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25 Best Jagermeister Cocktails: Ways To Use The German Liqueur

25 Best Jagermeister Cocktails: Ways To Use The German Liqueur

Are you looking for Jagermeister mixed drinks that can get the party started?

Look no further than these 25 best Jagermeister cocktails to kick off the fun!

Jägermeister, or simply the Jäger, has a reputation for bringing out the drinker’s playful side–making it popular at frat parties. 

Pronounced ‘yay-ger-my-stir,’ the Jäger is an amaro (Italian herbal liqueur) manufactured in Germany Wolfenbüttel, where there is even a Jägermeister guesthouse. 

Its name takes inspiration from German hunters and literally translates to “master of the hunt”–thus, the deer on the famous red label.

The Jäger has a lower ABV of 35%, making it known as an after-dinner digestif. 

The Germans fondly refer to it as “leberkleister,” which translates to “liver glue.”

What makes it unique is the spectacular blend of 56 herbs and spices.

Instead of drinking it straight up, it’s best to sip it slowly to enjoy the distinct flavors of licorice, star anise, aniseed, cinnamon bark, cardamom, galangal, ginger, ginseng, and bitter orange.

The recipe remains a top secret since Curt Mast first created it in his father’s vinegar factory in 1935.

The process takes over 365 days, including filtering, storing in oak barrels, and 383 quality checks.

Now, what to choose for the first drink?

If you’re in a dark mood while watching “Wednesday” on Netflix, then try the Black Raven Cocktail With Rum

Want something sweet? 

Go for Midnight Oil cocktail mix.

#20 is for those who are feeling experimental!

When it comes to burning the midnight oil, you want it to last as long as possible.

With this cocktail, you won’t enjoy much of it chugging.

It’s best to savor this blend’s distinct notes and flavors. 

The complexities of this cocktail end on a slightly sweet note, making it an exciting choice as a dessert drink. 

Enjoy it with fruit, pastries, and other light desserts.

The Jäger is quite a versatile syrupy drink that blends well with other alcoholic beverages.

This cocktail has layers of flavor that continue to unfold sip after sip. 

Stumble upon a glorious match of spirits with the Jäger and rye whiskey in fusion. 

There are spicy notes with a hint of bark taste from the pimento bitters.

Can’t get enough of the star anise and ginger in the Jägermeister?

This cocktail mix adds a bit more of the powdered varieties into a new combination with a zesty surprise. 

The Citrus Hunter tastes like fall with its choice of ingredients.

This cocktail puts in a good word with the citrus notes found in lime, grapefruit juice, Pierre Ferrand Cognac, and Curaçao.

Want to drink Jägermeister straight up?

Here’s a combination of shots, the unruly Jäger, and the bitter-sour goodness of dry apple cider.

This combo makes it easier to chug, making it a fast fix at parties.

The pairing with this drink is seamless.

The humble orange juice comes to balance the complexities of the herbal liqueur.

It’s one drink that you can create at home with no fuss.

Tame the somewhat notorious Jäger into a mild cocktail, making it a suitable pairing with dessert and after-dinner. 

This vodka martini is also popularly known as the “Widow Maker.”

Premium vodka smooths out the potent herbal liqueur.

Add a layer of bittersweetness with a touch of Kahlúa Coffee Liqueur and a few drops of grenadine. 

You can also try something fun by adding a flavor twist to the vodka, like berry-flavored, vanilla, and espresso vodkas.

Want to whip out a sweet, fluffy drink at home?

This cold brew martini needs a bit of elbow grease with the hand mixer to create that thick whipped top. 

Get your highball glass out and enjoy a tall drink of iced alcoholic coffee with a hint of cacao. 

Add some cinnamon powder to garnish, and enjoy!

A citrus-flavored energy drink sweetens the mix and prepares you for a night of fun. 

It has a sweet, slightly tart flavor that tames the taste of the herbal liqueur. 

Infuse with some Smirnoff Vodka and level up the classic “Bomb.”

Here’s a take on a classic that’s been around for years.

In this classic Italian Negroni with Campari riff, this version swaps out the red bitters with an herbaceous, licorice-sweet liqueur.

It’s a good choice if you want something more aromatic.

Here’s something fast to make yet tastes so delicious you’ll sip on it for longer.

Enjoy it as a drink rather than a shot.

It’s a simple combo with citrusy notes and a touch of simple syrup.

Jäger lovers pay tribute to the Sith Lord Darth Vader with this playful mix of whiskey, vodka, triple sec, sour mix, and Coca-Cola.

The delicious drink speaks for itself but makes it stand out with an “ice death star” for a whimsical touch to the dark cocktail.

Though the Jäger has a rep as a party shot, in recent years, bartenders have been developing new combinations to the delight of the fancy drinker.

It’s not just a shot of the German amaro with beer; it’s a sensational creation of layers of flavor.

Play around with the herbal, bitter licorice flavors of your drink.

Let it whiff you away to the Bahamas with its nutty coconut rum and citrusy pineapple juice blend.

If you play with some berries, you’ll turn that brown amaro into a fancy drink for ladies’ night.

Sip into this lush cocktail of blackcurrant jam and blackberries.

The sweet and fruity twist is reminiscent of summer nights on the patio.

Enjoy it with a slice of chocolate cake and cap the night sweetly.

Get into the holiday spirit with this delicious combo that tastes like a creamy root beer float. 

It’s like comfort Booze with ice cream, Coke, and Bailey’s Irish Cream. 

Making this drink is a breeze too!

It’s an excellent choice for those who don’t like drinking straight up.

This German herbal spirit is like a tonic, said to help get rid of the occasional cold and flu.

Sip this medicinal cocktail cold and feel a warm belly rub inside.

Be mindful not to have this drink on a full stomach if you don’t want to vomit.

This fusion of Jägermeister and rum, darkened by activated charcoal, is a dark sour drink.

A forewarning with this recipe, if you’re taking prescriptions, it’s best to wait it out after drinking as the activated charcoal absorbs toxins and drugs.

Are you preparing a haunted theme party like “Wednesday” or something criminal?

Try this jet-black fusion with dark rum, Coke, black food coloring, and the German amaro.

Garnish with a cocktail skewer of maraschino cherries.

This combination adds another dimension to the herbs and spices in the amaro.

You’ll find the ginger and lime combo refreshing when fused into the liqueur.

Tone it with sparkling water for long nights catching up with friends.

Are you on the experimental side when it comes to whipping up cocktails?

Get your hands on this ketchup-and-mustard cocktail with not one but two dashes of fish sauce!

It’s one where you have to first try before you criticize. 

This fusion is sweet-and-salty, unexpectedly delicious, like a bloody Mary and mimosa combination.

Also known as “Hunters’ Tea,” this winter drink takes black tea and splashes it with alcohol.

Warm up on cold nights with this comforting cocktail.

Ever tried the cold brew coffee version of this German amaro?

It’s a delectable blend of Arabica coffee with hints of cacao.

Take things up a notch and add some vanilla, coffee, almond syrup, and light cream to the liqueur.

Serve cold and sip through the night. 

Inspired by the combination of fall flavors in apples and caramel, this cocktail is something you’ll return to again and again. 

It has sweet and crisp notes, leaning more towards spice than bitterness.

It’s an excellent mix to enjoy over the holidays.

This fusion takes the famous Moscow Mule and revs it up German style. 

Instead of vodka, try this herbal liqueur and top it with ginger beer or chilled ginger ale. 

The flavors develop by adding ginger, which works well with most cocktails.

This drink takes inspiration from the stag’s head on the liqueur label.

It aims to elevate the spirit’s reputation as more than a college rite. 

The recipe calls for equal parts of sweet vermouth to Jägermeister, mixed with a dash of root beer bitters and club soda on the top.

It has a refreshing taste you’ll sip enjoyably.

The bottom line

There are so many ways to get into the world of Jagermeister cocktails.

College would introduce you to the Bomb, and you level it up into a Turbo Jäger Bomb.

Some add cola or coffee to the mix.

You can have it sour, bitter, sweet, or spicy, depending on what you prefer in the mixture. 

With plenty of choices, enjoy these drinks at parties and holiday festivities for fun nights.

25 Best Jagermeister Cocktails

25 Best Jagermeister Cocktails

Are you looking for Jagermeister mixed drinks that can get the party started? Look no further than these 25 best Jagermeister cocktails to kick off the fun!


  • Fright Night In The Grove
  • Midnight Oil
  • Jägermeister Old-Fashioned
  • The Citrus Hunter
  • Darth Jäger
  • Jägermeister Fresh Orange Juice
  • Jäger Cafe Cocktail
  • Jägermeister Cold Brew Whipped Coffee
  • Turbo Jäger Bomb
  • Jäger Negroni
  • Jägerita
  • Death Star
  • Surfer On Acid
  • Purple Stag Cocktail
  • Jägermeister & Coke Boozy Drink
  • Honey Healer
  • The Darke Daiquiri
  • Black Raven Cocktail With Halloween Rum
  • Jäger Buck
  • Ketchup & Jäger Cocktail
  • Jagertee
  • Jägermeister Espresso Martini
  • Apple Cranberry Caramel Cocktail
  • Jägermeister Mule
  • Stag's Leap


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