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25 Halloween Cakes That Are Spooky Fun

25 Halloween Cakes That Are Spooky Fun

If you have an opportunity to bake a cake for Halloween, look no further than this list of Halloween theme cakes to find inspiration for the best Halloween cakes, whether just for immediate family or a whole gathering. 

October sometimes has a way of sneaking up on us.

It seems that one day you are packing away swimsuits and shopping for back-to-school supplies and the next you find yourself craving apple cider and wondering what costumes are going to be hard to find this year.

From a simple chocolate cake with green frosting to Halloween cupcakes speckled with candy corn, here is our curated list of Halloween cake recipes perfect for your Halloween dessert table.

Break out your cake pans and your heavy cream, and set a spooky scene with a simple red velvet cake. 

Read on for a wide range of Halloween cake ideas to fit your Halloween party, whether it is scary or fun!

Nothing says Happy Halloween cake like spooky eyes staring back at you! Who can resist a perfect centerpiece like this one?

This cake gives off a sense of intrigue, as if it knows a secret it will never tell! 

The best part of these spooky Halloween cakes is that they are also super easy! Main topper? Oreos. Big? Yes. Small? Yes.  

Taken apart and put on the cake with a M&M strategically placed to look like googly eyes! 

Oreos can now be found with different colored icing and once paired with any assortment of M&M colors, adds to the endless possibilities for this Monster Eye cake! 

Maybe M&M stands for Monster Mash!

Typically, folks gather round a birthday cake to sing and watch the candles get blown out.  

This choice of scary Halloween cakes is another cake folks will want to gather around. It certainly deserves to be watched as it is cut because there is a spooky surprise in the middle.  

The video here is super helpful and its presentation is adorable.

Maybe you’re not the one who goes overboard on presentation.
No fanfare here as this simple Halloween cake looks pretty straight forward. Square and black.  

But wait for it, once the knife slices in and a piece is pulled out, everyone will be in awe at the creativity you put on the inside to create a striped Halloween cake! 

Bonus points for being able to pick your own four colors.  

With Halloween becoming more and more an adult indulgence, this slightly spooky Halloween cake idea will appeal to the adults having a decidedly chocolate and orange taste with a side of elegance. 

It is bold with striking shades of orange and makes for the perfect table centerpiece.

This gorgeous, perhaps even best-in-show, Halloween cake is stunning in its presentation but be forewarned.  It is not for the faint of heart.  

You intermediate or advanced bakers will find this recipe to be right up your alley. Lots of frosting types and colors included here to give a decadent finish.

It combines the sassiness of a witch with the sweetness of a unicorn and wraps them up together!

This best Halloween cake just might be too beautiful to eat. 

What a fun day it would make for someone with a birthday on October 31st!

This name of this Halloween cake may not grab your attention, but the traditionally themed decorations on this cake most certainly will. 

Witches, pumpkins, ghosts, and spiders, oh my! 

It is indeed a two-tier cake with multiple shapes applied right on top. 

I am not an expert at sugar paste but just looking at these pictures prompts me to want to learn more. 

Maybe it’s your secret magic power!

The truth is sometimes a cake is big and heavy, hard to cut and distribute. When time or patience are of the essence, often cupcakes are a better option. We’ve got you covered.  

Here you will be inspired to decorate simple but festive Halloween cupcake ideas that are guaranteed to put smiles on faces! 

Fancy pumpkin Jack O Lanterns, spiders, skeletons, Frankenstein, and mummies on top of cupcakes are sure to complete your party theme!

Life is busy and we have all thought in the back of our minds at some point or another, “Couldn’t I just redecorate a cake from my local grocery store?” 

This recipe gives us the freedom to do exactly that. 

Here is where the candy comes in. Woo Hoo! Candy is what Halloween is all about, right? 

There is a lot of freedom to this recipe depending on what colors you want to use or items you choose to add on and the end result is one of the most easy Halloween cakes!

If chocolate is your weakness, this spooky Halloween theme cake is going to be your absolute favorite!

Dark chocolate cake and dark chocolate icing (dare we say black frosting ooo) and then even chocolate crumbles on top. Mmmm! 

The graveyard scene on this cake is fully immersive and the rich taste brings decadence to a whole new level. 

Cheesecake is indeed a cake, right? Absolutely! 

These easy Halloween mini candy corn cheesecakes may just become a family favorite! 

Candy corn colors of yellow, orange, and white pull together fall colors and fall flavors beautifully.  
Add a cute little ghost on top and these become absolutely irresistible.

If dark and scary and ghoulish is your preferred Halloween celebration, these scary Halloween mini skull cakes will be to die for! 

There is a cake pan you’ll need and a large bowl too but it sounds like it’s an easy release giving your skull cakes perfect form. 

The coffee and cocoa powder will be a mighty satisfying combination. Oreos are also involved and we were ever so thankful for that! 

Quick, name the movie with the quote, “I’m melting. I’m melting.” 

That is exactly what the witch does on top of this cake!

No worries though because she’s just made out of cardboard and will not ruin your Halloween cake creation. 

When you are ready to serve this cake and cut into it, there is a surprise of candy corn cake colors inside! This Halloween cake meets at the corner of colorful and cute.

Any list would not be complete without an entry of Halloween cake pops! 

These are a great way to offer finger food to party guests that are easy cleanup Halloween desserts.
Yes, there are many steps in the process of making them, but the end result is fabulous! 

These little tasty morsels look like happy Jack O Lanterns that everyone will want to sink their teeth into. 

They also are lovely centerpieces and make a great gift for someone special.

This easy Halloween cake has the added benefit of being very versatile not only with the base but also with the decorating. 

Did you pick up a cake from the store, like a DQ Halloween Cake? 

Did you make a basic cake? Are you in the mood for brownies even? 

They all work well for the base. 

Then the recipe guides you through the steps of making a template to create a fun design on top with Sixlets.

When the mention of Italian buttercream makes your knees wobbly, this Halloween cake recipe is sure to please while the layers add to the enjoyment of every bite! 

And wait for it, this one includes every child’s favorite! Sprinkles, sprinkles, sprinkles! 

The extremely moist texture of this cake allows it to simply melt in your mouth!

Make it more grown up with a pumpkin spice cake or red velvet cake batter.

The gold medal for best Halloween cake theme goes to this cute pretzel monster cake! 

Who would have thought that candy coating long pretzels and decorating them like monsters would turn out so well it could steal the show?

Bravo to the chef who came up with this fabulous idea!

You know how gingerbread houses are all the rage at Christmas time? 

This recipe is perfect for filling that inner child’s love of all buildable type desserts.  

We give you the hocus pocus cottage Halloween cake recipe. 

 This is a builder’s dream complete with a full ingredient list and instructions for creating all the different parts of this spooky Halloween cake. 

We might suggest recruiting a friend for the process to build memories and have an extra set of hands.

Have a Halloween Netflix movie running in the background and you’re set to put your Halloween parties on the map!

This spooky Halloween cake is cute and unassuming.  It isn’t fancy or polished, but it has an air of true authenticity. Cake and icing and that’s it! 

The author of this recipe states it is gluten-free, vegan and top-8-allergens free.  

It is easy to assemble and will probably be a welcome addition to many a parent’s annual list!

The Disney movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a cult favorite among Halloween lovers! 
Jack Skellington merchandise regularly flies off the shelves.

 So it is of no shock to anyone that this Nightmare Before Christmas Cake is also a favorite! 

The stark black and white icing is pleasing to the eye and rounds out a Halloween party perfectly!

Perfection can be a deal breaker in the kitchen. 

This is why we love this easy black velvet cake recipe.  

You can put on as much icing as you want. You can pour as much melted chocolate over the top as you want. 

And lastly you can add as many sprinkles as you want.  This is indeed a cake you and your family will enjoy!

Arguably, one of the most enjoyed types of Halloween candy (outside the chocolate variety) is candy corn. 

In light of this fact, we absolutely fell in love with this adorable Halloween cake! Add it to one of our favorites in the Halloween style category!

It is put together in the triangle shape of a candy corn, and iced with the familiar yellow, orange and white icing! 

It’s cute and has wonderful step-by-step pictures! 

Compliments will abound when you set this cake on display!

Are you envisioning a haunting of ghosts crashing your Halloween party? 

Even if they are only three inches tall? 

If so, you’re in luck with this white iced easy Halloween cake that has inedible toppers of ghosts made of wooden skewers, cotton balls and a bit of white material. 

Just make sure the kiddos do not try to sample one!

Sometimes the combination of great ideas leads to a new creation. 

In this case, we have seen elements of this simple Halloween cake in other recipes but put together differently here. 

Orange icing, and a pumpkin look with candy on top! Lots of candy!

These hand-held delights are another take on a witch theme! 

This time though with Halloween themed cupcakes. 

Taking full advantage of chocolate cake, green icing and Oreos, these are sure to be crowd pleasers!

It is amazing how much mileage green and black can get you in decorating for Halloween! 

These are fun too!

Check out these super cute five cake ideas from Cake By Courtney! 

From simple fondant bats on a tiered cake to a bloody brains “cutout” type cake and more, she has videos and step by step instructions for how to make these adorable Halloween cakes to wow a whole spooky group of trick-or-treaters!

The bottom line

Congratulations for making it to the end of our Halloween Cake List to help inspire you with festive Halloween cake ideas!

Did you find your favorite hybrid Halloween cake of your dreams? Let us know!

Our personal favorite is cake number three called The Monster Cake!

Purple and cute are two of our favorite words to describe a Halloween theme cake!

Happy cake-making, ghouls and batties!

25 Halloween Cakes That Are Spooky Fun

25 Halloween Cakes That Are Spooky Fun

Check out these Halloween cake ideas to fit your Halloween party, whether it is scary or fun! We believe that we have compiled the list of best Halloween cakes ever.


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  1. Pick a cake to make
  2. Follow the directions to make your favorite cake
  3. Let us know how much you love it

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Sunday 26th of September 2021

Just love Halloween these cakes are ao amazing to make for the Holiday thanks for sharing them

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