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What to Make With Chicken Breast

Chicken breast meal ideas.

My love for chicken knows no bounds! It’s such a versatile meat option; you can make every possible dish that you can think of and even then you wouldn’t run out of options! 

What to Make With Chicken Breast

There are so many great recipes that you can make with chicken breast – the possibilities are endless. Here are some of my most favorite dishes:

1. Chicken Roulades With Marinated Tomatoes

If you are short on time and are craving a deliciously juicy dish with chicken breast as the star ingredient, then there’s nothing better than chicken roulades with marinated tomatoes.

This dish has the juiciness of the caramelized tomatoes, the tanginess of the lemon zest, and the cheesy goodness of grated parmesan!

2. Chicken Rice Casserole

If you want something truly basic, then there’s nothing better than the chicken rice casserole! This dish is the epitome of comfort food and has all the right flavors and ingredients to make for a hearty meal.

3. Crispy Hot-Honey Chicken Sliders

Yes, you can make these divine sliders at home using chicken breast pieces.

The hot honey in these sliders is so mouthwateringly good and gives the dish such a kick of flavor that once you make them, you will want to have them again and again!

Moreover, it’s just the perfect dish for a fun party. 

4. Chicken Caprese

Another dish that is oozing with homey comfort and some vibrant flavors is chicken Caprese.

This dish has chicken breast coated in a balsamic glaze, which brings out the sweetness and sourness of this dish.

This is a truly filling dish on its own, but you can also serve it with freshly prepared Asian coleslaw

5. Grilled Chicken With Coconut-Lime Slaw

Looking to keep things simple? Then look no further than this delectable and uber-easy dish! It hardly takes 20 minutes to make.

The deliciousness of the coconut-lime slaw gives the chicken breast the right amount of extra flavor and texture. It is a truly refreshing dish!

6. Kale and Leek Rice Casserole With Chicken 

If you love to mix up your veggies with your meat, then this leek and kale rice casserole with chicken is just the right dish for you!

The best part about this dish is that if you don’t have fresh chicken breasts, then you can even use frozen chicken breasts and it won’t make a difference! 

7. Grilled-Chicken Tacos With Strawberry Salsa

If you are still wondering what to cook with chicken breast, then try grilled-chicken tacos with strawberry salsa. This dish combines two of my favorite things – strawberries and chicken!

The tartness of the strawberries and the crunchiness of the tacos go perfectly with the subtle flavor of grilled chicken.

8. Chicken Tikka Masala

If you want a hearty and spicy meal, then make creamy chicken tikka masala curry!

The creaminess and spiciness of this dish, along with the blend of tikka spices is what makes it truly special. 

9. Creamy Tuscan Chicken

When it comes to recipes that call for chicken breast, there are very few that can come close to this scrumptious dish.

The delightfully rich sauce in creamy Tuscan chicken is pretty remarkable and adds the right flavor to this dish.

10. Cheesy Bacon Ranch Chicken

Ranch seasoning and chicken go hand in hand!

The perfect blend of ranch seasoning with shredded mozzarella topped with crispy bacon pieces add so much to enhance the flavor of cheesy bacon ranch chicken.

This is a real favorite in my household!

11. Chicken Alfredo Bake

If you have an inexplicable love for cheese like I do, then you will love to devour chicken Alfredobake.

This dish has all the right ingredients, from chicken breast and creamy Alfredo sauce to lots and lots of mozzarella cheese.

What more do you want from a dish?! 

Now that you have all of the best chicken breast recipe ideas, let’s take a look at some incredible tips to cook the perfect chicken breast every time.

Tips and Tricks to Use When Cooking With Chicken Breast 

Here are some quick tips that you can use to cook chicken breast:

  • Chicken can be a bit bland on its own, so make sure to season the breasts or marinate them if the dish calls for it.
  • If you are cooking whole breasts, then make sure to lather them with spices or make neat cuts on the sides and season the breast as thoroughly as possible.
  • For whole breasts, don’t forget to pound the chicken into a thin size. It will help tenderize the meat and allow it to cook faster.
  • Make sure that you don’t overcook the chicken as an overcooked chicken is pretty dry and tasteless.
  • When cooking chicken breast on the stovetop, don’t put it in a cold pan. Heat the pan to the ideal temperature and then put the chicken pieces in. This will ensure that the chicken retains its moisture and cooks perfectly.

The Bottom Line

You simply can’t go wrong with chicken breast! You can make so many dishes with chicken breast and each recipe has unique flavors to offer.

Make sure to try out the scrumptious recipes I have mentioned in this article at home and celebrate your love for chicken! 

The BEST Ways To Cook Chicken Breast 😀

The BEST Ways To Cook Chicken Breast 😀

11 chicken breast recipes that you shouldn’t miss. Learn how to make them in this recipe list.


  • Chicken Roulades With Marinated Tomatoes
  • Chicken Rice Casserole
  • Crispy Hot-Honey Chicken Sliders
  • Chicken Caprese
  • Grilled Chicken With Coconut-Lime Slaw
  • Kale and Leek Rice Casserole With Chicken
  • Grilled-Chicken Tacos With Strawberry Salsa
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Creamy Tuscan Chicken
  • Cheesy Bacon Ranch Chicken
  • Chicken Alfredo Bake


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