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27 Best Crown Royal Peach Recipes

27 Best Crown Royal Peach Recipes

These Crown Royal Peach recipes are sure to please! Try a few creations and discover the best snacks that pair with these fruity recipes. 

Crown Royal Peach has become incredibly popular in the whisky world due to its distinct taste and versatility. This irresistibly flavored spirit puts a twist on traditional whisky by infusing premium Canadian whisky with the sweet and succulent essence of peaches.

With Crown Royal Peach, you can enjoy the warmth and depth of whisky, balanced with the sweet taste of ripe peaches. It can be savored on its own, over ice, or used as a foundation for various cocktails and desserts.  

To inspire your creativity, we’ve gathered these Crown Royal Peach recipes for you to explore. From classic cocktails with a peachy kick to innovative dessert recipes that push flavor boundaries, these creations will provide new and exciting taste experiences.

  • Orange juice. The sweet and citrusy flavor of orange juice complements the peach notes in Crown Royal Peach, creating a fruity combination.
  • Cranberry juice. Mixing Crown Royal Peach with cranberry juice adds a slightly tangy taste that balances the sweet note of the peach.
  • Pineapple juice. Crown Royal Peach’s fruity profile is enhanced when mixed with pineapple juice, offering a tropical twist.
  • Club soda. If you prefer a lighter and more refreshing option, mix Crown Royal Peach with club soda. It adds bubbles and lets the peach flavor stand out.
  • Lemon-lime soda. Combine Crown Royal Peach with Sprite or 7-Up, for a fizzy and citrusy drink with a touch of sweet flavor.
  • Coconut water. The nutty taste of the coconut water complements the peach.
  • Grapefruit juice. The citrusy and tangy notes of the grapefruit work well with the peach whiskey.
  • Apple cider. The warm spices in the cider go well with the peach flavor.
  • Lemonade iced tea. Mixing Crown Royal Peach with a blend of lemonade and iced tea offers a refreshing beverage with citrus and tea flavors.
  • Pink lemonade. Combining Crown Royal Peach with pink lemonade creates a sweet and tangy drink that is visually appealing.

Snacks That Go With Crown Royal Peach Recipes

Crown Royal Peach whisky’s sweet and fruity flavor profile pairs well with a range of snacks. Here are a few ideas:

  • Cheese and crackers. Creamy brie on a cracker is a nice match for Crown Royal Peach.
  • Dark chocolate. The intense flavor of dark chocolate balances well with this peach whisky.
  • Candied nuts. Pecans or almonds with a bit of sugar coating offer a nice contrast to the fruity notes.
  • Fresh peaches. Enjoying fresh peaches along with this peach whisky can enhance the flavor.
  • Salty meats. Meats like ham or salami pair well with Crown Royal Peach, offering a savory contrast.
  • Grilled pineapple. The caramelized sugars in grilled pineapple go nicely with the fruity whisky flavor.
  • Bacon-wrapped dates. This mix of salty and fruity flavors complements the Crown Royal Peach nicely.
  • Blue cheese-stuffed olives. The strong taste of blue cheese and olives contrasts with the peachy flavor.
  • Mini peach pies. Small peach pies go hand in hand with this peach whisky, boosting its flavor.
  • Prosciutto-wrapped melon. This combination of sweet melon and salty prosciutto is refreshing when paired with Crown Royal Peach.

Best Crown Royal Peach Recipes

This refreshing cocktail combines the fruity, smooth flavor of Crown Royal Peach whiskey with the sweet-tangy note of lemonade. The addition of fresh lemon slices and mint provides more tang and complexity to the mixed drink. 

Ingredients include: Crown Royal Peach, lemonade, and fresh peach.

This tropical drink offers the right balance of fruity notes and a hint of whiskey. The peach mango juice adds some tart and sweet flavors, and the gummy peach rings are a fun and festive touch. 

Ingredients include: Champagne, Crown Royal Peach, peach mango juice, gummy peach rings, and fresh mangoes.

This tasty Crown Royal Peach Whiskey Fish Bowl Drink is visually stunning and can be easily scaled up to serve a crowd. It features fruity flavors of peach whiskey with a medley of tropical juices and soda

Ingredients include: Lemons, peach rings, ice cubes, Crown Peach, and Calypso lemonade. 

The blend of the sweet peach flavor and the fizzy cream soda in this cocktail recipe is simply irresistible. Simply combine the ingredients, shake until well-chilled, strain into a glass of ice, then garnish with a peach slice. 

Ingredients include: Crown Royal Peach, peach schnapps, cream soda, and ice.

This Crown Peach Tea will become your new summer favorite–every sip is light and refreshing! The whisky adds a smooth and fruity-sweet flavor, while the iced tea provides a refreshing and familiar base. 

Ingredients include: Crown Royal Peach, peach Arnold Parmer tea, ice cubes, and fresh peach.

The combo of peach whisky and peach juice in these shooters is a match made in heaven. The flavors are balanced, and the peach rings add a visual appeal. Serve them as is, or use the recipe as a foundation for other cocktails.

Ingredients include: Crown Royal Peach Whisky, peach juice, and peach rings.

This Crown Royal Peach & Sprite offers sweet peach and tart lemon-lime flavor. The peach whisky is the dominant flavor, but the Sprite adds a nice tart that helps to balance out the sweet taste.  

Ingredients include: Crown Royal Peach Whisky, Sprite, lemon wedge, and lemon slice.

This easy-to-make mimosa is light, crisp, and peachy, with a sweet note from the orange juice. The recipe stands out for its versatility; customize it with different orange juice, champagne, or garnishes. 

Ingredients include: Crown Royal Peach, orange juice, and champagne. 

This cocktail highlights a sweet, tart, and fizzy flavor. It has a delicious blend of flavors, with the juicy peach notes from the whisky complemented by the effervescence of the champagne. 

Ingredients include: Champgane, Crown Royal Peach, V8 mango peach, gummy peach rings, and mango.

This Crown Royal Peach Beach Drink is best enjoyed on a hot day by the beach. The cocktail includes lemon-lime soda, which lends a refreshing touch, and the garnish of a peach slice adds a touch of tropical.

Ingredients include: Crown Royal Peach Whisky, pineapple juice, orange juice, grenadine, and 7up.

The Crown Royal Peach Jello Shots take 3 hours to set. The tart flavor of the gelatin complements the sweet peach flavor of the whiskey, and the ice cubes help to speed up the setting process. 

Ingredients include: Peach gelatin powder, water, Crown Royal peach, ice cubes, and fresh peach. 

This Frozen Peach Crown Royal Drink has a sweet and tart flavor, with a hint of spice from the ginger ale. The summer cocktail is blended until smooth and served in a glass with a peach slice garnish. 

Ingredients include: Peach crown royal whiskey, simple syrup, frozen peaches, ginger ale, and lime.

Cherry Peach Royal Cocktail is a sweet and tart drink that highlights the use of Sprite Zero. Simply combine all ingredients in a glass, stir, and garnish with maraschino cherries. 

Ingredients include: Crown royal peach, sprite zero, maraschino cherries, and cherry juice.

This mixed drink is a fun twist on the traditional mint julep. The peach flavor in the Crown Royal Peach Whisky adds a fruity note to the cocktail, while the mint leaves lend a minty flavor. 

Ingredients include: Crown royal peach whiskey, mint leaves, simple syrup, and bitters.

This dessert martini is a grown-up take on the classic peach cobbler. It’s sweet and flavorful, with a touch of spice from the cinnamon sugar. Finish it off with a slice of fresh peach for an elegant flair. 

Ingredients include: Cinnamon sugar, rumchata, crown royal peach whiskey, peaches, and cinnamon sticks.

Fun fact: Crown Royal Peach was first released in 2019 as a limited edition but is now available year-round.

These Georgia Peach Shots are a tasty way to celebrate the flavors of summer. Adjust the amount of peach schnapps, cranberry juice, and whisky for a more intense peach flavor, a tarter shot, or a boozy kick.

Ingredients include: Cranberry juice, orange juice, peach schnapps, crown royal peach whiskey, and peaches.

This delightful beverage calls for three ingredients. The peach whiskey gives the cocktail a sweet and fruity flavor, while the ginger ale adds a refreshing bite.

Ingredients include: Crown Royal peach whiskey, ginger ale, and ice.

Royal Peach Fizz Cocktail is a classic drink that has been enjoyed for many years, now you can easily make it at home in no time! Top this recipe with whipped cream and a peach slice for a lovely garnish.

Ingredients include: Champagne, orange juice, crown royal peach whiskey, peaches, and blueberries.

This cool, icy slushy mixes the sweet flavor of ripe peaches with the tangy zest of lemonade. It’s best served chilled, so ensure to put it in the freezer for a few hours before serving.

Ingredients include: Crown royal peach, frozen lemonade, peaches, and water.

This Peach Tea Whiskey Cocktail recipe is excellent for those who love the taste of peach but want to reduce their sugar intake. The beverage offers a refreshing and fruity flavor in every sip. 

Ingredients include: Peach tea, lemonade, crown royal peach whiskey, mint, and peaches.

This recipe is simple to follow, and the ingredients are readily available, making it an excellent option for beginner cocktail makers. It has an eye-catching pink color thanks to the peach schnapps. 

Ingredients include: Crown Royal peach whiskey, monk fruit sweetener, peach bitters, peach seltzer, and peaches.

These jello shots are an easy way to enjoy Crown Royal Peach whiskey’s sweet and boozy flavors. They require four ingredients and are topped with peach rings for a festive touch. 

Ingredients include: Peach gelatin, crown royal peach, peach rings, and water.

This two-ingredient cocktail is a great way to enjoy the flavors of both Crown Royal Peach whisky and Bang Energy drink. Serve over ice cubes and garnish it with peach ring candy. 

Ingredients include: Crown Royal Peach, Peach Bang energy drink, ice cubes, and peach candy rings.

This recipe takes a unique twist by incorporating Crown Royal Peach, offering a distinct whiskey flavor to the sweet treat. This cobbler is a crowd-pleaser with its flaky crust and gooey peach filling.

Ingredients include: Canned peaches, sugar, Crown Royal Peach, cinnamon, and crescent roll dough.

This irresistible cocktail captures the essence of the South. It has a balanced mix of smooth whiskey, the sweet note of peaches, and the comforting flavors of sweet tea. Served over ice and garnished with a peach slice. 

Ingredients include: Calypso Southern Peach Lemonade and Peach Crown Royal Whiskey.

The use of Crown Royal Peach whisky adds a distinct and luscious taste to this cocktail. When mixed with creamy cream soda, it creates a blend of sweet and creamy notes that’s refreshing and indulgent. 

Ingredients include: Crown Royal Peach Whiskey, peach juice, cream soda, and peach slices.

This Crown Royal Peach Ring Drink is sweet and tart, with a notable peach flavor. It’s garnished with gummy peach rings and served over ice, making it a fun sipper for any occasion. 

Ingredients include: Crown Royal Peach Whisky, lemon lime soda, cranberry juice, peach ring gummy candies, and fresh peach. 

The bottom line

Crown Royal Peach is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a whisky that adds a fruity twist to your drinking experience. Its unique flavor profile sets it apart from ordinary whiskies.

The Crown Royal Peach recipes we’ve compiled here are perfect for various occasions, whether a casual get-together, a special celebration, or simply a cozy evening at home.

This list goes beyond cocktails. You can also incorporate Crown Royal Peach into desserts like the Crescent Roll Peach Cobbler, giving your sweet treats a nice whisky-infused twist.

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27 Best Crown Royal Peach Recipes

27 Best Crown Royal Peach Recipes

Discover the 27 best Crown Royal Peach recipes that you can easily make at home!


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