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13 Eye-Popping Cranberry Cocktails

13 Eye-Popping Cranberry Cocktails

Cranberry cocktails are so bright and beautiful. Also, they are generally quite easy to make.

The brightness of cranberry with that tart finish even in the sweeter drinks just suits the holidays (and rich holiday food) perfectly. 

So it’s no wonder that cranberry cocktails are served at so many fall and winter holiday events. 

You don’t have to wait for the fall holidays, though. 

Start practicing your mixologist skills now to find out how refreshing so many of these are year round!

Barkeep, set me up!

1. Vodka Cranberry

First up is our very own sparkling vodka cranberry cocktail. 

This cocktail was created out of our love of sparkling water and whole cranberries.

We make our own sparkling water at home with our SodaStream but you can buy club soda or seltzer at the grocery store.

This cocktail would also be delicious if you used Topo Chico.

I like to keep things simple, which is why this cocktail only has four ingredients.

A glass of vodka cranberry cocktail garnished cranberry and mint.

2. Cranberry Moscow Mule

Moscow mules are super popular drinks and sometimes I wonder if that is simply because they come in such a fun copper mug.

This is why I have nothing but respect for the cranberry spin on this popular drink.

You are probably accustomed to the ginger beer and vodka that goes in the mule. What you will get with this drink also is cranberries, cranberry juice and lime.

This is one of those cocktail recipes that you will want to make even in the summer because it is refreshing all year around.

Why should Christmas get all the fun?

3. Cranberry Margarita Recipe

We all love a good margarita. They are refreshing and tasty all at the same time. However, the traditional margarita doesn’t quite scream “winter holiday.”

But you know what does holler winter holiday loud and clear?

A cranberry margarita with a rosemary sprig in it totally sings jingle bells. 

And another lovely point about this cranberry cocktail is that it only requires a few ingredients.

A glass of cranberry margarita garnished with fresh cranberries and rosemary.

4. Cranberry Prosecco Cocktail

Bubbly drinks are just fun. They are cheerful and there is a reason that people use them for toasts.

The bubbles floating up inspire conversation. When Prosecco is being served you will often hear laughter, toasts to the hosts, and cheerful conversations.

At the holidays you can make this cocktail even more fun by adding in cranberry juice and orange liqueur.

A glass of cranberry prosecco cocktail garnished with fresh cranberries and a sprig of rosemary, on a black table.

5. Cranberry Cosmopolitan

Cosmos are so Sex and the City, right? It is impossible to drink a cosmo and not feel sophisticated.

Plus, cosmos are just pretty. 

Be sure to use unsweetened cranberry juice in this cosmopolitan cocktail. As noted in the recipe you can then sweeten to your desired flavor with simple syrup.

It is better to control the sweetness level yourself than get pummeled with it at the start.

6. Jingle Bell Smash

This fun cocktail is festive. It is a version of a popular cocktail called the whiskey smash. 

The author of this recipe links to her rosemary simple syrup and if you have the time, I highly recommend making that for this cocktail.

This recipe only requires a few ingredients. It includes bourbon, cranberry juice, lemon juice and simple syrup.

7. Cranberry Lemon Drop Martini

When you make this martini you will first make the simple syrup. Then you will combine it with the remaining ingredients to create the cocktail.

This isn’t just any simple syrup recipe though. It includes cranberries.

To me this is what makes this drink extra festive and extra special.

8. Cranberry Gin Fizz Cocktail

This is yet another holiday cocktail where you start by making a special simple syrup.

Are you seeing a theme here? I sure am and it is with good reason.

The foundation of so many delicious cocktails start with a flavored simple syrup. 

Why simple syrup instead of a teaspoon of sugar? Because it will take “years” for table sugar to dissolve. Plus, you can infuse your simple syrup with your favorite flavors.

The simple syrup for this cocktail is infused with rosemary and cranberries. You will find yourself serving this cocktail year after year.

By the way, you can keep the power ingredient, the custom simple syrup, a secret. That way everyone will be wondering and guessing about exactly how you made such a tasty holiday cocktail.

9. Cranberry Apple Cider Sangria

This cranberry cocktail is made with ALL of the delicious things. 

A cocktail that manages to combine cranberry, apple cider and sangria is gonna be a big hit anywhere.

I feel like the cinnamon stick garnish really seals the deal on this cocktail. 

When you combine that with the fresh chopped apples you have a winner for sure.

10. Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa

This three-ingredient cranberry cocktail is perfect for your holiday brunch.

It only has vanilla vodka, cranberry juice and Prosecco. By the way, check out these plastic stemless flutes. They are perfect for holiday parties where you can’t risk broken glass.

What caught my eye about this recipe was the use of vanilla vodka. Never had I considered combining vanilla and cranberry, but it turns out lovely in this drink.

11. Cranberry Martini

This is not your ordinary martini recipe. This is made with cranberry sauce and vodka. 

You will have to plan ahead for this cocktail because you first have to make the cranberry sauce. 

But once that is made you will have it on hand and you can serve up this cranberry cocktail over the course of several holiday events.

12. Long Beach Iced Tea

It appears that folks in Long Beach are a bit more festive than those on Long Island.


Well, because the long beach iced tea recipe is made with cranberry juice cocktail. 

Now let’s be clear here. This is an adults-only iced tea. It is bright and beautiful and quite tasty but this is not kid friendly.

So if serving this with kids around don’t mix up the glasses.

13. Purple Haze Cocktail

This purple cocktail infuses cranberry juice and a blackberry liquor. It is bold and beautiful.

While the recipe says that fizzy water is optional, I highly recommend including it in your drink. 

Pro Tip: If you do use fizzy water, don’t add it to your cocktail shaker though. Trust me here because that will be a mess. 

Hashtag Learned The Hard Way.

The bottom line

Cranberries, whole or sauced, frozen or fresh, raw or cooked, juiced or in a compote and covering Brie, are one of my favorite everythings. 

Their ruby-red hue, cheerful bobbing in drinks, and lovely, super tart flavor are versatile and piquant.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite cranberry cocktail recipes, stay tuned for more cranberry recipes here at coming soon!

Festive cranberry cocktails

Festive cranberry cocktails

These cranberry cocktails will make any party merry and ruby bright!


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  1. Pick one or two cocktails
  2. Create a shopping list and buy the ingredients
  3. Make and enjoy the cocktail

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