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27 Best Ways To Cook Colombian Food

27 Best Ways To Cook Colombian Food

Are you looking for something new and exotic to cook? Try Colombian Food!

This South American cuisine is famous for its strong flavors and its interesting use of herbs and spices. 

Each bite is fulfilling, plus such spice-forward meals are often very easy to put together.

Colombia is one of the countries located in the northwest region of South America. 

The country is rich in culture and thrives in diversity, and you can taste it in their local dishes.

Colombians drew inspiration for their dishes from the coasts of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean and the mountain regions of the Andes. 

Whether you have plans to travel to the country, or simply want to broaden your palate, these flavorful and easy-to-make dishes will give you a taste of Colombia. 

You may want to check out #7, a favorite among seafood lovers. 

From seafood forward Cazuelo de Mariscos, tender, special-occasion Lechona and “breakfast stew” Calentado…

Here are the 27 mouth-watering Colombian foods that you can prepare at home! 

Sancocho Antioqueño is a traditional Colombian dish and is the country’s most famous soup. 

It is made with thick broth, almost like a stew, and has corn and vegetables, and you get to choose whether you’d have chicken or fish for the meat. 

It is perfect for get-togethers and special occasions.

The Arepa Paisa is typical Colombian breakfast food. 

The pancake-life dish is soft and can be paired up with a lot of dips and garnish. 

Locals would often put cheese, a slice of ham, or eggs on top to make the experience more fulfilling. 

You can even sprinkle cheese or sugar on top, or you can spread butter on them before you heat them in the oven.

Sopa De Mondongo is a Colombian soup made from beef stripe. 

The stew is slow-cooked and has vegetables and herbs, creating a distinctive flavor. 

If you wish to have just a simple and hearty meal, this Colombian soup is perfect. 

Lechona, or homestyle roast whole pig, is well-known for its exotic taste and delicious flavor. 

Typically paired with white rice, it is most often served during special occasions. 

With its crispy skin and soft, tender meat, you will never get enough of this dish. 

Tamales are served in authentic Colombian restaurants.

What separates it from other dough-based dishes is that its dough is made from corn. 

Tamales are steamed while covered in a corn husk or banana leaf, so the dish is bursting with amazing flavor. 

This fried fish dish is seasoned with herbs and spices, adding delicious flavor to the skin and meat.

You can even choose what type of fish you want to fry up, but follow the spices recommended in the recipe to give it that authentic Colombian flavor.

Are you a seafood lover? 

If you are, then the Cazuela De Mariscos is a lovely match for you. 

This style of cooking combines all of the most beloved seafood choices like shrimps, clams, and squid.

It is often served with salad and toasted bread.

Bandeja Paisa is packed with protein, and it is ideal for those who are looking for a hearty Colombian meal.

Each serving consists of vegetables, beans, eggs, chorizo, and beef that will leave you full and satisfied. 

Bandeja Paisa is Colombia’s answer to the UK’s famous English breakfast.

The Arroz Con Pollo, which means “rice with chicken” in Spanish, is tasty and fulfilling. 

This Colombian casserole consists of marinated chicken, rice, vegetables, and herbs all in one satisfying plate. 

The Caldo De Costilla is easy to make and is one of the most famous beef cuisines in Colombia. 

It is made of beef ribs that are boiled until soft, and vegetables are added to balance its flavor. 

Caldo De Costilla is eaten by the locals in the morning and is often served with arepa or bread.

Do you love beef? 

Then you will fall in love with Sobrebarriga. 

The recipe features a slice of beef belly, also known as flank steak, and sides like avocados and potatoes.

You can also partner it with white rice or fries to make it more satisfying.

Also known as the Caribbean stew, the Sudado De Pescado is a unique mixture of fish and aji Amarillo paste.

Often eaten at breakfast, this fish filet stew is steamed for an hour and filled with vegetables and herbs that will warm your stomach. 

13. Ajiaco

If you have plans to visit Colombia, you can’t leave without trying one of its most popular stews. 

Ajiaco is typically made of potatoes, chicken, and a local herb called Guasca. 

It is served with avocado slices, corn on the cob, and capers.

After enjoying the authentic version, try this recipe at home and see if you can replicate its delicate flavor.

Calentado consists of several ingredients cooked together to create a delicious and satisfying breakfast. 

This Colombian dish consists of rice, pasta, beans, eggs, potatoes, chorizo, ground beef, and arepa.

Calentado is often paired with coffee, hot chocolate, or juice.

Pan De Bono is a delicious bread with cheese and is ideal for breakfast.

This Colombian bread is made of cheese, eggs, cassava starch, and guava jam. 

Traditionally, Pan de Bono is paired with hot chocolate and it is recommended to be eaten while it is still hot. 

The bread is made both in a ring and round shape.

Nothing makes a fulfilling breakfast than a warm and delicious soup. 

The Changua is a traditional Colombian breakfast soup, but it can also be eaten as a late-night snack.

Empanadas are traditional street food in Colombia. 

Although it can be bought in almost all South American countries, Colombia has its own unique take on it.

Another traditional Colombian street food is  Buñuelos.

This dessert is light, airy, and delicious.

Locals also eat this dish for breakfast if they want something sweet in the morning.

It is best paired with hot chocolate or coffee. 

Chicharron, also called Colombian fried pork belly, is a must-try dish.

Best paired with beer, this dish is a hit among meat lovers.

You can eat it as is, or you can dip it in vinegar.

Patacones are fried plantains that will surely get you hooked. 

Also called “tostones”, this Colombian dish is eaten like potato chips. 

The twice-fried plantains are deep-fried in cooking oil and usually dipped in garlic sauce, but you can eat them as is after sprinkling salt on them. 

Rondon is a classic Colombian stew that drew inspiration from the Caribbean.

The stew consists of fish, crabs, shellfish, coconut milk, plantain, vegetables, peppers, spices, and sometimes small lobsters.

This Colombian dish is great for those who love seafood and are looking for a unique local meal.

If you are looking for an affordable and satisfying Colombian dish, you can try Cuchuco. 

Cuchuco is a soup made with barley, corn, mashed beans, peas, potatoes, and wheat.

This is a popular breakfast and lunch meal in Colombia, and there are versions with pork, carrots, garlic, cilantro, and onion added in as well. 

Chuleta Valluna is pork loin that is marinated the day before and cooked with herbs and spices. 

Chuleta Valluna is a dish that is easy to make, and it is often served with rice, cassava, and bean stew. 

But you can also eat it with potatoes or fries

The Lechona Tolimense is a different take on the traditional Lechona as it is stuffed with rice, peas, potatoes, and more.

Often served during fiestas, birthdays, and New Year’s eve, the Lechona Tolimense is cooked for 12 hours. 

The Bistec a Caballo is a delicious and simple Colombian dish ideal for steak lovers. 

Bistec a Caballo is Colombia’s local version of steak and eggs. 

The steak is thin and is served with fries, but you can always switch it up for rice or bread.

If you loved Arroz Con Pollo, then you will surely love the pork version called Arroz Atollado.

Arroz Atollado is made with rice, chicken, pork, sausages, vegetables, and seasonings. 

Arroz Atollado is one of the most recommended breakfast dishes in Colombia for tourists. 

It has the perfect mixture of saltiness, savoriness, and crunchiness from the meat. 

Although Puchero originated in Spain, Puchero Santafereño is Colombia’s version of the dish. 

Puchero Santafereño is a protein-packed stew made with beef, chicken, and pork. 

This Colombian stew is often cooked during special occasions that call for get-togethers with friends and family. 

The bottom line

Colombia is a country that is known for its strong and exotic flavor. 

The wide range of dishes is heaven for food lovers. 

Then you can prepare these delicious authentic Colombian meals.

If you want to explore another cuisine and experience a different culture, then you can follow the recipes for Colombian dishes above. 

25 Best Ways To Cook Colombian Food

25 Best Ways To Cook Colombian Food

Explore these 27 ways to cook Colombian meals for some Latin foodie inspiration!


  • Sancocho Antioqueño (Paisa Region Soup)
  • Arepa Paisa (Corn Flatbreads)
  • Sopa De Mondongo (Tripe Stew)
  • Lechona (Roasted Pig)
  • Tamales
  • Pescado Frito (Fried Fish A La Dominicana)
  • Cazuela De Mariscos
  • Bandeja Paisa
  • Arroz Con Pollo
  • Caldo De Costilla
  • Sobrebarriga
  • Sudado De Pescado (Steamed Fish Stew)
  • Ajiaco
  • Calentado Paisa Breakfas
  • Pan De Bono (Colombian Cassava Bread)
  • Changua (Colombian Milk And Egg Soup)
  • Empanadas
  • Buñuelos
  • Chicharrones
  • Patacones
  • Rondon (Caribbean Coconut Stew)
  • Cuchuco De Maíz
  • Chuleta Valluna
  • Lechona Tolimense
  • Bistec a Caballo (Colombian Steak & Eggs)
  • Arroz Atollado
  • Puchero Santafereño


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