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22 Crown Royal Peach Recipes: From Jello Shots To Mimosas ๐Ÿ‘

Planning to have a summer get-together with your neighbors and besties? Make these surprisingly appealing Crown Royal Peach recipes for a tastefully bouncy cocktail!

Hosting a party is quite challenging. 

Not to mention that you’re the one who ensures everything runs smoothly—entertaining people here and serving different party food there. 

And since you’re aiming to keep your get-together fun and exciting, serve the guests with sip-worthy beverages—like these peach crown mixed drinks, for instance.

To those who aren’t familiar with it, Crown Royal Peach is a Canadian-made whiskey infused with the juicy flavor of fresh Georgia peaches. 

The alcoholic drink is frequently described as “vibrantly delicious, bursting with the luscious flavor of peach, and features that distinctive smoothness of Crown Royal.”
Even with its top-notch quality and flavor, many people still don’t know what to mix with Crown Royal Peach and only enjoy it over ice. 

You’ll be surprised how versatile Crown Royal Peach is! 

Got a nice prosecco or any other bubbly? 

Make Peach Crown Royal Mixed Drink

Or how about making use of your Peach Schnapps to make Crown Royal Peach and Cream Whiskey Drink.

Have a beach-themed party? Pick cocktail #10!

This Crown Royal Peach drink recipe is straightforward to whip up and perfect for those who are fond of lemonade cocktails. 

It’s full of refreshing, sweet, and bright tastes coming from lemon and fresh peach. 

To create this Crown Royal Peach lemonade, you simply need to combine peach whiskey and lemonade in a highball glass with ice cubes and peach or lemon slices. 

Stir then finish it with a sprig of mint.

For a fizzy peach lemonade cocktail, consider adding a splash of club soda into the mixture. 

Happy sipping!

If you’re looking for crown peach drinks for your party and wondering what alcohol mixes well with Crown Royal Peach, that should be Brut Champagne! 

And with a little splash of fruity peach mango juice, you can turn this underrated mix into a top-notch summer cocktail. 

Best served at backyard BBQ, this Crown Royal Peach mixed cocktail becomes visually appealing when garnished with peach or mango slices.

There’s no place like the beach. 🏖️

And this Crown Royal Peach whiskey is your ultimate cure whenever you need a tasty beverage to freshen you up this summer. 

The Crown Royal Peach Whiskey is the star of this mixed drink. 

Combined with Calypso Southern Peach Lemonade for even more delicious peach flavors and lemon slices for that tropical summer vibe, this cocktail served in a fishbowl is a crowd-pleaser.

Want more summer cocktail recipe ideas?

The crisp Canadian whiskey infused with the sweet flavors of fresh peaches is incredibly mouth-watering when mixed with Peach Schnapps and sparkling cream soda. 

For a festive presentation, garnish this cooling summer cocktail with a maraschino cherry, fresh peach slice on the side of the glass, or simply add a sprig of fresh peppermint. 

Entertaining is a breeze! 🍃

This crown peach tea is one of the easiest peach crown royal recipes you can find and it’s true! 

Simply mix all the ingredients in a glass with ice cubes, stir, and you’re done!

Not only that it’s simple, but its flavor is also destined to impress any crowd, too! 

The sweet, smooth, and warm flavor of Crown Royal peach whiskey beautifully unite the tropical and lively taste of fresh peach slices and sweet tea lemonade.

Sweet and surprisingly bubbly, these shooters with Crown Royal Peach are much more enjoyable when served with some rosemary. 

The drink combines two amazing ingredients: Crown Royal Peach Whiskey and peach juice. 

The result? They’re layered with juicy peach flavor!

Now make a batch of these Crown Royal Peach shooters in a large pitcher, keep it in the fridge, and enjoy the beverage all weekend!

When choosing the fabulous peach crown royal mixed drinks, you shouldn’t miss out on this Crown Royal peach and sprite, a mix-to-serve cocktail that’s easy to prepare for your next get-together. 

The peach-flavored whisky—Crown Royal Peach—lends a sweetness to the liquor while the Sprite and lemon give it a nice bright flavor profile. 

For the professional touch, garnish the drink with lime, peach, or lemon slices before serving.

Whenever you’re confused about what to mix with peach crown, simply grab a bottle of champagne!

Combining the Canadian whiskey, champagne, and orange juice make a light, crisp, and peachy summer cocktail. 

If you’re up for a little extra effort, start with freshly made orange juice instead of the bottled stuff. 

Finish off the alcoholic drink with mint leaves.

Still searching for crown royal peach drinks? 

How about whipping this five-minute sparkling cocktail for pool parties or happy hour?

Made for summer toasting, this lively crown peach drink brings the peach indulgence of Crown Royal Peach whiskey, the fruity undertone of fresh mango, and that tart yet sweet flavor of gummy peach rings.

This sweet and smooth beach cocktail is packed with summer flavors, thanks to the blend of pineapple juice, orange juice, and Peach Crown whiskey. 

The drink makes one serving; if you’re enjoying it with someone, feel free to double or triple the recipe. 

The best part? 

No cocktail shaker is required here; so it’s ideal if you’re focused on preparing your holiday main dish.

We know that jello shots are so fun, but they’re even better if your jello shot recipe is based on one of your preferred drinks. 

You heard it right! 

Your favorite Canadian whiskey—Crown Royal Peach—is adapted into delectable jello shots. 

Festive, tasty, and filled with boozy notes!

When serving, don’t skip the peach garnish as it’s essential. 

Peach Crown Royal Whisky is often overlooked when it comes to the making of frozen drinks.

We hope to change that with this entry!

Canadian Rye Whiskey is infused with sweet peaches to create your perfect summer cocktail. 

So if you’re looking for a nice cool refreshing drink to serve at your next pool party, look no further!

Ingredients line: Peach crown royal whiskey, simple syrup, frozen peaches, ginger ale, and lime.

If you’re a fan of cherries, then this combo is for you!

Peach Crown Royal Whisky is blended with Sprite Zero and maraschino cherries in a cocktail shaker to produce this delicious drink.

It’s perfect for those hot summers when you could sit back on your beach chair and watch the sunset, drink in hand. 

Ingredients line: Crown royal peach, sprite zero, maraschino cherries, and cherry juice.

Crown Royal Peach Mint Julep is a delicious twist on a classic Derby Day drink.

Traditionally, Derby Day cocktails are made from Kentucky bourbon, but we’ll be using Crown Royal Peach instead in this entry, and combining it into a tasty mix with syrup and fresh mint.

It’s perfect for enjoying all throughout summer, or if you’re cheering for your favorite horse to victory!

Ingredients line: Crown royal peach whiskey, mint leaves, simple syrup, and bitters.

Not so much a drink as it is a grown-up dessert, the Peach Cobbler Dessert Martini is something I like to pleasantly surprise my guests with.

It’s a blend of two of my favorite bar liquors: Rumchata and Crown Royal Peach, the blend of which is infused with a sliced peach and then garnished with cinnamon.

It’s delicious!

And I love to further shock my guests when I tell them how easy it is to make.

Ingredients line: Cinnamon sugar, rumchata, crown royal peach whiskey, peaches, and cinnamon sticks.

The Georgia Peach Shots are so nostalgic, bringing back memories of a more carefree time!

But you aren’t here to hear me reminisce but are looking for the perfect drink to make with your Crown Royal Peach.

You can’t go wrong with these Georgia Peach Shots: concocted from a blend of peach schnapps, Crown Royal Peach, and fruit juices, finished off with a fresh slice of peach, it’s a perfect and delicious way to remember old memories or create new ones! 

Ingredients line: Cranberry juice, orange juice, peach schnapps, crown royal peach whiskey, and peaches.

Are you curious to know what summer tastes like in a glass?

Then let me try to sate your curiosity.

This drink is made from a simple blend of Crown Royal Peach and Ginger Ale topped off with crushed ice.

So yes, summer is sweet and cool with a hint of ginger ale.

Ingredients line: Crown royal peach whiskey, ginger ale, and ice.

If you’re looking for something fizzier, but are still looking to utilize your Crown Royal Peach, then look no further.

Here, we’ll be showing how to blend champagne with your Crown Royal and a few pieces of choice fruit for a perfectly sweet and fizzy, but robust drink!

Ingredients line: Champagne, orange juice, crown royal peach whiskey, peaches, and blueberries.

Creating the perfect summertime lemonade slushy with your Crown Royal Peach couldn’t be easier!

Just pop everything into the blender until smooth.

Recipe makes enough for two.

Ingredients line: Crown royal peach, frozen lemonade, peaches, and water.

Did you know you can make tea from peaches?

You read that right, you absolutely can make tea from peaches, and this recipe shows you how.

Once your flavorful peach tea is done, you can then mix it with Crown Royal Peach and the other ingredients to form Peach Tea Whiskey Cocktail.

It has a powerful flavor that you and your guests will love!

Ingredients line: Peach tea, lemonade, crown royal peach whiskey, mint, and peaches.

If everything we’ve listed so far seems too complicated or too hard to make, never fear.

This entry is a simple mix-everything-together-and-stir type of thing.

It results in a deliciously mild cocktail you can enjoy while you watch the fireflies zip by.

Ingredients line: Crown royal peach whiskey, monk fruit sweetener, peach bitters, peach seltzer, and peaches.

If you’re looking for something fun to have for your next summer barbecue, why not put together a bunch of the Peach Ring Jello Shots?

Smooth and refreshing, they’re deceptively strong! 

So be careful with your alcohol intake.

On the upside though, not only will everyone be giving you a pat on the back, you can silently congratulate yourself with a hit drink that’s so easy to make.

Ingredients line: Peach gelatin, crown royal peach, peach rings, and water.

The bottom line

You can’t call your party a real party without serving some good cocktails. 

That’s why you must include these crown royal peach recipes in your party drink menu!

And once you’ve picked out what drink you’re going to serve, be sure to check out the party desserts and appetizers to elevate your events even further.

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22 Crown Royal Peach Recipes 🍑

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  1. Choose two or more recipes from our Crown Royal Peach Recipes list.
  2. Gather all the ingredients needed.
  3. Start mixing and then serve them to your guests!
  4. Have fun and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!

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