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11 BEST Italian Pork Recipes

11 BEST Italian Pork Recipes

We’ve gathered 11 best Italian pork recipes, including roasted, grilled, stewed, and braised pork dishes that bring a wow factor to the table!

Believe it or not, but there are lots of Italian pork recipes you can try making when you’re craving flavor-packed Italian cuisine.

This is because pork is one of the main meats people enjoy in the region.

It’s even called Italy’s favorite white meat and for a good reason.

This love for pork dishes is rooted in tradition, with the use of this protein dating back to when home butchering was the way to get meat on the table.

While people are now used to getting their meat from the market, pork is still as popular then as it is now.

A lot of the traditional pork dishes they enjoyed in the past still exist today, with some even having different versions being prepared in multiple parts of the country.

Dishes like Porchetta (Pork Roast) and Maiale Stufato (Pork Stew) have variations being cooked and served in different regions.

On this list, you’ll find some of the more popular pork recipes from many regions in Italy.

These include Pork Milanese and Pork Saltimbocca.

#11 on this list is also worth trying since it’s a fabulous stew that has evolved from a humble peasant dish.

Only attempt this dish if you have at least 8 hours to do this the right way.

If you don’t have the time to baby this dish to perfection, a slow cooker set on 8 hours to finish the cooking should work just as well.

There are many different kinds of Porchetta for you to try and make.

Here’s one that will give you a herby, garlicky, savory roll of pork, complete with a golden brown crispy crust and tender, juicy meat.

One Porchetta can take up to 5 hours to cook, but the long wait is definitely worth it!

If the Austrians have schnitzel, the Italians have Milanese.

This dish consists of a breaded pork cutlet, thinly sliced or pounded thin to facilitate easy cooking.

The main difference between this breaded pork dish and schnitzel is the cut of the meat, with the Austrian version made with flank or rump pork steak and Milanese made using pork loin.

Also worth noting is that the breading of the Milanese has parmesan in it, and that of schnitzel doesn’t.

Rosa di Parma is traditionally made using beef, but there are several versions that use pork tenderloin.

Think of this recipe as the pork version of chicken cordon bleu, which is also a rolled meat dish that has ham and cheese in the middle.

This one, however, uses prosciutto and parmesan as its filling, with a combination of vegetables and herbs added in for good measure.

Another Italian pork recipe that you can make using pork tenderloin is this one that has a white wine sauce.

When using tenderloin, particularly those that are cut in medallions, take care not to overcook.

Overcooking will give you dry and tough pieces of pork that can taste like cardboard, regardless of how flavorful your sauce may be.

The classic version of this dish is made with chicken, but that doesn’t mean this pork version won’t elicit numerous oohs and aahs for its amazing flavor and tenderness.

This recipe uses pork chops with most of the fat trimmed off, then wrapped in prosciutto with sage leaves tucked between the ham and the chops.

The combination of marsala wine, chicken stock, lemon juice, and butter gives you a luscious sauce that lingers in your mouth after each bite.

Here’s a dish that traditionally comes from the Emilio-Romagna region.

This recipe features pork shoulder braised in milk, which results in tender pieces that are fork-tender and super flavorful.

The sauce for this dish is made using the liquid the pork is braised in.

This pork dish from Tuscany is one you should try if you’re a huge fan of ribs.

The version in this recipe isn’t the traditional one that is grilled over charcoal but rather a quick one that’s started in an instant pot and finished under a broiler.

It still has the garlicky, rosemary flavors that come with the original, without the hours of waiting for it to cook.

Here’s a roast pork recipe that produces spicy and peppery pieces of meat that goes great with a fresh salad or some pickled vegetables.

The combination of hot pepper powders, like chili powder and cayenne, is enhanced by the subtle sweetness of sweet paprika.

Baked for approximately 2 hours, you get fork-tender pork with a fiery and slightly sour flavor that can be addictive.

If you want to serve a roulade dish for a dinner party but don’t want to go the usual chicken cordon bleu route, here’s a dish you can try.

This is one of those Italian pork recipes that combines sophisticated French cooking methods with Italian flavors.

You get impressive-looking and super flavorful roulade pork slices that are far from ordinary.

Originally considered a peasant dish, this stew with lots of cabbage and pork pieces is traditionally made using pork scraps.

Over time, this dish has evolved to become what it is today–an extremely flavorful dish that has different kinds of pork in it.

From the ribs to the pork butt to sausages to bacon, you get a wide variety of pork products in one dish!

The bottom line

This list of 11 Italian pork recipes consists of roasted, grilled, stewed, and braised options that stem from the many different regions of Italy.

So, if you’re craving Italian food and want to try something traditional from the area that isn’t pasta, try these out.

Some may take a few hours for you to cook, and others can be ready in under an hour.

One thing these dishes have in common, though, is their wealth of flavor, which can take your palate to the south-central European country known as Italy.

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11 BEST Italian Pork Recipe Assortment

11 BEST Italian Pork Recipe Assortment

Here, we've gathered 11 best Italian pork recipes, including roasted, grilled, stewed, and braised pork dishes that bring new and savory flavors!


  • Spezzatino Di Maiale (Italian Pork Stew)
  • Porchetta
  • Pork Milanese
  • Pork Rosa di Parma
  • Pork Lombardy
  • Pork Saltimbocca
  • Maiale Al Latte (Milk Braised Pork)
  • Rosticciana (Tuscan Pork Ribs)
  • Pampanella
  • Pork Involtini
  • Cassoeula (Braised Pork & Cabbage)


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