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Mangia! 24 Can’t-Miss Italian Chicken Recipes

Mangia! 24 Can’t-Miss Italian Chicken Recipes

Planning dinner and you really want to see what recipes the internet has to offer? I’ve got one or two Italian chicken recipes right here for you to try.

The question most of us grapple with is, “What’s for dinner?”

I have a quick fix to this question and it’s almost always a recipe for chicken. 

Not just your normal chicken, but Italian chicken…

…without any overseas traveling.

Though a tour through Tuscany would probably do my soul pretty nice right about now. 

Chicken is quite versatile and every family has its way of preparing this dish but have you tried the Italian way?

These recipes yield well-rounded meals that are family-friendly and finger-licking good without needing too much input from you.

From the Lemon Scallopini to the Chicken Spiedini and Italian Chicken Stew, I’m not looking to overwhelm you. 

And if you just stocked up on whole heads of garlic, I have to recommend you try James Beard’s 40-Clove Garlic Chicken (it’s about three whole heads).

This is a list of mostly weeknight dinner options that you can put together pretty fast.

Just remember to take the chicken out of the freezer the night before and put it in the fridge to thaw. 

Find a keeper in these 23 Italian Chicken recipes that are all doable even in the humblest of kitchens yet create memorable heaven that transport you to Italy every time.

Without knowing if this recipe is truly of Italian origin or flavor, I will tell you that heavy garlic on anything makes me think of my 100% Italian father. 

He’d eat salads with chunks of raw garlic, not even sliced or minced—he loved it that much.

And a James Beard cookbook was often open on the countertop at my sister’s house. 

The idea of a dish with the excess and decadence of so.much.garlic. made us laugh! 

At the time we hadn’t learned yet of the smooth, creamy, irresistible texture of roasted garlic. 

So, this one is straight off James Beard’s Foundation site, even though it has been adapted from his original.

It uses fairly economical drumsticks and it’s cooked for a nice long time until the meat falls off the bone (which is the only way I will eat dark chicken meat). 

This is a sear-and-bake situation, so pull out your Dutch oven and maybe grab yourself a glass of wine as you follow along with this easy recipe for Beard’s fragrant and delicious dish.

Make sure you spoon out the garlic, crush lightly with a fork, and offer it up next to some crusty bread.

This is an easy recipe with quick cooking time and all the ingredients are easily available at most grocery stores.

The balsamic sauce will tickle your taste buds with its unique flavor while the mozzarella and basil seal the deal.

This is a no-fuss recipe that will be ready in 30 minutes without compromising on flavor or presentation.

Gather your family around the dinner table and enjoy this soon-to-be favorite with some potatoes, rice, or pasta.

Stir and serve!

I love lemon on and in everything. 

Squeezed over seafood, paired up in a light and bright sauce.

The smell immediately improves my mood, so if I’m about to eat it also? 

It’s a better day already. 

This recipe is a distinctive combination of flavors that is remarkably easy to prepare yet quite delicious.

Delight your family and guests with this traditional Italian dish that is best served with some pasta or alongside artisan bread.

I hope this Italian chicken recipe makes your day brighter, too.

Chicken parmigiana is also known as chicken parm or chicken parmesan and this recipe brings out all the glory of this Italian dish.

I never order this when I’m out to a restaurant because there are so many different options that I prefer, but when I make it at home, I just love it.

Pair it with some spaghetti (no more waste, just reheat your spaghetti for leftovers the next day) green, or a Caprese salad.


Be sure to get that rolled R in there. 

My mom made this for us ALL THE TIME.

And, to be honest, I got sick of it! 

But this one, wow. 

A beautiful pan of fragrant tomato sauce and olives, and bone-in chicken quarters for the most flavor. 

No experience is needed with this recipe, making it perfect for those venturing into Italian cuisine for the first time.

Everyone will scrape out every last bit of this rustic dish and the recipe can be tweaked to suit your likes and preferences.

If the thought of tender pieces of chicken heavily coated in creamy, wine-laden sauce has your taste buds on high alert, then this recipe is for you.

A few basic ingredients, a skillet, and some dry marsala wine are all you need for this easy-to-recreate Italian-American dish.

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t have to be marsala. 

Use whatever dry red you have on hand.

If you don’t have chicken breasts, just use boneless chicken thighs but give them a good pounding.

I make this recipe all the time but I don’t tell people it’s “Milanese.”

I just call it pan-fried chicken because I change up the seasonings and spices every time I make it.

There are some handy step-by-step instructions here, but I’ll be honest.

I DESTROY the kitchen when I make pan-fried chicken. 

Flour, breadcrumbs/panko/cornmeal, eggs and whatever else I throw in just gets everywhere, so I really need to be in the mood for this one.

Ahem, I digress.

In a nutshell, simply bread your chicken cutlets, fry them to perfection in a knuckle’s worth of cooking oil, and serve with a side dish of arugula salad.

But it’s my favorite dinner meal that I make myself and I will make it even if I am 100% just eating for one.

Try this pizza for your next pizza night and you won’t regret it.

I have yet to make my own pizza dough at home. I buy it fresh from some grocery bakeries or the rolls of it. 

Of course it’s better if you make your own dough, but …

You know what I’m sayin’. 

Some days nobody got time fo’ that!

The crusty pizza is baked with chicken, and melty mozzarella and is topped with fresh Italian goodness that will leave everyone impressed.

Fresh, flavorful, and perfect.

This delicious dinner is fuss-free and easy to make in one go so less cleaning and more relaxing.

The flavors combine in one place exquisitely to create a meal you will want to prepare again and again.

Classic Italian homemade dinner.

This is a sure crowd-pleaser that is worth 
every single mouthful.

Make double batches and freeze the extra for later because everyone will beg for more.

Some green or tossed salad will go well with this masterpiece.

My family prefers simple arugula salad with this favorite family recipe.

You will not find a better way to grill whole chicken till it is gloriously brown with a charred exterior.

‘Spatchcocking’ your bird means you skip the step of cutting up your chicken and also makes for a stunning serving platter.

Allow your chicken to sit for about 15 minutes before carving so all the juices pull back into the bird.

This tastes like a dish you would get at an Italian restaurant near you.

This recipe is both simple and impressive making it perfect for cozy weeknights or entertaining weekends with guests.

Pair it with some roasted potatoes or steamed greens.

There’s never enough chicken, right? 

Here’s my list of Easy Chicken & Shrimp recipes too!

This amazing recipe involves bathing chicken cutlets in wine sauce and some garlicky olive oil, searing them in a skillet then throwing in some mushrooms, tomatoes, and spinach.

30 minutes and you are done!

Get to know these chicken recipes to cook in the Dutch oven!

This delicious recipe gives a heave-ho to your chicken breasts by twisting them into delivery carriers of flavors that are only limited by your imagination.

The seamless blend of flavors makes for a filling meal served alongside most side dishes though I prefer mine with zucchini or squash.

It’s time to fire up your grill and have fun with your chicken, herbs, and spices.

This is an Italian spin on chicken skewers coupled with a buttery garlic sauce you won’t get enough of.

Breaded chicken is grilled over an open fire leaving it crispy and slightly charred with a smoky flavor that goes along famously with the garlic butter sauce.

Soak the wooden skewers for half an hour in advance so they do not catch fire whilst cooking.

The chicken pieces should also be of similar sizes so they cook evenly.

The smell alone will get your attention as the stew slowly simmers, filling you with the hunger for what’s to come.

This slow cooker recipe yields an Italian super stew that is comforting and packed with flavors from veggies, herbs, spices, and chicken.

You will not be disappointed.

This easy recipe brings together some veggies(whatever you have lying around will do), two kinds of beans, and chicken in one pot of tomato broth that will leave you asking for more.

Thicken your stew with some cornstarch or flour used sparingly, and mixed separately.

Ladle up your bowls and enjoy this delicacy with some bread to mop up all that flavor!

Think browned chicken thighs mixed with flavorful onions and carrots then simmered in a wine sauce for this decadent dish.

The amazing smells alone will pull everyone to the kitchen and the result will not disappoint.

You will be amazed at how fast everything disappears so for the second try, double the ingredients so you can safely freeze some.

Serve over some mashed potatoes with some green salad.

Chicken and pest always make a winning combination while the spinach and creamy sauce elevate this meal even higher.

Add more of what you like; some red bell peppers or artichokes and take away what you don’t like until you have yourself a winner.

Hearty, filling, comforting, and unexpectedly fresh full of bright and sunny flavors!

This Italian-American dish is inspired by the French yet it’s quite easy to make at home and will be ready in 40 minutes.

This recipe shines because of the simple ingredients used, the intense flavors, and the beautiful finished dish.

Watch the anxious faces of your loved ones as they wait to be served and the eye-popping as they take their first bite.


Meatballs are a fun and easy way to make use of ground chicken meat and this recipe turns the bland chicken into something crave-worthy thanks to the clever infusion of herbs and spices.

You can use a skillet or bake your meatballs though the baked ones lose the browning effect.

Use this recipe with ground turkey, beef, or pork, and enjoy each bite with some pasta or bread the next time you need an appetizer.

Surprise your family with this tasty comfort food that will be ready in no time with little fuss.

Gather your ingredients, layer them in your oven-safe skillet, and pop them into your preheated oven for the prescribed time and nothing more!

One-pot of pure magic will soon be a family favorite as you can play with the mix of vegetables and spices.

These fun, fancy and flavorful roll-ups are a must-try recipe and will be an instant hit, especially with the kids.

Creamy Italian chicken stuffed in lasagna noodles then rolled up before being doused in alfredo sauce and cheese should have your mouth watering by now.

Creamy, dreamy, cheesy, and easy on your tummy.

The bottom line

Making food from scratch just needs some extra steps and time but the results are beyond worth it!

Work through the recipes, take your time in the kitchen and customize the recipes until you have sure winners for you and your family.

There will be awes, mmmmms, and ohs as the meals disappear from plates and polite requests for seconds…

…maybe even thirds…music to any cook’s ears.

There is just something about Italian cooking that lifts any meal, chicken included, to new culinary heights.

Enjoy a few more epic Italian recipes here on CookingChew:

23 Ways to Cook Italian Chicken

23 Ways to Cook Italian Chicken

Planning dinner and you really want to see what recipes the internet has to offer? I’ve got one or two of my favorite Italian Chicken Recipes right here for you to try.


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  • Chicken Caprese Recipe
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  • Chicken & Tomato No-Boil Pasta Bake
  • Creamy Chicken Alfredo Lasagna Roll-Ups


  1. Take a look at our Italian Chicken Recipes list!
  2. Bring the ingredients to create a new favorite dish.
  3. Woohoo! You created a home-cooked meal!
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