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13 Couscous Recipes: Unique & Tasty Cuisines To Inspire Your Menu!

13 Couscous Recipes: Unique & Tasty Cuisines To Inspire Your Menu!

Are you looking for couscous recipes? We’ve rounded up 13 of our favorite recipes using couscous that you can make at home.
Maybe you are a couscous aficionado, or maybe, just maybe, you are new to this type of pasta. 

No matter your knowledge base, welcome! 

Today we are going to follow this rabbit hole of couscous to see where it takes us. 

Let’s begin with some general information, shall we? 


Couscous is a pasta most commonly made from semolina flour of durum wheat and water. 

Sometimes you can find a whole durum wheat flour version. 

It originated from several North African areas where it is considered a staple item. 

There are three different types of couscous, to each kind hailing from other places. 

The smallest originated as the Moroccan couscous, the middle size came from Israel (also called pearl), and the giant couscous comes from Lebanon. 

The kind of couscous found in the US is the quick-cooking variety. 

It is not necessary to rinse it before cooking because it is pasta. 

When cooking with regular couscous, keep in mind, it doubles in size. 

Now, armed with this information, let’s get to the recipes and see what creative dishes we can make with couscous. 
We have some scrumptious couscous recipes for you to choose from, such as sweet potato couscous (with pesto), Moroccan chicken couscous bowl, and Tandoori chicken with Israeli couscous. And if you are new to the world of couscous, dive in with these best couscous recipes. 

Light, delicious, and the perfect side dish is exactly how I would describe this couscous salad recipe. 

There are probably scores of recipes using couscous, and this one is so beautifully pleasing when served that you already know it is a winner almost without reading the ingredient list. 

Yellow lemon zest, pink pomegranate, fresh mint make for a lovely and tasty combination.  

The fresh honey lemon salad dressing is top-notch and easy to make as well.  

Two additional bonuses here too! 

First, if you want to turn it into a meal, simply add your favorite protein of choice. 

Second, it can be served warm or cold depending on the season or your mood!

For an all-in-one dinner dish, consider this recipe with sausage and feta cheese. 

The beauty here is no wasted time.  

While the couscous is cooking, you can brown the sausage at low heat in a hot skillet then make the sauce.  

When considering what to make with couscous, this recipe leans to the heartier side since it includes protein in meat and cheese. 

Israeli pearl couscous is the type called for, and I must say it balances out the sausage and olives very well. 

This recipe is a delicious dish any time of year!

Couscous recipes sometimes can be open for experimentation. 

This summer couscous salad is capitalizing on the fresh herbs and vegetables you have available in your grocery stores. 

Maybe you have these as well inside your pantry.

I think that would be fine too. 

The bright colors compliment the bright flavors from your red bell peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. 

Another honey lemon vinaigrette to stir in makes the textures even more vibrant! 

This salad is a perfect choice anytime you have a chewy texture from the Israeli couscous and crunchy fresh veggies on hand! 

As a side salad, it pairs beautifully with chicken or salmon!

Easy, quick, and satisfying is how I would describe many recipes using couscous! 

Interestingly, this one hits a little different somehow, more like a meal because of the add-in choices of shrimp, zucchini, and corn. 

The smallest couscous is used here along with tomatoes and, of course, lemon juice. 

The shrimp ups the presentation, and the fresh ingredients make it fabulous! 

Easy is always a win!

A perfect marriage between Mexican Street Corn and a traditional couscous salad is what we have in this pearl couscous recipe! 


You know how Mexican street corn is covered in a well seasoned creamy sauce, and you know how beautifully pearl couscous doubles in size and absorbs herbs and flavors? 

Combine those textures and tastes for a wonderful salad that does not disappoint from the first bite to the last! 
If the spiciness is holding you back, remember the jalapeno can simply be left out. 

Lots of ingredients give lots of flavors!

Pulling out a new recipe when determining what to make with couscous can be a fun adventure. 

I tend to stick to my usual taste preferences, but I am learning that a cup of couscous is so versatile that it really goes with any seasoning palate. 

Mexican? Sure! 

Mediterranean? Sure! 

Classic? Sure! 

Southwestern? Sure! 

This one boasts onions, spinach, chickpeas, tomatoes, and garlic! 

Certainly a bolder presentation than some others. 

The beauty here is in the ingredients combining to create really good food with a huge win because the preparation is fabulously simple!

Next, I have a southwest version of recipes using couscous to share with you! 

TexMex would probably be another way to frame it. 

This one has plenty of textures and flavors, with black beans, corn, pepper, tomatoes, vegetable broth, and scallions as key ingredients. 

Cooking up the couscous and then adding the ingredients really can not get any simpler, and I am here for it! 

Olive oil pulls it all together with the ubiquitous lemon juice as well. 

If you are partial to cilantro, throw some on in! I did!

Colorful, beautiful, and oh so satisfying is what this easy Moroccan chicken couscous bowl will deliver any day of the week! 

If you have chicken and wonder what to make with couscous, allow me to suggest this great recipe! 

A lunch bowl filled with protein and vegetables, and couscous will help keep you satisfied through an afternoon of work or play! 

Moroccan food is not particularly spicy, but cayenne is on the ingredient list if you like it! 

You will find included instructions on how to make the Moroccan spice mix, with or without the cayenne. 

Topping choices could be a spoonful of yogurt or fresh parsley.

Couscous recipes are as unique as people and cultures are. 

Recipes may share similar starting points of couscous and chicken but end up in vastly different places once finished.  

Harissa chicken is chicken that has been marinated (for two hours) in harissa paste, which gets its seasoning from a dash of chili pepper. 

Read: Spicy! 

The smallest couscous is called for with an irresistible preparation using chicken broth and saffron, resulting in a delicious fluffy couscous to serve alongside your harissa chicken. 


Now we dive into recipes using couscous as part of the main meal. 

The base of this meal is sweet potatoes with white beans, then comes the lemon pesto couscous, and finally the toppings like almonds and avocado! 

The surprise ingredient is pesto! 

If you have time and ingredients to make your own, fantastic!  

If not, pick up some freshly made! 

Allow about an hour since the potatoes do need time to cook. 

Surprisingly hearty, this delicious dish of sweet potato couscous can be served as is, or you can choose to pair it with a protein such as salmon or chicken.

Soups are another excellent group of couscous recipes to explore, and lots of freedom to cook outside the lines, and still create something extraordinary with couscous. 

This Israeli couscous recipe for minestrone is loaded with fresh vegetables and will undoubtedly hit the spot after a busy day! 

Starting with the extra virgin olive oil and garlic, slowly move through the different ingredients that need different amounts of time to simmer. 

Garlic powder is a great substitute to minced garlic that can save you preparation time as well. 

One hour later, dinner is served!

Clearly, Israeli couscous is a well-liked size of couscous as it is used here too! 

Another take on what to make with couscous has chicken showing up again.  

New flavors though here for the tandoori chicken marinade, including cumin, turmeric, paprika, and onion powder. 

The plated meal looks extravagant with the slightly charred chicken thighs, white couscous, and hint of green cucumber slices make for a delicious dish. 

Did I mention there is yogurt in that marinade? 

Wonderful choice.

The beautiful part about couscous recipes is that most can be adapted to be a side dish on its own or with added roasted vegetables or as part of the main dish.  

This recipe highlights roasted butternut squash and feta cheese which is a lovely rich-tasting combination! 

Another unique aspect of this recipe is that it uses a pre-seasoned couscous packet as a sachet, so no collecting multiple spices.  

All you focus on are the key ingredients! 

It couldn’t be easier and completely delivers on taste!  

Delicious add-ins might be mushrooms or bacon!

The bottom line

This list of amazing recipes using couscous shows just how very versatile couscous can be! 

It can make just about any meal a little more decadent and undoubtedly memorable.

🥣 What Is CousCous? Learn More Here! 🥣

13 BEST Ways To Cook Couscous 🥘

13 BEST Ways To Cook Couscous 🥘

Looking for ways to upgrade your couscous? Have fun cooking these 13 Couscous Recipes your family would love!


  • Lemon Couscous Salad With Pomegranate & Mint
  • Israeli Couscous Recipe With Sausage & Feta
  • Summer Couscous Salad
  • One-Pot Couscous With Shrimp, Zucchini & Corn
  • Mexican Street Corn Salad With Pearl Couscous
  • Chickpea Couscous With Spinach And Tomatoes
  • Southwest Couscous Salad
  • Easy Moroccan Chicken Couscous Bowl
  • Harissa Chicken With Saffron Couscous
  • Sweet Potato Couscous (With Pesto)
  • Vegetable Minestrone With Israeli Couscous
  • Tandoori Chicken With Israeli Couscous
  • Roast Squash And Feta Couscous


  1. Choose from our list your favorite Couscous Recipes.
  2. Mix and match them to make a new exciting recipe.
  3. Play around with the plating.
  4. Enjoy your couscous!

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