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9 family reunion food ideas that are crowd pleasers

Family reunions can be a dreaded affair for some people. However, they certainly don’t have to be, especially when you serve mouthwatering dishes to your family, which they can’t resist but dig into. 

Still, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the next reunion you have will be even more special, which is why you need the right blend of tasty dishes for the occasion. 

After all, good food can make everything merry, right?

1. Chicken-spaghetti casserole

Let’s start this list off with a vintage classic that will surely earn you your parents’ approval. This appetizing dish is undoubtedly one of the best comfort foods out there. I mean, just who doesn’t love chickenpasta, butter, cheese, and hot sauce? The chicken-spaghetti casserole is oh-so-good that your family will be itching for second and third helpings!

2. Classic parmesan scalloped potatoes

If you and your family love potatoes and cheese, then this dish will be the highlight of the evening. As it is, it has the crispiness of scalloped potatoes combined with the cheesiness of parmesan or, as I like to call it, the queen of the cheese-dom. The classic parmesan scalloped potatoes is made complete with a blend of herbs that add some refreshingly delicious flavors to it. 

3. Crispy fried chicken

You need to have something at the table that the kids and adults will dig into, and no other dish can beat delicious crispy fried chicken as the ultimate crowd pleaser! You can pair the fried chicken with your favorite mayo dips for a mouthwatering recipe.

4. Minty watermelon salad

You need some light and refreshing flavors to balance that fried chicken’s heaviness, and the best dish to offer that lightness to you has to be a minty watermelon salad. This salad has the ideal blend of flavors and textures, ranging from the juicy watermelon and the crumbliness of feta cheese, to the textured flavor of pickled onions and refreshing quality of mint. Seriously, what more do you want from a salad?

5. Pineapple casserole

If you’re looking for a sweet, savory, and cheesy dish that’s filled with the goodness of pineapples, then you have to try this pineapple casserole. This delicious dish deserves all the plus points for its unique taste and lovely texture, and, in my books, it ranks pretty high in the list of family reunion food ideas. 

6. King ranch chicken

If you want to spice up the family reunion with another filling and mouth watering casserole, then try this cheesy Mexican dish. Chockfull of sharp cheddar, smoked chicken, green chilies, roasted peppers, and Monterey Jack cheese, the king ranch chicken has a lot going for it, and your family will surely love it!

7. Chocolate ice cream cake

Who doesn’t love chocolate and ice cream? For your next family reunion, you can mix these two divine inventions and create a delectably decadent chocolate ice cream cake. The chocolatey goodness of this cake combined with ice cream’s coldness makes this dish a winner through and through. 

8. Creamy dilled cucumber salad

You must have heard of plain, old cucumber salad, but you need to try this cucumber salad that’s sprinkled with some dill. Imagine the refreshing flavor of cucumbers paired with some sour cream and white vinegar, among other delicious ingredients! Yes, my mouth is watering as well! You creamy dilled cucumber salad, where art thou?

9. Finger-licking baked beef ribs

These oven-baked ribs are well-seasoned, slow-baked, juicy, and oh-so-tender! The meat will fall right off the bones, and your family will declare you the go-to cook. Ultimately, the BBQ seasoning for these ribs is my absolute favorite. All I can say is, you must serve this dish at your next family reunion. 

The bottom line

Getting together with the entire family is always an exciting affair, one that also asks for excellent food ideas. But meal planning in this case can also be quite stressful, especially if the ones you’re about to dish out might be too safe or just plain bland.

The selections we’ve provided should just about make your life easier, if not make you the ultimate cook in the family.

EASY Family Reunion Food Ideas

EASY Family Reunion Food Ideas

9 delectable family reunion food ideas that will impress your family at the dinner table


  • Chicken-spaghetti casserole
  • Classic parmesan scalloped potatoes
  • Crispy fried chicken
  • Minty watermelon salad
  • Pineapple casserole
  • King ranch chicken
  • Chocolate ice cream cake
  • Creamy dilled cucumber salad
  • Finger-licking baked beef ribs


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