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How to Cook Canned Corn – the Quick and Definitive Guide

How to Cook Canned Corn – the Quick and Definitive Guide

Have you wondered how to cook canned corn and make it way better? Cooking canned corn can be super simple, or you can spice it up with a specific recipe. Corn straight out of the can is pretty darn good. If you add a pat of butter to it and heat it, you got something pretty tasty. However, you can then start adding ingredients to that can of corn and suddenly have something quite special. We even use it to make our Chipotle Salsa copycat recipe.

Step by Step Instructions

Stir Fry Stove Method

[tasty-recipe id=”8891″]

Roast Bake Oven Method

[tasty-recipe id=”8893″]

Microwave Method

[tasty-recipe id=”8894″]

Is corn in a can already cooked?

Yes, corn in the can is already cooked. You can eat canned corn directly from the can but it generally tastes better if you heat it up. It actually tastes pretty darn good right out of the can. I have been known to pour it in a bowl and just eat it without heating it.



Are you now ready to try the various ways to cook canned corn in just under 5 minutes? You might get burnt corn in the process but I am almost certain that it will not take more than two trials of any method before you can perfect each method.

What is important is to keep those cans of corn from being boxed into storing cabinets and freeing their nutrients into our bloodstreams by first entering any cooking method and into our plates.

Did you find the methods helpful for a healthier you? Or perhaps you have more tips on how to make canned corn feel like a specialty. Don’t be shy, speak up and we can help each other find many more ways to be healthy in a yummy way.

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Thank you! Great simple instructions!

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Wednesday 14th of November 2018

Awesome. I am so glad that it is helpful for you. -E

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