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25 Delicious & Eye-Catching Yellow Cocktails ๐Ÿธ

25 Delicious & Eye-Catching Yellow Cocktails 🍸

From a Pansy Gimlet to a Beermosa, these 25 yellow cocktails are festive, eye-catching, and delicious for your party or normal days when you crave a quick sip!

Yellow is one of the most attention-grabbing and enticing colors ever.

It’s the color of the sun, which signals a brand new and hopeful day.

Despite not being the usual color you will expect from your cocktails, yellow cocktails can surprise you with how beautiful they are–both in look and taste. 

Sometimes, all you really need is a glass of a yellow cocktail to make your day brighter because simply looking at a bright, yellow drink can make you smile.

Yellow cocktails are usually mixed during events like bridal showers and New Year’s Eve parties, but you don’t really need a reason to make them.

The stunning hue of these cocktails is enough to make you want them even on normal days when you need a pick-me-up or just something to remind you to be happy.

These 25 festive yellow cocktails can brighten your day, no matter how bright or gloomy it might be. 

Now’s the time to start bringing out any potential yellow ingredients you have!

The Frozen Mango Daiquiri and Beermosa are as yellow as cocktails could get, so be sure to put them on top of your list of yellow cocktails to try.

However, if you want something new to your taste and eyes, then you should definitely try #13!

Gimlet is a classic cocktail!

Give it a twist by mixing up this Pansy Gimlet that has sweet and floral notes infused in it.

When making this, make sure to shake vigorously so that the drink dilutes properly.

This cocktail has the simplest ingredients, so you can make these anytime you feel like drinking a rich gin cocktail.

Bee’s Knees is like a Gin Sour, except it uses honey instead of sugar.

The honey helps give a richer and more vivid flavor to the drink.

It’s not a big surprise if your yellow cocktails are fruity, but if you want a fruity but sophisticated drink, then this is the drink for you.

This drink is overall sour with sweet tones because of the fruits infused in them.

Yellow Bird also has a smooth texture and richer flavor thanks to vanilla.

The Saturn (cool name!) is a cocktail invented by Filipino bartender Joseph Galsini. 

It doesn’t only have a cool name, but it’s also a delicious drink that has managed to win awards. 

Although this drink has unique ingredients, it still makes use of basic ones that you can find easily.

This drink has a tropical flavor that is a must-have in every tiki bar or tiki party.

Cocktails are amazing, but frozen cocktails are on another level.

This tropical, bright, and flavorful drink should be enough to keep the heat away.

Although you can use any rum for this drink, aged rum gives this sweet drink a light caramel flavor.

Cocktails are the best when you can’t taste a lot of alcohol in them because then, you’d be drinking one glass after another, and then you’ll be surprised that you’re already buzzed.

This Yellow Hammer cocktail has three kinds of alcohol in it, but none of those strong flavors.

This drink is perfect for those that enjoy a less strong and more fruity cocktail.

Anyone who knows anything about cocktails knows about the Tequila Sunrise.

It’s a classic drink that is effortless to prepare and reminds us of a calming sunrise.

Despite being easy to follow, there’s a certain effort you need to make to ensure that you achieve the desired gradient look of the drink.

With Prosecco in this drink, you’re bound to have a refreshing and bubbly drink that can keep you cool for a long time.

Perfect for warm days, this Sparkling Limoncello is a must-try if you want to whip up something quick to give you a slight buzz and a fresher feeling.

For a truly tropical drink that will give your taste buds a burst of flavor, try this Yellow Finch cocktail.

Pineapple, orange, and banana all blend together to create a fruity flavor that’s flawlessly complimented by the mixture of spiced and clear rum.

This Black-Eyed Susan cocktail is a drink that was made to mimic the color of the flower with the same name. 

It’s extremely simple to create this cocktail, which is what many people love about it.

The rich and vibrant yellow color is accompanied by citrus flavors that are ideal for summer.

Mojitos are great for summer, and so are passion fruits.

You shouldn’t let summer go without trying this drink, but you shouldn’t be held back.

Regardless of what day it is, this passionfruit mojito can help uplift your mood. 

Just look at how bright it looks!

Pro tip: To be sure that your passionfruit is ripe, it should be wrinkly but not feel hollow. 

This cocktail has an incredible name and an even better taste.

You will not be disappointed because this cocktail is definitely electric.

If you prefer sweeter cocktails, this will be of interest to you.

It’s not only sweet, but the mixture of flavors–banana, almond, and pineapple–is unique and interesting.

Many yellow cocktails are on the sweeter side because of the fruity notes, but this one strays away from the others.

The sourness and tartness stand out but blend flawlessly with the maple syrup and bourbon.

Transport yourself straight to Hawaii (metaphorically, of course!) with one sip of this Pineapple Fuzzy Navel.

Since peach schnapps is a low-alcohol spirit, you can enjoy more than a couple of glasses of this drink.

Pro tip: Although you don’t need a cocktail shaker to make this easy cocktail, it will give the drink a foamy texture which adds personality.

If you love gin, you will love this cocktail.

This cocktail will need to sit for around 3 days until it’s complete, so patience is the key to this one!

Throwing a big party?

Impress your guests with this energizing and beautiful tropical cocktail.

There’s quite a bit of effort and ingredients involved in this drink, but it’s all worth it.

Can you handle a spicy drink?

Then you’ll enjoy this spicy matador that’s part tequila and part jalapeño poppers.

That’s all you need, but you can come up with a creative and definitely unique and remarkable cocktail.

Yes, mangoes are common in cocktails, but a grilled mango habanero?

That’s something unique and something that you should not pass up.

The grilled mango habanero adds a complex blend of flavor to the drink.

There’s a hint of spiciness, sweetness, and smokiness. 

If you enjoy drinks that have an extra spicy kick, don’t pass up on this one.

This cocktail may not look as bold as its name, but it will surely take your stress away. 

Having a drink of this feels like you’re having the time of your life by the beach.

With every sip is a flavor-packed tropical vibe that you will want more and more of.

Mango and peach always make a great pair, so it’s no wonder that this cocktail tastes so wonderful.

This is another cocktail on this list that is not only a drink but can also be a dessert.

Bubbly, tart, and sweet–these are all the flavors that you can expect from a pretty drink.

Take note that this drink will come out so beautiful that you wouldn’t want to drink and ruin it, but getting a sip and experiencing the burst of flavor is more astonishing.

You can never go wrong with fruity blends!

If you want to ensure that your cocktail will turn out nicely, then go simple with this Mango Blackberry Vodka that’s sure to combine beautifully.

This is a great summer drink, but you are free to drink it whenever you’re craving something refreshingly sweet.

You might not always get to try creamy cocktails, but this one deserves your full attention.
Peaches work like magic with cream, so you won’t have to worry about how the taste of this drink will turn out.

Pro tip: This is best consumed as soon as you put it together.

A beer and mimosa in one? 

Who knew that was possible?

Although it sounds mindblowing, this Beermosa is immensely easy to make.

Any beer will work with this cocktail, but if you’re unsure and prefer to be on the safe side, opt for beers that taste less strong and more neutral.

Doing that helps stop the beer from overpowering all the other flavors.

The bottom line

Make your day brighter and your mood lighter with these yellow cocktails!

Simply seeing a drink look vibrant and bright can already help make us feel fresh and happy.

After all, yellow is the color of happiness.

You’re a few ingredients away from mixing happiness in a glass.

So go ahead and choose the most interesting drink on this list and put a smile on your face.

Let your family and friends try them, too, so you can all be positively satisfied together.

Eye-Catching Yellow Cocktails

Eye-Catching Yellow Cocktails

From a Pansy Gimlet to a Beermosa, these 25 yellow cocktails are festive, eye-catching, and tasty for your party or normal days when you crave a quick sip!


  • Lemon Drop Cocktail
  • Pansy Gimlet
  • Bee’s Knees
  • Yellow Bird Drink
  • The Saturn
  • Frozen Mango Daiquiri
  • Yellow Hammer
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Sparkling Limoncello Cocktail
  • Yellow Finch Frozen Cocktail
  • Black-Eyed Susan
  • Passionfruit Mojito
  • Electric Banana
  • Maple Bourbon Sour Cocktail
  • Pineapple Fuzzy Navel
  • Honey & Hearth Cocktail
  • Mango Lava Flow
  • Spicy Matador
  • Grilled Mango Habanero Margarita
  • Painkiller Cocktail
  • Mango & Peach Moscato Cocktail
  • Honey Rose Kombucha Margarita
  • Mango Blackberry Vodka
  • Peaches & Cream Martini
  • Beermosa


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