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17 Quick Vanilla Cocktails: Vanilla-Flavored Mixed Drinks To Try!

17 Quick Vanilla Cocktails: Vanilla-Flavored Mixed Drinks To Try!

Here are some straightforward vanilla cocktails you can mix at home with delicious flavors from vanilla syrups, vanilla liqueurs, and more. 

Vanilla is a naturally delicious flavor that brings out all the nostalgic feelings.

It is normally found in cakes, biscuits, candies, ice cream, cupcakes, sweets, and different pastries. 

But do you know you can incorporate this flavor into your drinks too?

Not only does it taste good in food, but it also makes cocktails more delectable. 

Vanilla can transform and elevate many humdrum flavors in drinks and is an excellent substitute for simple syrup. 

This flavor can come in the form of vanilla syrup or vanilla liqueurs, made with a combination of several nontraditional ingredients. 

These vanilla-flavored liqueurs are light and creamy, and instantly change the dynamic of any cocktail. 

It also adds sweetness to fruity drinks and decadent indulgence in chocolate and coffee cocktails. 

Since vanilla is a versatile ingredient with a clean flavor, it plays well with other ingredients thanks to its pure taste. 

If you are new to this flavor, we’ve gathered 17 quick and easy vanilla cocktails you can mix at home. 

From sweet and creamy to sour and stiff, these drinks are anything but plain and boring. 

Whatever type of cocktail you’re looking for, there is something on the list for you. 

If you love coffee cocktails, check out #17!

This flavored version of the classic martini is the easiest way to enjoy the sweet flavor of vanilla in a neat cocktail. 

The martini gets its creamy taste from the vanilla liqueur. 

Pair the liqueur with smooth vodka and stir it well until this wonderful drink is born. 

Include some lime juice to offset the sweetness and add a splash of citrus flavor.

Are you looking for a love potion to get the attention of the object of your affection?

You need to mix strawberry vanilla, simple syrup, some fresh lime juice, and vodka in a glass to create this tasty Strawberry Vanilla Love Potion Cocktail. 

This cocktail is perfect for Valentine’s Day or one weekend date night with your special person. 

You can top this cocktail with conversation hearts to make it more fun before you serve it. 

Plus, it is a sweet way to send your loved one a subliminal message.

This vanilla cocktail recipe starts with orange curacao and vanilla-flavored vodka. 

Unlike its blue counterpart, the orange curacao is tinted and will not lend the drink much color. 

The recipe also includes almond syrup and Orgeat syrup which is made with sugar, almonds, and orange flower water which helps enhance the vanilla and citrus flavors of this drink. 

The result is a cool and refreshing cocktail that is sweet, smooth, and tangy. 

It is the one to have when craving something tropical to sip on.

This cocktail combines two of your favorite things in one glass: vanilla and chocolate. 

It walks the thin line between dessert and cocktail and should be able to satisfy any sweet tooth. 

The flavored vodka is mixed with Irish cream and orange liqueurs, creating a sweet, sugar-rimmed delight. 

This cocktail will transport you a world away and is excellent for parties and celebrations.

This modern twist on the classic Old Fashioned combines the freshness of orange peel, the tang of citrus bitters, and the warmth of vanilla bean. 

The result of this recipe is a sweet, smooth, and dangerously drinkable cocktail. 

The Tahitian vanilla in the drink highlights the toasty and rich flavors of the bourbon, while the other ingredients balance it out, so the taste of the liqueur is not too overwhelming. 

Vanilla Bean Old Fashioned is a cocktail that you can sip on while you’re sitting near a fireplace or while you’re relaxing after a long day.

Are you looking for something sweet and delicious to serve your friends and family?

You can try this Vanilla Cheesecake Cocktail. 

When making this drink, you can use vanilla vodka with a higher alcohol content if you want it to have a more robust flavor. 

You can also use vanilla vodka, like vanilla bean vodka, vanilla ice cream vodka, or vanilla cake vodka.

The Vanilla Bean & Fig Cocktail features vanilla bean and fig simple syrup and vodka

Combine them with soda water to give it an exciting fizz and to beautifully tie all ingredients together. 

It is an amazing cozy cocktail for days when you want to warm up. 

You can use honey on the rim of the glass for extra sweetness.

This vodka soda drink is light and refreshing thanks to the mixture of vanilla vodka and bright, colorful cherry. 

Unlike the other cocktails on the list, this recipe is not too sweet. 

It is ideal for happy hour with your friends, or you can serve them on a weekend while relaxing with your family. 

Get creative with the recipe by adding flavors like strawberry. 

You can also make it more enjoyable by throwing in a cute umbrella straw or garnish.

The Vanilla Sea Breeze Cocktail is like a vacation in a glass. 

It is a fantastic blend of nutty, fruity, and sweet flavors. 

If you are a fan of vanilla rum drinks and light drinks, this mashup will blow you straight out of the water. 

Pour the Vanilla Sea Breeze ingredients into a cocktail shaker and a glass. 

Add some fun fruit garnish on the rim to make it tasty and enticing to look at.

Daiquiri is a brilliant classic drink that is neon-colored, sugary, and often frozen. 

It is one of the most refreshing and delicious cocktails out there. 

Its template is easy to modify, so you can make a fruity version using muddled strawberries, quality white rum, and fresh lime juice. 

What you’ll get is this Strawberry Vanilla Daiquiri. 

With this romantic daiquiri, you can never go wrong. 

Add some vanilla syrup into the mix, and you have a cocktail perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Inspired by the classic cocktail, whiskey sour, this recipe adds a sweet twist to the mix that will knock your socks off. 

A classic whiskey sour contains whiskey or bourbon, sugar, and lemon juice, but this version uses cherry vanilla-infused vodka and simple cinnamon syrup. 

They add a wonderful sweet contrast to the whiskey, giving it a pretty red color.

This recipe consists of a Southern bourbon, a Tahitian vanilla extract, a splash of sweetened vermouth, and a plump of dark cherry dunked in a rich and glorious simple syrup. 

It’s perfect for a great sipper at pool parties or barbecue parties in your backyard.

If you love a classic gin sour and like the signature silky egg white foam, the Spiced Vanilla Bean Gin Sour is a must-try. 

This version brings the comfort of spices and the tartness of fresh lemon. 

The vanilla bean, nutmeg, cinnamon, and sugar give the cocktail natural sweetness that is not too strong. 

They are also a fun way to add a bit of personality to the classic drink.

The Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa is perfect for brunches, parties, and holiday celebrations such as New Year’s Eve and Christmas. 

It only requires a few ingredients, such as vanilla vodka, cranberry juice, and champagne. 

The result is a sweet, fruity, and fizzy drink that combines two unique flavors: vanilla and cranberry. 

You can also make this a punch to serve it to more people. 

This cocktail is a must-try, especially when the holiday season starts. 

Whether you are warming up next to a crackling fire, cuddled up in your room reading a book, or hosting a party that needs a crowd-pleasing drink, this Baileys Martini With A Vanilla Twist cocktail is the essential drink that you need to make. 

You can’t go wrong with this recipe, as all you’ll need are Irish cream, vanilla vodka, and Baileys. 

The drink is creamy with a twist of vanilla, and it has subtle notes of chocolate.

If you’re in the mood to snuggle under a blanket in your room, watch Netflix and drink something warm in a mug, then you can make this tasty version of a classic Hot Toddy. 

This recipe can warm you up inside with fantastic vanilla flavor. 

It consists of vanilla, whiskey, lemon, and honey, and the result is a uniquely sophisticated warm cocktail bursting with the flavor of vanilla and the smoothness of whiskey.

Vanilla Espresso Martini consists of homemade vanilla and honey simple syrup. 

It is mixed with vodka, Kahlua, and espresso for a decadent pick-me-up. 

This is an incredibly subtle twist on the Espresso Martini cocktail, and it is a delicious treat to cap the night with.

The bottom line

Adding vanilla to your cocktail is a fabulous way to add that mellow, sumptuously rich, and fragrant flavor that everyone loves in baking recipes. 

There is a certain delight that can be found when this amazing flavor is used, and with the list of cocktails available, you can choose which one to prepare when you’re in the mood to experiment.

Quick Vanilla Cocktails

Quick Vanilla Cocktails

Here are some straightforward vanilla cocktails you can mix at home with delicious flavors from vanilla syrups, vanilla liqueurs, and more.


  • Vanilla Martini
  • Strawberry Vanilla Love Potion Cocktail
  • Vanilla Sky Vodka Cocktail
  • Vanilla Vodka Creamtini
  • Vanilla Bean Old Fashioned Cocktail
  • Vanilla Cheesecake Cocktail
  • Vanilla Bean & Fig Cocktail
  • Cherry Vanilla Vodka Soda
  • Vanilla Sea Breeze Cocktail
  • Strawberry Vanilla Daiquiri
  • Cherry Vanilla Whiskey Sour Cocktail
  • Vanilla Bourbon Sipper
  • Spiced Vanilla Bean Gin Sour
  • Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa
  • Baileys Martini With A Vanilla Twist
  • Vanilla Bean Hot Toddy
  • Vanilla Espresso Martini


  1. Find your favorite recipe from our Vanilla Cocktails list.
  2. Gather all the ingredients needed.
  3. Start mixing and make us proud!

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