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25 Spellbinding Dry Ice Drinks For Halloween & Beyond

25 Spellbinding Dry Ice Drinks For Halloween & Beyond

For the mesmerizing look of fog and frosty vapor swirling around your glass, try any of these dry ice cocktails at your next event!

When added to your drink, dry ice will cause what appears like smoke to come out of the glass.

You have to remember some safety tips when handling dry ice, such as not touching it directly but instead using tongs to avoid frostbite and waiting for it to dissolve before fully taking a sip from your drink.

With that in mind, these 25 dry ice cocktails are fitting for your Halloween party, fantasy-themed night, or even add an extra flair to your evening.

The Vampire’s Kiss Cocktail and Witches Brew will add spookiness to your night by including dry ice smoke.

The Washington Appletini and Smoking Blackberry Sage Margarita will soon be placed high on your list of crowd-pleasing cocktails.

Fans of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will have to check out the Crimes of Grindelwald Cocktail, too!

Even if you aren’t necessarily looking for a themed drink, some of these spookier-sounding cocktails will still be a great way to enjoy your drinks with the extra addition of dry ice!

If you want to take your cocktails up a notch with their presentation, try some dry ice cocktails for a mesmerizing change to the same old drinks!

Rather than just using dry ice for Halloween drinks, what about using it for Valentine’s cocktails, too?

This fruity martini features strawberry vodka, black raspberry-infused Chambord, pomegranate juice, and a little bit of dry ice dropped in right before serving.

Small strawberries cut into hearts also add a beautiful touch as a garnish and will impress as much as the smoky drink!

Starting with pineapple vodka, cherry liqueur, a bit of grenadine, and lemon-lime soda, you get such a refreshing cocktail that tastes as good as it looks!

A bit of dry ice adds a nice touch, reminiscent of Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders, from which this cocktail gets its name.

The first time you present this drink to a friend, dim the lights, so the presentation is much more incredible!

Not only is this bright green cocktail smokey from the dry ice, but it also glows in the dark!

All it takes is some Jones Cane Sugar soda in green apple flavor and a bit of vanilla vodka.

You know the kids will want some, so you can leave the vodka out of their drinks and still give them a drink to impress!

The homemade blueberry lavender syrup used in this martini is much easier to make than you may think at first thought.

High-quality vodka combined with the simple syrup and a little dry ice gives your cocktail an appearance that looks like you worked all day on perfecting its appearance when in reality, you spent maybe ten minutes maximum if you have to prepare your simple syrup by hand.

As always, be careful when handling the dry ice for this drink.

You know the drink will be delicious but try to avoid taking the first sip until the dry ice has all dissolved.

Even without the dry ice, this drink is scary good!

Between tequila, blackberries, sage, maple syrup, and orange bitters, this will be an unforgettable drink.

If you decide to leave out the dry ice, you can still give the presentation a little extra oomph by lighting a dried sage leaf on fire for your garnish.

This black martini is not only picturesque but full of herbaceous, sweet, and tart flavors all in each indulgent sip.

The Absolut Elyx vodka is definitely high quality and upgrades this martini from simple to extraordinary.

A little bit of blackberry puree and thyme simple syrup work magic on bringing out the best of everything that goes into this drink!

This cocktail is more than just the traditional Spanish cocktail, Kalimotxo.

This features some gold luster dust and, optionally, some shredded gold leaf pieces added in, which is safe for consumption if it is pure gold leaf.

The addition of gold complements the smokey dry ice so well in appearance!

Not to be confused with the Love Potion #9 cocktail above, this is also a fruity and smokey drink but with a different list of ingredients!

This cocktail features pomegranate juice, cranberry juice, vodka, peach schnapps, and club soda coming together for a beautiful purple color that is totally mystifying.

Your cocktail will be both tart and sweet with a nice balance of all the flavors that go into it!

Yes, this drink looks amazing, but the taste is what really sets it apart!

You can start off by making your own blackberry shimmery liqueur, but keep in mind this does take some planning ahead of time to let the flavors fully infuse.

When it’s time to serve, start with some grenadine to give it a “bleeding” look, and a little bit of powdered dry ice on top to add to the presentation.

The story of La Llorona has frightened children for years but this drink will only frighten you with how great it tastes!

Inspired by the traditional folklore, this is fitting for Halloween or Dia de Los Muertos but without the dry ice, it is a delicious drink to enjoy any time of year.

Fresh lemon and lime flavors are shaken together with Pisco brandy for an incredibly refreshing cocktail!

While it has the same name as the drink listed above, this cocktail is very different since it excludes the red wine and cola soda and instead replaces it with Chambord, cranberry juice, and grenadine for a blood-red color.

The addition of a bit of dry ice adds to the awe you will get when you serve this drink, but even if you leave it out, the beautiful color that comes from mixing the ingredients will be enough to intrigue everyone.

It only seems fitting to include a cocktail with smoke in its name in this list of dry ice cocktails.

Black sea salt makes an excellent garnish for the rim of your glass, while a mixture of mezcal, Cointreau, and fresh fruit juices fill the inside with a beautiful dark-colored cocktail.

Given the name, there is no way you can leave out the dry ice!

This cocktail is simple with only three ingredients, but the taste is definitely mesmerizing!

Purple Viniq and some prosecco are poured together with a small cube of dry ice for a drink that will impress all both in taste and appearance.

This can easily be made in a large pitcher or bowl to serve a crowd, too, so be sure to keep this in mind when you are planning to host a Halloween party!

Even though this cocktail is related to the Harry Potter world, the shimmery, bright green color makes it fitting for all types of themed nights.

Rum, blue curacao, Sprite, triple sec, and fresh orange juice make the Slytherin-inspired color with a bit of shimmer dust added in for extra fun.

This can also be made into a mocktail if your kids are also Harry Potter fans and want to partake in the fun!

Aside from Halloween, this is a great drink for your Avengers movie binging night.

The ingredients are all added in with intention so you get the spooky dark color with a taste that you will actually enjoy.

The ginger liqueur added to this martini adds just the right touch of spice and sweetness to your drink.

This drink is inspired by “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” but it is not too far from a classic old fashioned.

Rosemary simple syrup can be made just for this drink in a few easy steps.

An orange twist and sprig of rosemary as a garnish add a lot to the appearance, along with the dry ice at the bottom of the glass.

A Washington Appletini cocktail may be a classic drink for many but it can easily be made unique and fun by the simple addition of one ingredient.

You guessed it, dry ice!

This is a great way to make a drink you know and love fitting for Halloween night or a themed party!

With three ingredients for the cocktail and dry ice, if you choose, there is no reason not to give this drink a try!

Simple, beautiful, and crowd-pleasing, this cocktail has everything you could want in a Halloween drink.

All you need is vodka, either cherry or grape juice, and some sparkling water for a quick drink to come together, either in individual glasses or in a punch bowl.

A little bit of edible glitter with dry ice ensures when you pull this out, your guests will immediately turn their attention to this drink.

Dry ice cocktails are not limited to just Halloween.

This martini is perfect for the winter months with the cool blue color, addition of smokey dry ice, and tasty flavors mixed together.

White cranberry juice, blue curacao, and vodka make the pretty baby blue martini with dry ice adding an extra bit of flair.

There are many different ways to present this cocktail if you decide to serve it for Halloween.

You can also make simple adjustments to the ingredients to change up the flavor, such as switching in sour apple schnapps or adding in whiskey instead of vodka.

If the kids are around, they can also have a delicious mocktail version of this to feel like they are part of the party, too!

You do need to make a bit of cinnamon-grapefruit syrup for this drink but the work that goes into preparing it pays off when you see the zing it adds to your cocktail.

Three types of rum, a little bit of absinthe, and some fruit juice are shaken with ice and then poured into a glass with dry ice added in.

Whether for Halloween night or to binge-watch The Walking Dead, this drink is going to be the perfect companion for your evening!

This purple drink is shimmery, refreshing, and quick to prepare so you will definitely want to save this recipe!

Raspberry vodka is recommended for this drink but any flavor will work.

Peach liqueur pairs well with the raspberry flavor of the vodka but if you choose a different type of vodka, a different fruit-flavored liqueur will work well.

Sprite or soda water and simple syrup add some bubbles and sweetness to balance out the alcohol in this cocktail.

Prism powder will add shimmer while dry ice will add some smoke.

If you can’t decide which one to use, go ahead and use both!

Even without food coloring, all of the ingredients of this drink mix together for the most beautiful dark color.

Feel free to switch the white rum out for vodka in this drink, depending on your preference.

The dry ice makes it much spookier so add some in if this is for your Halloween night celebration!

Adding dry ice to your cocktails doesn’t have to be limited to just spooky Halloween-themed drinks, but it can add a bit of sexiness, too.

Deep Eddy’s Red Grapefruit vodka, Lillet rose, and grapefruit simple syrup make this fruity and pink and so tempting to sip on.

Just be sure to let the dry ice completely dissolve before you start drinking!

The bottom line

While it is typically chosen to celebrate Halloween, dry ice cocktails are a great way to impress guests and treat yourself with a beautiful presentation of your favorite drinks!

Want lots more cocktail recipes? We got you!

25 Spellbinding Dry Ice Drink List For Halloween & Beyond

25 Spellbinding Dry Ice Drink List For Halloween & Beyond

For the mesmerizing look of fog and frosty vapor swirling around your glass, try any of these dry ice cocktails at your next event!


  • Vampire Cynar Negroni
  • Love Potion #9 Martini
  • Cave Of Wonders Cocktail
  • Poison Apple Cocktail
  • Smoking Lavender Blueberry Martini
  • Smoking Blackberry Sage Margarita
  • Absolut Elyx Black Magic Martini
  • Vampire’s Kiss (Kalimotxo Base)
  • Love Potion Cocktail
  • The Witch’s Heart
  • La Llorona
  • Vampire’s Kiss Cocktail (Vodka Martini)
  • Where There’s Smoke
  • Sassy Witch’s Brew
  • Crimes Of Grindelwald Cocktail
  • Black Widow Martini
  • Ichabod Crane
  • Washington Appletini
  • Halloween Vodka Cocktail
  • Snowflake Martini
  • Poison Apple Cocktail
  • Walking Dead
  • Witches Brew
  • All Hallow’s Eve Martini
  • Sexy In Pink Grapefruit Martini


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