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19 BEST Colorful Cocktails You Can’t Resist!

19 BEST Colorful Cocktails You Can’t Resist!

No matter the occasion, these colorful cocktails will be showstoppers the next time you want an adult beverage to wind down with.

Some of these are one bright and bold color, others change colors as they are sipped on, while some layer beautiful hues on top of each other.

There is a cocktail on this list for your favorite taste and color.

Whether you prefer a Magical Color Changing Margarita or Galaxy Magic Mule, you get to experience the beauty of a drink that changes color as you sip on it.

The Bob Marley Cocktail and Layered Spiderman Cocktail are two beautiful examples of how pouring your drink in the right order gives you a magnificent appearance.

For a simple yet stunning and bold cocktail, the Aqua Velva is a great choice.

Thinking about preparing colorful cocktails like these 19 may seem like it would be a difficult task but having the right ingredients is all it takes.

Some of these don’t even require mixing or stirring which makes it that much easier to impress guests with a striking cocktail.

While these all look amazing, rest assured that they all taste astonishing.

There is no need to sacrifice taste for appearance.

This is a list of links to recipes for alcoholic drinks. Please enjoy responsibly. If you didn’t mean to come here, you can close this tab, just for today.

During Halloween, this Witch’s Brew Cocktail will fill your glass with bold blue and purple, but that doesn’t mean that this can only be enjoyed during the one holiday.

Thanks to Empress Gin for the bright purple and some blue curacao and lemon juice, you get a beautiful ombre effect as the liquids are poured slowly into a Highball glass.

While pineapple juice adds to the tropical rum flavors of this punch, it can be substituted with lemonade.

Topping it all off with some lemon-lime soda will add some bubbles while letting everything mix together a bit.

Feel free to add extra blue curacao to get the right color you want.

The vivid purple and yellow of this colorful cocktail will draw all eyes to it but the sweet and citrus flavors that you will taste will have you turning back for more.

Peach and butterfly pea flower tea may seem like a busy combination for sake, vodka, and yuzu juice but it all comes together beautifully for both the eyes and the tongue.

Whether this drink is blue or purple, the colors of this margarita are impressive.

Butterfly pea flower infused tequila is the trick to the color changing and only requires one night of soaking.

Candy sprinkles add to the bright colors of this fun martini but without the frosting and sprinkles, this still tastes like a cake in a glass.

White chocolate liqueur, cake flavored vodka, and some half and half make this a smooth beverage while some food coloring adds to the bold colors in every glass.

Inspired by the Rastafarian flag, this red, yellow, and green cocktail is much easier to prepare than you may think at first glance.

Pouring grenadine, rum, pineapple juice, and blue curacao slowly will give you this crowd-pleasing drink that tastes like something you would enjoy at a beach-side resort.

The intense green of this cocktail shouldn’t be limited to just the Christmas season.

This is perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day or any other celebration with the color green in theme.

Freshly squeezed fruit juices make this even tastier, especially when combined with watermelon rum and melon liqueur.

For a lovely yellow layer on top of this one, try this Pot Of Gold Mimosa too.

LocoNut is the special liqueur for this colorful cocktail that adds coconut flavors with a bit of spice, making it a better option than other coconut liqueurs.

Grenadine adds some berry flavors while edible glitter adds even more to the dazzling appearance of this drink.

This twist on the cocktail made to mimic the popular aftershave, takes the sweetness down a notch by substituting Sprite with some simple syrup, lemon juice, and soda water.

Even when made as a pitcher for sharing with many, the brilliant colors will still shine making it a great party drink to impress all.

The palm tree stirrers are completely optional for this colorful cocktail but it definitely adds to the summer aesthetic.

There are a few different steps of blending to get the eye-catching layers but it is well worth it when you get the end result that looks like a summer dream.

When you find yourself craving an orange flavored drink, you can stay away from plain orange juice or orange soda, and instead combine them with orange flavored vodka for an even better mixture.

If orange soda is too much, a lemon-lime soda can be substituted in to add in citrus flavor without adding in even more orange flavor.

Despite the impressive appearance of this cocktail, it is actually not very difficult to prepare.

Yes, it has a few different ingredients included but they all add to the beautiful presentation of this vibrant cocktail.

There can be some substitutions made to the recipe such as using orange juice and vodka instead of pineapple juice and rum.

This cocktail really is magical with how the bold colors swirl together and change.

Magic blue ice is simple to make and makes the drink so much more enchanting when crushed and added to your glass.

The magic ice does need time to freeze so remember to plan ahead to allow enough time when you decide to serve this drink.

The options are endless with this seasonally flavored vodka.

All it takes is some good quality vodka, some mini candy canes, and some time set aside for the candies to dissolve and add their flavor to the vodka.

Crushed candy canes make a great garnish for the rim of your glasses so feel free to add more peppermint flavor to the mix.

While we’re in the candy section, here’s our recipe for Candy Corn Vodka.

Purple Powerade, blue curacao, and grenadine mix together with vodka for the brilliant purple hue of this cocktail that will remind you of the McDonald’s character with the same name.

Citrus, pomegranate, and grape flavors mingle perfectly for a refreshing drink that is perfect for football games, Halloween, birthdays, or for a Friday night.

Blackberry, lemon, and gin will give you a drink that tastes like spring in a glass.

The special simple syrup for this bramble is only sugar, water, and blackberries, but adds just the right touch to this bright pink drink.

This cocktail is sweet and tart, with tons of colorful sprinkles and layers of beautiful liquids that sit perfectly atop of each other.

The order that the liquids are poured matters in ensuring the beautiful appearance of this drink.

For a bold tasting drink, it is only fitting that there is a bold color in your glass to match.

Lime and lemon juice make the perfect citrus pairing for the melon liqueur that is this drink’s namesake.

Adult fans can enjoy the famed Marvel character with this red and blue cocktail.

Grenadine, vodka, and blue curacao make a simple yet delicious drink perfect for sipping on while re-watching the Spiderman movies.

The bottom line

No matter which of these colorful cocktails you decide to make, you will love the end result of a drink that is both delicious and beautiful to look at.

Bonus Colorful Cocktails: Our super tasty Banana Rum Cocktail recipe created here in house that is reminiscent of a piña colada with no blender or freezing required. And the easy Soju Cape Cod.

19 Colorful Cocktails

19 Colorful Cocktails

No matter the occasion, these colorful cocktails will be showstoppers the next time you want an adult beverage to wind down with.


  • Hocus Pocus Witch’s Brew
  • Tipsy Mermaid Rum Punch
  • Sake Fizz Cocktail
  • Magical Color Changing Margarita
  • Birthday Cake Martini
  • Bob Marley Cocktail
  • Easy Green Mimosa
  • Loco Unicorn
  • Aqua Velva
  • California Dreaming
  • Orange Thunder
  • Rainbow Paradise Cocktail
  • Galaxy Magic Mule
  • Candy Cane Infused Vodka
  • The Grimace Cocktail
  • Tropical Pineapple Confetti Cocktail
  • Midori Sour
  • Layered Spiderman Cocktail


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