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๐Ÿฅƒ 17 BEST Coke Cocktails: Refreshing Flavorful Fun Cocktails! ๐Ÿฅƒ

🥃 17 BEST Coke Cocktails: Refreshing Flavorful Fun Cocktails! 🥃

When it comes to a refreshing mixer that can liven up your enjoyment of happy hour, good Coke cocktails won’t let you down! 

Coke cocktails are pleasant and invigorating, with Coca-Cola being the ideal soda to use as a cocktail mixer. 

Coke is distinctly syrupy and full of fizz while providing notes of cinnamon and vanilla that go great with any alcoholic mix. 

Dark cola also has spices in its wide variety of ingredients, such as nutmeg and coriander, providing a citrusy base flavor that appeals to everyone. 

We’re all familiar with the classic pairing of Rum and Coke, but there are several kinds you can choose from when it comes to Coke cocktails

From elaborate mixes that feature fruity and sweet combinations to more simple ingredients that you can surely enjoy, you don’t have to be a professional bartender to create these magnificent Coke cocktails

The #14 Raspberry Rum & Coke entry is a flavorful variation to the classic Rum and Coke cocktail that elevates the traditional recipe! 

The most iconic rum cocktail that hails from Cuba, and is even the national drink of the small country, is the Classic Cuba Libre. 

This simple drink has plenty of history and has a much richer flavor due to its base ingredients. 

Sugar is cheaper in Latin America and Caribbean regions, making natural sugar a prime ingredient for most sodas, whereas other places use corn syrup as a sweetener. 

This makes this Coke cocktail more pleasantly tasteful, added with the lime that cuts into the sweetness and elevates the drink’s flavor.

While rum and Coke may be a generic mix that’s popular everywhere, having a Coke cocktail made with any brand of whiskey or bourbon is also a great option. 

The distinct flavors of vanilla and oak from the whiskey complement the sweet and caramel dark cola features, providing a Coke cocktail that might even be better than the traditional rum standard. 

You can opt for a stiffer drink with equal rations or double up on the soda to gain a sweeter mix.

This variation to the traditional Pina Colada combines the “Dirty Coke” recipe and a Pina Colada. 

Dirty Coke is typically made with lime juice and coconut syrup, but this recipe adds some Pina Colada elements to highlight the alcohol with so many other flavors!

This recipe uses Dasani Drops for the Pineapple-Coconut flavors, with coconut-infused rum and Coke blended for one fantastic cocktail.

Fernet and Coke is a famous cocktail in Argentina, combining the saccharine flavor of Coke paired incredibly with the bitterness of the Fernet-Branca. 

Fernet is an Italian amaro drink known for its bitter, herbaceous, and spicy flavors. 

Coke tones down the intensity of the bitter spirit, creating a delicious cocktail that certainly surprises.

the Rum and Coke. 

This cocktail is the gateway to mastering mixology, with the easy ingredients providing a simple manner of enjoying a deliciously appealing all-time favorite. 

Simply put your rum and Coke into a highball glass, stir it up, and serve to enjoy.

An enjoyable party cocktail that can get your gatherings started refreshingly is serving this delicious Long Island Iced Tea. 

Despite what the name suggests, there isn’t any iced tea in Long Island Iced Tea. 

Instead, there’s plenty of alcohol from tequila, vodka, rum, gin, and triple sec, mixed in with some Coke to achieve the color of iced tea. 

This drink is reputable for having such a sweet flavor but also packing in quite the punch from its alcoholic mix.

This boozy float is a great idea to get the party going, especially on a warm summer day. 

This Coke cocktail features Jagermeister, Coke, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and ice cream, put together into a concoction that tastes like a rootbeer float. 

Jagermeister has a complex herbal taste that’s thick and syrupy, with black licorice notes on the finish. 

Combining Jagermeister with Coke makes it taste more like root beer, which is why you get a seemingly boozy root beer float concoction.

A coffee-based Coke cocktail that’s similar to a White Russian, this Colorado Bulldog is a dessert drink that provides sweet sips of happiness.

This recipe features coffee liqueur and vodka mixed in with Coke and heavy cream (or half and half) to produce a fizzy and creamy drink that can take the edge away.

Cherry-flavored Coke is an old-fashioned soda that can also be transformed into incredible Coke cocktails

This Whiskey Cherry Coke Smash offers fruity and sweet flavors and is a great drink to serve for summer parties. 

The whiskey provides a well-rounded flavor profile, from caramel and oak tones with a sweet aftertaste.

This Amaretto and Coke cocktail offers sweet and slightly nutty flavors due to the almond-like tones acquired from the Amaretto liqueur. 

Amaretto is an Italian liqueur made from apricot stones, almonds, and peach stones, which offers a distinct nutty sweetness from this famous liqueur. 

This Amaretto and coke recipe is relatively a low-alcohol drink, with the cocktail easily diluted with more of the soda.

Another variation of a Coke cocktail that uses cherry-flavored Coke is this spooky Dracula’s Kiss Cocktail. 

This drink is a spiked cherry Coke cocktail with fun garnishes that add to its seasonal personality. 

Aside from serving it with ice and two cherries representing a vampire’s “puncture marks,” you can also drizzle down some grenadine inside the glass to make it look “bloody.”

If you love fruity Coke cocktails, then this Mixed Berry Coconut Rum and Coke combo are undoubtedly for you!

This drink invokes all the vacation vibes you want, making it perfect for your day at the beach or by the pool. 

Create a simple syrup using mixed berries, adding the flavors to the coconut rum and coke concoction that’s so easy to make. 

Serve it with a glass of ice, and you’ll feel refreshed no matter how hot the summer gets.

When the heat is on, and you need a cold drink to avoid melting, make yourself a frozen Bourbon and Coke! 

Using any bourbon or whiskey you prefer, blend it with Coke and lots of ice to create a crushed and spiked Coke cocktail that will surely be an instant crowd-pleaser. 

This drink in a slushie form makes it all the more appealing while providing a cold refreshment that can lead you straight to a hit of brain freeze! 

This recipe jazzes up the simple Rum and Coke cocktail to create a sweet and refreshing drink with flavorful Raspberry. 

Using raspberry-flavored rum and Coke, you can make your rum and Coke more festive and delightful for all your guests. 

You can also freeze some Raspberry ice beforehand by freezing a raspberry in each compartment of your ice tray for an added treat.

The Bourbon Paralyzer may have an intimidating name, but this drink is so delectable and creamy that it’s surely worth the try. 

Similar to the Colorado Bulldog, this paralyzer substitutes bourbon for the vodka while adding Kahlua for that strong coffee and caramel flavors and Coke for the sweetness. 

Bourbon and Kahlua make for a yummy pair and produce a potent yet delicious drink that can stop you in your tracks.

This refreshing Coke cocktail is easy to make, with just 5 ingredients that can be made in mere minutes. 

This variation to the Mojito is called the Coke-Jito, with this Coke Mojito adding dark cola to make it extra delicious. 

Mojitos are typically made with club soda and sugar, which could both be replaced by a sweet and flavorful Coca-Cola instead. 

Rum mixed with Coke added with lime, mint, and agave syrup produces a glass of rich and exotic flavors, with a level of refreshment unlike any other.

A drink that dates back to the 1950s is this glass of Batanga. 

Batanga is tequila, lime and Coke, served with lots of ice in a glass with a salted rim. 

If Rum and Coke is a historic drink in the Americas, the Batanga is a standard cocktail in Tequila, Mexico. 

After all, this was the town where Tequila was named, so having tequila-based cocktails is pretty common. 

Traditionally, Batanga is stirred using a long wood-handle knife that’s also been used to chop up limes and other ingredients like chiles. 

All the flavors from the knife get incorporated slightly into the drink, providing rich flavor profiles to the spicy Batanga.

The bottom line

Coke is such a go-to drink that no other soda would be a better option to use for your cocktails. 

Coke cocktails are refreshing and fun, with plenty of variations that are full of different flavors and colors.

So if you have an upcoming get-together, pick one out from this list that suits the season, and you’ll give your guests all the reasons to look forward to your next party!

17 BEST Coke Cocktails 🥃

17 BEST Coke Cocktails 🥃

These 17 easy Coke cocktails are refreshing and fun, with plenty of variations that are full of different flavors.


  • Classic Cuba Libre
  • Whiskey & Coke
  • Dirty Pina Colada
  • Fernet & Coke
  • Rum & Coke
  • Long Island Iced Tea
  • Jagermeister & Coke Boozy Float
  • Colorado Bulldog
  • Whiskey Cherry Coke Smash
  • Amaretto & Coke
  • Dracula’s Kiss Cocktail
  • Mixed Berry Coconut Rum & Coke
  • Frozen Bourbon & Coke
  • Raspberry Rum & Coke
  • Bourbon Paralyzer
  • Coke-Jito
  • Batanga


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