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42 Buddha Bowl Recipes: Hearty, Tasty Meals

42 Buddha Bowl Recipes: Hearty, Tasty Meals

These 42 buddha bowl recipes are perfect for quick breakfast, weeknight dinners, or anytime you’re craving a hearty, tasty meal!

To all the veggie lovers out there, this is your time to shine!

Buddha bowls are a straightforward, one-bowl meal that often consists of fresh veggies, plant proteins, and rice or other nutty grains.

However, buddha bowls are not only limited to vegetarian meals.

Whether you want to mix up your usual buddha bowl or try your hand at these delicious meals, these buddha bowl recipes should help you get started. 

The Quinoa Buddha Bowl and Thai Peanut Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl are the must-try recipes on this list.

However, #28 is something unique and vibrant that can add life to your dining experience.

It’s common for buddha bowls like this one to have a long list of ingredients, but don’t be alarmed because the ingredients on this recipe are more of a guide.

In fact, you can add or remove ingredients that you think will add to the appeal of this dish.

This dish is light and easy, and although it takes some prep time, it’s not as challenging as it seems.

Two days of preparation is what you need if you want to achieve a more flavorful version of this dish.

The trick here is to marinate your tofu (the highlight of the dish) at most 2 days in advance so that the tofu becomes chewier and tastier.

The vegetables, fruits, and tofu create a cozy and hearty vibe to the dish.

This Jerk Chicken Buddha Bowl is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy.

If you enjoy a mixture of flavors in your one-bowl dish, this should be the ideal recipe for you.

It’s also amazing what the mango salsa does for this recipe.

This recipe is one of the more challenging ones on this list, but the taste compensates greatly for all the effort.

The tofu and veggies work well together, but all these ingredients are topped off with a mouthwatering sauce.

This recipe is a burst of creamy, sour, and zesty flavors all in one bowl.

If there’s a buddha bowl that really has it all–grains, vegetables, nuts, and chickpeas!

Pro tip: Not everyone is a fan of kale, so to make it more appealing, combine a little salt and olive oil and give it a gentle massage.

Buddha bowls don’t always have to be vegetables all the time.

This Shrimp Buddha Bowl puts a new twist to the beloved and green buddha bowl and bang bang shrimp.

Spicy, creamy, and sweet spices all play around to make this dish appetizing.

Buddha bowls sound like a lot of work, but this recipe is so quick and easy, you will want to make it repeatedly.

This dish really makes use of sweet potatoes in a great way because it utilizes easy-to-find ingredients to heighten the starchy, sweet flavor of sweet potatoes.

Hummus is a flexible ingredient, so it’s not a surprise to know that it also works as the main star of a buddha bowl.

With this recipe, you only have to make the hummus and surround it with your favorite vegetables.

Fast and effortless!

You can get a hearty bowl even if you add meat to it, and this recipe proves that.

With so many ingredients, you can expect a party of overwhelming but completely good flavors in your mouth with every bite. 

This recipe uses peanut sauce, too, which is a common sauce for buddha bowls.

Sushi bowls are great buddha bowls!

This recipe has all the amazing taste of sushi, with just a little kick to make things more interesting.

It’s spicy enough to make you crave more, but it’s all kinds of crispy and filling.

Sometimes, the main star of a buddha bowl is not in its vegetables but in its sauce.

This is one example of a buddha bowl that uses a mouthwatering sauce to elevate the already delicious taste of the dish.

It might be a surprise that you can be hooked on a big bowl of vegetables with a creamy sauce. 

However, this recipe makes you closer to that reality.

Pro tip: Double the sauce you’re making because you will never get enough of it.

This dish highlights the flawless mixture of tahini chicken with cucumber and tomato salad.

With ingredients that do all the work of putting the flavors together, you will have all the deliciousness without effort.

You can also easily change up some ingredients until you find a combination that suits you.

This dish is called the winter bowl because it features some of the best winter produce, such as kale and beets!

However, the focal point of this highlight may just be the kale falafel.

If you want this dish to exceed your expectations regarding the taste, it’s best to make the falafel from scratch.

If there’s a buddha bowl for winter, there’s also one for fall!

The creamy cashew apple cider dressing gives this recipe the fall harvest vibes you’re expecting.

Pro tip: You can replace honey with maple syrup if you prefer that kind of taste.

This buddha bowl recipe is one of the tastiest on this list.

The tuna is well complemented by the other ingredients surrounding it, but the highlight is the fact that it’s sesame crusted, so it gives an extra appeal to the texture of the dish.

If you’re a big fan of Mexican food, this buddha bowl pulls off that Mexican smack.

The chipotle mayo sauce will lift up all the tastes playing around in this bowl, so don’t skip on it.

It’s not usual to use noodles in a buddha bowl since grains are usually involved; however, this recipe does the noodle buddha bowl beautifully.

This is so easy to whip up, even easier than most of the recipes on this list.

This buddha bowl is full of greens! 

Although it’s not the common color you think of about filling and hearty dishes, this green goddess bowl is actually a heavy meal.

It’s important to make as much tahini sauce as possible because it will make the bowl stand out.

Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian food that’s made from soybeans. 

This Thai spin on the Indonesian classic is packed with savory and appetizing ingredients.

It’s hard not to get a second serving of this bowl!

Although this recipe specifies the vegetables to use, you can feel free to add other veggies and fruits that you will enjoy.

Making this is so easy because you only have to season the ingredients and then put them together.

If you love shawarma, you’ll love this shawarma in the form of a buddha bowl.

A mouthwatering dish will reward you if you take your time to marinate and create this!

It’s not a quick preparation, but it’s worth it.

Pro tip: Trim any fat from the chicken because they get chewy in the oven.

The sourness of lemon and the crunchiness of tofu come flawlessly together in this buddha bowl.

This flavorful dish is easy to make, especially because the ingredients are ones that you probably already have in your pantry.

Buddha bowls are filling, so it’s not surprising that they make a great breakfast option.

This Egg & Veggie Breakfast Bowl should be enough to start your day on a high note.

This Albacore Tuna Buddha Bowl is overflowing with flavor and color!

It’s more appetizing to eat food that looks beautiful, which means this buddha bowl can satisfy not only your stomach but also your eyes.

If you love tuna, put this on top of your to-make list.

Besides tuna, salmon is also a fine fish option if you want to give more life to your buddha bowl.

This buddha bowl is easy but completely filling!

This Chickpea Taco Buddha Bowl is gluten-free, but it’s packed with various flavors!

It also has that extra kick that makes dishes more delectable.

Yes, this buddha bowl is like a rainbow!

It’s not only as colorful as a rainbow but can also make you as happy as a rainbow.

Dishes with more color like this are bound to be more scrumptious because there are a lot of spices and flavors in them.

Falafel is rich and savory, but adding vegetables into the mix becomes tangier and mind-blowing.

This Falafel Bowl will make you smile from ear to ear with every bite.

If there’s one dish that feels the most like a celebration, it’s this Black Bean Burrito Bowl.

Black beans may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but turning them into this burrito buddha bowl becomes hard to resist.

The creamy sauce is really what pushes the potential of this dish to the highest level.

If you want a buddha bowl filled with all kinds of superfoods, this dish is perfect for you.

Filled with all kinds of vegetables, this is still surprisingly crunchy and tasty.

Colorful and flexible are all words to describe (although probably insufficient) how delectable and flawless this dish is.

Turmeric turns a common taste into something with a kick, so the vegetables and turmeric work great here.

Are you craving some Korean food? 

Look no further.

This Bibimbap Buddha Bowl is the perfect twist to your usual Korean dish!

It’s packed with flavor that makes for a filling meal.

This is the one for you if you’re looking for a unique buddha bowl.

Most buddha bowls actually look alike, but this buddha bowl right here is the standout on this list.

It’s definitely an assortment of ingredients that combine perfectly with each other.

It also helps that it has an overall crunch to it!

Steak is not a common ingredient added to a buddha bowl, but this recipe makes it work.

This recipe involves a lot of ingredients, so it may take a lot of effort to build it, but when you take the first bite, you can’t help but keep eating.

This bulgogi bowl is a simpler twist to the buddha bowl. 

Although it might not look as full as other buddha bowls, it may just be more filling and delicious than the others.

Here’s another breakfast bowl to kickstart your day.

Eggs, avocados, and sweet potatoes are the main highlight of this dish. 

Pro tip: Cashews should be boiled in water for two hours.

Here’s an Italian change to your common buddha bowl.

The ingredients here are like the usual, but the wheat berry mixture sets this buddha bowl from the others.

Here’s another shawarma buddha bowl, but with some chicken in the mix.

This salad form of chicken shawarma is surprisingly hearty and delectable. 

You can also add more ingredients to the mix, such as potatoes. 

They can add more personality to the dish!

This buddha bowl is perfect for after thanksgiving when you have a bunch of turkey leftovers.

This dish makes a more delicious variation to your usual turkey, so it’s something that you should not skip out on!

Spicy mango? 

That sounds like it’s the taste that can make your mouth water for more, and fortunately, it is like that.

This recipe is flexible, so feel free to change it in a way that will work for your taste buds.

However, it’s the spicy mango sauce that really changes this buddha bowl into a memorable dish.

Meatballs in a buddha bowl?

Yes, it’s possible!

This Greek Meatball Buddha Bowl surprisingly uses easy but delicious ingredients that all add to the appeal and personality of this unique dish.

This isn’t your common buddha bowl because there are more flavors uniting in this meal.

The bottom line

We hope this list of buddha bowl recipes helps you start (or improve) your buddha bowl journey.

Once you start making buddha bowls, it’s hard not to continue with it because of all the ideas you can have.

The best thing about buddha bowls is that they’re highly flexible, so you can personalize one of these recipes and make it your own.

So, what are you waiting for?

These bowls are simple, but be sure that you’re ready to have a party–a party in your mouth, that is!

Tasty Buddha Bowl Recipe Collection

Tasty Buddha Bowl Recipe Collection

These 42 tasty buddha bowl recipes are perfect for quick breakfast, weeknight dinners, or anytime you're craving a hearty, delicious meal!


  • Summer Detox Chicken Buddha Bowl
  • Sesame-Crusted Tofu Bowl
  • Jerk Chicken Buddha Bowl
  • Coconut Cauliflower Rice Buddha Bowl
  • Turmeric Chickpea Buddha Bowl
  • Bang Bang Shrimp Buddha Bowl
  • Thai Peanut Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl
  • Hummus Buddha Bowl
  • Thai Chicken Buddha Bowl
  • Vegan Sushi Bowl
  • Roasted Broccoli Buddha Bowl
  • Buddha Bowl With Creamy Miso Sauce
  • Tahini Marinated Chicken Buddha Bowl
  • Winter Buddha Bowl
  • Fall Harvest Buddha Bowl
  • Sesame-Crusted Tuna Buddha Bowl
  • Mexican Buddha Bowl
  • Soba Noodle Buddha Bowl
  • Green Goddess Buddha Bowl
  • Thai Tempeh Buddha Bowl
  • Quinoa Buddha Bowl
  • Chicken Shawarma Buddha Bowl
  • Lemon Pepper Tofu Bowl
  • Egg & Veggie Breakfast Bowl
  • Albacore Tuna Buddha Bowl
  • Mediterranean Salmon Bowl
  • Chickpea Taco Buddha Bowl
  • Rainbow Rice Buddha Bowl
  • Falafel Bowl
  • Black Bean Burrito Bowl
  • Garden Veggie Vegan Buddha Bowl
  • Roasted Turmeric Cauliflower Buddha Bowl
  • Bibimbap Buddha Bowl
  • Rice Vermicelli Buddha Bowl
  • Flank Steak & Cashew Sauce Buddha Bowl
  • Bulgogi Buddha Bowl
  • Paleo Breakfast Buddha Bowl
  • Italian Roasted Vegetable & Wheat Berry Buddha Bowl
  • Chicken Shawarma Buddha Bowl
  • Turkey Buddha Bowl
  • Spicy Mango Vegan Buddha Bowl
  • Greek Meatball Buddha Bowl


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