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7 Ghoul-tastic Halloween Punch Recipes To Get All The Spooks Started!

Werewolves are fur real, but this type of Halloween is the ultimate deal when you get all these punches on wheels.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a non-alcoholic drink or an obscure cocktail that is guaranteed to get all that Dutch courage going through the night, there is nothing more exciting than having the adult candy – that is the Halloween punch – to get you all boo-tiful.

Spirits, juices, and sodas are all intertwined mischievously once these punches are served.

And with a little magical concocting in the mix, you can be assured that the drinks will inspire your guests with quite a spook-takular fun.

Here are the number of recipes I’ve collated, which are sure to thrill your guests until the wee hours.

1. Halloween Harvest Punch

When it comes to the best Halloween punch recipes, you can never go wrong when they’re filled with all the funkiest colors. 

And when such hues are added, the spookiness the night deserves is only within reach, literally.

This green rum punch, the Halloween Harvest Punch, definitely exudes this feel.

What’s more, it’s also hauntingly delicious!

The green glow it emanates is one that only Midori can summon to the table, so you better be sure that the other ingredients are all neutral!

The Halloween Harvest Punch pairs oh-so wonderfully with unfiltered apple juice.

Or if you have a flair for the more wicked, these rums might do you some good.

Here’s the recipe.

2. Sherbet Punch

This green, green blast of fun is one of those booze-free recipes that are also easy and delicious.
Oh, and it boasts a great color too!

And if you have a penchant for extra drama, simple additions like dripping “blood” from grenadine should ultimately send the creepy ones into a frenzy!

Here you go, spook them while you can.

3. Spooky Sangria

Is there anything else that is more fun than a pot full of glowing, smoking sangria? 

I don’t know about you, but the Spooky Sangria is a festively Halloween cocktail that I can dig.

So, here’s the thing: Getting this Halloween drink right is all about good formula.

It involves zero-added refined sugar, so the cocktail stays as sweet as it is already enticing.

And for the red sangria to mirror blood, combine a bottle of white wine alongside pomegranate, cherry, and beet juice. 

Then for the finale, red fruits like strawberries, fuji apple, or cherries are bound to make this drink more ominous-looking than it already is.

Behold the holy, spooky cocktail sangria!

4. Boozy Apple Cider

One of the more flexible punch alternatives out there, the Boozy Apple Cider, is also the hottest drink you can dish out; oh, and yes, it only takes a few ingredients to make and 15 minutes to prepare.

Ultimately, this ghoulishness can even be customized for kids as a non-alcoholic beverage whenever that need arises!

This ominously wicked drink also needs cinnamon sticks, lemon peel, nutmeg, butterscotch liquor, and those eerie cloves.

Here the bowl of macabre where I took the recipe from.

5. Halloween Cape Cod Cocktail

The Halloween Cape Cod Cocktail is another simple and easy Halloween cocktail recipe that is en route to please even the most unearthly of “undeads” you have on your couch.

As a bona fide party pleaser, the Halloween Cape Cod Cocktail is predominantly cranberry juice; it’s also one-part vodka! 

And as the drink is mostly served in a highball glass and often on the rocks, the night’s thrill has just now been uncovered!

Be sure to add a thin slice of lime in it.

Alternatively, you can wedge the lime into the glass’s rim ever so daintily like you would coax a witch in the house.

Some nifty tips and tricks when serving this drink are unwrapped here.

6. Melted Wicked Witch Punch

Do you want the wicked Evanora summoned right off the bat (no pun here, you!)?

A great punch to serve at Halloween with the cool reference to the Wicked Witch of the West is the Melted Wicked Witch Punch!

Despite its morbidly intoxicating hues, this punch is delicious, delicate, and daring. 

This refreshing mix is made from lemon-lime seltzer and lime sherbet.

As such, a clear punch bowl to reveal its ghoulish beverage offering is a must!

Apart from these key ingredients, a black food color spray is also likely to bring the much-needed mischief.

Here’s the recipe.

7. Classic Margaritas

If you would ask me, there’s never a wrong time to make margaritas. And when the Halloween you’re hosting is wickedly warm, this classic drink is the one to mix.

Margaritas are a sure crowd-pleaser.

And whether you’re planning to rock your own Halloween party or only aiming for a sexy cocktail by the beach, this iconic drink is just fang-tastic.

If you’re in the mood to add spook in it, as you very well should, put a little food coloring and some black sanding sugar to the rim. 

Your supernatural friends are welcome!

Here’s the recipe.

From spiked drinks right down to the creepy garnishes in those non-alcoholic punches, these Halloween-centric recipes we’ve unearthed from the great cave of the ghouls are your very best bets to attract all the eerie beings in your neighborhood!

These punch recipes are also just about the most flexible. They are easy to make, quick to concoct, and great to mix. 

They are also tried and tested to get that party started quickly, right until every single one of your guests is possessed with that familiar Halloween high.

Halloween punch recipes

Halloween punch recipes

7 Halloween punch recipes that are sure to thrill your guests until the wee hours


  • Halloween harvest punch
  • Sherbet punch
  • Spooky sangria
  • Boozy apple cider
  • Halloween cape cod cocktail
  • Melted wicked witch punch
  • Classic margaritas


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