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13 Pork Chop And Rice Recipes (Savory Family Meal Ideas)

13 Pork Chop And Rice Recipes (Savory Family Meal Ideas)

If you’re in need of some mouthwatering family meal ideas, then check out our list of 13 savory pork chop and rice recipes!

A complete meal in one dish is such a delight! 

Rice and protein with veggies on the side are just enough for a round-out meal. 

I suggest pork chop and rice–now that’s a fabulous pair!

Rice-based dishes have always been a trend. 

While some may have rice on the table once or twice a week, rice is a staple for some families. 

No rice ever goes to waste because you can practically throw anything into it. 

It goes well with any protein, like fish, beef, chicken, and veggies, but nothing beats the pairing of rice and pork chops. 

Think about the aromas from the seared, brined, marinated, and baked chops. 

And thank the heavens for the herbs and seasonings! 

Also, for the side dishes that will make your heart sing. 

Not to mention the plentiful serving of soup!

So before our mouth starts to water, here are 13 pork chop and rice recipes that will brighten your dinner or kickstart your day! 

Baked Pork Chops And Rice With Apples or Java Rice With Pork Chop could be your next comfort food. 

Or give Din Tai Fung Pork Chop Fried Rice or Hong Kong-Style Baked Pork Chop Rice if you want something with a traditional flair. 

So off to the kitchen and discover what magic pork and rice can do!

A tiring day deserves a hearty meal that requires minimal effort. 

This Country-Baked Pork Chops And Rice recipe got you covered! 

The rice and sumptuous pork drippings cook together in one casserole! 

The herbs and seasonings work wonders, while the chives, garlic, and onion powder enhance all the flavors. 

While baking, the beef broth thins out the sauce and infuses flavor into the rice!

This Vietnamese Broken Rice With Grilled Lemongrass Pork Chops is a complete meal on one plate! 

The chops are marinated with an amazing lemongrass marinade containing sugar, fish sauce, and aromatics like garlic and shallot. 

And for you to get the best flavors, refrain from trimming the fat as it helps to baste the pork when cooking. 

Meanwhile, letting them sit in the marinade for a couple of hours yields tons of taste. 

Serve this dish with tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, and a fried egg to round off the plate! 

Add some daikon and pickled carrot for a nice crunch.

If you want a pork chop and rice recipe with an Asian flair, Java Rice With Pork Chop fits the bill. 

The tender and smoky flavor of pork pairs well with the fragrant and appealing java rice. 

The annatto powder delivers the java rice its trademark bright hue color. 

Moreover, brining the meat is an excellent idea that enables the pork to absorb all the distinct flavors.

Kids and adults alike will surely love this fantastic combination of java rice and pork

Pan-Seared Pork Chops With Rice can be your next definition of the perfect weeknight dinner! 

The chicken broth adds depth of flavor to the rice, while seasoning the meat with salt and pepper is a huge help. 

And a pro tip: pre-cook the rice in a microwave-safe bowl to save time and ensure the chops won’t be overcooked. 

Remember to sprinkle the dish with a teaspoon of cajun seasoning for a spicier kick.

Upgrade your usual pork chops by adding rice and tomatoes! 

This Baked Pork Chops With Tomatoes And Rice recipe are one excellent idea for a nice Sunday at home with the family. 

Adore the bright and small chunks of tomatoes and how the onions sprinkle the dish with umami flavors!

Get a taste of Hong Kong with Hong Kong-Style Baked Pork Chop Rice! 

The pan-fried pork chops covered with fried rice smothered with tangy tomato sauce and melted cheese are divine. 

Remember to include oyster sauce, which gives the tomato sauce an incredible umami flavor. 

And when preparing the sauce, make sure to brown the onions for added flavor.

This baked Pork Chops And Rice With Apple recipe will charm your guests. 

You’ll find everything in one plate–vegetables, fruit, and protein. 

While the seared chops are the star of this dish, the apple kiss makes it extra special! 

If you want to put in extra effort, brine the chops to enhance the flavors and add juiciness to the mix. 

Din Tai Fung Pork Chop Fried Rice is a recipe you should take advantage of! 

The seasoned pork cutlets and the egg-fried rice are a wonderful breakfast idea to kickstart your day. 

Don’t knock it til you try it!

And to get juicy loin pork chops, the brine solution is an interesting idea. 

It will help add in lots of flavors and draw in moisture!

I bet you’ll love the five-spice flavors in the marinade, which renders sweet and warm flavors. 

You’ll be surprised by how the rice gets its orange color! 

The secret lies in the orange juice mixture and chicken stock that’s brimming with flavors. 

And bring out the finest flavors of the chops by generously seasoning them with salt and pepper! 

Lastly, garnish it with fresh Italian parsley and a few slices of orange.

Prepare the dinner in the blink of an eye with Pork Loin Chops With Spanish Rice In The Instant Pot. 

The boneless chops are the ideal protein in this recipe as they cook quickly and nicely. 

The smokey, pungent, and earthy cumin aroma and paprika’s mild spicy kick are not to miss! 

So tasty, you’ll be compelled to double the servings! 

Too busy to make a meal? 

Here’s a casserole dish you can prepare in a jiffy and let the oven do its magic. 

The flavorful chops, rice, and onion seasoning blend create a mouthwatering dish.

Not to mention the savory tastes that the onion soup mix adds.

And add veggies to make it a complete meal! 

Baked Pork Chop And Rice is a warm and comforting meal you’ll make again and again. 

The cream of tomato soup makes the suitable base for this dish and cooks the rice wonderfully. 

The soup also adds flavor, which makes this dish an amazing recipe. 

While the onion slices provide texture and added taste. 

If you want to explore a little different flavor profile, replace cream of tomato soup with your preferred creamy soup. 

Perhaps cream of mushroom soup or cheddar cheese soup. 

Pork, rice, and veggies in one plate! 

Preferably, this dish has all the good stuff! 

Imagine the tender and juicy pork chop and flavorful cheesy rice and veggies in a spoonful. 

The Colby jack cheese melts so easily, while the perfect combination of chicken stock and cream yields a soup with rich flavor and silky mouthfeel texture. 

The bottom line

Indeed, pork chops and rice are a combination that you should always keep in your pocket. 

Leftover or not, pork and rice can be created into a new dish your family will love. 

You can even incorporate them with fruit such as oranges or apples to create a satisfying meal!

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13 Savory Pork Chop And Rice Recipe Assortment

If you're in need of some mouthwatering family meal ideas, then check out check out our list of 13 savory pork chop and rice recipes!


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