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13 Butterfly Pork Chop Recipes (Succulent Meal Ideas)

13 Butterfly Pork Chop Recipes (Succulent Meal Ideas)

This list of 13 delicious butterfly pork chop recipes will help you enjoy this cut of meat in various ways.

Before we go into these butterfly pork chop recipes, let’s first understand the humble meat cut, the pork chop.

Believe it or not but the pork chop is considered the most favored cut when it comes to pork.

And contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t just come from one part of the pig but from many different parts.

This is why there are a variety of pork chop types available to those who love this cut.

These include the porterhouse, sirloin, rib eye, blade, and New York pork chops.

Of all these pork chop types, the one that’s frequently butterflied is the blade.

Blade chops are often cut thicker and come with a bit of marbling, giving it just enough fat to keep the meat moist after it’s cooked.

They are also cut in different thicknesses, with the thinnest at 1/2 inch and the thickest at 2 inches.

Most butterfly pork chops are cut thick to allow enough meat to be on both sides of the cut, so you can expect such chops to be between 1 1/2 to 2 inches thick (or more).

They can be cooked in many ways, too–baking, frying, grilling, and smoking are some of the more popular options.

Pork, in general, can become chewy and taste like cardboard when overcooked, so taking care not to overcook your pork chops is a must.

For grilling, the average time for cooking is between 8 and 12 minutes, while for baking, 10 minutes at 425 degrees is ideal.

Keep this in mind when you try out Brown Sugar Pork Chops or Pecan Stuffed Chops.

You should also keep these rules in mind when smoking your chops, like in #12.

One of the reasons why butterfly pork chops are popular is because they can be stuffed.

This recipe is one example of stuffed butterfly chops, with apples and spices tucked in between the two halves of the meat.

It’s also a sheet pan recipe with roasted squash added to it, giving you a meal complete with sides that you cook in one instance.

Another stuffed pork chop recipe you can try with your butterflied pork chops is this one that has a different flavor profile.

Instead of the sweet and briny taste the first recipe offers, this one comes with a savory and tangy one.

It’s also cheesy and garlicky, and goes great with roasted vegetables or steamed rice.

If you’re looking for an Asian-inspired dish that uses butterfly pork chops, this is what you should try.

This dish is baked, so be mindful of how long you cook it, so you don’t end up with chewy and dry pork chops.

The recipe also comes with its side dish of Sichuan green beans, making this one a full meal.

Not sure what to serve on date night?

Here’s one of many butterfly pork chop recipes you can try for this occasion.

This dish requires a bit of time to get the flavor into the chops, but once marination is done, cooking it is a breeze.

Honey and mustard are two flavors that go well together.

And when combined with butterflied pork chops that are then cooked to perfection, you have a lip-smacking dish to enjoy!

Here’s a baked pork chops recipe that’s not only easy but also has four ingredients in it!

Its simplicity allows you to partner it with almost any side dish you can think of.

Sweet, tangy, and super yummy, this dish can be paired with baked potatoes, coleslaw, and even plain steamed rice.

For those who love Korean food, this one’s for you!

What can be better than thick slices of pork brimming with kimchi and coated with spicy gochujang sauce?

Grilled or roasted, this plate of meaty goodness is one dish you’re sure to go back to every time you crave something from Korea.

If you’re a fan of peanuts and you love Thai flavors, this is one dish you shouldn’t miss out on!

Aside from peanuts, this pork chop recipe uses garlic, lemongrass, and fish sauce to create flavor.

Stuffed with these ingredients and covered in a panko-peanut crust, this dish is best served warm and with a bowl of fragrant rice plus a squeeze or two of lime juice.

When you talk about Caribbean-style cooking, it can mean anything from Jamaican to Cuban to Bahamian.

This dish is Cuban and has flavors similar to the popular Cuban sandwich.

You can serve this with some crispy sweet potato chips, or to keep it low carb, some string beans and broccoli.

Another quick and easy recipe that uses only a handful of ingredients, this recipe is something you can cook when you’re late getting dinner on the table.

All it takes is a few butterflied pork chops, honey, chili powder, and brown sugar.

This meal also goes great with mashed potatoes, potato salad, and any side dish that balances out the sweet and spicy goodness it has.

This nutty and savory dish may not look like your ordinary pork chop dish since it’s rolled up like a roulade.

But it does make good use of the thick, butterflied meat to create a sumptuous meal for four.

If you love green chili and Mexican cheese, this recipe is for you!

This smoked stuffed pork chop dish is filled to the brim with a mixture of Oaxaca cheese and hatch chiles, giving you a creamy and spicy center.

The outside is dusted with a spice rub that’s savory with a little kick due to the addition of ancho chili powder.

This is a great dish to serve when you’re thinking of something smoky to serve at barbecues and special occasions.

Let’s close out this list with a recipe that’s sure to satisfy barbecue and sandwich aficionados alike.

This barbecued butterfly pork chop is seasoned with a steak rub, coated with barbecue sauce, and topped with pickles and jalapeno.

Sandwiched in the middle of massive soft buns, you have a meaty, filling sandwich bursting with flavors that you won’t forget anytime soon!

The bottom line

Any of these 13 butterfly pork chop recipes are worth your time and effort.

Whether baked, pan-fried, grilled, or smoked, you get perfectly tender and juicy meat when you cook these chops the right way.

Packed with fantastic flavors, each one of these options is sure to whet the appetite of even the pickiest of eaters.

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13 Succulent Butterfly Pork Chop Recipe Collection

13 Succulent Butterfly Pork Chop Recipe Collection

This list of 13 delicious butterfly pork chop recipes will help you enjoy this cut of meat in various ways.


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