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21 Best Blood Orange Cocktails: Create Something Extraordinary!

21 Best Blood Orange Cocktails: Create Something Extraordinary!

It’s blood orange season and we’ve rounded up a list of blood orange cocktails that not only put the fruit to good use but also create something extraordinary!

Blood oranges are like oranges, but they’re special and unique in the way that they are richer, tarter, and less acidic. 

The citrusy and flavorful nature of blood oranges makes them a great addition to cocktails!

Although blood oranges aren’t always in season, it’s always a good idea to turn these beloved fruits into refreshing and appetizing drinks whenever you have some blood oranges on hand. 

It’s time for you to try a richer twist on your favorite alcoholic drinks with these blood orange cocktails

If you want something that impresses everyone, look no further.

Whether you decide to mix these cocktails up for brunch, dinner, or any other regular time of the day, you will be delighted at how much they can give a burst of flavor and spirit to your taste buds. 

Sometimes, simpler is better.

A simple twist on some classic and well-loved alcoholic beverages is possible with the Blood Orange Martini and Blood Orange Gin & Tonic.

However, you don’t always have to go simple. 

There’s nothing wrong with mixing things up in a way that is brand new to you.

If you’re seeking a cocktail that’s new to your sight and taste, why not go ahead and try #14?

Let’s start mixing these cocktails!

Summer is the perfect time to whip up revitalizing cocktails.

This Italian Vodka Soda is the ideal summer drink when you feel like you need to give yourself a little buzz, whether it’s in the morning or at night.

Who knew you could make such a vibrant and energizing drink with only a handful of ingredients?

A Paloma cocktail is usually done with grapefruit, but since blood oranges are somehow similar to grapefruits, a Blood Orange Paloma will be as tasty as the classic Paloma!

This Blood Orange Paloma is an even brighter version of your usual Paloma. 

If you want something to keep your insides warm, this is the go-to drink for you.

This martini recipe is mind-blowing because the ingredients can offset one another.

No one ingredient overpowers the others, but they all work together to create a tarty and sweet, slightly strong flavor.

It also doesn’t hurt that once this drink is all mixed up, it creates a beautiful color.

Brandy is the main star of a sidecar drink, but this twist on it puts blood orange into the spotlight, too.

Sweet and sour flawlessly blends into this drink, so if that’s right up your alley, don’t miss out on this one.

You might not realize it until you try this recipe, but vanilla and blood orange mix impressively well.

This drink is a bubbly and citrusy drink that’s both fun and elegant.

This cocktail recipe is the best one to whip up if you want to serve many guests and make sure that they’re satisfied and refreshed all throughout the night (or day)!

The blood orange in this cocktail really helps add an extra dash of personality to this already well-loved drink.

Pro tip: Add a sprig of thyme to make the cocktail more flavorful and pleasing.

Here’s a cocktail you shouldn’t miss out on every Halloween.

The vividly dark color of this cocktail makes it the ideal drink to serve for Halloween parties

Making this will make you feel like an incredible witch brewing your own concoction.

Sweet, citrusy, and tart all fall into place with this mojito mix.

It’s no surprise that blood orange and raspberry taste great together, so why not blend them into a cocktail?

The fresher the ingredients, the better!

Here’s a unique drink on this list: a tea-based cocktail.

Instead of soda or juices, this punch is tea-based, which means it has all the strong flavors without all the added sugar.

Hibiscus has similar flavor notes to blood orange, so it’s no question when it comes to how the two ingredients will go together.

If you want to go light on your cocktails, this is the drink for you.

This recipe is basically a French 75 cocktail sans lemon juice.

In the lemon juice’s place is blood orange, which adds a dramatic flair to the end product’s color.

Here’s a light and refreshing cocktail that is not too sweet and not too citrusy.

Aperol cocktails are known to be some of the best cocktails for summer.

Put blood orange into the mix, and you’ll surely experience a drink that makes you feel like you’re sitting idly and relaxing by the beach.

Light and fizzy drinks can have smoky notes in them and still be ultimately freshening.

This recipe proves just how a touch of smokiness and tartness (from the blood orange) can turn your usual margarita into one that’s full of life and personality.

Instead of tequila, this margarita makes use of mezcal which has a smoky and earthy taste than tequila.

This cocktail does not disappoint with its name, and it definitely does not disappoint with its taste.

Scotch is the base of Blood and Sand, and the overall flavor is a complex and intricate blend that stands out from other cocktails. 

Despite being a standout cocktail (and a classic, at that!), it hasn’t earned as much recognition as its counterparts: Manhattan and Martinez.

A beer in a margarita – one that’s not only sour and citrusy but also spicy? 

This is the most unique mix you can find on this list, but despite the uncommon combinations, this cocktail comes out surprisingly delicious!

Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t taste so much like blood orange, though.

Because of the effortless nature of making this drink, this bourbon smash is a great party drink!

It doesn’t look like an effortless drink, though, because of how beautifully the colors come together.

Pro tip: Add a layer of character to this drink by turning your normal ice cubes into cranberry ice cubes. 

The recipe details how you can make one yourself.

The tartiness and citrusy flavor of blood orange are a perfect match to the herbal tone of rosemary.

This cocktail is unique because of the rosemary syrup–you won’t get to do that much for other cocktails.

Smooth, creamy, and citrusy–that’s what this blood orange whiskey sour is all about.

The egg whites help give the drink a smooth and creamy texture, while the whiskey, lemon juice, and blood orange add a fruity and earthy flavor to the cocktail. 

What you get is a great and well-balanced mix of overwhelmingly good flavors that do not overpower each other.

Gin and tonic is a classic, but sometimes, putting a unique spin on classic cocktails makes them something that you will never get tired of.

This Blood Orange Gin & Tonic is sure to fill you up and indulge you. 

Gin and tonic is naturally bright and zesty, but putting blood orange with it makes it more festive and vibrant. 

Who doesn’t want a festive drink, especially when it’s at a party with other people to enjoy the drink with?

Here’s another margarita mix on this list–and it’s got a unique taste, too.

You probably did not expect blood orange to be mixed with coconut, but here we are.

The coconut cream gives this drink a creamy texture that also provides the drink with a more pinkish color.

This recipe renders a sweet version of a margarita, but if you prefer a more sour flavor, feel free to add more lime juice to the mix.

This Blood Orange Boulevardier is a sweet and citrusy twist to the standard Campari cocktail.

There are a couple of ways to build this cocktail, but if you prefer an easier way, you can simply pour all the ingredients into the serving glass and mix them. 

Bittersweet and spicy are the main flavor notes in this cocktail, so it’s something that you won’t usually expect from a cocktail with blood orange.

The bottom line

Every time it’s blood orange season, you know what to do!

Blood orange cocktails are a good way to turn classic and common cocktails into something more impressive and flavorful. 

You might not realize it, but there is a wide variety of mixes to make from such a tarty and citrusy fruit. 

Build at least one of these uniquely delicious and flavorful blood orange cocktails that will surely make you, your family, and your friends refreshed and satisfied. 

Best Blood Orange Cocktails

Best Blood Orange Cocktails

It’s blood orange season and we've rounded up a list of blood orange cocktails that not only put the fruit to good use but also create something extraordinary!


  • Blood Orange Margarita
  • Italian Blood Orange Vodka Soda
  • Blood Orange Paloma
  • Blood Orange Martini
  • Blood Orange Sidecar
  • Vanilla Blood Orange Mimosa
  • Blood Orange Champagne Sangria
  • Witches Blood Orange Cocktail
  • Blood Orange & Raspberry Mojito
  • Hibiscus & Blood Orange Punch
  • Blood Orange French 75 Cocktail
  • Blood Orange Aperol Spritz
  • Smoky Blood Orange Mezcal Margarita
  • Blood & Sand
  • Spicy Blood Orange Beergarita
  • Blood Orange Bourbon Smash
  • Rosemary Champagne Cocktail
  • Whiskey Sour
  • Blood Orange Gin & Tonic
  • Coconut Blood Orange Margarita
  • Blood Orange Boulevardier


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