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19 Best Apricot Cocktails 🍸

19 Best Apricot Cocktails 🍸

Whether you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth or try something new for cocktail hour at home, these 19 best apricot cocktails will get you started!

Did you know that apricot is a stone fruit, like plums and peaches? 

The “stone” is actually its seed, or pit, found in the middle and covered by a soft layer of ripe fruit flesh.

The apricot has yellow-orange skin and a small, plump shape.

It has a nectar-like sweetness similar to a peach–a touch of acidity wonderfully balances that.

It’s one of the most versatile ingredients around. 

It can be enjoyed as a fresh snack, juiced, jammed, and cooked.

In cocktails, apricots can take the form of apricot brandy, liqueur, nectar, juice–apricot in everything.

Adding apricot to mixed drinks is a guaranteed treat for the senses.

Aside from their lovely flavor, apricot brings a pleasant fragrance and a beautiful color to cocktails.

There’s something about apricot-flavored drinks that says you’re going to have a fun time every time.

You’ll find 19 apricot cocktail recipes in this list, from fun mixes to more sophisticated and elegant concoctions.

Apricot Cherry Breezer is a tall drink that’s a mixture of both party and classy.

Make the Knicker Twist if you’re really into apricot (Spoiler: It uses a lot of it!).

Check out #19 for a classic drink made with a fruity twist!

Prep your glasses and chill your drinks cause we’re ready to kick this list off with a sugar-rimmed cocktail.

With muddled fresh apricots and simple syrup, this drink is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

You’d think the sugar rim makes the drink too sweet, but it’s nicely balanced with a bit of lime zest and lime juice.

Elderflower liqueur also helps with its floral and citrus aroma.

We can’t miss out on sangria if we’re talking about fruity drinks.

Canned apricot slices are muddled with basil leaves to form a fragrant puree.

The apricot and basil infusion is mixed with orange liqueur and wine to create a bright, flavorful drink.

This sangria recipe makes a refreshing cocktail for two, but you can scale it up for an easy crowd-pleaser.

This cocktail will definitely be a “smashing” hit at your next party!

Bourbon has a deep caramel flavor that works excellently with the peachy sweetness of apricots.

Tearing up the mint before shaking it with the other ingredients helps it release its essential oils better.

Lemon juice adds a touch of acidity that brightens up the whole drink.

This cocktail is a tropical delight!

Rum is made from the fresh juice of sugarcane, giving it notes of sweet, toasted sugar.

The spiced version is infused with warm spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and pepper.

Adding bitters to taste makes the cocktail nicely rounded in flavor.

The smoked hickory bitters also give it a smooth, smoky undertone.

Who knew that tequila, jalapeños, and apricot puree could make a surprisingly excellent cocktail combination?

The spicy pepper complements the toasty notes of the tequila.

Just a couple of jalapeño slices are enough to make you feel the heat.

Add more peppers to the mix if you’re in the mood for more kicks.

Try serving this cocktail with jalapeño appetizers to complete the peppery theme!

The name “Angel Face” is spot-on because every sip is heavenly.

Apricot liqueur is used in cocktails for its sweet and tangy flavor.

It gets a blast of juniper and citrus from the gin.

Applejack gives the cocktail freshness and crispness.

Citrusy and peppery gin is the hero of this cocktail, but the secret to its mellow heat is the warm spice blend. 

Simmering the syrup with cinnamon, star anise, and cloves infuses it with the spices’ aroma and flavor.

This provides a subtle but noticeable warmth throughout the sip.

A tequila cocktail on ice? 

Now that’s a party in one glass!

This cocktail may taste sweet, earthy, or fruity, depending on the type of tequila you use.

The good news is that apricot juice can blend well with the flavor of any tequila.

If you want it more on the fruity side, you can add dehydrated kiwi or other tropical garnish.

Get ready to put your feet up and chill with this cocktail!

The recipe uses low-proof rum–just enough to give you a light buzz.

Feel free to use a more potent base if you want more kick to it.

Cherries, apricot, and limeade make this drink so refreshing.

A vibrant cocktail is just the thing you need to impress your guests.

The earthy and nutty notes from the hazelnut permeate through the drink from nose to finish.

Its subtle flavor doesn’t get lost with the clean taste of gin and dry vermouth.

The beautiful color of apricots is the showstopper in this recipe.

Picture-perfect and exquisite, this cocktail is excellent for date night.

The orange and lemon juice acidity cuts through the intense sweetness of apricot jam and honey.

Soda makes this cocktail so enjoyable with the right amount of crispness.

Enjoy this stylish drink with an epic prime rib roast or other romantic dinner recipes.

Nothing like a cocktail to get you started for a well-deserved weekend.

The herby fragrance and taste of sweet vermouth pair deliciously with the apricot brandy and orange bitters.

Shaking one whole egg with the other ingredients makes the cocktail silky smooth and gives it a thin foam head.

A show-stopping cocktail for a time to remember can be very simple, and this recipe proves it.

It’s as easy as mixing all the ingredients and pouring the drink over a tall glass.

Apricot brandy has an oaky flavor that comes from the barrel-aging process.

Its robust sweetness is pleasantly carried by the bubbly fizz of the champagne or sparkling wine.

Grand Marnier is a liqueur with tasting notes of citrus, vanilla, and basil.

It’s a bright orange-flavored addition to the sweetness of apricot liqueur and cinnamon syrup.

A few dashes of bitters are all you need to give this drink a surprising complexity.

This cocktail is quite dry, so feel free to up the sweet ingredients if you feel like it.

Want to host a happy hour at home without the hassle?

Check out this quick and easy cocktail recipe!

Bursting ripe apricots are finely chopped and coated with sugar to extract every bit of juice.

Crushing the oregano leaves against the side of the bowl allows it to steep in the apricot juice.

For best results, use the softest apricots you can find.

Apricot lovers, this one’s for you!

This stress-free cocktail is all about the apricot nectar and brandy, which provide a tangy, fruity flavor.

Cognac also adds a brandy-like spiciness and bitterness to the cocktail.

Here’s a tip when making a big batch of this recipe: Hold the sparkling wine until your guests order drinks to prevent it from going flat.

Here’s a low-proof cocktail recipe for a light and easy cocktail hour.

Gin, sloe gin, apricot liqueur, and lemon juice are all used equally in this drink.

The mix is topped off with some champagne to give it that refreshing fizz.

Since the drink is quite forward with sweet and citrusy notes, it’s best to go with a full-bodied gin, so it doesn’t get overpowered.

Who needs iced tea when you can have this cocktail for a pick-me-up?

Apricot nectar and sparkling water are the main ingredients of this drink, making for a thirst-quenching cocktail everyone will enjoy.

Its low alcohol content is excellent for a pleasurable outdoor gathering.

The recipe makes enough for four generous servings, so you’ll have to double or triple the quantities if you’re serving a large party.

If you’re a beginner in the mixology game, here’s a great recipe to help you earn your chops.

Gin and tonic is a certified classic cocktail that you have to have in your repertoire.

The flavor combo of juniper from the gin and the bitterness of the tonic water can be an acquired taste.

The sweet apricot jam makes it more approachable for new tipplers.

The drink’s vibrant color from any angle makes for an effortlessly instagrammable shot!

The bottom line

A lot goes into making cocktails–and it’s not just about mixing a bunch of liquors, fruits, and herbs.

The key to a fantastic drink is finding the right balance of flavors- not easy since many components have such strong personalities.

Apricot, which already has that contrast of sweetness and tartness, is a welcome addition to any cocktail.

There are a lot of ways to include apricot in your mixed drinks.

Letting your imagination and creativity lead the way is fun too, but keeping some tested recipes in your back pocket is always good.

If you’re done reading our list, you should definitely try some of these recipes out.

Best Apricot Cocktails

Best Apricot Cocktails

Whether you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth or try something new for cocktail hour at home, these 19 best apricot cocktails will get you started!


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