-flavorful fajitas have given us cause for hope again. 

The bottom line

In the hands of an optimistic cook, the humble round steak is capable of inspiring awe and delight in equal measure.

Awe: “I can do that, with this?!” 

Delight: “I did that with this.” 

The next time you’re at your butcher’s, take a gander at those thrifty, oft-overlooked cuts who knows what you might find? 

For more ways to make value cuts of beef into delicious meals, check out these chuck steak recipes!

15 Best Ways To Use Round Steak

15 Best Ways To Use Round Steak

Check out these 15 Round Steak Recipes that make good use of round steak to create flavorful recipes!


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  1. Choose one or more options from our list of recipes for Round Steak Recipes here. 
  2. Create your new favorite dish.
  3. Pat yourself on the back for making food at home for you to enjoy!
  4. Share and comment! Did you make any tweaks so it’s all your own?

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